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Yuletart is DONE and submitted! Yaaay! I missed the bus to my weekly geek crafting because I wanted to get this sent, but that's ok, I'll get the next one. Now I don't need to worry about getting it sent off when I get home this evening, considering that it's due by end of day today. Once it's been posted in the comm I'll link to it here.

(also, I have been blasting through my B5 rewatch again. I took a break for awhile after 5.03 because I couldn't handle watching the bloody telepath arc, but I got back to it last weekend and just pushed through those episodes. Watched 14-16 (and the end of 13, which I was watching the other night) last night, and 17 today. And now it really is the home stretch... I haven't seen Fall of (spoiler just in case...) for years because I didn't actually finish my rewatch last time, and I can't wait to watch it. Tonight when I get home. :) I have my little Londo crochet doll now, too (did I ever post him? I should do that), so I can cuddle him while watching it and have lots of Feelings. Then it's just the final few denoument episodes and Sleeping in Light. Which I also haven't seen for quite a few years and it's gonna make me cry so much lol. It always does.

I have more thoughts and Feelings but I should get ready now and get the next bus. I should make a post at some point, maybe when I'm done watching it. Mostly at this point my thoughts on this show just come down to flailing and crying and such. Except for the telepath arc which just made me eyeroll a lot. To think, I LOVED that storyline when I first saw the show at age 13. I thought Byron was amazing and I was totally attracted to him back then. ...yeah, not so much anymore. At all. He becomes marginally more interesting in Phoenix Rising with the Bester backstory, but then there's all the Lyta romance stuff and the god-damned SINGING, and the bad metaphors, and... ugh no. I fast-forwarded through the singing this time around, it was very satisfying. ;)

Now I just spend most of season 5 looking forward to the Centauri arc. Which definitely does not let down at all. There's gonna be tears next episode... I can't wait.
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I am procrastinating from working on my [community profile] yuletart drawing by searching for Avengers wallpapers online (to replace the Due South one I've had for almost a year, because let's face it, I have finally moved on). And okay, so this is a really eerie coincidence: I was looking and and downloading some gorgeous wallpapers made my [profile] marvelgirl_art about 30 minutes ago. And I thought to myself, "wow, I wish she had made a Clint/Coulson wallpaper, that would be awesome!". So I friended her so I could see any later wallpapers she might post. 30 minutes later I check my friends list and see this - http://marvelgirl-art.livejournal.com/44751.html#t518095

Seriously, it's like she read my mind. :) And now I have a new wallpaper... and it is shiny. And also her two gorgeous Steve/Tony ones that you can find at her LJ - one of those was originally going to be my new wallpaper but I'm on a Clint/Coulson kick right now so I'm using this instead.

Ok I am going to go work on Yuletart FOR REAL now. And then I should get up and out somehow. My back has been protesting when I sit for too long. It's been aching the past couple of weeks and in a different way from the normal back pain I sometimes get. If I press into a certain place right on my spine it really hurts, and that pain is kinda radiating out to the rest of my back. Stretching doesn't seem to help much. I'm getting a bit concerned that it's actually something I should get looked at as opposed to regular muscle strain, since it hurts right at my spine. Could be an inflamed nerve or some problem with a spinal disc or something?? No idea...
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[profile] marvel_bang is live! I did 3 drawings (2 main ones and one little 'bonus' one) based on the Avengers/White Collar crossover "Like an Arrow Through a Flock of Doves" [link will be added once the story is posted later today] by [personal profile] arsenicjade and [personal profile] hoosierbitch.

The fic was great, and I realy enjoyed both reading and illustrating it. It's an AU Phil/Clint story where, long story short, Clint ends up in prison at age 17 because he takes the fall for his brother Barney. Fastforward a few very unpleasant years in prison, when he meets none other than Neal Caffrey. Without spoiling it, Clint ends up being helped by Neal after he gets out of prison, and he winds up working for SHIELD and meeting Phil. It's angsty at times and the prison bits can be pretty disturbing, but it's a really good read and I thought they did a great job of portraying Clint's gradual rehabilitation after prison and the slow build-up of his relationship with Phil.

Drawing #1: Neal & Clint in prison
Link: On AO3 (and under the cut below)
Summary: Based on the scene where Neal smuggles ice cream into the prison and they eat it together in the yard.
Rating: G
Author Notes: I wanted a drawing that would show Neal and Clint's tentative friendship in prison, plus I wanted a drawing from the prison part of the story but I didn't want to draw anything really disturbing. I thought this would be a good scene to illustrate, since it covers both of those bases and I just generally thought it was a nice scene.

I spent some time thinking about the ways they would be sitting, since it's not specified in the scene, and I ended up being pretty specifc about the reasons for what I chose so I wanted to explain them here. I pictured Neal lounging comfortably back against the table, all casual and trying to show himself as being friendly and open and unthreatening to Clint. For Clint, I decided to draw his with his legs up and crossed on the bench, and sort of hunched in on himself, because I thought it fit in several ways - the story mentions how he likes to curl up in small locations to hide himself, and also I thought it would indicate his subconcious need to protect himself.

