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Okay, at last the promised fanworks post... some dolls I never posted, and a few drawings from various challenges that I haven't posted here. I have a number of drawings that I have been meaning to finish for ages... eventually will get around to finishing and posting them.

Pictures and links under cut )

Watching Buffy again with my cousin. Am having much progress getting her hooked. :) Watched Angel and Prophecy Girl (skipping the rest of s1; she'd already seen the pilot), then skipped to School Hard in s2, then Halloween. Now watching Lie to Me, and I figure it's clear sailing from here. :) Might suggest she skip Bad Eggs though, cuz ugh it's an awful ep. I generally prefer to have people watch all eps of something in order, but I wanted to get her into it quickly and, let's face it, s1 isn't the greatest. But yay s2, now it gets good. Oh Spike. <3 And oh Halloween, I enjoy that ep... Oz! Ethan! RIPPER! Mm, that was the first ep I really sat up and took notice of Giles and went "holy fuck you are hot and awesome", lol. The Dark Age is next up if she feels like watching another ep, and mmmm Giles... I enjoy that episode. ;)
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Oh for... seriously, end of period 2 and we're down 3-0? Fuck me, that's all I can stand to watch tonight. I'll check back at some point in the third period to see if we're not sucking quite as much, but I don't usually watch much hockey to begin with and this is just depressing. Maybe they'll be better when they're back home on Friday?

Anyway, more cheerful stuff - various upcoming events that I wanted to remind everyone about and see who's coming. :)

- Can't Stop the Serenity is June 25th from 11am-6pm. It's going to awesome as always. And I'm making another crochet Tardis for the silent auction! Aside from the movie itself, we're having a Dr. Horrible sing-along which will be lots of fun. Tickets available online at the link above, or let me know if you're coming and I can pick up a ticket next time I'm at Fontana's... Plus, we'll hopefully be showing off our dancing skills with our first performance of Thriller! Everyone's been learning it for months, and I just caught up and learned it myself.

- Which brings me to... Zombiewalk on August 20 and Thrill the World on Oct 23rd (I think). Anyone else want to learn to dance Thriller and come with me? Come on, it's fun and easy! I learned most of it in a day, and if I can do it then anyone can... Our group is doing it at Zombiewalk and then of course for the Thrill the World event. I've never actually been to Zombiewalk, so this oughta be interesting!

- X-Men: First Class - anyone want to come with me? Maybe this weekend? Or whenever, I'm not picky. But I def want to see it, and figured some of you would too.

Okay, that's it for now. Well, there are a bunch more movies, but they're still a ways off.
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Just put in on order for these: 2D Glasses Seems faintly ridiculous to spend extra money to buy them and then go spend $3 more at the theatre than normal just to see 3D, but if movies continue to only be in 3D... least this way I can go see Thor, and HP7 if it's not in 2D. Plus of course, I want to be able to actually go with my friends, and not all alone as the sole non-3D watcher. :( So yay for these. I remember ThinkGeek.com had them as an April Fools joke, and evidently they've become real since them - I think they just started being sold a week or so ago. So yay, and thanks to [personal profile] quettalinde for bringing them to my attention. :) Hope they work!

(I really really hate all the people in the comments saying "who don't you just go see the 2D version?" (with "you're an idiot for buying these" heavily implied), though. Fuck you assholes, if I could then I would. Maybe y'all haven't noticed that 2D versions of 3D movies barely EXIST anymore? Or it doesn't occur to you that even if there IS a 2D version that it's more fun to go to a movie event that's been 10 years in the making for me (since I first got into HP 10 years ago, before the 1st movie or even the 5th book was out yet and this day seemed like a century away) with a group of friends instead of by myself? Jesus. *grumble* Sorry, those people are really actively pissing me off. ^^

