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I promised myself I wasn't going to make this, I really did... I already have two Ray Kowalski dolls, I don't need another. But after making the Eleventh Doctor and Mal, I just couldn't help but think - how cute would a RayK doll in this style be? Very cute. And I kept telling myself I wasn't making him, but then it just sort of... happened. And then he was done. And now I love him and he is verily cute and I probably need a new fandom, lol, because this is just sick.

Also? I am NOT making a big Fraser or RayV. Do not tempt me. If I make any indication that I'm about to make either... don't let me. :)

Big!RayK crochet doll under cut )

Also, because it amuses me...

Crochet Eleven VS Wind-up Dalek )

(also I'm finally getting around to watching the Glee Christmas ep and am partway through - wasn't there a bunch of controversy around this episode or something? So far am loving it, so I'm not sure why... unless something major happens later in the episode. The 'special' has just started and LOL so awesome. Oh Kurt & Blaine. <3)

(also just watched last night's TCR - oh Stephen and Jon, I love you both you giant nerds. It was awesome to see them together onscreen again - it seems to happen so rarely these days, especially since they no longer do the Tosses.)
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Okay, at last the promised fanworks post... some dolls I never posted, and a few drawings from various challenges that I haven't posted here. I have a number of drawings that I have been meaning to finish for ages... eventually will get around to finishing and posting them.

Pictures and links under cut )

Watching Buffy again with my cousin. Am having much progress getting her hooked. :) Watched Angel and Prophecy Girl (skipping the rest of s1; she'd already seen the pilot), then skipped to School Hard in s2, then Halloween. Now watching Lie to Me, and I figure it's clear sailing from here. :) Might suggest she skip Bad Eggs though, cuz ugh it's an awful ep. I generally prefer to have people watch all eps of something in order, but I wanted to get her into it quickly and, let's face it, s1 isn't the greatest. But yay s2, now it gets good. Oh Spike. <3 And oh Halloween, I enjoy that ep... Oz! Ethan! RIPPER! Mm, that was the first ep I really sat up and took notice of Giles and went "holy fuck you are hot and awesome", lol. The Dark Age is next up if she feels like watching another ep, and mmmm Giles... I enjoy that episode. ;)
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Just put in on order for these: 2D Glasses Seems faintly ridiculous to spend extra money to buy them and then go spend $3 more at the theatre than normal just to see 3D, but if movies continue to only be in 3D... least this way I can go see Thor, and HP7 if it's not in 2D. Plus of course, I want to be able to actually go with my friends, and not all alone as the sole non-3D watcher. :( So yay for these. I remember ThinkGeek.com had them as an April Fools joke, and evidently they've become real since them - I think they just started being sold a week or so ago. So yay, and thanks to [personal profile] quettalinde for bringing them to my attention. :) Hope they work!

(I really really hate all the people in the comments saying "who don't you just go see the 2D version?" (with "you're an idiot for buying these" heavily implied), though. Fuck you assholes, if I could then I would. Maybe y'all haven't noticed that 2D versions of 3D movies barely EXIST anymore? Or it doesn't occur to you that even if there IS a 2D version that it's more fun to go to a movie event that's been 10 years in the making for me (since I first got into HP 10 years ago, before the 1st movie or even the 5th book was out yet and this day seemed like a century away) with a group of friends instead of by myself? Jesus. *grumble* Sorry, those people are really actively pissing me off. ^^

Anyway... ranting aside, I'm in a better mood today. ^^ Gorgeous warm sunny day out, FINALLY, and the weekly crafting group was fun as always. Went off with a couple of the others on a quest to a nearby army surplus store (I'm tentatively thinking of doing Starbuck for Halloween...) which was sadly closed. But there were nifty antique stores nearby so we wandered around them and amused ourselves looking and crazy weird and old shit. Good times. :) I'm working on a crochet Chocobo (crochet!Serenity is pissing me off... it just doesn't look like her at all. o.o), and it's coming along though it looks kinda weird heh. Oh well. Next up... possibly the sunflower from Plants vs Zombies if I can figure it out. Or Vecchio, to go with Fraser and Kowalski. Because I don't want to leave him out. :) And then I'm thinking of making Mal Reynolds based on this pattern for the Can't Stop the Serenity auction in June, since clearly Serenity isn't working out too well. o.o And hey, I hadn't even realized that she'd actually made a Mal already (I was just going to modify the basic human pattern above), but here he is. So that'll give me a reference to work from for his clothing...
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Okay, I've been meaning to do this for ages... here are basically all the crochet dolls that I've made to date, minus the Tardis (which I already posted) and my rough attempt at Cthulhu (which isn't entirely finished and was really just practice so I could make my Ood based on the pattern). So far we have: Fraser and RayK, the Angry Birds Cardinal, the Plants VS Zombies Peashooter, and an Ood that I made for [profile] cerulean_pulsar because he's been bugging me to make an Ood for, like, a year. I'm currently working on the Angry Birds pig and Serenity (which I'm thinking of making again for my local Can't Stop the Serenity charity auction).