I should note also that I blatantly took the background from a photo I found on Google Images and painted over it a bit. I hate backgrounds...

For anyone looking at the drawing who hasn't read the story, the lines on Clint's neck are a tattoo of barbed wire that he gets in prison. Poor Clint has a rough time of it in this fic. :) Also, the box on the table is the one that Neal gave Clint with the drawings of birds all over it. Birds are definitely not my forte...

Drawing #1 under the cut )

Drawing #2: Phil & Clint
Link: On AO3 (and under the cut below)
Summary: Phil and Clint's first kiss, aka the scene where Phil asks to kiss Clint's tattoo.
Rating: PG for some suggestiveness
Author Notes: I loved this scene because the story worked very gradually towards it, and this first romantic scene between them is hesitant and tentative given everything that happened to Clint in prison. I appreciated the realism of this - it wasn't like they started making out and suddenly Clint was cured of all bad memories by the magic of sex. :) And I loved Phil asking to kiss Clint's tattoo, because it's such a wonderful way for Phil to show that he accepts Clint and isn't bothered or disgusted by the reminder of his time in prison.

The blue on Clint's hand is supposed to represent a spoilery thing that happens in the story. I wasn't sure the best way to show it or how noticeable it would be, so I hope this worked! I wanted it to be more subtle and glowy, but oh well.

Drawing #2 under the cut )

Bonus Drawing: Phil and the kitty
Link: On AO3 (and under the cut below)
Summary: Clint gives Phil a kitten. Phil holds the kitten up and the kitten bats at his nose and it is the cutest scene ever.
Rating: Very much G
Author Notes: I just had to do a quick sketch of this, because it really was the cutest mental image ever. Sadly I am really bad at drawing animals, so the kitten is kinda... lopsided and not as cute as it should be. But I like how Phil turned out. :)

Drawing #3 under the cut )


Oct. 27th, 2012 11:10 pm
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Next up, Thrill the World! Or rather, the unofficial version. Vancouver didn't get an official event organized this year, but another group put together an unofficial version. This year it was 'flash mob' style, aka 'everyone meets at Waterfront Station and walks to an undisclosed secret location (turned out to be Vancouver Public Library downtown) and then dances'. Unfortunately it was raining, which made the entire thing a bit less pleasant... last year it was nice and clear, albeit cold. It was warmer this year I think, but because of the rain we were all cold (and wet) by the end of it.

So yeah, 5 of us from our group ended up doing the dance - down from 14 last year, which is too bad. There were supposed to be some more, but they couldn't come. We met at Waterfront Station surrounded by zombies (300+ people RSVP'd on Facebook, but I don't think more than 100 showed up... damned rain), took photos (thank you to [personal profile] jedinic and [profile] merlin_bodhi for holding stuff and taking photos!), and applied makeup. They announced where we would do the dance, so we all shambled off (a bunch of zombies with umbrellas and rain jackets... not entirely terror inspiring). Ran into a wedding party right near the library which was hysterical - I know some zombies ended up in those wedding photos...

Got to the library (aka the outside concourse that is not undercover at all) and were told to 'die'. On the wet ground in the rain. Fun times! Had given my rainjacket to [personal profile] jedinic by this point so I could be in character... Lay there for like 5 minutes as everyone arrived and died, then finally the fog (our first cue) started. (And then the fire alarm went off in the library, LOL). Music started, thank god, so we started dancing. 30 seconds or less in, the music stopped. Grr argh. A few minutes of milling about being cold and wet, then they told us to die again. Back to the wet ground. Music started again. 10 seconds later, music cut out again. SERIOUSLY GUYS WHAT. Also the fire truck pulled up. XD XD

Cue another 5 minutes of milling around being even colder and wetter. We tried to get some spontaneous Gagnam Style dancing going, just because. Got a few people doing it. XD Everyone eventually said fuck it and started just doing Thriller without the music for about 40-60 seconds, then we gave up. Music came back on, we died AGAIN, and this time we got through the dance. Then I ran over to [personal profile] jedinic and huddled under her umbrella.

So... yeah. It was fun in some ways, really. Glad that we did it, and it was entertaining if I ignored the discomfort. Hopefully none of us will get a cold from it... poor 'Pepper' (not dressed as Pepper today, but for anonymity's sake let's stick with that name) was very cold and wet and also still pretty hungover. Two of us formed a huddle with her while we waited for the music to start for a 3rd time and I put my suit jacket over us. Helped a bit.