Anyway... ranting aside, I'm in a better mood today. ^^ Gorgeous warm sunny day out, FINALLY, and the weekly crafting group was fun as always. Went off with a couple of the others on a quest to a nearby army surplus store (I'm tentatively thinking of doing Starbuck for Halloween...) which was sadly closed. But there were nifty antique stores nearby so we wandered around them and amused ourselves looking and crazy weird and old shit. Good times. :) I'm working on a crochet Chocobo (crochet!Serenity is pissing me off... it just doesn't look like her at all. o.o), and it's coming along though it looks kinda weird heh. Oh well. Next up... possibly the sunflower from Plants vs Zombies if I can figure it out. Or Vecchio, to go with Fraser and Kowalski. Because I don't want to leave him out. :) And then I'm thinking of making Mal Reynolds based on this pattern for the Can't Stop the Serenity auction in June, since clearly Serenity isn't working out too well. o.o And hey, I hadn't even realized that she'd actually made a Mal already (I was just going to modify the basic human pattern above), but here he is. So that'll give me a reference to work from for his clothing...
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I just found out that the Vancouver Symphony is doing the Lord of the Rings Symphony in November! The cheapest seats are only $35, so I'm totally going... It's on Sat. Nov 27th at 8pm or Sun. Nov 28th at 2pm at the Orpheum. Anyone want to come with? I'm up for either show. And would much prefer to go with someone (don't know if I'll bother alone, though I may be able to talk my parents into going... they both like the symphony, and they liked the movies well enough).


In other news... not much, really. My parents are back from Europe, so I'm spending a couple of days up on Bowen with them. Sending out prospecting letters to various companies, though god knows what the chances actually are of them replying to one of those...

Pumpking carving on Sunday was fun! I carved Serenity. :) Check it out )

Might carve another one for home... left that one at the cafe with the others so I wouldn't have to carry it home on the bus.
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Anyone want to go to Can't Stop the Serenity with me this Sunday? It's at UBC; doors open at 11, think the movie's around 2. There's gonna be filk and costumes and prizes and stuff, and Jewel Staite has taped a Q&A for us to watch since she can't be there. I'll go alone if I have to (easy enough to meet Browncoats, after all! I met lots of great people on the cruise), but I'd prefer to go with someone... It'll be fun, come on! :) Great movie, great people, and it supports a good cause... I can get the ticket via Paypal for anyone who decides to come, it's $16.

Please? *pouts*
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DUDE. Jewel Staite is going to be at this year's Serenity Equality Now screening in Vancouver!! I missed her lats year because of work, but this year it's on a Sunday so I can go. SWEET. I'm buying a ticket right now, because they'll probably go fairly quickly with that news out. If anyone wants to come, I'd recommend booking fairly early - it's $15 ($16 on Paypal; I think it's PP's service charge). Sunday June 22nd at the Norm Theatre at UBC; doors open at 11 for various events, movie starts sometime round 2-3 I think, and Jewel's going to be there for a 1/2 hour q&a before the movie. I'd love to have someone to go with, if anyone's interested. It'll be fun - Browncoats are always a blast - I can say that with definite certainty after spending 5 days on board a cruise ship with a bunch of 'em.

Tickets available here: http://serenityscreeningvan.blogspot.com/

So hyped. :)

On another note - computer update... Harddrive's toast. *sigh* He can get my files off, though, so I've given him a list of a few folders I need. He's willing to sell me a used 100 gig harddrive for $80, which for an internal laptop harddrive isn't bad. Though I'm a bit iffy about the used part. Anyway, I'm at my parents' house right now, using Dad's computer to post this, check what's on my external harddrive (ie what do I have backed up...), and to look up laptop harddrives online. Will prob just go for the one he has, though, cuz it's pretty cheap and it'll be done within a day or so.

Anyway, Lost, SPN, and GA tonight! Woo hoo! I'll have Mom's laptop with me, [livejournal.com profile] bk635, so we should be able to do the LT... though her laptop doesn't always get the Internet very well (no idea why - mine was fine, and her's connects fine at other places).
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Okay, I lied. I got bored with listening to the prof drone on about different types of essays (seriously, this is third year... 5yr for me... I get it. ^^; And I was hoping for a chance to have her go over my outline, but at this rate the 'workshop' part of the class will be considerably shorter than I expected.), so I copied/pasted my outline from Word and fucked with the formatting until it looks okay. I suspect there was a considerably easier way to do what I just did, but... oh wells.

Some oblique spoilers for Farscape in the 'topics' section. The question/thesis section is safe, though.

