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Yuletart is DONE and submitted! Yaaay! I missed the bus to my weekly geek crafting because I wanted to get this sent, but that's ok, I'll get the next one. Now I don't need to worry about getting it sent off when I get home this evening, considering that it's due by end of day today. Once it's been posted in the comm I'll link to it here.

(also, I have been blasting through my B5 rewatch again. I took a break for awhile after 5.03 because I couldn't handle watching the bloody telepath arc, but I got back to it last weekend and just pushed through those episodes. Watched 14-16 (and the end of 13, which I was watching the other night) last night, and 17 today. And now it really is the home stretch... I haven't seen Fall of (spoiler just in case...) for years because I didn't actually finish my rewatch last time, and I can't wait to watch it. Tonight when I get home. :) I have my little Londo crochet doll now, too (did I ever post him? I should do that), so I can cuddle him while watching it and have lots of Feelings. Then it's just the final few denoument episodes and Sleeping in Light. Which I also haven't seen for quite a few years and it's gonna make me cry so much lol. It always does.

I have more thoughts and Feelings but I should get ready now and get the next bus. I should make a post at some point, maybe when I'm done watching it. Mostly at this point my thoughts on this show just come down to flailing and crying and such. Except for the telepath arc which just made me eyeroll a lot. To think, I LOVED that storyline when I first saw the show at age 13. I thought Byron was amazing and I was totally attracted to him back then. ...yeah, not so much anymore. At all. He becomes marginally more interesting in Phoenix Rising with the Bester backstory, but then there's all the Lyta romance stuff and the god-damned SINGING, and the bad metaphors, and... ugh no. I fast-forwarded through the singing this time around, it was very satisfying. ;)

Now I just spend most of season 5 looking forward to the Centauri arc. Which definitely does not let down at all. There's gonna be tears next episode... I can't wait.
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The Babylon 5 rewatch (number 7) continues - evidently War Without End Part 2 still makes me cry. Mainly the flashforward at the start (Delenn knowing what's coming when she sees Sheridan breaks my heart; Londo and G'kar just... break my heart SO MUCH, and also Vir), and also the very end with Sinclair. Also, these episodes always my latent Michael/Jeff shipper - "Don't you want to see him again?" "More than you'll ever know." Awww. Break my heart a bit more, Jeff. :( (and that really is a very strong way of putting it - as though there were something more to their relationship that Sheridan doesn't know about).

Also? Where the fuck did those Vorlons at the end (with Sinclair, on B4 in the last scene) come from? Seriously? Any B5 fans know if that was ever explained in an interview or something? Did they just, like, make a pit stop at the Vorlon homeworld on their way to Minbar? Or did the Vorlons show up when they arrived? (presumably the latter, but still...)

Oh, and speaking of things which JMS may have explained at some point - any B5 fans out there know if he ever actually gave definitive answers on what the '3 things' are in the prophecy about Londo? I was thinking about it while watching the flashforward. I've read lots of theories over the years, and can't remember if he ever said definitely what each thing was. Damn I wish I had those script books! I'd love to read his notes about many eps in s3. I have one volume (season 2 - it has Coming of Shadows on it) that I acquired at a sale, but that's it...

So yup - still love those show, on my 7th run through it in roughly 14 years. It still breaks my heart and gives me massive ~feelings~ on many levels.

And on another note: I really shouldn't be allowed to sign up for [profile] marvel_bang. Seriously, am not allowed. My due South big bang is due on Oct 7, and the complementary art for the Marvel one is due Oct 21. That gives me 2 weeks to draw something. But I want to do this one... my inner White Collar fan is really intrigued about the idea, and my inner Oz fan is all, "prison angst, wee!". -_-

Description under cut )

I am tempted... and I know I will regret it... but I still want to. ^^
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Booked my flight back east tonight! Non-refundable... *bites fingernails* Here I go, then! I just need to get the hotels sorted out. I emailed my boss a quote with a couple of hotel options in each city, and hopefully the hotels will offer something good. Like, a comp room... I really don't want to spend much. Anyway, I fly to Quebec on Aug 11, there for 2 nights, then train to Montreal for 2 nights, then train (or fly on Porter Air - it's cheap and fast, and flies into downtown Toronto) to Toronto for 5 nights (couple of days to do site inspections, and 3 days for RCW!).