And then I went home and had a hot shower, put on dry clothes, heated up leftover chili, and say on my couch eating dinner and then crocheting while watching Arrested Development. It was good. :) (I watched about 1.5 seasons of it a few years ago and never actually finished it, so I started over and am marathoning through it. Am at the start of s2, coming up to episodes that I didn't watch before, yay! I forgot how brilliant and funny it is. So clever and well done. And I still love GOB and somewhat inexplicably ship him and Michael a bit. I had a brief phase when I first watched it of trying to find fic... though it's hard to mimic the style of the show in fic because it's so quirky and weird. Anyway, with season 4 finally actually happening for real in spring, I figure this is a good time to catch up and finally finish it!

Aaand that's it. One pic of me under the cut. Need to get the ones that the others took.

Pic )
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Halloween weekend is almost over... party last night, Thriller today, and all that's left is tomorrow "teach my Aussie friends how to carve pumpkins". Which I am looking forward to. :) I want to do an Avengers themed one for myself, but nothing too hard. I'm not all that good...though I successfully carved Serenity a couple of years ago, and Rorschach the year before that. And the Dharma logo from Lost once, without an actual stencil and using a regular kitchen knife. I'm still not sure how I did that!

Anyway, the party was awesome. It was 'superhero' themed at La Fontana Cafe, and it was a lot of fun. Some great costumes, and Elmo showed up! Apparently the guy bought the costume for Halloween and is now doing children's birthday parties. Awww... There were a couple of little kids at the party for awhile (one was Spiderman!) and the look on their faces with Elmo came in was way too precious.

Stayed up late (for me) dancing until around 1:30, and generally just had fun. We had a good showing of Avengers there - me as Coulson, plus another Coulson, Tony & Pepper (two friends of mine who are married), and Bruce Banner (with green contacts and some green makeup!). And the She-Hulk. And the aforementioned mini!Spiderman. Plus a good DC showing of Clark Kent, Batman, and two Poison Ivys. Yup, it was a geek party! (we also had Leia, Rorschach, [personal profile] jedinic made an awesome Buffy, and various others...)

My Coulson costume was a hit, I would say! I had intended to be 'live Coulson' for the party and only be 'dead Coulson' for Thrill the World, but I brought my dead Coulson costume part (aka a styrofoam 'spear tip' covered in fake blood and attached to a blood spot shaped piece of red felt) and everyone got really excited. I'd planned to sew it to my dress shirt for Thriller today, so I improvised with some bobby pins and a safety pin I borrowed. And then people started yelling the "COOOOULSON!!!! YOU WILL BE AVENGED". Oh Cobie Smulders, thank you so much for that blooper reel bit. :)

AND, the most important fannish bit of the costume... I had mini crochet Hawkeye in my jacket pocket. Because Phil needs his Shieldhusband! And the uber dorky 'oh god how did I get so into this pairing that I have no interst in a few months ago??' part of the costume that I'm actually a bit embarrassed by, is the part where I moved my ring to my left ring finger to pretend that I'm Phil married to Clint. Because, um. I'm a dork. And it made me secretely happy to see it there all evening and imagine that I was Phil married to Clint. Because they've totally been married for years and it's SHIELD's worst kept not-really-a-secret.

...fuck you fandom when did this happen to me.

(no one noticed that I was suddenly 'married' lol. A lot of them know that I'm a slasher, but Phil/Clint's a bit tough to explain to people not in the fandom because it's very much a 'created by fandom and two minutes of a not-even-actual-screentime scene' pairing. As opposed to, say, Tony/Steve where they have tons of interaction and ridiculously homoerotic subtexty scenes in the comics.

(I also had mini!Captain America in my pocket later in the evening. Because it seemed fitting. Plus I had Captain America trading cards)

Oh, and I got killed multiple times. By Link from Zelda (got some photos of that one, since 'he' (she) had a plastic sword and was wearing green so it fit, and she was happy to do some photo ops), Rick from Walking Dead (multiple times... he's the cafe owner, and what can I say, he likes randomly killing people! last year he was Dexter and he killed me too), Batman a few times (why did that Batman have a gun, anyway?? that was odd. He also had Wolverine-like claws. I couldn't really figure it out). And also Loki himself, aka my crochet Loki. Held by 'Link' and holding the same plastic sword... and yes, I have pictures. A few under the cut. I will have more once people send me their photos!

Some photos )

Waiting for people to post/send me more pics because I didn't take many with my own camera. [personal profile] jedinic, when you get your pictures on your computer can you email them to me or maybe bring them on a flashdrive tomorrow? And let me know if I can post pics of you as Buffy on LJ... I can do so under a friends lock if you prefer.

Another post for Thrill the World...
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Adorable tweet from Clark Gregg:

On a plane back to LA w mass . Must give mega props to vast global army of bamfs and

He said #pheels! LOL he is such a fanboy...


For those who are concerned Coulson's return won't be badass & work w - u are one silly damn rabbit

Loving the #jossrules, and squeeing at the rest of the tweet!
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Starting with wet slicked back hair and adding a lot of gel I have an aproximation of my hair for my Halloween costume:

Picture under cut )

Not exactly the most flattering picture, but I do look fairly boy-ish at least. :) Now I will find out if it stays that when when the hair dries... otherwise I will need to go buy more heavy-duty gel.

