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Yay, I just checked my graduation status on the UBC Student Service Centre and it officially says Graduation Approved. :) I got my mark back a week or so ago so knew that I'd passed and such (not that I thought I'd fail or anything, but...), but hadn't gotten the official word on my graduation status yet. Assumed that it'd be okay, but am paranoid and don't trust UBC. ^^; Anyway, yayz! I'm graduated! ^__^ Ceremony is next Friday at 8:30am, yikes. Get the day off of work, at least, so that's two 4-day weeks in a row.

And gah, I want to go home and finish colouring Tony... it'd coming along really well, imo. Have to finish his tank top and pants, then it's just his arm, and I need to clean that up a bunch and look carefully at the promo shots to get the details on it right. Cuz I realize that it's a mess in the sketch. ^^;

Least the boss it's here today, or indeed this week at all (she's away next Tuesday, too). Sweeeeet. Hence, me sitting here doing fuck all and posting in LJ instead of, you know, doing stuff. Work stuff. Heh.

Might see Narnia on Sunday night; Mom wants to go too. If anyone else wants to come, let me know. I'm still vaguely holding out hope on a possible HBP trailer, but there hasn't been any news confirming it so I'm not too hopeful.
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Yay, I've started writing! :) I'm in Parkgate Library in N Van right now, working on my essay... took some final notes from one of the books I hadn't looked in yet (it turned out to have some quite useful information), and then decided to just bite the bullet and start writing the bloody thing. One introduction and 235 words in... woo hoo. ^^; Now, I need to briefly summarize Farscape then blather a bit about gender identity and media images of gender. Then, on to the actual analysis of Farscape itself... I'm glad to have started writing it, with 2 weeks still let til it's due. Should try to get a bit more written (I'm finding I can pretty much only write/study when I'm out of the house; I can't get in the right headspace when I'm home), then head home. Will take a ferry up a bit later, maybe around or just after dinner, then might hang out with Ryan tonight. Wanna play FFXII on my now-working PS2. We'd planned to do so last week, then the stupid thing died. ^^;

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WOO HOO YES. My PS2 is working again, for no forseeable reason. XD XD Maybe it's cuz I carried it in my bag from Bowen to N Van, and it got jiggled around and that fixed the lens or whatever wasn't working? I dunno. I don't care. Hilariously, it started working exactly 4 days after it broke, just like last time. Dude, wtf. o.o Anyway, this saves me $50+ to get it repaired... it seemed silly to spend money on getting it repaired or getting a new PS2; at this juncture, it'd almost make more sense to just save up for a PS3 since I'll prob want one eventually (FFXIII...). But no worries yet. Hopefully it'll work for another year or so, at least. Or, if it decides to break again, maybe it'll just start working again after 4 days. ^^;;;;

Anyway, heading up to Parkgate Library in a bit to study. I'm starting to panic a tad. I still have 2 weeks, but I'm stuck on how everything will fit together. And I feel like I need more general background info on gender in the media. I hope I have enough to fill 10-12 pages - I cut Firefly out at my professor's suggestion, since she thought it'd be too long with it, but I don't know how much I have to say on FS... a fair amount, I guess, between secondary source quotes and references to the actual series. Prob is, though, everytime I think of something interesting to say about the show, I open a book or essay on FS and see that someone else has said the same thing. -_- Dammit, how am I supposed to form my own argument if what I thought was my own argument has already been argued by everyone else? *sigh* Least I'll have lots of academic quotes to back my argument up...

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Okay, I lied. I got bored with listening to the prof drone on about different types of essays (seriously, this is third year... 5yr for me... I get it. ^^; And I was hoping for a chance to have her go over my outline, but at this rate the 'workshop' part of the class will be considerably shorter than I expected.), so I copied/pasted my outline from Word and fucked with the formatting until it looks okay. I suspect there was a considerably easier way to do what I just did, but... oh wells.

Some oblique spoilers for Farscape in the 'topics' section. The question/thesis section is safe, though.