Under cut )

*sigh* Listening to her advice, though, I confess to getting a tad nervous. I never know how much of my argument I formulated, and how much I synthesized from different places. I've been thinking about this paper a ton, since like September, and developed several ideas (namely re: Farscape), but then a lot of those ideas have been backed up by stuff I read in books. So much so that pretty much everything I've thought up, I've later found in a book or paper. -__- So I'm kinda stuck, not knowing how much I need to cite, and trying to have some of my own argument in there. Hopefully it'll turn out okay... I'll just have to try to add some more of my own stuff in there.

I think she's wrapping up the "how to write a paper" segment of the class. Yays. Hope I can get a chance to talk to her; I really don't want to come all the way out here on Thursday for the optional class that day (I'll be in N Van that day, but even so...)

Anyway, any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated. :)
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Well, I'm sitting in my last ever class at university, waiting for class to start. ^___^ Tis a kinda weird feeling, and yet it doesn't really seem to have sunk in... today's just an essay writing workshop, so really the last proper lecture was last week. I finished the essay outline I was writing earlier; I'll post it here for anyone interested... the 'topics' section is kind of a mish-mash; I still need to work out the details of how the essay will flow. And I'm still unsure about including Firefly - looking at my outline, I've got a lot more to say about Farscape. ^^; We'll see how it goes. It's only supposed to be 10-12 pages, so if I'm at page 8 and haven't even touched on Firefly yet then I may just ditch it. Anyway, I think it's coming together... will run it by the prof or TA today, and hopefully they'll think it's okay. I talked to the prof at the start of term and she okayed my topic, at least.

Okay, so I was going to post my outline but the formatting's all screwed. -_- I'll mess with it when I get home. Class has started, and I should theoretically be listening right now. ;)
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How to procrastinate while working on one's paper outline that needs to be brought to class in about 2 hours: put on the Bedlam Bards (to get 'in the mood' for writing about Firefly), then start singing along (therefore erasing any potential to actually type while listening), then start thinking about Serenity, then randomly decide to check http://cantstoptheserenity.com/ to see if a date has been posted yet for the Vancouver screening, then jump up and down wildly when it turns out that it's going to be on a Sunday instead of Saturday like last year.

Woo hoo! *bounce* I can go and I don't have to take a day off of work! :) Though granted I burnt out a bit on the movie this winter from watching it first on the cruise then about 3 weeks later with [livejournal.com profile] quettalinde, but hell, this'll be 6 monthes later... and it never really gets old. :) And anyway, nothing beats hanging out with a bunch of Browncoats AND raising money for charity.

So, anyone wanna come? :) It's June 22nd, btw. I think it might be at the Norm Theatre at UBC this year, but that may be wrong. Now, let's just pray that we get a BDH coming again this year, like Jewel last year. :) Wouldn't it be awesome if she came again? I was so upset that I missed her last year. :( She was signing stuff for free! Which after being on a cruise where signatures cost $30 each, well...

Okay, back to work. :) I'll post the outline later, if I get around to it, for anyone interested. And yes, I'll try to remember to post the paper, too. And last year's Farscape paper, while I'm at it.
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Watching Serenity once again right now. :) Saw it a month ago on the cruise (which was a blast - cheered at all the big moments and quotes ("I aim to misbehave!" "Shiny. Let's be bad guys.") and generally had a great time watching it with a group of fellow Browncoats), but [livejournal.com profile] quettalinde just finished Firefly and hasn't seen Serenity yet so of course we must watch. ;) Anyway, I've got my computer here on the couch with me in case I get bored. But damn, it's always fun to watch even in the background.

Dear god, I think I've memorized this movie. o.o *as I quote almost everything before they say it*

Anyways, first day of class on Tuesday! Vaguely excited.. it'll be a nice break from work, anyway. ^^
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Whoooa, I can still feel movement... o.o I'm almost getting seasick, on dry land!