I am way too excited about this costume, guys. I was feeling sad yesterday when my Doctor costume struck out, and then I was going to borrow [personal profile] jedinic's trenchcoat and be Castiel, but I'm glad I found something I can do with stuff I either have or can fairly cheaply buy myself. Because then I can use it again for Emerald City Comic Con and/or Vancouver FanExpo and/or San Diego motherfucking Comic Con because I am hopefully going for real next year. If I get tickets.

I'm excited about ECCC, though - Walter Koenig is going (also Gillian Anderson and Patrick Stewart). I have still yet to ever meet a member of the Babylon 5 cast and I have always wanted to meet someone from it. Especially because they keep dying. :( Walter will always be Bester for me - I knew him as Bester years before I even learned he WAS on Star Trek, because I'd just never watched ST as a kid or teenager. I still haven't really watched it, other than a few of the movies (2, 4 and the new one). Some day I really ought to watch more of TOS and also the various spin-offs; I just never know which to start on because everyone gives me a different opinion. ;) It'll either be TNG or DS9 if I ever get around to it.

Also, I have a Very Important Question. I found this badge that someone made based on the badge Coulson wears in Avengers. Should I just print it out and wear it like that or should I replace the picture with one of me-as-Coulson?

And finally - a couple of cute post-NYCC panel interviews with Clark Gregg. First one is an official one, and second one is an unofficial bad-quality video taken from the convention floor (but def worth watching). He is generally adorable and awesome in both. :)
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Oh man, I am still kinda freaking out about the news today... can't quite wrap my brain around it. I mean, I'd definitely thought there was a possibility he might come back for one of the movies, but I had tried to prepare myself for the possibility that he, you know. Actually did die. And I never imagined he would actually HEADLINE the new TV series. Especially after all the BS of 'oh yeah, they'll all be new characters, no one from the movies...' HAH. Joss Whedon is a lying liar who lies. Just like Nick Fury.

Anyway. I was at [personal profile] jedinic's place watching Teen Wolf (watched ep 4 and 5 - wow, 4 really was slashy! I am starting to understand where the Sterek is coming from...) when I read the news on my phone and we were both freaking out. Such an awesome day for fandom and life in general!

Course, all that fix-it Coulson Lives fic is going to be Jossed to hell and back, but... totally worth it. :)

And now, let's just take a minute to dream that Jeremy Renner could at least guest star in a few eps... they could have actual screentime together, guys! Crazy talk! They have over 1700 fics on AO3, what do they need screentime for? This is fandom! ;)

ALSO on this note, I am copying and pasting what I just commented to [personal profile] quettalinde:

I now have the perfect Halloween costume. Struck out at Value Village today on my Eleventh Doctor costume (all I actually have so far is... the fez. Which is my dad's, so that was easy to acquire!). Couldn't find the right jacket, though, and I left it so late I don't have much time now to keep hunting. SO. I just realized while having a bath that I have A. a black suit (sort of - they don't match and I might just buy a new one... never hurts to have more), B. sunglasses, C. short enough hair that I can probably slick it back and it will kind of work even though granted I am not a balding man, and D. a mini crochet Clint that I can carry around in my pocket. So now I just need a white shirt, a tie, and Captain America trading cards. And a SHIELD badge, which I can make. Woo!

It's gonna be awesome. I'm sad that the 11th Doctor fell through, but otoh everyone and their dog is cosplaying him these days. Coulson is easy and will be fun. Hoping to find some Captain America trading cards tomorrow at the local comic shop! I figure they may have some from the movie... barring that I guess I'll make some.

All in all? Good day. Catching up with [personal profile] jedinic was great since she's been away for over a month (also caught up last night while watching Avengers yet again with the gang down at La Fontana Caffe). Teen Wolf was delightfully slashy and ridiculous, and chatting about slash is always fun (esp at the Caffe, since basically no one else there is into it... they are all quite amused by my hobby of drawing gay porn, though. ^^).
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The Babylon 5 rewatch (number 7) continues - evidently War Without End Part 2 still makes me cry. Mainly the flashforward at the start (Delenn knowing what's coming when she sees Sheridan breaks my heart; Londo and G'kar just... break my heart SO MUCH, and also Vir), and also the very end with Sinclair. Also, these episodes always my latent Michael/Jeff shipper - "Don't you want to see him again?" "More than you'll ever know." Awww. Break my heart a bit more, Jeff. :( (and that really is a very strong way of putting it - as though there were something more to their relationship that Sheridan doesn't know about).

Also? Where the fuck did those Vorlons at the end (with Sinclair, on B4 in the last scene) come from? Seriously? Any B5 fans know if that was ever explained in an interview or something? Did they just, like, make a pit stop at the Vorlon homeworld on their way to Minbar? Or did the Vorlons show up when they arrived? (presumably the latter, but still...)

