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Okay, I've been meaning to do this for ages... here are basically all the crochet dolls that I've made to date, minus the Tardis (which I already posted) and my rough attempt at Cthulhu (which isn't entirely finished and was really just practice so I could make my Ood based on the pattern). So far we have: Fraser and RayK, the Angry Birds Cardinal, the Plants VS Zombies Peashooter, and an Ood that I made for [profile] cerulean_pulsar because he's been bugging me to make an Ood for, like, a year. I'm currently working on the Angry Birds pig and Serenity (which I'm thinking of making again for my local Can't Stop the Serenity charity auction).

A few pics under the cut, and the rest (including some silly/cute dS ones) can be found here.

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...and that's about it. Good day. :) Off to my parents' house tomorrow for the weekend, and Christmas on Saturday! Woo! Also, Due South Secret Santa on Friday night!! And the Doctor Who Christmas Special this weekend too, of course.
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DUDE. My day has totally just been made. Mom just emailed me while she was out at our accountant's office, to let me know that I'm getting a $1300 tax refund this year. ^__^ Considering that this is the first year I've been working fulltime and making real money, I kinda assumed I'd have to pay, but instead I'm getting a refund. Sweeet. Realistically I should probably use it for my airfare to Paris, but... I kinda want to use some of it for something fun, too, given that I had already expected to have to pay for Paris out of my own pocket (airfare, anyway - parents are paying for most of the accomodations). Okay, I realize that Paris is fun, but... ya'know, something exciting and unexpected. Like a PSP. Or the full set of Babylon 5 script books, which I've been coveting but resisting cuz they'll set me back about $600. Still regretting now buying them as they came out - they would've been just $30 each instead of $40, and just once every few monthes. Stretching it out that much would've felt like paying less (and it would've been a bit cheaper, too - bout $100 less). Ooh, or I could go back to that sweet used video game store that [livejournal.com profile] bk635 and I went to last week, and buy an SNES and FFII/III and CT, and the JPN version of FFIV they had and and... *ahem* Stop me, quick. XD

PSP is most likely, though. It's silly, cuz I have a ton of PS2 games to finish first, but dammit I want Crisis Core and FFT: The Lions War. And the VP1 remake (that's what it is, right?). Course, I want a DS too, for FFIII and IV and the upcoming V and presumably VI remakes (I think they're doing them?). GAH.

Or, ya'know, I could just save it. *grin*

...I should be working. o.o


Apr. 15th, 2008 10:12 pm
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Finally beat FFXII tonight. Yayz. Still find the storyline and characters utterly uninteresting, and only payed partial attention to all the cutscenes leading up to the final boss cuz I was chatting with Ryan, but oh well... and wow, another Final Fantasy pushover final boss. Shocking. -_- What happened to the days of, like, Zeromus? And whats-her-face in FFIII? Eh, who am I kidding; other than some of the earliest final bosses, they've all been pretty easy... I had one character die, once, and she was immediately brought back with my Arise gambit. Oh well... fun game overall, anyway. Would've enjoyed it much more if I'd cared about the characters and story, I suspect, but it was still good overall. Fun gameplay, and in the earlier stages reasonably difficult. It wasn't until near the end that it started getting really easy (go figure, lol). Plus, I'd levelled up to 70 with my 3 main characters in Henne Mines prior to fighting the final boss, which made it all much easier. Meh.

Anyway, moving on to the next game now. Either finish DQVIII or start Disgaea 2... oh, who am I kidding, I've been waiting to play Disgaea 2 for ages. ^^;

*glances over at screen, where the credits have just ended* Aww, no Prelude and stars? Pity; that's been gone since what, FFVI? At least the opening screen has a nice version of Prelude....