Yeah, I'm home. :) And vaguely depressed about it... also can't type very well because I injured a finger (fingernail actually, long story) and it hurts whenver I type 's', 'w, or 'x'.. Two of which I use quite frequently so... it sucks. -_- Am trying to just use other fingers to type those letters. Which doesn't work that well.. as a result, detailed report on the cruise (and my finger(nail)) will have to wait... suffice to say, it was a heck of a lot of fun. Browncoats are an amazing bunch. Am listening to Tthe Bedlam Bards' CD 'On The Drift' and it's awesome (and the song On The Drift, which I'm listening to as I type this, is gorgeous...). It was amazing to see them perform live, and I bought On The Drift and got it signed by both of them. :)

Typing hurts. Woe. :( I give up... going to get it fixed soon (am going to bear it out until Sunday since I'm working tomorrow/Saturday and the doctor at the clinc said that I don't have to rush). Then, proper report. :)

"Saffron's Wedding Dance" now... this song is absolutely beautiful.
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Yay, prelim schedule for Browncoat Cruise is up! Less than 1 week left, wow... o.o Getting pretty darned excited. Might go buy some more clothes this on Monday, I'm not sure.. I have one nice dress for the formal dinner, and the other dinners are semi-casual. Not really sure what I'm allowed to wear for those -_- Skirts and a nice top, I think. So I can probably do it with what I have, but... might be nice to get another dress or another nice top. Anyway, the schedule of events looks like fun - we've got a viewing of episodes/the BDM/whatever we feel like watching, a panel with the guests, a concert, some other stuff... In Cabo San Lucas there's an 'official' excursion (boat/bus trip around the peninsula) which I'm going on, and nothing planned for Ensenada so I need to figure that out.. either an excursion or I'll just find people to go wandering around the city with. Also looking forward to my first day in San Diego for some shopping with the American dollar. XD Bought $250 USD last week (for $233 CDN!), and am looking forward to buying some Christmas stuff and DVDs and whatnot.

Anyway... very quiet day at work today. Manager was back and complaining that the Christmas decorations hadn't been done yet. *eyeroll* Yes, because we were busy taking care of members. You know, those pesky people who keep coming in wanting money? -_- It's been a busy week, plus we have a ton of backlog in accounts to take care of, so I barely even thought about decorating even though I knew she'd sent an email asking it to be done soon. Plus, you know, it's only November 24th. Come on. -_- Anyways, upshot was that we spent all day decorating. Had a grand total of 6 transactions in the 4 hours I was there. Made a fair number of cut-out snowflakes, though. :) Managed to wrangle a $20 budget for buying decorations out of the manager (*eyeroll* again) and have been sent to go to Michaels to buy a wreath and stuff to decorate it with. For $20. Oookay. It was a nice day overall, though, I suppose.

Had a bad experience during my break though, heh. Went to local coffee shop to grab a snack, and the older guy who works there (who I chatted with previously and he'd seemed quite pleasant) saw my Outweek 25 pin and asked what it was. I didn't want to lie and frankly I don't see why I should be embarassed or anything to be wearing it, so I told him that it's from the pride week at UBC. "Pride week?" "Gay pride week. At UBC." "Gay pride? Hah! What about heterosexual pride??" I laughed this off a bit, told him that hey it's cool to be proud whatever you are, but then he started exclaiming loudly to all the other workers "Can you believe this! Gay pride week at UBC! Hah!" and then started talking about how it was being rammed down our throats, blah blah blah, "why can't straights have a pride week??". So I shrugged and said "well, heterosexuals don't need to fight for their rights." "Hah! Yes they do, the gays are taking over!" And okay, now I was getting a bit annoyed even if it had all been in (relatively) good fun at the start (when I thought he was just joking and wasn't really serious). I just said that I didn't want to argue about it, but he was still kinda pushing it. I can't remember what he said, but I responded with something to the effect of "well, it [homosexuality] is normal..." to which he replied "two guys together?? it's not normal!" and now I was pissed and said as politely as possible "well, I disagree. Good bye." and took my sausage roll and rasberry cream cheese croissant and left. :) (both were quite tasty, I might add, though I felt nauseous a bit later so I suspect the latter didn't agree with me, having had the sausage rolls plenty of times to no ill effect).