Under cut )

*sigh* Listening to her advice, though, I confess to getting a tad nervous. I never know how much of my argument I formulated, and how much I synthesized from different places. I've been thinking about this paper a ton, since like September, and developed several ideas (namely re: Farscape), but then a lot of those ideas have been backed up by stuff I read in books. So much so that pretty much everything I've thought up, I've later found in a book or paper. -__- So I'm kinda stuck, not knowing how much I need to cite, and trying to have some of my own argument in there. Hopefully it'll turn out okay... I'll just have to try to add some more of my own stuff in there.

I think she's wrapping up the "how to write a paper" segment of the class. Yays. Hope I can get a chance to talk to her; I really don't want to come all the way out here on Thursday for the optional class that day (I'll be in N Van that day, but even so...)

Anyway, any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated. :)
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Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me... *groan* My graduation ceremony is at 8:30 in the morning and they require us to be there one and a hour hours early. What. The Fuck. I'll have to get up at 5:30 or something to get there in time... Makes me not want to go to the stupid thing; I won't know anyone, anyway. Fuck.


And it's on a Friday, so I have to get the day off. Waste one of my vacation days to trudge out to UBC at 7am to sit around for an hour and a half before the ceremony, then sit around for however long in the ceremony try not to fall asleep.

I mean, I'm excited to graduate and all, but... come on.

Bleh. Anyway... sitting in Blenz at Horseshoe Bay right now waiting for the damned 6:30 ferry. Long bloody day, and I have to study tonight for my midterm. On the plus side, it's the last exam I'll ever write in my undergraduate degree since this class has no final exam (just a research paper). Yay!

So, will force myself to study some tonight... and not play FFXII... *glares at self* I suppose it's a good thing that there's no TV tonight - though yay on the strike being over! They got a decent deal, I suppose, though it could be better. It's a start, anyway, and hopefully it'll lay the groundwork for later deals next time their contracts come up. I'm excited at the prospect of more House - after that last ep, I'm craving more House/Wilson goodness. ^__^ And more SPN will be nice, and hopefullly more PB. No more Heroes until September though, woe... not enough time to produce all of volume 3. It'll be hard to wait until September after that last episode. o.o It's already been 2 monthes... *sigh*
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So, I've been researching Graduate programs again... just out of curiousity, really - I have no plans to pursue graduate studies for at least a few years. I need to work out what the heck I want to do with my life, first. But I found this program at York & Ryerson in Toronto (it's a joint program between the two univerities) and it sounds really interesting - Communication and Culture. Just up my alley. :) It's got courses in film and TV and communication and all that jazz, which is the stuff I'm interested in even if I have no idea what I want to do with it. I wish they had more information about possible career paths, but the website mentions that the program is only 8 years old so they don't really have much info yet on what former students are doing now. Too bad... I don't know; I wish I could figure out what I want to do. *sigh* I'm interested in this stuff, but what type of career do I want from it? Heck, I don't even know what types of careers are available in those areas. Sometimes I think that I like the idea of working in TV or film, but the entertainment industry kinda scares the shit outta me. o.o It just seems so... cutthroat.

Anyway, we have heat again in the house so I'm happy. ^^;;
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Squeeee! First Torchwood s2 clip with that certain guest star in it! OMG so excited! Here's a hint why: this clip features that certain event from those screencaps I posted earlier. ^___^ Ooh yeah, good stuff.

Link to vid - spoilers (spoilers for that guest star in the url, too, so careful)

First day of class went fine. Had to lug a bunch of shit around campus all day because I'm staying at my grandparents' place tonight, so my back was killing me... went to the SUB for lunch (they're renovated Pie R Squared! And I think they take interac now!), renewed my student card and got my UPass, went to class, went to talk to prof during her office hours about my final paper (shaddup, I know it's ridiculously keener-ish of me), was annoyed when after 20 minutes of waiting until her office hours started she didn't show up so I left, then called her number, and talked to the other guy in her office who said that she didn't come in today because she didn't think anyone would come to her office hours. Wah. Then off to the bookstore for my textbook, then bus to grandparents' place. Now, bored. Using their computer, but I'd prefer to be using my own just out of principal... want my bookmarks and the shit I had up in Firefox earlier. But they don't have wireless here, so oh wells. Might even study tonight for something to do. ^^;