A few pics under the cut, and the rest (including some silly/cute dS ones) can be found here.

Pics under cut )
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Okay, so I've been meaning to post these for weeks.. better late than never, I guess! As most of you who know me IRL already know, I spent much of December making cross-stitched Christmas ornaments. I started off making these ornaments, then I started branching out and designing my own. It got rather addicting, heh.

Anyway, check them out behind the cut. Fandoms represented: Due South, Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

Under cut )

I'm planning to offer to make one for [profile] qldfloodauction, which is a pan-fandom effort to raise money to help those affected by the floods in Queensland, Australia. I'll link here when I've made the post, so if you have your eye set on one then look out... and I could be persuaded to design a new one, depending on how much is donated and whether I can design it effectively. ^^

And on a similar crafty note, I completed my first crochet plushie! A Tardis, based on this pattern. The lettering's pretty bad, but oh well, I like it anyway.

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Some of you have already seen these IRL, but I wanted to officially introduce the newest additions to my ever growing collection of plush dolls based on TV show/movie/etc characters... Benton Fraser, Ray Vecchio, and Ray Kowalski. Yeah, I really did. And yeah, my mom still thinks I'm insane. Whatever, I love them. :)

RayK!Doll is my favourite, even though his head is annoyingly floppy and doesn't stay up on its own. But he's still adorable and perfect and I want to squish him. Fraser!Doll was the most complicated, of course, and the tunic alone (including all the belts/buttons/etc) took a week, but I'm really proud of him. He's much more complex and detailed than any other doll I've made. RayV!Doll I'm sadly not 100% happy with, I dunno... not sure if the hair worked (I was trying to make him look balding, but it turned out kinda funny). And there's too much black in his clothing; I should have given him gray pants or something. Decided to go for his season one look, ie ugly patterned vest from the pilot. :) Was going to do that nice brown trenchcoat he wears later, too, but not sure if mixing the two styles would have worked... but oh well, I like him anyway.

Anyway, without further ado, lots of pictures!

LOTS of pictures under cut, seriously, just to warn you... )

And that's it! Okay, kinda overkill, but I was having fun with the pictures. :)
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Okay, I finished these ages ago and started this post like a month ago, but now I'm going to get off my ass and post it. :) I thought I'd posted or at least started posting about them but couldn't find anything, but I checked my saved Semagic files and sure enough there's a half-finished punditdoll post... ehehe. Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] fakenews_fanfic's Open Thread this weekend is a big free-for-all so I thought I'd post them there, and finish this post as well. And then post them to RBR (and speaking of, still no word on the header contest... ;_;).

Anyway, behold the pundit!dolls. :) They're much smaller than my normal ones (there's a couple of pictures in there of me holding them for comparison's sake); I liked the idea of making 4 quick little dolls rather than big ones (which are more of a production and are less portable. And somehow making small ones feels like less of a 'big deal' and therefore less totally insane. Course, it still took forever... and making them small was actually harder. *sigh* Oh well, they're cute and I love them. ^^)

So, the original idea behind them was to make them as simple as possible - black pants and white shirt for each, and then I'd draw something character-appropriate on their shirts, and put their last names on the back. Stephen and Keith were easy - for Stephen I went as over-the-top American as possible. Originally intended to just draw the American flag on his shirt, but ended up getting a bit carried away as you'll see. ^^ And Keith I knew it had to be baseball related, hence the Yankees jersey (also tied into the 'last name on the back of their shirt' thing). With Anderson I originally wanted to draw a cartoon fox, but.. yeah, that didn't work out. So I went with the tie, which I think is pretty cute. Jon was the hardest and his shirt stayed blank for several weeks as I finished the others (made him first). Thought about the logo of TDS, but since that's really just the name of the show it's kinda dull. Anyway, in the end I went with the Obama logo so it wouldn't be completely blank and because I got tired of trying to think of something better.