Trying very hard not to think about work tomorrow. *headdesk* Bath now, then bed.
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So... computer's been taken to a guy on the island who fixes computers; hopefully will be done by tomorrow... will probably cost ~$180. ;__; He'll have to backup my harddrive then reinstall Windows. Le sigh. So far now, using my iPod and my parents' computers to check email and such. On Dad's computer right now because it's too damned hard to write a long post on my iPod (I tried and gave up). Alternating between Oscars and FFXII right now; v. exciting... FFXII is on in the background level raising in the Nabreus Deadlands. I've got my gambits set up to pretty much automatically kill a ton of spawning skeletons; I just have to pop in occasionally and move the characters around to get more skeletons to spawn. Trying to get everyone up to level 60, then will go complete the hunts needed to open the bat-level-raising area of Henne Mines (already have 10 Espers). Oscars have been typically not that interesting, same old same old... yet oddly compelling and entertaining. ^^ I got a bit choked up seeing Heath's name in the 'In Memorium' segment.. sigh. Anyway, I really wish I could have a split screen for this - instead I'm just switching between the Oscars and my video input to check how my characters are doing and to poke them around. Up to a 500+ chain so far. :) And aaalmost level 60 for all - got my first 3 characters up to 60, and almost there for my second three.

Kinda bored, really... least the interesting awards are coming up. And soon as I hit level 60 for my lats 3 characters I'm saving. So sick of watching my characters level in this area. o.o Least I don't have to do much of anything; yay for the gambit system!


Jan. 29th, 2008 07:53 pm
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Meme, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] caesaria82. Come on guys, it'll be fun. :)

IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine ... You're on my list, so I want to know you better!


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So yeah, I didn't go to school today. Too much snow; it would've been a pain in the ass. UBC was the ONLY flipping school in Vancouver to stay open, too. -_- Instead had to go buy a bloody suit and shoes because I have work tomorrow. We were originally going to go up to Bowen tonight, so I would've had clothing there, but what with the snow we stayed down here and will get the 8am ferry tomorrow. Woe. Didn't bother bringing a suit home, so had nothing to wear. o.o Had to buy SHOES, ya'll. The horror. *shudder* I got some little stupid pointy things with no heels, and they'll do I suppose. I don't care of my other shoes are ugly and clunky, they're comfy. (I hate shoe shopping with a passion, seriously).

On the plus side, afterwards we went to Futureshop and I saw Disgaea 2 for $29.99 - and it's usually $49.99 at EBGames! (and $44 used, so this was STILL cheaper and it's new!). Sweeeeeet. So I bought it, of course. -__- Disciplining myself - finish FFXII first, then we'll see. Was supposed to finish DQVIII after, but realistically I suspect this will come next. I'm coming along in FFXII, anyway - in Giruvegan, for anyone who's played it. Second to last dungeon. Some moderately difficult enemies, but not really having any problems so far. Except from some horrid Malboro things which cast every flipping status effect in the game on me. In one attack. So I left the dungeon and bought 50 remedies, lol. That oughta do me. :)

Okay, work now for an hour, then House... woo hoo.
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] bk635! :)

I'm getting off my ass and playing some FFXII again... and looking through a FAQ, I'm realizing that I'm nearing the end of the game but have done fuck-all in the way of real character building or levelling or hunts or sidequests or whatever. I've been using the Gambit system at it's most basic (attack foes, heal allies), and didn't bother to figure out a more complex system for my gambits (I just take control of a character and get them to do what I want when I need them to do something other than attack/heal. Guess I'm still used to the classic 'control your characters' thing and never got the hang of gambits ^^;). Now I'm trying to buy more gambits and open up more gambit slots on my license board, but I'm running low on LP to get more slots and anyway I don't really know what to do with them... -_- Need to level raise for money (need to upgrade weapons and magic) and LP, but don't have a good place to level... guess the place I'm at right now, but it doesn't seem to be a necessary area and the enemies are pissing me off (goddamned flying enemies, I hate em. Got through the first part, then got almost killed by two high-powered enemies in the second area. One of whom was a higher powered version of the aforementioned flying enemies. Woe.) Plus I must be out of practice or have gotten used to playing old PS1 games, because the controls are annoying me and I keep hitting the wrong button. ^^;;;; (but that's just me being stupid, lol)

