Nov. 25th, 2012

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Yuletart is DONE and submitted! Yaaay! I missed the bus to my weekly geek crafting because I wanted to get this sent, but that's ok, I'll get the next one. Now I don't need to worry about getting it sent off when I get home this evening, considering that it's due by end of day today. Once it's been posted in the comm I'll link to it here.

(also, I have been blasting through my B5 rewatch again. I took a break for awhile after 5.03 because I couldn't handle watching the bloody telepath arc, but I got back to it last weekend and just pushed through those episodes. Watched 14-16 (and the end of 13, which I was watching the other night) last night, and 17 today. And now it really is the home stretch... I haven't seen Fall of (spoiler just in case...) for years because I didn't actually finish my rewatch last time, and I can't wait to watch it. Tonight when I get home. :) I have my little Londo crochet doll now, too (did I ever post him? I should do that), so I can cuddle him while watching it and have lots of Feelings. Then it's just the final few denoument episodes and Sleeping in Light. Which I also haven't seen for quite a few years and it's gonna make me cry so much lol. It always does.

I have more thoughts and Feelings but I should get ready now and get the next bus. I should make a post at some point, maybe when I'm done watching it. Mostly at this point my thoughts on this show just come down to flailing and crying and such. Except for the telepath arc which just made me eyeroll a lot. To think, I LOVED that storyline when I first saw the show at age 13. I thought Byron was amazing and I was totally attracted to him back then. ...yeah, not so much anymore. At all. He becomes marginally more interesting in Phoenix Rising with the Bester backstory, but then there's all the Lyta romance stuff and the god-damned SINGING, and the bad metaphors, and... ugh no. I fast-forwarded through the singing this time around, it was very satisfying. ;)

Now I just spend most of season 5 looking forward to the Centauri arc. Which definitely does not let down at all. There's gonna be tears next episode... I can't wait.


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