Class sounds interesting, anyway. It's "Gender Relations" for those that don't know, which is an area which interests me. Last class of my degree! How exciting. :) The term paper is also our final exam, which is nice because it's not due until April and there's no additional final exam. On the minus side, it's worth 40%. o.o But I picked up "Investigating Farscape" (new FS academic book) at Koerner Library while I was there, and soon as I get the okay from my prof I'm going to start properly researching my paper. Yaay. ^^
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So I'm bored and procrastinating on the work I have to do for Mom... and am in the midst of a discussion of US prison conditions with [livejournal.com profile] bk635, which reminded me of the essay I wrote last term on US prison conditions... so, thought I'd post the essay for anyone interested. :) The assignment was to choose 3 media artefacts (from different mediums) that related to a certain theme, and write about each of them (and draw connections, etc). I blathered about it quite a bit back in spring, as I recall. :) I ended up using news media, The Shawshank Redemption, and, of course, Oz. It turned out pretty well, I think, and I got a good mark on it. Read if you're interested, and let me know what you think. :) Might go post it and my other Oz essay on some of the Oz comms later... don't really know why I never got around to it before. ^^;

Spoilers for The Shawshank Redemption and season 1 of Oz.

Representations of Crime and Incarceration in the Media )

Damn, I write long paragraphs. Didn't really notice in Word when it's double spaced, but it's quite obvious here. Should work on that...
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Wee, I got a reply to my post about roommates for the cruise on the forum! I think I'm actually going to go! o.o Big decision, but what the hell, eh? I've got 2 weeks of vacation and I want to enjoy it... It'll cost me between $1500-2000, but I'll have quite a bit of money saved up by then and I have very few real expenses. Might as well enjoy it... anyway, it'll be lots of fun. It's a cruise! With Browncoats! ^__^ Waiting to hear back from her to confirm re: what type of room, etc, then will register... paying in full, so I'd better go once I do so! o.o Then need to book a flight to San Diego and a hotel for the night before. After, Mom and I are meeting up and driving up to LA. Fun. :)

Oh yeah, and on another note - UBC finally called and guess what? They never got my application. Shock of all shocks. -__- I don't even care, I'm just glad I know for sure. Sent it off again with a note about what happened, attn to the person who called. HOPEFULLY this will actually work this time. Courses are filling up real quick...

15 minutes left on break, bleh. But I get to go home an hour early today, yay. Then fun fun, tomorrow's my wisdom teeth. *headdesk* Oh well, least I get 3 days off work... course, I'd have Saturday off anyway cause it's a stat holiday on Monday. -_- On the plus side, the family arrive Sunday - yay! Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] bk635 - I checked, and the VAG is open on Monday so we can go to that show. I'll confirm on Sunday once I've talked to my cousins.
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HAHAHAHA. My prof just showed one of the many Brokeback Island Jack/Sawyer vids on Youtube. XD XD I showed one in my seminar on slash last Friday, too. Course, I could hear people laughing and rumbling about how 'weird' it is, but oh well... I was happy. ;) Things like that make this class more bearable, because the lectures themselves are pretty dull (and too early in the morning).

Really, though, after weeks of academic study of this stuff, you'd think people would stop referring to it as weird shit that they don't understand. Evidently in university if you don't understand something it's stupid and weird. *eyeroll* Deal, people - it's called 'new experiences' and 'learning about new things'. sigh.

Prison Break last night was awesomeness. Might say more later. Taped The Black Donnellys and will watch it later. Need to finish the damned history paper today (just have to talk about Oz now, so really, how hard can it be?? -_-), then meeting with someone to work on a presentation later today. Then really need to get started on the paper for this class... going to go talk to him about it today. And tell him how awesome it is that he showed that video today. XD I love my boys... new episode tomorrow, yay. :) I'm getting back into it as the season improves, though I still don't love it as much as I used to... really, I'm frustrated/not that interested in most of the shows I'm watching these days, it feels like. Prison Break is probably the show I look forward to the most every week now. And only two more episodes this season! ;_; Certain casting spoilers about the damned GA spinoff (why can't Addy just STAY on GA?) are making me nervous for PB... not sure whether or not that has any influence on what they do with that character, but if the show does get picked up then I can't see how said actor can be on both. Yes, this is me being vague so I don't have to use a spoiler cut. XD
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Today is the ten-year anniversay of the premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Amazing, eh? I came into it late (start of season 7), but it's still remarkable to think that it's been ten years since it started. And in 2 and half years it'll be 10 years since Angel started... wow.