Anyway though, I just want to FINISH this game. The gameplay's good, but the story did nothing for me so I find it hard to be motivated to finish it. It's a good game, but.. I'm kinda bored with it. -_- This is my problem these days - I get too easily bored by games. Still haven't finished DQVIII, which was a great game but again I got kinda tired of it after awhile. Course, at the same time I had a blast replaying FFT (still haven't finished, come to think of it, but still want to) and have been enjoying Xenogears. Both of which I've played 4-6 times. Huh. I don't know if it's that I lack the same interest/patience to play games now, or if the newer ones just don't excite me as much. Otoh, I ate up Disgaea a couple of years back, so... still want the second one, too. Waiting for the price to drop at EBGames. :)

I counted my PS2 games today - of the 12 I own, I've only competed 3 (FFX, Shadow Hearts 2, and Disgaea). I've started 5 (Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts, Katamari Damacy (my one non-RPG!), and of course FFXII and DQVIII), and the other 4 I've never touched (Grandia II, whichi I bought YEARS ago, Shadow Hearts 3, Phantom Brave, and FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus, which I picked up a couple of weeks ago for $10 at Blockbusters. Go me.) Yeah. This is pathetic. XD (hell, there are still SNES/GBA/PS1 games I never finished but started... and some NES ones... ahaha. Most of them are things I downloaded on emulator, since they'd be impossible to buy now (or in the case of Star Ocean, never even made it hear), started, and gave up at some point. Like Final Fantasy II, lol. Still haven't finished that. Or FF I, for that matter, which I've never even started. I fail as a gamer.

*is listening to video game music to make herself feel better about it* Ahh, the lyrical version of "My Home Sweet Home" from FFV... one of them, anyway. The one that's part English and part... some other language. I think I read somewhere that it's an obscure form of Welsh or something? Anyway, it's a gorgeous song. I really want a Farscape vid set to it, based on John's search to get back home. Particularly utilizing clips from 3.22 (the dream stuff), and 4.12/13. I can SEE it in my head, as I tend to often when I listen to music, but I don't think I have the patience for vidding. o.o Or the skills, for that matter - it takes a lot of work and quite a bit of talent and practice.

*is now listening to a fan remix of the Gilgamesh battle song from FFV, from "Project Majestic"* Christ, I played this game over 8 years ago. 8.5, to be exact - I beat it in the summer of '99. Or maaaybe it was '00, so 7.5 years ago. I'm not sure. Awhile ago, anyway. I'm starting to feel old, lol, and I wasn't even around in the really old-school gaming days (FFI, man... or at least IV/VI in the 90s). Though I was into games around the time FFVI came out, I wasn't into RPGs (and [livejournal.com profile] bk635 knows my shameful secret of what got me into playing FFVII, my first RPG...)

I'm rambling. Mostly to stall from playing more FFXII, even though I vaguely want to get back to it (it's sitting paused behind me). These days I just liked talking about and reading about games, not playing them. ^^;;; Maybe I'll get back and level a bit. Try to avoid the crazy flying... things. Gotta work tomorrow, but it's a short day. It'll be interesting - supervisor's last day was today (sniff) and my fellow FSR (financial services rep, for those that don't know) is on vacation (Palm Springs, lucky guy), so it's just the manager and me tomorrow. We're ordering in lunch since we can't leave the branch and evidently it's god forbid that we close for half an hour... I'm not really sure how I'm expected to eat while keeping the branch open. ^^ Then I need to get working on my first assignment which is due next week (1-2 page reaction to a media clipping; shouldn't take long. Got about 4 potential articles, but think I'm going to use the one about how women are hitting a 'glass ceiling' and finding it hard to get high-ranking jobs in companies because of the emphasis placed on "masculine qualities of leadership".
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Wow, there's going to be a Sonic RPG... Makes me nostalgic, and even kinda intrigued. :) It's for DS, though, so I doubt I'll ever get to play it (a part of me still can't quite wrap my head around the concept of Sonic on Nintendo... 10+ years ago when I was heavy into Sonic there was a pretty big Sega/Nintendo divide, and until I got into RPGs I was firmly on the Sega side. Heh. So long ago... how things have changed. ^_^).
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I started re-playing Xenogears this evening. *cough* I've been wanting to for a week but have been resisting, because really, I have a ton of newer games that I've yet to finish or even start, and I've played Xenogears 5-6 times... buut it's been so long! It's so nostalgic. :) I've played for an hour or so; am up to the woods at the start, met Elly, and am about to fight the big dinosaur thing. Tis still a great game... though the controls are bugging me. I forgot how damned finicky jumping is (and just wait until Babel Tower! Oooh yeah.), and the camera angles are bugging me. I keep getting stuck in corners and not being able to see properly. -_- I don't remember having this much trouble before... suppose I'll get used to it again.