Oh, and speaking of things which JMS may have explained at some point - any B5 fans out there know if he ever actually gave definitive answers on what the '3 things' are in the prophecy about Londo? I was thinking about it while watching the flashforward. I've read lots of theories over the years, and can't remember if he ever said definitely what each thing was. Damn I wish I had those script books! I'd love to read his notes about many eps in s3. I have one volume (season 2 - it has Coming of Shadows on it) that I acquired at a sale, but that's it...

So yup - still love those show, on my 7th run through it in roughly 14 years. It still breaks my heart and gives me massive ~feelings~ on many levels.

And on another note: I really shouldn't be allowed to sign up for [profile] marvel_bang. Seriously, am not allowed. My due South big bang is due on Oct 7, and the complementary art for the Marvel one is due Oct 21. That gives me 2 weeks to draw something. But I want to do this one... my inner White Collar fan is really intrigued about the idea, and my inner Oz fan is all, "prison angst, wee!". -_-

Description under cut )

I am tempted... and I know I will regret it... but I still want to. ^^
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Man, I see gorgeous drawings like this for Avengers reverse big bang and I think, I really need to get my shit together and finish my due South big bang. I mean, I've done a lot of work too, and I have 10 drawings, but none of them have backgrounds yet and many of them really just feel like portrait shots, not proper scenes. I really love how this artist has drawn a series of proper scenes, with backgrounds and all. I'm awful at that kind of thing. ^^

(off now to read the accompanying story by [personal profile] foxxcub - wingfic!ftw)

Also, yes, I have been reading way too much Avengers fic recently... and fandom is pulling me into Clint/Phil, for all that I didn't really get the pairing at first because of, you know. The complete lack of actual canon interaction. ^^ But hell, I was in Pundit fandom and shipped Keith/Anderson... that was definitely an example of how fandom can create an entire narrative of two people/characters who rarely interact! Which I find really quite fascinating, actually, because (esp in RPF), in these cases fandom really creates a collective idea of how these relationships work, and how these two characters interact, without having much of anything to actually go on. And yet, because of this collective narrative, you end up with many fics that are based on that same idea of how these charactes work together, and you end up with a lot of the same tropes (I've come across quite a few common ones in Clint/Phil fic already, most of which I image were basically created by fandom).

Anyway. I don't know if that made sense, but I've been thinking about it lately. :) It's definitely an interesting phenomenon, especially when you get a very popular pairing within a fandom where that pairing doesn't actually have much or any canon interaction or subtext or whatnot. So really, it takes reading a bunch of fic to get into it, and then of course once you DO read that fic, you start to get invested and end up hooked (at least potentially). That's what happened to me in pundit fandom! I started off reading Jon/Stephen because they have all the real life interaction and subtext and slashiness, and then Keith & Anderson who show up in fics as a side pairing, and then I became intrigued. Even though the actual RL interaction between them that we know of is very minor.

(and of course, the ways that fandom creates the narratives of 'characters' in RPF is a whole other (though similar) interesting topic. I used to think about it quite a bit when I was in that fandom, because it's quite fascinating how we take what we know of these people's lives and personalities, and build up a fictional character around that information. And then you have this collective idea of who the character is, to the point that you can read a fic and go "this is out of character!" even though, really, the 'character' has little to do with the real person to begin with.)

ANYWAY. I don't know how I got on this tangent. -_- Oh yeah. I've been reading a lot of Clint/Phil and digging it. The end. :)

Oh, and also, I read this fic where Clint is turned into a corgi (AND IT IS SO CUTE, GO READ), and my mind (which is still partially in Dark Knight fandom) started mentally writing a fic where Bruce is turned into a dog and Jim takes care of him. Except Jim doesn't know that Batman is Bruce yet - he sees Batman somehow turned into a dog (don't ask me how I don't care) and now he has a Batdog to take care of. And wow this sounds even sillier outside of my head than inside. Do not expect this to turn into a real story. ^^ But go read the Clint fic, because it is awesome!

As for my big bang - claim post is up on [community profile] ds_c6d_bigbang and I'm still waiting for someone to claim it. I'm trying not to be hurt and depressed that no one has yet... because a lot of people seemed excited about it when I was working on it, but now no one has claimed it. :( Anyway I'm sure it'll happen eventually. I'd just kinda hoped it'd be right away, because I am vain like that!

I still need to finish it by Oct 7, but I made a lot of progress the last few weeks. Much more in a few weeks than I did for much of the summer. During a panel at RCW I finally broke my artist's block and sketched for the entire panel. It was a huge relief, and very satisfying.