Other than that, I have not been overly productive tonight. Really tired, mostly. Also, I might have maybe started a targeted re-watch of Babylon 5... And by 'targeted rewatch', I mean I started with Signs and Portents, plan to watch Babylon Squared and Chrysalis (maaybe a few others), and then right on to season 2. Get straight to the good stuff. I was going to start with the first ep just out of principal, but really, I've seen Midnight on the Firing Line enough times and it's not all that great of an ep. Was also going to watch Parliament of Dreams just because I love it, but I've seen it plenty. So, straight to Signs and Portents. A good place to start a rewatch. :) 'What do you want?' Oh Morden, so creepy. Also not even credited in the opening guest credits, in spite of having a major speaking role in the episode! Odd. There are still many things I love about that episode - the Morden scenes, Londo and G'Kar both telling him 'what they want' (oh premonitions...), Kosh and Morden meeting, the first glimpse of a Shadow ship, and a bucketload of foreshadowing. Reminds me why I love that show.

Anyway, it's been around 4 years since my last rewatch, so I'd say I'm due! Though I still need to finish watching Dollhouse... Season 2 isn't grabbing me as much, though it's lovely to see Alexis Denisof. I'm on ep7 I think and it's definitely picking up, though.

(I have a sick desire to rewatch 'The Gathering' to see just how bad a pilot movie it was... but I need moral support. ^^ Anyone game? I've only seen it maybe twice, and not for YEARS. I've forgotten most things about it. Thankfully. Well, it did have Lyta - that's a plus.)

*yawn* So exhausted. I got home last night around 11:45pm after a fun night with the gang, and then decided to put up my shiny new Avengers poster before going to bed. So I didn't get to bed until after 12, which is too late for me these days. The poster looks awesome, anyway. I had a nice long thin stretch of wall over my closet that was perfect for it!
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Awesome things that have happened today: )

...and that's about it. Good day. :) Off to my parents' house tomorrow for the weekend, and Christmas on Saturday! Woo! Also, Due South Secret Santa on Friday night!! And the Doctor Who Christmas Special this weekend too, of course.
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Dude, ya'll, I ought to be shot. So, I'm lying in bed, and I end up thinking about the B5 ep that I watched today again (incidentally, I find it interesting that after watching new eps of two of my favourite current shows, I still end up thinking about B5 after - I've barely given a thought to either SPN or Lost since they ended. I quite enjoyed both eps, and I love both shows to varying extents, but damn B5 still owns my soul after all these years). ANYWAY. I was thinking thinky thoughts about Londo and Vir and their character arcs and angst and tragedy etc etc, when what pops into my mind? The urge to make a Londo doll. Shaddup, ya'll. XD I know, I still have to finish my Jack Sparrow and James Norrington dolls, but... gah, stop me! I started contemplating how I'd do his hair, lol. Then I started giggling uncontrollably. I still am, intermittently. What's gotten into me today? I think this is a side effect of having to act relatively normal at work all day (well, relatively...) - total batshit insanity when I get home. And uncontrollable giggling. So what do I do? I get up, come to my computer, doodle a really bad doll idea, then write this post. It was fun, anyway. :) I enjoyed the ridiculously large and bushy eyebrows.

ummm. yeah. i dunno, ya'll. )

Anyway, if your eyes are bleeding after that... here's a neatly inked version of the Harry/Draco pic I posted last night. I'm in the process of colouring it, too.

Harry/Draco under cut. PG-13. )

I... should go to bed now. o.o

But first, some more random thoughts re: 4.05. Cutting for spoilers so I can go in more detail.