Oh, and a question for anyone who may remember the game better than I do - was that Grahf in the fight at the start, when Fei's fighting the Gears in Lahan? I seem to recall him being there, and it kinda looked like his Gear. Not sure, though. And you know, the foreshadowing with Id is... really pretty obvious, seeing it now. How did I never figure out who he was? -_-

Music's still awesome, too. I love Yasunori Mitsuda. That's what got me wanting to replay - listening to Mebius on my iPod a couple of weeks ago. ^^;

(speaking of replaying/rewatching things - up to 1.16 "Eyes" in B5 now. Got past TKO and Grail, which were both not quite as terrible as I remembered but weren't particularly good, either, and Eyes was excellent. Some strong hints and foreshadowing about Ivanonva, though I was surprised that you don't learn the truth about her in that ep - thought it was there. Guess it's later, prob s2. Anyway, Legacies next, which I don't remember... then Voice in the Wilderness pt 1 &2, then Babylon Squared! Yaaay, good stuff. ^_^)

(glasses are kinda staying on. the duct tape is sorta bothering my face, but I'll live. just one day to get through...)
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Dude, all you gamers out there - check out the new trailer for FFIV DS... shiny as hell. Plus, voice acting! I want a DS just for this and FFIII.. I mean yeah, yeah, I know, FFIV has been remade so many times now that it's ridiculous, and yes the only real thing new about this is the shiny graphics but, well, it is pretty cool to see FFIV in 3D. :)

Course, I also want a PSP for FFTactics: The War of the Lions (2 player!!) and FFVII: Crisis Core, but oh wells... first I need to work my way through my PS2 backlog. -_- FFXII - getting there, played some more the other night. Level raising in the Tchita Uplands right now, how exciting. But they're pretty easy enemies, there are a lot of them, and they yield reasonably decent experience considering the lack of challenge. Anyway, after FFXII I should really finish DQVIII... have had it for almost 2 years and am only part way through. -_- It was a damned fine game, too. Lesse, what else... have had Kingdom Hearts for probably 3-4 years now and have only played a few hours worth... maybe someday. Ooh, and Shadow Hearts 3, I forgot that I'd even bought it! For only $19.99, too. Also have Phantom Brave, which I got for like $10 or something used. And I really want to buy Disgaea 2.

Too many games, too little time or inclination to play them. Le sigh.

So what do I do instead? I sign up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletart. XD XD What the hell, it'll be fun... and unlike the other challenges which I keep signing up for, I only have to do one piece of art for this. Not, you know, 50. Or 100. *headdesk* I should really give up my [livejournal.com profile] fanart100 in case someone else wants to sign up for Sawyer... and I should finish [livejournal.com profile] fanart50... got 10 done, that's a start! Course, haven't touched it since March, and I'm not as hardcore into Oz now.

Speaking of art, got some vaguely angsty SPN pics to post... will do so later. Just doodles of Sam, and one of Sam and Dean with lots of shading and some sort of "meaningful juxtaposition of light and dark" or some shit like that. I dunno. XD Also got a Wincest one going which I'll post when done.

Anyway... bored now. Sitting in the Bowen Library waiting for Mom's meeting to finish so we can take the ferry down. We're going to the wedding of one of Mom's students, who invited her and the rest of the class for some reason... it's a traditional Chinese wedding, though, so that should be interesting to see from a cultural standpoint. :) We're going to be stuck in North Van overnight, though - so if anyone wants to do anything tomorrow, let me know. I've got my cell with me...
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Just finished my "first paycheck splurge". :) Not a huge splurge, granted, but it's something... ordered Oz seasons 1 and 3 from DVDPacific.com. Came to $68 CDN altogether. Love that place - at Futureshop, each season would have been $50+! Well, s1 is $39 at Futureshop, but s3 is $57 or something like that, so... anyway, I'm excited. ^^ Planning to rewatch season 3. Dunno what I'll do with season 1 when I get it - rewatched it recently. But I wanted to own it just because I want it for converting purposes and such. XD Plus it's one of the best seasons, easily, despite the lack of Beecher/Keller. Now I just have to find people to convert... *looks around pointedly*