I vaguely feel like I should do a post about Orlando, but I'm too lazy... it was fun, anyway. 3 days in warmth (well, two days anyway - first two days it was 28 degrees and fantastic, third day it was 12 degrees and icky) and it was fun blitzing through the 4 parks again. Hadn't been to Animal Kingdom before, so enjoyed that. And bought a stuffed giraffe at the Rainforest Cafe there. ;) We were just there a few years ago, though, so for the other parks we just went through quickly and did the new stuff and anything we wanted to do again.

So now that that's over, I'm getting stressed as heck over final papers. Ugh. First one (on queer representations on TV, mainly concentrating on Queer as Folk with some Will & Grace thrown in) is due in a bit over two weeks, then 2 due the following week (one on representation of prisons in the media, based on analysis of 3 media texts from different mediums (needless to say, using Oz for one), and the other is actually a set of questions which we have to answer in relation to a certain fandom/fan activity... might use Lost fandom, but can't decide). Then English one (post-colonial racial and gender identities in two of the works we read) due the week after. Then just exams (2 real ones, 2 take-homes), and I'm DONE. Yay!

And speaking of, I've booked my flight home since exam schedule is up: I'm coming back April 17th. Woo hoo! Really looking forward to seeing everyone again and hanging out, though not looking forward to finding a job. But it'll be nice to be home...

I've got another presentation on slash next week (this time because it was actually one of the topics we had to choose from, so I obviously volunteered for it). It'll be... interesting. We had our first proper week on fandom this week, and I was the main person participating for a lot of the seminar. After awhile, the presenters would just look straight at me whenever they asked a question. XD Cause really, no one else had any idea about fandom never mind upwards of 10 years of experience. They probably think I'm completely insane, but oh well. I was perfectly candid about what fandom is and what it means to us in it, and if they think it's weird then that's their loss. Though really, after a class, several articles, and a seminar on the topic, you'd think people would stop referring to things like dressing up and conventions as "extreme examples of fandom". Dude, where I'm from that is not extreme. I've been to conventions, hell I've dressed up, and the people there are perfectly normal (in their own way, at least XD) and generally awesome. The drama and intolerance online seems to dissipate a bit offline and people are generally pretty great from what I've seen (especially Browncoats... they rock). Anyway, I think that trying to explain fandom, even academically, is a lost cause a lot of the time. ^^ Even when it's equated to more socially acceptable venues of fannishness (painting your face and cheering at hockey games, for example), people still seem to think that, say, Star Trek fans are just inherently weirder (and more 'extreme') than sports or music fans.

Oh yeah, and I watched eps 2.02 and 2.03 of SPN, though rest will prob have to wait until at least essays are done. Generally enjoyed both, loved Dean's mini-breakdown at the end of ep2. Still trying to figure out if ep2 was shot at Playland (and if it was, that's a hell of an editing job), but suspect that it wasn't - I recognized a couple of rides, but the overall configuration based on wide shots is nothing like Playland. Yeah, I spend a lot of time thinking about this stuff in Vancouver-shot shows. XD It was nice to see Amber Benson in ep3, and amused that she was in an episode about vampires and actually played one. Haha. Also, that hunter's storyline was lifted straight from Gunn's in AtS... (sister was turned by vamps and he had to kill her, then went on vampire-killing crusade as result). Seriously. -_-

Anyway, all my TV except for Lost and TBD are on hiatus right now, though some of it's coming back next week. All things considered, I don't really have time for it, anyway... Am really enjoying TBD so far, anyway. Looking forward to next ep.