Anyway. So. Kinda pissed off about that, heh. We were just sorta joking at first, but when he said that it's not normal I got a bit angry. Stayed as polite as possible, and I didn't want to argue about it or discuss it in the least, but he kept pushing it. One of the girls behind the counter commented that everyone should just get along (when I said something to the effect of how anyone can be whatever they want and should be proud of it) and I laughed and agreed with her. It just annoyed me that he didn't seem to care that he was being ignorant and offensive. Mostly ignorant (the gays are taking over? seriously? that argument fails on every level. because evidently fighting for equal rights means taking over. *eyeroll*) I mean, as far as he knew I could be gay, and wouldn't it occur to him how hurtful it would be to say that to me? Considering that I was even wearing that pin, it could have been a fairly legitimate guess. Gah. I just don't get exposed to this kinda shit in real life enough... in online forums, sure, and in the news, but I just... don't talk to people who are like that. Is it bigoted to be anti-bigot? I'll respect someone if they do the same to me and to all people, but if they're saying that a part of the population doesn't deserve respect then... I mean, I still try to respect their opinion, but if their opinion is to be disrespectful and bigoted then it all just seems kind of ironic to me. -_-

(and granted, if he'd thought I was gay then he wouldn't have been entirely wrong.. or right... yeah, I'm still not too sure on that area. XD let's call me "bi-curious" or "open" for now, mmkay? Or if I decide that I'm ultimately completely straight, then I'm still hugely supportive so... there. :)

And on another note, btw, I'm in North Van right now. Will be until Monday evening or even Tuesday morning. Possibly going downtown Monday to meet [livejournal.com profile] bloody_sakura, but otherwise free. Let me know if any of you wants to do anything. :)


Oct. 29th, 2007 11:00 pm
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Have I mentioned yet how much I want a plush DRD for Christmas? Cause I do. To go with my plush Rygel and fill up more space on my already stuffy-filled bed. :) I think I'm slowly wearing my mother down. Success!

Anyway, I went to Park Royal today with [livejournal.com profile] rainbowpegacorn; closed my TD account since I obviously don't need it anymore (staff account at First Credit Union, ftw!) and bought a copy of Serenity Found, in part to read and in part to have Ron Glass and Johnathon Woodward sign. :) 1 month left! Flight is booked, and we're good to go.. getting excited!

Oh yeah, and I made my Grindledore t-shirt last night. It's awesome. XD Will wear it under my costume on Wednesday, and I don't care. Woot. It's not overtly slashy, anyway - I could just say that I liked the characters and the picture. So long as they don't see the Dumbledore "fabulous" picture on the back. XD XD

Also, finally saw Casino Royale last night. Parents didn't think much of it and kept comparing it unfavourably to the classic Bonds, but never having seen more than maybe one Bond movie I quite enjoyed it. ;) Took a bit to get into, but once the storyline became clear it was pretty entertaining. Lots of action and a hell of a lot of Daniel Craig smouldering sexily. Yum. Mom was all "I don't think he's that attractive" and I was all "are we watching the same movie? Look at that body! And the smoulder!"

Yes, I'm shallow. *hangs head*

Tomorrow, doctor's appt before work to ask about vaccinations for going to Mexico... will only be there 2 days and it's getting kinda late now, but I figured I should ask anyway. Then another dull day at work; on the plus side, there's a big bowl of candy on the counter which we are steadily working our way through even though it's for the members. ;p And Wednesday, Halloween! Excited about dressing up. Agreed to stay late after to hand out candy, although that amounts to spending an hour plus with possibly just my manager (co-worker is trick or treating with kids, supervisor is probably getting the hell out of there and off the island to go home and avoid staying late with said manager). And I can't imagine we'll see many kids; they all go to Deep Bay (next to Snug Cove) for trick or treating and fireworks. But whatever, I agreed and I guess it'll be fun... on the plus side, she's kinda into TV (her and her husband watched the new BSG on DVD and really liked it, so that's cool) so maybe I can spend the time convincing her to watch Firefly. XD XD

Heroes tonight was good. Noah Bennett is fucking badass. That's all I have to say. :)
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Aaand, the big art dump... lots of different fandoms. Take a look, see if any interest you. :)

links to art under cut )

Whew, done... this post took me 2 days. ^^; That's it for now, at least in the way of big posts. Some small stuff, mostly PB, coming soonish. Working on another Alex/Michael pic on the computer which I like okay other than Michael's face (that boy is HARD to draw, ya'll), and an Alex portrait (pencil) that I'm really quite pleased with so far.