Considered a few other splurging possibilities, but they were just too expensive.. considered a 30 gig video iPod - they're only $269 now, which is pretty cheap (they used to be $329). But even with my first big and shiny paycheck, I can't really justify it... plus, I don't like the wheel thingy that you have to use to navigate the menus.

Almost briefly kind of considered either a Wii or a DS, too... mainly because I was at Ryan's friend's house yesterday playing a Wii that he had just bought that day. We played a lot of Wii Sports, and it was pretty damned fun. It's really cool actually having to use your body, or at least arms, to control the characters - the boxing is like a full body workout, seriously! It's the first time I can honestly say that playing video games is healthy. XD XD But eh, ultimely I don't really want one, I just like the idea. They're pretty cheap, too - $289, compared to $499 for the XBOX 360 and $699 for the PS3. But then I'd need a second controller, plus the nunchuks probably, and it would just add up a ton... Ryan's friend spent $700 altogether, for the system, an extra controller, 2 nunchuks, and 3 extra games. Way too much for me to justify right now. ^^

Oh well, I'll have Oz to amuse me for now... I take a sad enjoyment at lining up my DVDs in a row in order and looking at them. XD XD Granted, I'm missing s5 and 6, but I don't really care enough about either season to want to buy them. Though s5 had some good stuff - especially the Toby/Vern duet in "Variety". ;) But it was also the season of Omar White, and... ugh. Well, it at season 6, which is just one of many reasons that I have no plans at all to buy season 6 anytime in the near future. If ever.

Anyway, at the moment I'm just hanging at my grandparents' place making use of their ridiculously good computer (seriously, all they use it for is internet banking, email, and some word processing, and the thing has 200 damned gigs!) and waiting for the fireworks to start. Their apartment is in Dundarave right on the water - AMAZING view from their balcony of all of Vancouver. And there will evidently be fireworks in West Van, so they'll be practically on top of us. Best view we've ever had of Canada Day fireworks. ^^ Anyway, happy birthday Canada and all that stuff. 140 years old, go us! Spent the afternoon in the cove - went to Crippen Park to the Canada Day picnic, then hiked up to Dorman Point (pretty short hike, maybe 25 minutes, and it has a great view of Vancouver at the top). Then took the ferry down and went to Park Royal, where I tried to buy a new suit and failed. Bleh. I have one, at least... it'll do for now. Went to Futureshop to look at RAM, but the guy said I'll have to bring my laptop in so they can see what type I'll need. The guy wasn't too happy when I said that I know people (Ryan and his dad) who work with computers and could probably easily install it for me. XD But I mean hell, installation is an extra $25, so...)

Btw, on another topic - Harry Potter tickets are up for presale now. It's def the 11th - I'm hoping to go to the 7:20 at Paramount downtown, since that will be easier to get to than Metrotown (since I'm HOPING to take the 5 ferry down and get off work 30 min earlier... will ask if I can just cut my lunch hour in half to leave early). If I get the 6, well... Metrotown will definitely be out of the picture, and Paramount will be pushing it (especially if the Lion's Gate is backed up which, face it, it usually is at that time of day).

Speaking of Harry Potter - Mom made a suggestion that I've decided to run with, regarding the decorations for the Deathy Hallows launch. I was originally going to draw small chibi HP characters, colour them on the computer, then print them out and stick them on the walls, but she suggested that I do them BIG, like 3+ feet, colour them with markers, and put them on the walls. Will look much better. :) Though I'm a bit nervous about seeing my work that big and all around the room... I'm goimg to be all critical of myself. o.o

Anyway, this is getting long... and fireworks should be starting soonish. Stopping now before it gets ridiculously long. ^^;
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I want a DS... to play FFIII and this one. Wonder if they'll do V and VI, too? How bout doing VI for the PS3? XD That would be awesome. And VII, while they're at it... but anyway, I think it's neat that they're making a fully 3D FFIV, though I hope they don't fuck it up. ^^;
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Yay! I got a callback from Doc Morgans. ^__^ They want me in for an interview. Not sure if it's for server or hostess, but I suppose I'd be open to either. Would prefer hostess in terms of what I'd have to do, but servers make tips, so...