Also, I went out dancing for the first time this year the other night (discounting Don's Ball). Heh. It was fun for awhile, then I got kinda bored and had a headache from the music. XD Danced with some guy who had his hands all freaking over me, and tried to put [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_of_lies's dancing advice ("rub your ass against his crotch") into practice. XD Anyway though, I don't think it's really for me... fun occasionally, but I don't enjoy dancing or super-loud music all that much. Plus I don't drink, which makes it less fun. ^^ Still enjoyed myself overall, though.
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Woke up today to 30-40cm of snow on the ground. Finally, real snow! Exciting, albeit also very cold and somewhat inconvenient (the paths to school weren't plowed when I walked over to campus at 10am...). We rarely get snow like this in Vancouver, so I was all excited and happy. XD School was still open this morning, but is closed now (so don't have to go to my evening seminar, yay). Just got back from delivering Valentine's Day cards over to the hospital next door with some others from my Rez, which was nice - the hospital's mainly for older people who live there and need care, so it was nice to do something like this for them. Then on the way back, proceeded to jump into a bunch of snow drifts. XD Some of the drifts are fairly high, upwards to 4-5 feet at least. It was fun. Pictures under cut. :)

Snow. And me getting very cold. )

So, now I'm inside and warm, planning to stay inside for the rest of the day if possible. Have a bibliography/proposal due tomorrow and a presentation Friday, both of which I need to work on (blah), though I've heard there might be more snow tonight (and it's still snowing right now) so who knows? Maybe I'll be lucky and class'll be cancelled tomorrow. *crosses fingers* Getting worried about the presentation, though, since my partner hasn't emailed me back and I've sent her 2 emails over the past few days... if she doesn't contact me soon, I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. We're supposed to meet up tomorrow... sigh.

Saturday I head to Toronto, staying overnight at Mom's friend's place and she's taking me to the airport Sunday morning. Then, Reading Week with the family which will be nice. Looking forward to hanging out with my cousins. :) Also, doing nothing. Except watching Supernatural and playing FFXII if I bring my PS2 (and who am I kidding?). Up to ep14 of SPN, and really enjoying it. Loving the interactions between Sam and Dean and watching their characters develop. And I keep hearing really good things about s2, so I'm looking forward to that. As for FFXII, I haven't done much recently. Been level raising in Ozome Plain, which has proved to be a pretty decent spot for levelling. Went through the Golmore (or whatever) Jungle and the Eruyt Village, now back at Ozome and planning to move ahead next time I play. Gained about 6 levels in my levelling spree, and managing to keep all my characters; levels up.

Oh yeah, and I have those picture of Chris!Doll and Toby!Doll (some more x-rated than others, haha) which I will post soon. I love them both. :) Was hugging Chris!Doll (who also doubles as Meloni!Doll and Elliot!Doll depending on circumstances) all through last night's SVU. Though am thinking wtf about the ending. o.o

Oh, other kinda exciting news - I'm now a RAC (Residence Action Council) member for my block, along with [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_of_lies! Our 2 original RAC members didn't do anything, so they resigned and we were appointed. Yay. We don't really have to do much; just go to an additional meeting each Monday night and go to all the events (and we go to most of them, anyway...). There's a semi-formal tomorrow night which we have to go do, which should be fun. Though I don't want to trek through this snow in my shoes; hopefully they'll have a place to put boots in the coat check area so I can wear those. o.o

Also, I'm still sick. It sucks. ;_; And boored of studying; can't wait until Reading Week. Maybe I'll do a few minutes of work right now, before Farscape at 3... haha, yeah right. -_- Been enjoying re-watching s4 of FS, which I've only seen the one time last year when I first watched. WSS trilogy pt3 is tonight, though I have class tomorrow at 3 so I'll miss Bad Timing. Might just watch my copy of it, anyway, just to round out the series.
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Aaand I'm DONE! Woo hoo!!