Rambling. )

Okay yeah, it's late and I'm tired and none of this is especially coherent or intelligent. Really, it just all boils down to me flailing my arms around going "omg this show is amazing". Because really, I don't think I've ever seen a character on TV as nuanced and fascinating as Londo Mollari... though Wesley came close. :)

Bed now, for real.
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Tally of B5 episodes watched today: four. 3.07 Exogenesis at lunch, which I mentioned earlier, and 3.08-3.10, Messages From Earth, Point of No Return, and Severed Dreams in rapid succession this evening. Because really, after 3.08 it's virtually impossible not to want to watch the next two eps. These really were some of the best eps of the series, no question about it. Lots of great scenes, great lines, and a hell of a battle scene in 3.10. Plus, the still-debated Londo prophecy in 3.09. ^^ Has anyone ever actually agreed on what those 3 last choices referred to? Particularly the third one? I don't think JMS has ever fully confirmed it... though if he has, I'd like to see the transcript of what he said. They all seem fairly clear, but otoh people still argue about them sometimes, so..

Anyway, best line of the three eps still goes to Delenn: "The only human to ever destroy a Minbari cruiser is behind me. You are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else."

Yeah, never gets old. :) I may have actually cheered out loud when she appeared, and I knew she was coming. XD

(and OH, some of the J/D scenes... "I'll catch you if you fall", the hand-holding in the same scene, him kissing her hand in 3.10... awwww.)

I should go to bed. o.o Some pretty good eps coming up, and the shiny black uniforms make their appearance in an episode or two. Thank god, I never liked the blue ones... not flattering at all. ^^; And War Without End coming up, so I'm psyched about that.

I really don't have a life, do I? XD XD 6th or something time through the show, and I'm still bouncing up and down like a little girl whenever I think about it. I was helping Mom with character and story development for her novel (not that I can write for shit, but intellectually I have an idea of what goes into an interesting character or story) and I started comparing the start of her novel to B5, and how the first ep sets up some of the basic conflicts (namely the Narn/Centauri one) and ties them to characters we care about on the station, and that's part of the driving force behind the series - that's what keeps us interested and makes us want to know what's going to happen.

You know, I just realized that this is probably the longest standing fandom for me that I still love with pretty much the same ferocity as when I first saw it, 8-9 years ago. I first watched it when I was 13, between grades 8 and 9 - got to Coming of Shadows (yes, I still remember this) then had to abandon it because we went to Europe for several weeks, it was airing one episode a weekday, and no way in hell I was going to miss that many episodes. I suppose it started in s1 again circa the start of grade 9, and that's when I was most initially into it. Watched it in reruns on Space until 2001, between gr10 and 11, when they pulled it. I was in my 4th run through the series, and thanks to circumstances we again left to Europe just a few days before the series ended for the final time - left 2 episodes or so between The Fall of *spoiler* *spoiler*, which I still remember clearly cuz I was pissed off that I'd have to miss such a fantastic episode on its last run. Fortunately circa 2003 the series started coming out on DVD, and I bought and watched each season as it came out. Good times. :) That was #5, and the last time before this that I made a full run through the series. And honest to god, it gets better every time... one of the few shows that, imo, is better the second time around. As much as I miss not knowing what's going to happen, and envy someone just starting the series, it's so enjoyable to watch it with the full series in mind. Gives it more depth and emotional impact, in some ways. (ie., it's a lot more emotional seeing Londo in s1 the second time around, knowing his full character arc).

*goes to change icon to Londo icon, for fun* I need more icons... part of me really wants to upgrade to paid, but a. I suspect that with their new policies I couldn't switch back to basic, though I'm not sure about that, b. I don't want to give my money to LJ, out of principle, and c. I'm too cheap. ;) But but... more icons...