Been replaying FFTactics on a lark. Mainly because I left my PS2 at Bowen, so I dug out my old PS1 and started to play FFT. Lost most of my characters in an early battle because I didn't have enough phoenix downs (whoops), but instead of replaying the battle I decided to buy 2 male fighters and name them Chris and Toby. XD Chris is going to be my monk, since monks have dark hair, and Toby'll be a knight since they have blond hair. ;P Then I have one of the default male fighters as another knight, and a female chemist. Used to have a female knight, but she died in that battle. Damn. Feel like I should have another to balance things out, but it'd cost more money and I don't really need one... oh well. Who knows how far I'll actually get in replaying it, anyway - I really should be finishing FFXII. XD And DQVIII...

Have work to do for Mom... don't want to do it... want to play FFT instead, heh. Funny how I feel more of an urge to sit down and play it for long periods of time than I do for FFXII... it's just so damned good. Though I keep messing up the controls since I'm not used to them anymore. And it's weird not having an analog controller; my thumbs keep moving for the analog sticks. ^^; Plus my PS1 isn't in the best of shape anymore, evidently - the controller occasionally cuts out and it's hard to get it to appear on the TV at the start sometimes. -_- Have to fiddle with the cord that plugs into the TV.
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Sony Revises Hardware for European PS3 Launch

I have no words for this, seriously. Sony is just digging their grave deeper these days. Utterly ridiculous, and undoubtedly this new "revised" PS3 will make its way to NA eventually. Aside from how stupid what they are doing is (including from a business standpoint, because many gamers are going to be very unhappy about this), it's their attitude that really bugs me - the assumption that gamers won't care if they can't play older games because they'll be so impressed by the PS3's shiny graphics. Seriously. o.o I get that they want to concentrate on new games, but the PS3 already has backwards compatibility and really, how does getting rid of that make the system better? All it does is piss people off and make them less likely to fork over $500+ for an already bug-ridden system. I feel really bad for European gamers right now, and worried about the time that this new version inevitably comes over here. Certainly not planning to buy one anytime in the near (or distant) future, and if I eventually do I'm probably going to have to keep my PS2 around to play my old (and according to Sony essentially worthless because they're old) games.

My mind? Blown. Just when I thought Sony couldn't do anything more stupid, they pull this out... I'm not impressed at all by the entire fiasco that has been the PS3 so far. Yessh. -_-
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Woke up today to 30-40cm of snow on the ground. Finally, real snow! Exciting, albeit also very cold and somewhat inconvenient (the paths to school weren't plowed when I walked over to campus at 10am...). We rarely get snow like this in Vancouver, so I was all excited and happy. XD School was still open this morning, but is closed now (so don't have to go to my evening seminar, yay). Just got back from delivering Valentine's Day cards over to the hospital next door with some others from my Rez, which was nice - the hospital's mainly for older people who live there and need care, so it was nice to do something like this for them. Then on the way back, proceeded to jump into a bunch of snow drifts. XD Some of the drifts are fairly high, upwards to 4-5 feet at least. It was fun. Pictures under cut. :)

Snow. And me getting very cold. )

So, now I'm inside and warm, planning to stay inside for the rest of the day if possible. Have a bibliography/proposal due tomorrow and a presentation Friday, both of which I need to work on (blah), though I've heard there might be more snow tonight (and it's still snowing right now) so who knows? Maybe I'll be lucky and class'll be cancelled tomorrow. *crosses fingers* Getting worried about the presentation, though, since my partner hasn't emailed me back and I've sent her 2 emails over the past few days... if she doesn't contact me soon, I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. We're supposed to meet up tomorrow... sigh.

