Mar. 21st, 2012

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Continuing the LJ walk down memory lane tonight: I came across a long long post about why I loved Wesley so much. Written post 5.19, so it doesn't cover the last few eps of the show. Interesting to re-read it, though, in spite of the blatant abuse of smiley faces and other such annoying writing quirks. (Also, seeing comments to and from my old high school friends is vaguely unsettling).

I'm continuing the rewatch - I was partway through 4X05 tonight, then I got distracted. I still have much love for 'Deep Down' - the Wes/Lilah scene, dark!Wes, Justine (wtf, Wes, so wrong...), the boat scene (so slashy!)... and that speech that Angel gives to Connor at the end, which I still have partially memorized and am rather fond of, largely because Space used to use part of that speech in their promo for Angel when it aired at 10pm on weekday nights. And I watched a LOT of Angel that particular year.

The Wes/Lilah scene in Ground State remains one of the sexiest most glorious scenes ever. Holy shit, the ear-nibbling... and when he runs his hand over her face and she grabs his thumb in her teeth. Everything about those two is just SO hot, still.

(And The House Always Wins is better than I remember. It's really quite a fun episode, though sadly lacking in Wes other than the one brief phone sex scene)

In other news: I bought a Kobo! Yesterday after work. Chapters has them on sale right now, and it's great for reading fic on since I can just download EPUB files off AO3. I can't read for long on my iPhone, really, since it's too small and also it's backlit. After spending all day on a computer, my eyes get too tired. Plus I want to read Game of Thrones and I find the font in the real book too small. So now I'm waiting for it on hold at the library... upwards of 80 people have it on hold and there are only 20 copies. Sigh. This is a drawback of getting ebooks from the library!



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