Aaaanyway. bed now. no more rambling.
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*iz at work* *iz procrastinating while boss is on lunch* It doesn't look good that I use LJ enough at work that my browser remembers my username and password... I should clear my cache and history. o.o Watched B5 3.07 at lunch - oh Marcus, how I do love you.. I'd almost forgotten how awesome (and coughgorgeouscough) he is until I got to season 3. Loved his snarking with Stephen (still want to write that Marcus/Stephen s4 fic... it may happen someday...) and the Ivanonva stuff (gigglesnort at the roses - I'd forgotten that she thinks Marcus sent them. HAH. Oh Susan. I still love those two... ;_;) I'm torn between my love of Susan/Marcus and my desire to write Stephen/Marcus. :) (I have that same problem frequently... witness: Desmond/Penny is trueepiclove, but Desmond/Sayid is damned hot and has potential, and Desmond/Daniel is, like, semi-canon (he's his constant!! okay, not really canon, but... shaddup.) So I just ship all three.)

Yes, I'm being lazy at work and compensating by talking about fictional characters doing naughty things. I'm going to hell, I know it... *vaguely still wonders if the systems guys up in Powell River are secretely watching out computers and can see what I'm typing* Oh what they must think.. hah. In my defense, neither of us is doing anything - we're both sitting here at our respective computers surfing the Internet and not touching our increasingly large piles of unfinished work/partially opened accounts. *stares at pile and will is to go away* Tomorrow will be even better worse - boss is going to be away all day, or at least half of the day, and Saturdays are usually quiet. We COULD use that time for catch-up, but... *ahem* Okay, I'm going to go get some qork done now. o.o

*wanders off thinking that she needs a Marcus icon* Y'know, seeing him again, I still really wish Jason Carter could've played Sirius.. he would've been perfect. *sigh* Gary Oldman was good, but... JC looks exactly like Sirius in my opinion. Oh wells.

*getting back to work for real, now*
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So evidently Livejournal if getting rid of Basic accounts (for new accounts, that is). Anyone opening accounts from now have to get an ad-based or paid account. Stupid bloody Livejournal... yet another piece of asshattery on their part. *eyeroll* At least they're not forcing us to upgrade... as much as I'd like a paid account, or at least more icons, I don't want to pay or have ads on my journal.

Anyway, on a different note - I'm thinking of starting up a Babylon 5 slash community. Because to my shock and horror, there isn't one. :) There's a B5 femslash comm, which is awesome and all, but it's pretty quiet these days and it doesn't include m/m slash. I'd like to start up a general slash LJ archive/comm for any B5 slash pairing, since it's VERY hard to find B5 slash (esp good B5 slash) on the internet, at least in my experience. I'm not sure if anyone will actually post to it, but.. I can try. ^^; Pimp it on the main B5 comms (all... one of them. -_-) and hope it grows. I'm not that into B5 fic, but otoh I haven't found much that looks good. And it feels like a crime to fandom that there isn't a comm for it. XD
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Damn me, there's another prompt on [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest that I want to write... and I'm not even a writer. *sigh* It's this one - 73. Babylon 5: Stephen Franklin/Marcus Cole. Going undercover. Is one of them bi/gay and prepared for how to act/how they'll be treated as gay newlyweds? How do they educate the other? Or maybe neither of them are prepared. What kind of things do they learn on the trip?

I don't think I'll sign up for it, though - I have no idea if I can actually write it, and I'd need to rewatch those eps in s4 first (and I just started s3, and I have work and a paper to write over the next two monthes, so...). Plus, you know, I don't really know what would happen, beyond some snippets of dialogue I mentally wrote earlier (and I'd really need a transcript of their scenes in those episodes to make sure that I'm not repeating stuff they really said - unfortunately there aren't any B5 scripts available for free online. *sigh* Part of me really wants to buy those B5 script books, but there are 14 of them and they're $40 each, so I really can't justify it. ^^;) When did I start getting writing ideas?? I haven't even finished my SPN one, and I'm starting to get bunnies for this one... damned challenges, those prompts give me ideas. ;_;