Saturday I head to Toronto, staying overnight at Mom's friend's place and she's taking me to the airport Sunday morning. Then, Reading Week with the family which will be nice. Looking forward to hanging out with my cousins. :) Also, doing nothing. Except watching Supernatural and playing FFXII if I bring my PS2 (and who am I kidding?). Up to ep14 of SPN, and really enjoying it. Loving the interactions between Sam and Dean and watching their characters develop. And I keep hearing really good things about s2, so I'm looking forward to that. As for FFXII, I haven't done much recently. Been level raising in Ozome Plain, which has proved to be a pretty decent spot for levelling. Went through the Golmore (or whatever) Jungle and the Eruyt Village, now back at Ozome and planning to move ahead next time I play. Gained about 6 levels in my levelling spree, and managing to keep all my characters; levels up.

Oh yeah, and I have those picture of Chris!Doll and Toby!Doll (some more x-rated than others, haha) which I will post soon. I love them both. :) Was hugging Chris!Doll (who also doubles as Meloni!Doll and Elliot!Doll depending on circumstances) all through last night's SVU. Though am thinking wtf about the ending. o.o

Oh, other kinda exciting news - I'm now a RAC (Residence Action Council) member for my block, along with [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_of_lies! Our 2 original RAC members didn't do anything, so they resigned and we were appointed. Yay. We don't really have to do much; just go to an additional meeting each Monday night and go to all the events (and we go to most of them, anyway...). There's a semi-formal tomorrow night which we have to go do, which should be fun. Though I don't want to trek through this snow in my shoes; hopefully they'll have a place to put boots in the coat check area so I can wear those. o.o

Also, I'm still sick. It sucks. ;_; And boored of studying; can't wait until Reading Week. Maybe I'll do a few minutes of work right now, before Farscape at 3... haha, yeah right. -_- Been enjoying re-watching s4 of FS, which I've only seen the one time last year when I first watched. WSS trilogy pt3 is tonight, though I have class tomorrow at 3 so I'll miss Bad Timing. Might just watch my copy of it, anyway, just to round out the series.
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Well, fuck. I just picked up the FFXII strategy guide, and while flipping through it I realized that it describes in detail story scenes. Read some of the stuff from parts I've played, and it describes exactly what happens in the story. Wtf? It's supposed to be a guide, not an in-depth description of the plot. Not sure if EBGames will take it back, but I'm going to try. And argue loudly. This is bullshit. Some of BradyGames's guides are excellent, but some are like this and the FFVII one... chock full of spoilers (memories of the FFVII guide with its screenshots of the main death in the game. yeesh.) This irritates me; I like good guides that give me maps and lists of weapons/abilities etc, but I don't want a step-by-step description of the game or a hold-your-hand walkthrough. DQVIII's guide is good; not too detailed by including the important stuff. It has maps and notes of the important things to do in an area, but it doesn't go into great depth about everything. If I need that, I'll check online... I like guides that are actually guides, not full walkthroughs.

Bleh. It's a pity; I was hoping that it'd be good and just give me what I need, but it's not worth having it around just for the maps/lists/etc what with the temptation of looking through it for spoilers. I already glanced at the back to jokingly see if it'd show the final boss (which the best guides don't, and this was before I saw the story spoilers in the rest of the guide). Course it did show the final boss, and now I'm vaguely irritated since it seems to be quite specific. Meh. Shouldn't have looked, I know, but I didn't actually think it'd show it. ^^;
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...and it's on PSP. Damn them. ;_; I wonder what kind of stuff they'll add to it/change/etc? There are supposed to be a couple of new classes, and some new FMVs. If it makes it here (which I imagine it will), then I assume it will have a new translation. Which I suppose is a good thing, though really, I don't think FFTactics would be the same without such classics as "I got a good feeling!" and others gems. The bad translation was one of the more entertaining aspects of the game. XD Though a proper translation would no doubt enhance it, given how good the story was.