Anderdoll, Keithdoll, Jondoll, and Stephendoll, aka the doll!PRT )
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Well, I did it! I offered my doll-making "skills" over at [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry: http://community.livejournal.com/livelongnmarry/229926.html

So if anyone has a hankering for a plush doll and wants to support a great cause, please bid! :)

And on that note - meet Tony!Doll! I took pictures of everyone to post as examples (well, except for Gaara, who is currently sitting at my other house and is lacking clothing... and who frankly was too much of a pain in the ass for me to want to make again (besides, you can buy a much nicer official one online...), so I finally have pictures of Tony to post.

Pictures under cut )

So whaddya think? I love him a slightly ridiculous amount.. and I'm not ashamed. ;) Took him to see Iron Man the second time, for chrissakes!

Bed now. Gotta be at work very early tomorrow, woe. :(
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Tony!Doll's body is almost done. ^__^ Just need to stuff him; Mom's picking up some stuffing for me in town tomorrow. Then I'll put his body together, then make his clothes. Then I just have to give him some hair and find something for an arc reactor, and he'll be done and ready to come with me to the movie on Monday. :)

...I am SUCH a dork. Gonna go to bed now.
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Operation: Tony!Doll has commenced. I've dug out fabric, thread, and patterns, and am about to cut the fabric for the body. Then just need to pick up some black embroidery thread tomorrow for his face and I can start properly. Will give me something to do during Lost tomorrow night. :)

...I need a life.

(I'm planning to have Tony!Doll ready for when I next see Iron Man... this should give me some kinda deadline so that I'll actually finish him (unlike my Pirates dolls - I found the bag with the fabric I bought for them, still with the receipt, which says July 9, 2007. ...oh my.).)
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Ummm... yeah. I'm deeply tempted to make this. XD Kinda given up on my Pirates dolls. *sigh* Think I could make him a little red and gold suit to go with him? XD

under cut )

I'm supposed to be working on my SPN [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest fic right now. o.o Still have a few pages left, but it's coming along. Will prob finish tomorrow. Have to post it by end of tomorrow...
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Dude, ya'll, I ought to be shot. So, I'm lying in bed, and I end up thinking about the B5 ep that I watched today again (incidentally, I find it interesting that after watching new eps of two of my favourite current shows, I still end up thinking about B5 after - I've barely given a thought to either SPN or Lost since they ended. I quite enjoyed both eps, and I love both shows to varying extents, but damn B5 still owns my soul after all these years). ANYWAY. I was thinking thinky thoughts about Londo and Vir and their character arcs and angst and tragedy etc etc, when what pops into my mind? The urge to make a Londo doll. Shaddup, ya'll. XD I know, I still have to finish my Jack Sparrow and James Norrington dolls, but... gah, stop me! I started contemplating how I'd do his hair, lol. Then I started giggling uncontrollably. I still am, intermittently. What's gotten into me today? I think this is a side effect of having to act relatively normal at work all day (well, relatively...) - total batshit insanity when I get home. And uncontrollable giggling. So what do I do? I get up, come to my computer, doodle a really bad doll idea, then write this post. It was fun, anyway. :) I enjoyed the ridiculously large and bushy eyebrows.

ummm. yeah. i dunno, ya'll. )

Anyway, if your eyes are bleeding after that... here's a neatly inked version of the Harry/Draco pic I posted last night. I'm in the process of colouring it, too.

Harry/Draco under cut. PG-13. )

I... should go to bed now. o.o

But first, some more random thoughts re: 4.05. Cutting for spoilers so I can go in more detail.

Rambling. )

Okay yeah, it's late and I'm tired and none of this is especially coherent or intelligent. Really, it just all boils down to me flailing my arms around going "omg this show is amazing". Because really, I don't think I've ever seen a character on TV as nuanced and fascinating as Londo Mollari... though Wesley came close. :)