And on a final note, to end this otherwise silly post in a not-exactly-cheerful way, I suppose I should mention on here (though most of you know I know IRL already know), that my grandfather passed away last week. He'd been sick for a couple of weeks, and has had dementia for the past couple of years that was getting worse, so it was really more of a blessing than anything. But it's still been weird and rather sad. So yeah. That happened. I'm ok (honestly), but thought I should mention it. :)

And to end this post on an actual cheerful note after that, here, have a rec for some pure, unadulterated, completely and utterly filthy, four-some Avengers Tony-Steve-Clint-Phil porn. Seriously. SO FUCKING HOT.

Also I really need some Avengers icons. -_- All I have is this old Tony one from when Iron Man came out.
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GUYS. Fraser/RayK has caught up and is just barely behind Peter/Neal in the After Elton Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney! Now I love White Collar and all, but dS needs to win! We have until midnight EST tonight, so go vote!!

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It's official - Joss's new Marvel series on ABC is going to be a SHIELD series! Sweeet. I was digging that idea. :) And loving the list of people working on it (Jeff Bell!). I can't wait for casting (shall we start taking bets on which Joss alumni will be in it?). Wonder if they'll have any episodes where they bring in movie characters? I want more Coulson! :) And either way it'll be great to see Joss back on TV, even if it's not an original series. I just finished Dollhouse, finally, so I am looking forward to seeing Joss back on the small screen again.
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I know this is making the rounds everywhere, but just in case...

Avengers Gag Reel

At least one version has been taken down by Disney, but this one is still working for now. I've also downloaded it from Youtube, so iI'll have it when it enivtably gets taken down, so I can send it to whoever wants it. That's literally the funniest fucking thing I have seen in ages. It is amazing and beautiful and it needs to be an hour long because 4 minutes is not enough. Oh boys. (and evitably Scarlett is the only mature actor of the bunch, lol, because she is barely in it - it's just the boys being ridiculous and messing around).

Tom Hiddleston chanelling Severus Snap is without doubt one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. :) And Clark Gregg pretending to almost kiss Chris E. LOL awesome.

(I will in theory post at some point about my trip and RCW - got back last night. The week in Quebec/Montreal/Toronto doing hotel site inspections was exhausting and not that much fun, though helpful for work, but the weekend at RCW was fun. I also had several chances to geek out about SF/Avengers/etc and spent way too much money at some of the awesome comic shops in Toronto. I might possibly maybe have spent $90 on a Tardis bathrobe. Which I might possibly be wearing right now. It is glorious. :) Anyway more details later...)
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Thank you for being smart, Marvel. :) Made my day, this news. I saw the second story first and got really excited, then I saw the first story and might have screamed a little. :) Thank god! 3 years - can't wait!! The second story has the line 'he is basically becoming the showrunner for the Marvel Cinematic Universe." - these words just make me very happy on many levels...
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Booked my flight back east tonight! Non-refundable... *bites fingernails* Here I go, then! I just need to get the hotels sorted out. I emailed my boss a quote with a couple of hotel options in each city, and hopefully the hotels will offer something good. Like, a comp room... I really don't want to spend much. Anyway, I fly to Quebec on Aug 11, there for 2 nights, then train to Montreal for 2 nights, then train (or fly on Porter Air - it's cheap and fast, and flies into downtown Toronto) to Toronto for 5 nights (couple of days to do site inspections, and 3 days for RCW!).

Other than that, I have not been overly productive tonight. Really tired, mostly. Also, I might have maybe started a targeted re-watch of Babylon 5... And by 'targeted rewatch', I mean I started with Signs and Portents, plan to watch Babylon Squared and Chrysalis (maaybe a few others), and then right on to season 2. Get straight to the good stuff. I was going to start with the first ep just out of principal, but really, I've seen Midnight on the Firing Line enough times and it's not all that great of an ep. Was also going to watch Parliament of Dreams just because I love it, but I've seen it plenty. So, straight to Signs and Portents. A good place to start a rewatch. :) 'What do you want?' Oh Morden, so creepy. Also not even credited in the opening guest credits, in spite of having a major speaking role in the episode! Odd. There are still many things I love about that episode - the Morden scenes, Londo and G'Kar both telling him 'what they want' (oh premonitions...), Kosh and Morden meeting, the first glimpse of a Shadow ship, and a bucketload of foreshadowing. Reminds me why I love that show.

Anyway, it's been around 4 years since my last rewatch, so I'd say I'm due! Though I still need to finish watching Dollhouse... Season 2 isn't grabbing me as much, though it's lovely to see Alexis Denisof. I'm on ep7 I think and it's definitely picking up, though.

(I have a sick desire to rewatch 'The Gathering' to see just how bad a pilot movie it was... but I need moral support. ^^ Anyone game? I've only seen it maybe twice, and not for YEARS. I've forgotten most things about it. Thankfully. Well, it did have Lyta - that's a plus.)