*wanders off to try writing more of said SPN fic* When I get up to those eps in s4, I may try writing the fic. Not for the fest, but just for fun... I always rather liked the idea of Marcus/Stephen centered on those episodes. *grin*

And damn, I've been making quite a few B5 posts recently, haven't I? I'd almost forgotten how wonderfully addicting and brilliant this show can be... watched 3.01 earlier - yay for Marcus. :) And yay for the White Star! For some reason I didn't think it appeared until later.
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Accomplishments so far today: finished season 2 of Bablyon 5 and still managed to write my paper that's due Thursday. Which is, admittedly, only 2 pages, but at least it's done now! :) End of s2 was brilliant as I remember it; I'm esp fond of "Comes the Inquisitor" (Wayne Alexander is creepy as hell, damn. Also, the scene with Vir and G'Kar in the elevator is a classic. Ouch.) But now! Season 3! I'm going to go watch 3.01 right now, and am excited about it - Marcus!! :) He was my favourite character the first time around, which admittedly might have had something to do with the fact that I was 14 and he was cute. But... yeah. He's still awesome. :)
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*happy sigh* I'm getting to the end of Babylon 5 season 2, and yeah, I'd almost forgotten just how damned good this show can get. Just finished watching "The Long Twilight Struggle" and cried my way through the last 20 minutes. ;) (seriously, G'kar's "we will be free" line as he leaves the council chambers at the end... breaks my heart every time. And Londo's little cough in that same scene - foreshadowing ftw!) Also whimpered my way through "Confessions and Lamentations" and "Divided Loyalties" last night - "we'll meet again in the place where no shadows fall" gets me every time. I love those two... Next episode, "Comes the Inquisitor" - sweet. Always loved that episode. Some good J/D stuff, too. They're definitely one of my favourite canon pairings out there... not in an "I want to read fic" type of way, more of a "theirloveissoepic!" type of way (I feel similarly about J/A in Farscape, but for different reasons).

Anyway... almost up to s3! S3-early s4 is probably the absolute height of the series (I love the first 6 eps of s4; after that, when it moves to the Earth conflict storyline, I'm not as into it until the end of the season). I didn't go into this really expecting to rewatch the entire series, but... it just kinda happened. ;) Once I'm finished with it, and once school is over and the rest of this season of TV has returned and gone, I'm going to do some catch up. There's a place on the island that rents TV shows for $2/disc/week, and he's got quite a lot. Course, he's missing the stuff I really need now, like Scrubs s6... -_- Oh wells. But I'm thinking of renting Homicide: LotS from him (though he's missing s5, damn) and finishing that off. And maybe Arrested Development, which I've been vaguely meaning to watch for ages.

*peers through her 4 B5 icons and tries to decide which to use* I was split between my G'Kar icon and my Londo icon, both of which are so appropriate for the ep I just watched, but settled for G'Kar. They both broke my heart in that ep, though - I have so much kudos for that show for being able to make me cry for both the victim and the perpetrator, and for blurring those lines between them in so many ways. As sorry as I felt for G'Kar watching that ep, as I watch what Londo is doing and think of where his character will go... yeah, forget it, I'm gone. XD
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Finally watched last night's House... and holy SHIT ya'll. spoilers )

Rambling about House aside... another damned awesome thing I watched today was my rewatch of "The Coming of Shadows" in Babylon 5 - I was so excited to finally be at that ep. :) Watched it on lunch at work today, and was tearing up the back room... trying not to whimper too loudly, at all the angst and foreshadowing and general awesomeness. And my left eye seems to have some kind of small scratch on it or something, because it was hurting like mad from the tears and felt like there was something sharp in there (have felt like that all day, the tears just exacerbated it). But anyway, damn that's one fine episode. Probably the best so far, though some of the eps at the end of s1 are also excellent. But all the foreshadowing! spoilers for whole series )