Bed now, for real.
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I'm bored... the kind of bored where I can think of about 5 reasonably fun things to do and I don't feel like doing any of them, so I end up playing Solitaire on my computer instead. I know I have some comments to reply to, and I'll get to them... sometime when I'm feeling less lazy. ^^; I think I've finally settled on watching Oz and working on my Jack!Doll. Not sure why I feel like watching Oz; I suspect it's a reaction to watching T:tSSC last night and seeing Dean Winters again. I enjoy seeing him on my screen again on a semi-weekly basis, even if his character is kinda uninteresting. :) And yes, I've started up my Jack!Doll again (and James!Doll will be next, probably). I need something to do that doesn't involve TV or computer, and that actually uses my hands in some vaguely productive way. I started on Jack and James!Dolls last summer at the height of my Pirates of the Caribbean obsession, then dropped them when said obsession faded. But I'd already started Jack's face and I've got all the fabric for them both, so.. yeah. Almost finished Jack's eyes/nose/mouth, then have to try to sew yarn onto his face for his moustache and beard. o.o Then his hair, which will be... interesting. After that it's just his body and clothing, though, which isn't too hard. Then I get to put beads in his hair. XD

Okay, Oz now. It's been monthes since I last saw it; it'll be nice to see my boys again.. I miss them. :( *cuddles Toby and Chris dolls*
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I just realized that I never posted pictures of Dean!Doll... So for lack of anything better to do right now, here are some pics of him (and Sammy!Doll).

Dean!Doll )

Well, that was fun... lazy day today. Watched Oceans 12 with [livejournal.com profile] bk635 and quite enjoyed it, though it didn't get very good reviews. I liked it, anyway... ^^ Other then that, just been hanging out and fooling around on the computer. And watching boring Credit Union training videos about what to do in a robbery and how to detect fraud... woo hoo. Watching The Office now, which is considerably more entertaining. :) Oh yeah, and I watched the first episode of "Ultraviolet" earlier, which is a British sci-fi miniseries in which Jack Davenport fights vampires. And looks very nice while doing so. XD Enjoyed the first ep, anyway, it was well done...

Might try another manip in a bit.. want to try a different pairing, maybe. Thinking Chris/Toby or Elliot/Toby...


May. 26th, 2007 03:28 pm
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Ummm... yeah. I have no life, but I suppose that's been established before. I just finished making my most recent TV-inspired plushy and it's... a bit different from the normal ones. My mom is very amused by this. So am I, actually... it's pretty damned ridiculous looking, but I don't care. XD

So, without further ado... I present Moya!

Pictures under cut )

Well, I like her, anyway. XD Now I have two Farscape plushies! And I really want a stuffed DRD, but can't really justify the expense right now... I have heard that they're coming out with an official Moya doll, but I decided to make one anyway. Wasn't exactly difficult...

Next up, pictures of Dean!Doll. :)

Also, review of Pirates 3 coming later. Started it last night, then got sidetracked by Jack/Norrington fic. XD Which I'm still reading, actually... Planning on making a Norrington icon later, based on the events in AWE, but need to find the right screencap first... also want to do some drawing. Heh. Same thing happened to me last year - I had a brief spate of Pirates fannish activity after DMC, then it faded... but I do want to draw Norrington and possible some Jack/James. And incidentally it's very odd having another Jack/James pairing... Whenever I hear Jack/James I think Lost. Funny to have two pairings with the same name...

On the work front - I got called in for a second interview at the Credit Union! Yay. Which is good, considering that Doc Morgans' idea of scheduling me is to say "come in on Saturday if it's sunny". It's cloudy today so I called to ask, and they said not to come in. Christ. Day off is all nice and all, but I need the money and this is ridiculous... a proper full-time office job would be very very nice. Then I can start looking into production companies or explore possibilities in writing/journalism. Maybe. I still don't know. ;_; Also, there's an ad in the Undercurrent (Bowen paper) right now for a shared house in the cove for $450 a month... niice. If I get the Credit Union job and it's still available, I might consider it... this job will likely last awhile and it'd be nice to have my own place in the cove - much more convenient. And great price.
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One day late, but... had the idea this morning to do a quick picspam of Chris Meloni, in honour of his 46th birthday yesterday. :) So, happy belated birthday Chris, and to everyone else, enjoy the sexiness. ^__^

(note - I have a big folder with various Oz and Meloni pics in it, and no real idea where most of them came from... so, if you see a picture of yours that you don't want me to repost, please let me know and I'll take it down. Thanks!)

Warnings - very image heavy, and not entirely worksafe thanks to Meloni's ass (ahem) and my Oz!Dolls having a bit of fun...

teh hottness that is Meloni... )

And that's it. ^^ Wee, that was a fun way to pass my dull dull lecture in which the prof spent the entire time showing us examples of audience resistance but said nothing much that I could have actually written notes on... meh. Whatever, we just got the take-home exam and the stuff he said in class won't help me much - it's all from the readings, anyway.


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