*yawn* So exhausted. I got home last night around 11:45pm after a fun night with the gang, and then decided to put up my shiny new Avengers poster before going to bed. So I didn't get to bed until after 12, which is too late for me these days. The poster looks awesome, anyway. I had a nice long thin stretch of wall over my closet that was perfect for it!
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The Avengers now has the biggest opening weekend ever in the USA. I'm getting a bit teary eyed over here - it's so amazing to see Joss getting the kudos and recognition that he deserves after all these years. Remember Serenity making $4 million on opening weekend? What a change...

(and yeah, I know that higher ticket prices and 3D tickets have a hand in it, and I'd love to see an updated top 10 box office movies that accounts for inflation and changes in ticket prices, but even so it's a damned high number)

Anyway, congrats to Joss, and I hope this opens more doors for him and also makes people see how amazing he is (this and Cabin in the Woods). I do hope we still see smaller projects from him, though, like Dr. Horrible 2 and maybe another TV show. I am very much looking forward to Much Ado, anyway - hopefully they will get it into theatres sooner rather than later...

Oh, and speaking of Joss, I'm finally watching Dollhouse. I watched the first 4 eps when it first aired, but then I was travelling in Australia and just never caught up when I got home. I've watched the first 6 eps now, and am really enjoying it. As I'd heard before, ep6 definitely amps everything up, but I actually enjoyed the first 5 eps pretty well, too. I'm intrigued. :) I've managed to remain mostly unspoiled for the show, other than a few character deaths (damn).

Anyway, I finally get to see The Avengers tonight, so yay! I am super excited. It's going to be awesome...
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Continuing the LJ walk down memory lane tonight: I came across a long long post about why I loved Wesley so much. Written post 5.19, so it doesn't cover the last few eps of the show. Interesting to re-read it, though, in spite of the blatant abuse of smiley faces and other such annoying writing quirks. (Also, seeing comments to and from my old high school friends is vaguely unsettling).

I'm continuing the rewatch - I was partway through 4X05 tonight, then I got distracted. I still have much love for 'Deep Down' - the Wes/Lilah scene, dark!Wes, Justine (wtf, Wes, so wrong...), the boat scene (so slashy!)... and that speech that Angel gives to Connor at the end, which I still have partially memorized and am rather fond of, largely because Space used to use part of that speech in their promo for Angel when it aired at 10pm on weekday nights. And I watched a LOT of Angel that particular year.

The Wes/Lilah scene in Ground State remains one of the sexiest most glorious scenes ever. Holy shit, the ear-nibbling... and when he runs his hand over her face and she grabs his thumb in her teeth. Everything about those two is just SO hot, still.

(And The House Always Wins is better than I remember. It's really quite a fun episode, though sadly lacking in Wes other than the one brief phone sex scene)

In other news: I bought a Kobo! Yesterday after work. Chapters has them on sale right now, and it's great for reading fic on since I can just download EPUB files off AO3. I can't read for long on my iPhone, really, since it's too small and also it's backlit. After spending all day on a computer, my eyes get too tired. Plus I want to read Game of Thrones and I find the font in the real book too small. So now I'm waiting for it on hold at the library... upwards of 80 people have it on hold and there are only 20 copies. Sigh. This is a drawback of getting ebooks from the library!

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Still working my way back reading and tagging old LJ posts. And finally came across a post made at 1:35am on May 20, 2004. The night that the last episode of Angel aired, or rather technically the morning after. Evidently I was still awake several hours later, trying to come to terms with it and writing a long long post.

I re-read the post, and though my 18-yr-old self makes me wince a bit, a lot of it still rings true to me. I talk about the way the show ended and how I thought it was the perfect ending for the show's themes (even as a lot of people hated it), I talked about the differences between Buffy and Angel (the respective themes of both shows, and how their endings reflected those differences), I angsted a fair amount. ^^ It made me a bit choked up to read it, in part because I'd forgotten some of those details. It's going to be hard to watch that episode again. No episode of anything has ever been as emotional for me as that was. (Except possibly Sleeping in Light in B5. I was sobbing so hard first time I watched that.)

Anyway, if anyone's curious what I thought about the show a few hours after it ended, then check it out - http://ria-oaks.livejournal.com/209287.html Massive spoilers goes without saying. Just remember that this was 8 years ago and I was a lot younger. ;)

Also my cousin finally guessed/figured out my AtS canon pairing tonight. I messed with her for awhile ("guess some random pairings! I'll just say no to all of them anyway" "Wes/Lilah?" "No" (smirking inwardly), "[a bunch of other random pairings]" "Nope" "I bet it's Angel/Lilah!" "Nope". Finally I said that if she really wanted to know she could go into the Angel pictures folder on my computer and she'd figure it out from there (there are a few pics of them, and they're clearly not photoshopped). Which she did, and so now that secret's out and I can stop hiding it. Oh well, she's only a couple of episodes away from it, anyway, and I've been needing to squee out loud.