Okay, bed now. o.o It's almost 1am, I'm exhausted, and I have school tomorrow. Enough rambling. :) Tomorrow, Torchwood on the bus. Yay!
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Spent the evening watching Farscape with [livejournal.com profile] garran... 2.19-2.22, Liars Guns & Money pts 1-3 and Die Me Dichotomy. End of s2 are among my favourite eps in the series. Some brilliant stuff in those episodes, and some fantastic acting by Ben Browder (as usual). Spoilers only up to end of s2 )

I want to watch 3.1 now.. I'm blanking on how some of it went down, and I'd like to see it again. Fortunately I now own s2 and 3, so can watch anytime. ^__^ (okay, I had burned copies before, but now I own them legally. Yay!) I also want to watch the Die Me Dichotomy commentary with Ben, Claudia, and David Kemper. Since I own the DVDs now I want to enjoy all the extras. ^__^ And might re-watch "Won't Get Fooled Again" then watch the commentary for that, too. I'd like to do a semi-rewatch of s3, maybe... like, 3.1, 3.3-4 maaybe, 3.6, 3.8, 3.10-11, 3.14-15, 3.17... yeah. And then straight to the end of the season. Dammit, that's like the entire thing, isn't it? I was trying to think of the best eps, but they're almost all good lol. So much for "highlights of s3". ^^;; Anyway, not sure if I'll bother. I've seen them all several times, and not that long ago (last year) and I'm a bit Farscape-d out after tonight (is that blasphemy? But I've seen 2.19-21 quite a few times and I was starting to get a bit twitchy by halfway through 2.20 even though I enjoyed them overall). Anyway, for now I'm going to stick with rewatching Babylon 5, and rely on my memories and maybe some carefully chosen re-watches of FS for my paper. Which I'm still looking forward to - I got "Investigating Farscape" by Jes Battis (who, incidentally, teaches English at SFU! How cool is that? Makes me wish I could go take a class at SFU. If I had another year to go on my degree, I'd seriously consider it, but no point anymore) out of the library and have been greatly enjoying it. Total geek fest for my inner academic and TV fan. XD XD Yeah, I get a ridiculous amount of enjoyment out of reading about and discussing the gender politics and shit of Farscape and whatnot.

Anyways, speaking of Babylon 5 - I blasted through the end of s1 over the last couple of days and have watched the first 2 eps of s2... thoughts on end of s1/start of s2 of Babylon 5. inevitably will have spoilers for whole series )

Ramble ramble... okay, I'm done. :) Missed Prison Break and The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight, but they're both taped and ready to go. Will watch them tomorrow night at my grandparents' place most likely - off to class tomorrow. How exciting. (okay, I'm actually quite enjoying the class... and hopefully will get to finally talk to my prof tomorrow about my paper). Also planning to go to the library to pick up a couple of academic books on Seinfeld cause I'm a GEEK ya'll. But I was watching it last night and thinking that I've never read anything on the show, and am curious what has been said about it academically. So of course I set off online to see what was available, and found two books at UBC about it. Yays.

Better head to bed now.. tired. *yawn*
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I started re-playing Xenogears this evening. *cough* I've been wanting to for a week but have been resisting, because really, I have a ton of newer games that I've yet to finish or even start, and I've played Xenogears 5-6 times... buut it's been so long! It's so nostalgic. :) I've played for an hour or so; am up to the woods at the start, met Elly, and am about to fight the big dinosaur thing. Tis still a great game... though the controls are bugging me. I forgot how damned finicky jumping is (and just wait until Babel Tower! Oooh yeah.), and the camera angles are bugging me. I keep getting stuck in corners and not being able to see properly. -_- I don't remember having this much trouble before... suppose I'll get used to it again.

