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HEEE! Someone just posted the first chapter of a multi-chaptered already-finished 'Anderson is a superhero' fic! LOL. I'm so hyped to read this I can't help but rec it here even though I know no one here will care. ;) But, but.. he's like Batman! He's got a cape and a toolbelt with gadgets! And he's fighting crime! And snarking with Keith! This is gonna be so awesome... I love a good multi-chaptered action/romance fic. ^^

(and meep, I almost posted that in my travelblog then noticed that the icon was wrong. o.o Gotta be careful of that...)

(and speaking of icons, this is also an appropriate time to use my 'Save Anderson, save the world" icon. ^___^)
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*giggles* Watching The Daily Show right now and it's very cathartic after having spent the entire evening sobbing my way through a brilliant but depressing AU future-dystopian-America fakenews fic where Huckabee becomes president and turns the US into an uber-religious dystopian dictatorship and all our boys have to flee the US or risk persecution. It's a deeply chilling look at what the US could become if things had happened differently (though this was pre-election, so more of a 'what if?' fic... it's based on the idea of McCain winning the election but dying of a heart attack several monthes later, and Huckabee taking over. Shudder. Scary thing is, something similar could have happened but with Palin... hopefully not like this, though!), but also a beautiful look at the possibilites of hope under such a regime... and honest to god, by the last few chapters I was a sobbing mess. Haven't cried this much over something fictional since, I think, Deathly Hallows?? Wow. That's saying something. :)

Anyway, it's called "The 28th Amendment" by [livejournal.com profile] bessemerprocess. One of the best fics I've read in awhile, and while it depressed the fuck out of me... it was worth it. I keep running over bits in my mind that just broke my fucking heart... so many things that stand out and were such vivid images.

So yeah, watching Jon on TDS all normal and giggly and happy and sarcastic is a relief... and LOL at the John Oliver segment - would have been even more awesome if Anderson had made an appearance beyond briefly popping up in the background (presumably actual CNN footage reappropriated) while John was running around the CNN studio...

Yay, Colbert Report on now - aww, seeing Stephen is making me all sniffly, too... dammit. ;_;

Okay, bed now. Will watch TCR in the morning like I usually do. Gotta watch House at some point, too - got completely wrapped up in this fic sometime round 7:30 and didn't look up until about 10 when I finished it.
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Holy crap, this is pretty much the best thing EVER. Jon Stewart/(character) Stephen Colbert fic. Hilarious and awesome and adorable. I think the author's own summary quite adequetly sums up the sheer awesomeness of this fic: "Stephen Colbert might be attracted to Jon Stewart, but he can't possibly be gay because Jon is a woman." SERIOUSLY. I nearly burst a few blood vessels reading this, and I'm not even that big of a Daily Show/Colbert Report fan (in that I've seen each a handful of times and enjoyed them, but don't watch regularly).
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Wow, check it out - SPN/X-Files Dean/Krycek vid, with some pretty remarkable editing. She really makes the scenes work, as close to seamless as you can get. Impressive. And sexy. (still trying to work out what scenes she used for the sex scenes, and how she edited them together - it's hard to tell with Youtube quality, but they didn't look like clips from other shows (ie QaF).

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Oh... oh.. ;__; Gotta rec this, too - Weechester fic where Dean is four years old and dealing with his mother's death and already protecting his baby brother and... oh... sniff. So perfect. I'm all flaily.


(yeah, I've spent a good chunk of this day reading SPN fic... ^^; Mixture of Wincest and genfic. Heh.)
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Heeee. SPN gen humour fic at its best..


I am amused. :)

(On a non gen-fic note, I read some really hot Wincest last night... yeah, it's still trying to pull me in. Damn this fandom. ;_;)

Also, is it really sad that I only just got up...? Woke up at 12. Heh. I'm terrible...


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