Still, I'm excited about this out of principal. Don't know when/if I'd ever get to play it, since I don't plan on getting a PSP, but it's still cool. I wish it was on the PS2, though.
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I happened to check Rpgamer.com a few minutes ago and noticed that FFIII:DS comes out today (I haven't really been keeping track...). I'm probably just being too over-emotional, but this day feels rather historic in the RPG world - the last Final Fantasy that wasn't released in the US is finally here. I checked, and it's been approximately 16.5 years since FFIII was released in Japan - well, better late than never, I guess. XD I mean sure, I played it years ago on a translated ROM and I won't be buying this version anytime soon (lack of a DS... and lack of time to play. woe.), but it's still cool to think that it's here. It's sort of a pity that the original version of the game will never make it here, most likely (how hard would it have been to include the orignal version in the new game, really...?), but the new version looks pretty spiffy. Hopefully I'll get to play it someday.

3 FF games in the past 2 weeks, 2 of which are new to the US (FFXII and FFIII:DS) and one of which only ever made it here in a mangled fashion (FFV Advance) - makes me miss the days when I could play all the time... I haven't really been into gaming as much the last few years, largely because of a. lack of time during school, b. other interests take up my free time, and c. i'm lazy., but I still get excited hearing about games and still want to play when I get the chance. I'm way behind on all the games I'm playing, but I still plan to ask for either FFXII or Disgaea 2 for Christmas (leaning towards the latter - FFXII will be easy enough to find for years to come, and it'll get cheap fairly quickly, whereas Disgaea 2 will start disappearing soon...). I am sorely tempted by FFXII, though - it's been getting fantastic reviews, and hell, it's FFXII! We've been waiting for this game for years, and it's finally here... and I really can't justify the time or money to get it. Part of me, too, is still a bit uncertain about it - but most of the reviews have said that the game is nothing like (and much better than) anything we've seen of it to this point, including the demo. I plan to give it a chance eventually, but can't do it yet.

And... I'm procrastinating. Back to my Farscape paper... it's due tomorrow at 9, so I need to get moving. Up to 5 pages, need about 12 - and I'm still blathering on about the context, haven't even gotten to analysing the series itself! Ehehehe. baaack to work.
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Heh, we just went to a garage sale on the island (in search of cheap household items), and I picked up 4 classic, hard-to-find games for the ol' Sega Saturn for $2 each. ^_^ I grabbed all the RPGs that were there (3), two of which are fairly well-known classics (Dragon Force and Shining the Holy Ark). I checked up reviews on them went I got home and both of them got very good reviews. The other RPG (Albert Odyssey) got fairly mediocre reviews, but hell, it was $2. I picked up Panzer Dragoon, too, since I've heard that name being thrown about for years. It's not the RPG of the series (that's Panzer Dragoon Saga, evidently), but again hell, $2. ;p And it got good reviews. So, time to dig up my old, dusty Sega Saturn from the depths of our back room in North Van... o.o; I'm, er, fairly certain that I still have it and I didn't sell it. ^^;;; If not, maybe I'll go back to the house with the garage sale and see if they didn't sell their's...

Anyway.. I'm not doing much right now. I'm working every weekend, usually Thurs-Sun from 4:30-9. I've also been trying to plan my courses, which hasn't been going to well. Have to register on Monday, and getting rather panicked. Least my course is over now. It took forever to get him my presentation, though, since for some reason he couldn't open the PowerPoint doc. -_- Had to convert it to a PDF, and eventually he got it. Considering that I did the vast majority of my work in about 3 days (starting the day before it was all due, and... ending the day after. Oops.), I got a pretty decent mark. V. pleased.

For those of you know don't know, my younger cousin ([livejournal.com profile] soliloloquyv's sister) is coming up here to stay with us on Monday for a few weeks. We're going to go to the Harry Potter launch party on the 15th. ^__^ Hopefully with [livejournal.com profile] rainbowpegacorn, too, but she doesn't know if she can come. I'm looking forward to it - I'm going to wear my robes, and my Slytherin scarf to scare all the kiddies. *cough*
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FFVII:AC Release date finally announced - September 14th!

No word yet on the North American release, but I imagine that info will be coming fairly soon, especially with E3 next week. And either way, no doubt the JP version will be up online and subbed within days of the release. ^__^ I do plan on buying the NA one, though, assuming that it has a sub option (which is probably will). So excited! ^^


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