Mar. 11th, 2012

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Yeah, everyone in dS fandom is doing it as usual, but it still needs to be said...

They have called this day the Eleventh of March! And whomsoever of you gets through this day, unless you are shot in the head or somehow slain, you will stand at tiptoe when e'er you hear the name again, and you will get excited at the name March the Eleventh!

We happy few, we few, we band of brothers. Our names will be as like household names. And those who are not here, be they sleeping or doing something else, they will feel themselves... sort of crappy. Because they are not here to... to join the fight, on this day, the Eleventh of March!

Oh Buck Frobisher. <3 Oh SHOW. I still love you. :)

Speaking of due South, I was going through all my old TV magazines yesterday (mostly looking at my Angel magazines - I'm on a bit of a kick because my cousin is watching it and she's almost caught up to where I am on my rewatch (3X10), and I'm remembering how much I loved that show), and I came across an old (1998) issue of Cult TV that I bought at a used comics/books store a few years ago because it had a big "The End of Babylon 5" article. And then I promptly noticed that on the cover it says there's an article of Due South and I went !!!!!!!. :)It was an interview with Tony Craig, and talked about season 3 and the changes with RayK and such. It was neat to so randomly come across an article about one of my newer fandoms in an old magazine, since I would never have looked twice at that article when I first go the magazine.

Speaking of Angel - I was actually up late last night reading Angel fic, LOL. Oh nostalgia. I was just going through [community profile] crack_van and clicking on Angel/Wes fics and occasionally, because it was always my secret pairing, Buffy/Wes. Read an old fic by [personal profile] thebratqueen, who was my favourite Angel/Wes writer back in the day... and I have a few fics sitting in tabs now waiting to be read. ^^ Sadly quite a few of the fics I came across are broken links now. Oh well.


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