Last exam was pretty easy; it wasn't even really an exam per se, just a test scheduled in the exam period. Think I did well on it, which is good because I got my paper back (on disaster films, and The Poseidon Adventure and Poseidon in particular) and only got 72% on it... he said it was 'too general' and that I shouldn't have used the first person. *eyeroll* The first criticism I'll grant him, but the second? Dude, seriously, the whole 'no using 'I'' thing strikes me as one of those stupid things they told us in high school that I've been trying to break from ever since. Plenty of academic essays I've read use first person, and I pretty much only used it to say "I will argue that..." They used to say that we weren't allowed to do that (in grade 12... -_-), but I was under the impression that that's a perfectly legitimate use in academic papers. Yeesh. I hope my TA for Theories of Pop Culture doesn't feel the same way, because my essay for that class (the fandom one) is very much from the first person and is based a lot on my personal experiences. Which, again, plenty of academic papers I've read do.

Anyway, I've got my stuff pretty much packed up and now have about an hour until the Niagara Airbus is supposed to arrive (and I'm trying not to stress out over that... I'm sure it will show up. And if not I'll call them and flip the fuck out. And demand compensation for missing my flight. Or something.) Just hanging out now getting last minute stuff packed and making sure the house is clean (though I'm pretty sure Lindsy's going to be back for a couple of days, so she'll be the last one here).

See you guys soon!! I'll post when I'm home.
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Ooh, gonna break from studying to watch this tonight, prob. Was interested in it anyway, then saw that Sean Maher (Simon on Firefly) is in it and was sold. And he plays John Stamos's boyfriend! Dying of hotness over here. o.o Wonder if they kiss...?

Okay, I'll stop being shallow. XD

Did my TV Studies final this morning, so YAY that's done. And my other exam isn't even really an exam, it's just another 15% test that she had to schedule during the exam period because of school regulations. Did well on the last two, so now that worried. AND I'm so freaking happy because I got my Farscape paper back and I got 91% on it! Just last night I was looking at it feeling morose because I feel that I could've applied the show in a more academic fashion (I was reading a course article on postmodernism and TV and thinking that elements of postmodernism definitely fit Farscape). Some stuff I said in the last paragraph (about how the series combines 'high' and 'low' art) could've been worked in earlier and developed a lot more. But evidentally the prof liked it. ^__^ Think she was probably a bit shocked at some of it - she wrote things like "fascinating" and "wow" next to some of the odder plot developments I mentioned. XD XD Seriously, I wish I could've written something like "I'm so not making this shit up. This show is INSANE and BRILLIANT and don't ask questions about that storyline i swear it makes sense in the show..." Heh.

Anyway, that is officially the highest mark I've even gotten on a university term paper, and as such I am incredibly pleased. And shocked. I almost had a heart attack when I got outside the exam room and turned to the last page with a huge sense of trepidation. Hell of a relief, anyway. 10 marks worth were from the annotated bibliography, which I dashed off in maybe an hour at the end, while late for class and very very stressed, and I actually got 10/10 on it and she said it was an "excellenet annotated bibliography". Haha, if only she knew...

Okay, enough bragging. ;)

I'm exhausted right now... What the hell, I went to bed at 12 last night and woke up at 7:45, so why do I feel like I only slept for a few hours...? That's only 15 minutes earlier than I normally wake up. ^^ Guess it's just the stress of the exam, plus the fact that I hardly ate beforehand (no appetite whatsoever). Had a Subway at the mall (went to buy new headphones because my iPod ones keep delivering minor electric shocks to my ears -_-), but my appetite was still iffy then and it didn't feel satisfying. Hungry again now, and think I might actually be able to eat a bit more. -_- Stupid nerves, I guess.