Oh, and a question for anyone who may remember the game better than I do - was that Grahf in the fight at the start, when Fei's fighting the Gears in Lahan? I seem to recall him being there, and it kinda looked like his Gear. Not sure, though. And you know, the foreshadowing with Id is... really pretty obvious, seeing it now. How did I never figure out who he was? -_-

Music's still awesome, too. I love Yasunori Mitsuda. That's what got me wanting to replay - listening to Mebius on my iPod a couple of weeks ago. ^^;

(speaking of replaying/rewatching things - up to 1.16 "Eyes" in B5 now. Got past TKO and Grail, which were both not quite as terrible as I remembered but weren't particularly good, either, and Eyes was excellent. Some strong hints and foreshadowing about Ivanonva, though I was surprised that you don't learn the truth about her in that ep - thought it was there. Guess it's later, prob s2. Anyway, Legacies next, which I don't remember... then Voice in the Wilderness pt 1 &2, then Babylon Squared! Yaaay, good stuff. ^_^)

(glasses are kinda staying on. the duct tape is sorta bothering my face, but I'll live. just one day to get through...)
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Okay, so I'm not in bed yet. Instead I've spent the last hour or so vaguely hunting for B5 fic (where IS it all? seriously? There's some, but virtually no slash... no m/m slash, anyway, and much as I enjoy femslash and am happy that B5 has a decent sized femslash fandom (canon femslash pairing, after all!), I want me some Garibaldi/Sinclair... so, out of curiousity, I went and dug up an old fic I wrote over 3 years ago, and not sure if I ever posted it here. I looked around in my archives around the time the Word file was last edited, but I suppose I wrote it earlier than that because I couldn't find it and I remember posting it. Anyway, posting it again here so I can properly tag it and whatnot. Edited a couple of very minor things, too, mainly one particular line which I've always hated. This is the only B5 fic I ever wrote... go me. :)

Title: Untitled (I can never think up titles for my fic or art, so very little of what I've done is titled)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Pairing: Garibaldi/Sinclair
Rating: G
Word count: 1126
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers through 3.17 "War Without End pt2". No real warnings, just some kissing. :)

Fic under cut )

Thoughts appreciated, as is con crit. :) Part of me still vaguely aspires to be able to write fic, and I'd like any suggestions on how to be better. All things considered I'm actually reasonably happy with this.

And if anyone knows where to find good Garibaldi/Sinclair slash... *eyebrow raise* Anyone?

Bed now, for real. Work tomorrow at 9:30.. woe. Working full days right now because my supervisor's away, and it kinda sucks. Otoh, more money.
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Aaand, finally got to rewatch "Signs and Portents" tonight! Good stuff. Ridiculous amount of foreshadowing. And it's taken me 8+ years to realize that Ed Wasser is pretty damned sexy. How did I never notice? o.o I mean yes his hair is silly and high, but his evil little smirk... yum. Also, evil and awesome and I'd forgotten how much I loved him. One of my favourite villains, up there with Scorpius (who remains the greatest, of course).

Spoilers, for the entire series )

Bed soon, I suppose... sigh. I still haven't posted about the cruise, have I? -_- Laaazy...
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Am enjoying this whole 're-watch' B5 thing... there is a lot of foreshadowing in s1, goddamn. Watched Parliament of Dreams last time and it's still a hilarious and brilliant episode. Then Mind War tonight, which is a generally decent ep. And it's the first Bester ep, ftw! Loved seeing the first meeting of Bester and Garibaldi, knowing what's going to happen to them later. And heavy foreshadowing with the whole "Sakai seeing an Ancient's ship" thing (those ships are so preeetty). Oh, and G'Kar's classic "No one here is exactly as he appears" like, which is of course in the s5 opening.

I vaguely want to reread the Psi Corps trilogy... loved those books, and they made me feel real sympathy for Bester damn them. I cried at the end. :(

Still though, will look forward to getting past s1. Some good stuff, but it's still kinda old-fashioned and cheesy at times. o.o Least I know it gets better...

Off to watch 1.07 "The War Prayer" now. Can't for the life of me remember that ep or if it's any good. 1.08 is good though, as I recall, looking forward to that. And only a few eps to Signs and Portents... :) (Morden!)

