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Eeee!!! Check out what I received as my [livejournal.com profile] yuletart present! Dean and Sam as Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Commodore James Norrington! *squee* It's gorgeous and awesome and hot damn someone needs to write a fic like that. Whoever you are, mystery artist, thank you very much! (check out the likenesses, ya'll - amazing, aren't they?)


Anyays, I'm sitting here in North Van freezIng my ass off. We got down to North Van this afternoon to find that out that our furnace isn't working. *sigh* Hence, very cold. Mom and I took off to Metrotown for the afternoon to stay warm (and see Enchanted, which incidentally is very good), but now we're home and cold again. I'm sitting here in my coat and scarf and gloves. o.o The furnace people are supposed to be on their way, but who knows when they'll arrive? We may have to go up to Bowen again if they don't come, in which case I'll stay overnight at Grandma's place in West Van so I can get out to UBC tomorrow more easily.

Also, electronics are weird. I was in the car today waiting for the ferry and nothing on my portable harddrive would play properly. I freaked out, because I have 5 gigs worth of music videos on there that I really don't want to lose. Then I get home, and it's working fine. -_- And [livejournal.com profile] quettalinde, evidently that DW ep kept crashing because it was originally a corrupted file. -__- Sorry for all the stress in the car today. ^^ I get a bit.. overwrought when it comes to computers. But it's all fine now, though I'm going to back up my music videos and may buy a new harddrive because this one clearly has... issues. Or maybe that's just my computer. -_-

Oh, oh, and check it out! Screencaps from Torchwood s2 with a certain guest star doing a certain something that I was REALLY hoping would happen. I am excited, oh yes. :) (spoilers, obviously, though I think everyone knows about this guest star now and probably suspected this would happen)


My fingers are gonna fall off. ;_; But it's hard to type with gloves on..


Dec. 22nd, 2007 03:42 pm
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I finished my [livejournal.com profile] yuletart entry! :) Actually I finished the main picture about a month ago, but it was lacking a background. Since I am background-incompetent, I just scribbed some colour behind them so it wasn't all white. ^^; Think it looks okay. It's very... blue. But I like it. It's due on the 30th, so I'm early yay. :) Gonna send it off soon. Looking forward to seeing what I get! It was fun participating in one of these.. even though I ended up drawing for a fandom that I'm mostly unfamiliar with, lol.

Now have an idea for a Sam/Dean pic in my head which I'm trying to draw out, but it's not working so far... wah. *sigh* Have a few older Wincest ones to finish, too, and possibly even some JD/Cox ones I never finished. o.o Haven't drawn much recently, other than that Harry pic the other day.

Anyway... off work now until Thursday! *bounce* Shorter day today, started off very quiet but picked up *sigh*. I baked gingerbread cookies last night and brought them in for my co-workers and the members. :) But now we're closed for the weekend then Tues/Wed, so no work until Thursday! Shiiny. Plan to spend it doing fuck all. Have one more present to buy (on the island), then plan to sit around watching TV (still haven't gotten around to watching the next ep of Babylon 5... but really, TKO and Grail? Can't I just skip them? ;_; Nah, I'll be good - if I'm going to rewatch it, I'm going to do it right. And there must be something redeeming about both eps...) and helping Mom make a scrapbook of her & Grandma's England trip for Grandma for Christmas. And theoretically might look for more pictures from the Browncoat Cruise to start making up my own scrapbook.

Haha, I'm listening to The Bedlam Bards in the library right now (waiting for the damned bus) and I wanna sing outloud... even though this is an instrumental song... so pretty, though!

*iz clearly bored* Buses only go every 2 hours on weekends, I got off at 2:30 and the next is at 4, and Dad's in town with the only car we had on the island. *sigh*

Okay, 10-15 min left, will go stare at that Wincest pic more and see if I can figure out the poses. I really like the idea, but it ain't happening so far.


Nov. 24th, 2007 11:58 pm
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Almost finished [livejournal.com profile] yuletart picture! :) Just have one character's hands, both characters' feet, and some kind of background to colour. Woo hoo! Am quite happy with it, too.

Should go to bed. -_- Hate this house... sitting at the desk was killing my heck because my laptop is too low, so am now sitting in bed (pillow supports neck, so it's better). Course, now I'm getting carpal tunnel.. and sore back. I want to go to Futureshop and buy something sturdy and plastic (ie. not a book...) to raise my laptop on, and a cheap keyboard for down here. Because otherwise I can barely use my computer here... anyway, it's nice being down here to see friends, but house suucks. Better get used to it, though, cuz I'll be spending a lot more time here in the next few monthes. :(

Ow. Okay, bed now...
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Lineart for my [livejournal.com profile] yuletart picture is done! Already, yeah, I know... can't help it, I was excited. ;p Anyway, better early than never I suppose. Did the sketch for the poses this morning before work, then drew them in properly and inked it this evening. This in spite of the fact that I'm supposed to be resting my hand because of the shooting pains/carpal tunnel I've been having... *ahem* Oh well, will try to take it slower. Have to colour it now, which will take awhile... but I'm reasonably happy with the lineart, and I think the likenesses are fairly decent considering that I'm pretty unfamiliar with the show. Looked at a lot of pictures of them for reference and did my best. It's stylized/anime-ish, anyway, so they're not going to look exactly like them. I'm reasonably certain that a fan of the show would know who they are, esp when I colour it. I hope. XD

Kinda wishing I'd signed up to pinch hit, now - I want to do another one! Maybe I'll email the mods and ask them if that's still possible and if they need anyone to pinch hit.

Anyone know of any other fandom art challenges out there? :) So so many fic ones, and some that allow art, but usually those are only icons and wallpapers... no one ever requests drawn art. :(

Okay, off to bed now I guess. Must rest hand...


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