Should be studying for Wednesday, but eh. Too tired. x.x

Might post the Farscape essay to here and [livejournal.com profile] farscape at some point, especially now that I've been reassured that it's good. ^^ Am tempted to make changes to it and add stuff/streamline it, but not for awhile... like, until next summer. o.o Might just post it as is for now, anyway.
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Okay, new school-related ideas are growing in my head... Mom showed me this program, and although I'm not sure that I'd do this particular one (it's full, anyway), the idea of doing a study abroad program for a month or so this summer in Europe is intriguing me. This particular one is April 28th-May 30th, primarily in Florence with a few days in Rome, and concentrating on the Renaissance. Sounds really interesting, and if I decide to go ahead and switch to a History Major then it would give me some credits towards that. I think it'd be a great experience, and it'd let me study abroad for a short time without doing a full year or even a semester. Plus, I'd love to travel this summer and this would be a good way to study and travel at the same time. I've been looking around online and it seems to be surprisingly hard to find other programs like this, though. I might get in touch with the coordinators of this program and ask how long the wait list is... just thinking about it right now. ^^ Besides, if I went at that time maybe I could meet up with [livejournal.com profile] bronzejarith in Florence for a few days. That'd be cool. ;p

Still thinking hard about maybe changing my Major, too. It'd just be difficult to get all the credits I need, and I don't even know for sure if I want to major in History. I could pretty easily switch to a English Major-History Minor, but I just really don't want to take that much English... this brings me back again to the problem I initially had with the Major program - I really don't have a particular subject that I want to focus on. Maybe I should switch my IDST program to a Literature-History focus instead of Communications/Film/whatever the hell it is right now. But I would still have the problem of it being more difficult to get into Grad school without taking extra courses, if I do decide to go to Grad school (and I'm pretty sure I'll eventually want to do a Masters in something, 5-10 years down the road). I dunno. ;_; I need to go see an advisor.

ETA: Here's another one that looks interesting. Though it's American, so I'd need to find out about getting transfer credit from the US. It's got more variety in courses, but otoh the one from Malaspina College in Nanaimo (from the earlier link) is a. Canadian and b. has a Rome segment. I don't know, I still need to look at more options. I'm wanting to do something like this more and more, though.
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House 2x05 "Daddy's Boy", general spoilers )

(Copy-pasting the next 2 paragraphs from an e-mail I just wrote, cause I don't want to bother writing it out again for this post...)

I've been thinking a lot about my program recently. Somehow in spite of having spent monthes and monthes thinking about my IDST program, I'm now not sure about it. I've really been enjoying my History course, and I'm thinking it might be a better idea to Major in something. Problem with IDST is that it makes the possibilty of getting into Grad school that much slimmer, since the application requirements are usually a Major or even an Honours degree. *sigh* Not that I necessarily want to go to Grad school, but I don't like the idea of having that possibilty closed off, at least without having to take a lot of extra courses down the road. And I don't even know if I really like what I'm supposed to be studying. *eyeroll*

Thing is, it looks like it would be really hard to switch into the History Major program now, since all I have is 6 credits of first year History and these 6 credits (300-level). I'd need another 6 100-200 level credits, and it's not really feasible now without taking another year. And I honestly don't know if I even want to, though I do really like this course and I do find History interesting in general. Just considering it, I guess. With a Lit minor, since I already have a fair number of Lit credits.

Meh, anyway, I don't know. My brain's imploding from this, and I don't have much time to decide. I should probably go to Arts Advising, but I really don't know if I even do want to switch. It'd be a big hassle, and I just don't know if I actually care that much. I'm taking several History courses in my program, anyway.

random comment: I've got an annoying urge to re-play FFVI, thanks in part to today's RPGamer column where several people wrote letters about replaying it, and in part to having listened to the soundtrack today. Nooo, I don't have time and I need to actually finish my other games *coughSH2cough*. /random comment

Nothing more to say right now, and my wrists are killing me. Bed now, finish reading "As You Like it" tomorrow morning, then class, then work, then LOST! Woot. What I know about this ep has me nervous, but other than what's been said in the official promo/description I'm basically unspoiled. Eeep. *crosses fingers that Sawyer will be okay and will have teh hawt mansex with Jack upon their reunion*.

ETA: Oh, forgot to mention - [livejournal.com profile] rainbowpegacorn, in case you don't know, chapter 16 pt 2 of Draco Veritas is up. ^__^ Give me a shout sometime and we can talk - we need to make our GoF plans! I'll give you a call sometime later this week if I don't hear from you. I still need an HP-themed t-shirt for the premiere. *muses*


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