(I swear I'll write that report eventually... finger is mostly better now and I can type properly again. It took me all day to get used to typing normally again! Kept expecting it to hurt, so was unconsciously typing improperly like I'd gotten used to over the past week. Still finding it a bit hard to break the habit. Funny how quickly that method of typing got ingrained...)
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Ended up watching Babylon 5. :) 1.04, since I watched 1.01-3 awhile ago. It’s a kinda laughably cheesy episode in a lot of ways (but then, much of s1 is), but it had some hints of stuff to come and later greatness. I liked the last scene between Sinclair and Garibaldi and the final scene with Sinclair and the journalist. Lots of foreshadowing. :) And it seemed fairly evident to me in retrospect that the “enemy that attacked Icara 7 over and over 1000 years ago” was the Shadows... it’s likely, anyway. Also wondering if the Icarans ‘borrowed’ some of their enemies’ technology to make those organic weapons? The whole “attaching a human to an organic weapon” seemed reminiscent of the Shadow ships. Or possibly I’m just looking too closely into a mediocre early s1 episode. XD

Off to watch “Parliament of Dreams” now, before bed. That episode is still awesome. :)
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Andreas Katsulas from Babylon 5 died yesterday of cancer, at the age of 59. I knew he was sick (it wasn't publicized, but the news leaked anyway), but I'm still shaken and upset. I guess I was in denial, didn't believe that he wouldn't survive... It's strange how sad I can feel about the death of a man I never knew, didn't know much about, and honestly didn't even know what he really looked like under the make-up. And yet, for 5 seasons his portrayal of G'Kar moved and inspired us all so much, it feels like we knew him. He was so brilliant, so talented... his performances on B5 constantly blew me away, and I swear I could've listened to him read the telephone book. He had an amazing voice...

I can't stop crying. Strange, isn't it? But it's hard to believe that he's gone, and we're never going to see him act again. I'd like to go and find some of the other shows and movies he's been in. He was truly an inspiration for all of us B5 fans. It's remarkable how much an actor like him can touch fans' hearts throughout a TV series. For anyone interested, I'd love to have a Babylon 5 marathon this summer, after exams. I've been wanting to have one for awhile, anyway, and this seems like a fitting time. Although it's going to be so sad to watch it and know that both him and Richard Biggs are gone now.


I've had this icon for a couple of years, and it's certainly fitting now...

My thoughts go out to all his friends and family, and may he rest in peace.

ETA: Thought about doing a separate post with this, but decided just to edit it into this entry. Just felt like having this up on my LJ...

"The Universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice. The
language is not Narn, or Human, or Centauri, or Gaim or Minbari. It
speaks in the language of hope; It speaks in the language of trust; It
speaks in the language of strength, and the language of compassion. It
is the language of the heart and the language of the soul. But always,
it is the same voice. It is the voice of our ancestors, speaking
through us, And the voice of our inheritors, waiting to be born. It is
the small, still voice that says: We are one. No matter the blood; No
matter the skin; No matter the world; No matter the star; We are one.
No matter the pain; No matter the darkness; No matter the loss; No
matter the fear; We are one. Here, gathered together in common cause.
we agree to recognise this singular truth, and this singular rule: That
we must be kind to one another, because each voice enriches us and
ennobles us, and each voice lost diminishes us. We are the voice of the
Universe, the soul of creation, the fire that will light the way to a
better future. We are one."
G'kar (Andreas Katsulas) Babylon 5 "Declaration of Principles"

I just made a really shitty wallpaper in Photoshop with that quote on it. It sucks, but I'm going to keep it on my desktop for awhile anyway. The flare makes it look more "professional", at least. If anyone wants it, let me know... I kinda like it, actually. ^^;

On a similar note, I re-uploaded the drawing of G'kar I drew a couple of years ago. Messed with the contrast a bit, so it looks somewhat better. I'm fairly pleased with it, though it didn't scan all that well. Meh,


Time to get off my ass and start updating my DeviantArt site again...


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