(another result of reading old LJ posts is I found an old fic rec I posted of a Wes/Lilah fic by [personal profile] jennyo, who was pretty much the main BNF writer for that pairing. It's here if anyone's interested, and is still damned sexy and awesome.)
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Continuing the Angel walk down memory lane today with my cousin.. watched, in fairly rapid succession, Waiting in the Wings, Couplet, Loyalty, Sleep Tight, and Forgiving. Oh the pain... watching those still rips my heart out a bit. It's been years since I was heavy into Angel, but this is making me nostalgic. This show meant more to me and broke my heart more than pretty much any show ever has, mainly because I probably never loved a fictional character like I did Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Supernatural is probably the closest, though I'm a bit burnt out on it now. (And of course Babylon 5, which will forever be the show of my heart). But yeah, Sleep Tight is still kinda not a great episode (I mean, it's pivotal, and Wes breaks my heart in it repeatedly, but the actual writing is a bit iffy. Too many plot devices), but Forgiving is damned fine. That last scene still gives me the shivers.

Also, today was the first time I'd seen Waiting in the Wings since I saw Firefly, and I watched Firefly in summer 2005. Holy shit. It was fun to see Summer. :) And seeing it reminded me that it actually is a very good episode, even if I hate the love triangle stuff and Wes/Fred. Then we went and watched that ridiculous deleted scene with Wes and Fred doing ballet and LOL I'd forgotten how amusing it is. Alexis is a giant dork.

Just gotta get through the last few eps of s3 (and wtf I don't even remember what happens in those eps, other than the obvious big things), then it's season 4 time! Even with the issues I had with parts of s4 (if you've seen it, you can probably guess), I am still super hyped because of Wes. And my AtS canon OTP (Angel/Wes was my AtS fanon OTP, and then I also had my canon OTP), which I shall not spoil here in case my cousin is reading this. ;) I'm so excited to see those eps again. Good times.

Was going through old Angel stuff on my computer and found the post 'Origin' ficlet I wrote. Lol it's kinda not that good, but it's not TOO awful. It's basically 2000+ words of Wes angst, and me dealing with the many many ~feelings~ I had after seeing that episode. I might post it here later. Maybe. I'm now poking through old LJ posts trying to find if I ever posted it or not. I checked my Angel tag but it only goes back to 2005, and I think I wrote this fairly soon after the ep aired in 2004.

So now I'm going back day by day just for kicks, and tagging some posts appropriately. I'm reliving my 2nd year at university, which is... odd. Lots of comments from my old close high school friends, none of whom I talk to anymore. Found my post celebrating my 19th birthday. Damn, where did the past 7 years go?? Mostly I'm just glad to be done with school and that time in my life. Reading posts about last-minute essay writing made me shudder.

Ok it's midnight now, so I should prob get to bed... so far this week isn't sucking like last week did. Last week really sucked at work. But this week's ok, and we have a new person who just started Monday so it's fun to have someone new to talk to in the office. No plans for tomorrow, then Thursday is NEW COMMUNITY EPISODE. WOOOOO. Then Friday is the Caffe as always, then not much in the way of weekend plans. Just a few more weeks until Pacificon, though, and I can't wait for that!

Dug out an old Wes icon for this post. Funny looking over my old Angel icons - I haven't seen them in ages. God this is all making me nostalgic.
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Yeah, everyone in dS fandom is doing it as usual, but it still needs to be said...

They have called this day the Eleventh of March! And whomsoever of you gets through this day, unless you are shot in the head or somehow slain, you will stand at tiptoe when e'er you hear the name again, and you will get excited at the name March the Eleventh!

We happy few, we few, we band of brothers. Our names will be as like household names. And those who are not here, be they sleeping or doing something else, they will feel themselves... sort of crappy. Because they are not here to... to join the fight, on this day, the Eleventh of March!

Oh Buck Frobisher. <3 Oh SHOW. I still love you. :)

Speaking of due South, I was going through all my old TV magazines yesterday (mostly looking at my Angel magazines - I'm on a bit of a kick because my cousin is watching it and she's almost caught up to where I am on my rewatch (3X10), and I'm remembering how much I loved that show), and I came across an old (1998) issue of Cult TV that I bought at a used comics/books store a few years ago because it had a big "The End of Babylon 5" article. And then I promptly noticed that on the cover it says there's an article of Due South and I went !!!!!!!. :)It was an interview with Tony Craig, and talked about season 3 and the changes with RayK and such. It was neat to so randomly come across an article about one of my newer fandoms in an old magazine, since I would never have looked twice at that article when I first go the magazine.

Speaking of Angel - I was actually up late last night reading Angel fic, LOL. Oh nostalgia. I was just going through [community profile] crack_van and clicking on Angel/Wes fics and occasionally, because it was always my secret pairing, Buffy/Wes. Read an old fic by [personal profile] thebratqueen, who was my favourite Angel/Wes writer back in the day... and I have a few fics sitting in tabs now waiting to be read. ^^ Sadly quite a few of the fics I came across are broken links now. Oh well.


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