For now, being v. lazy. Sitting here flipping between Chamber of Secrets on CBC and L&O: SVU on CTV. Was watching CoS until 10, then switched over to SVU... which I'll stick with for now thank you very much, since CoS is up to Aragog's lair and ewwwwww. Cannot handle that scene in the movie, it's hard enough in the book. o.o

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Wee, I got a reply to my post about roommates for the cruise on the forum! I think I'm actually going to go! o.o Big decision, but what the hell, eh? I've got 2 weeks of vacation and I want to enjoy it... It'll cost me between $1500-2000, but I'll have quite a bit of money saved up by then and I have very few real expenses. Might as well enjoy it... anyway, it'll be lots of fun. It's a cruise! With Browncoats! ^__^ Waiting to hear back from her to confirm re: what type of room, etc, then will register... paying in full, so I'd better go once I do so! o.o Then need to book a flight to San Diego and a hotel for the night before. After, Mom and I are meeting up and driving up to LA. Fun. :)

Oh yeah, and on another note - UBC finally called and guess what? They never got my application. Shock of all shocks. -__- I don't even care, I'm just glad I know for sure. Sent it off again with a note about what happened, attn to the person who called. HOPEFULLY this will actually work this time. Courses are filling up real quick...

15 minutes left on break, bleh. But I get to go home an hour early today, yay. Then fun fun, tomorrow's my wisdom teeth. *headdesk* Oh well, least I get 3 days off work... course, I'd have Saturday off anyway cause it's a stat holiday on Monday. -_- On the plus side, the family arrive Sunday - yay! Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] bk635 - I checked, and the VAG is open on Monday so we can go to that show. I'll confirm on Sunday once I've talked to my cousins.
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This is probably a longshot, but... anyone wanna go on a cruise this December? ^__^ More specifically, the Browncoat Cruise? You don't necessary have to be a Firefly fan - only about 250 people on the cruise will be, the rest will just be regular cruise-goers afaik. It leaves San Diego on December 1st and goes down to Mexico for 5 days before returning to SD. It's pretty cheap, all things considered... cheapest room + full convention pass goes for about $600, which is pretty cheap for a cruise. Can be cheaper with the limited pass, if you're not interested in the events - think the cheapest overall is ~$370. Anyway, I've got 2 weeks of holiday this year thanks to my shiny new job-with-benefits, and my boss wants my vacation info by... the end of the month. Which is Tuesday. -_- I'd like to do something fun for it, since hell, I actually have money at last. I've been contemplating the Browncoat Cruise, but I'd like to be with someone else, or at least find some roommates. I'm going to post on the forum, too, asking for roommates, but I thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone's interested. It'd be lots of fun! And hot, which will be a nice break in December from the unrelenting rain and gloom of Vancouver. They only have a few guests scheduled so far; most high profile is Ron Glass (Shepherd Book), then there's a minor recurring actor from Firefly and Clare Kramer from Buffy (she played Glory). But it's more for the fun of being with other fans and, hell, being on a CRUISE.

Anyway, if you're interested let me know. :) Otherwise I'll post to the forum and see who I can find... it'd be nice to get at least 3 people to make the room cheaper - four might make it a bit too crowded, and it's only $30 more for three. Either inside or ocean cabin, I don't really mind either way - ocean is maybe $50-60 more, which isn't THAT much, so...

More info here: http://browncoatcruise.com/

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DAMMIT! Jewel Staite (aka Kaylee) is going to be a special guest at the Serenity Equality Now screening next Saturday and I have to work that day!! It's not fair. ;___; And I'm working at the Credit Union, so I can't really ask for the day off... though god I want to... maybe I can call in sick. *cough* Not a good way to start off my relationship with them, really... butbutbutFUCK. This sucks! I wanted to go anyway, and now Jewel's going to be there??

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Firefly quote quiz )

Huh, I think I know which Serenity one I got wrong, but not sure what the correct answer was... the Serenity ones were really easy for the most part. And I knew most of the FF ones, but not sure about the ones from episodes I'm less familliar with (eps 11-13). Some of them I could guess just based on voice, though, since the characters and dialogue are so distinct...

Yeah, I'm sitting here doing this quiz and watching Friends instead of working. XD And getting teared up over the episode where Rachel gives birth. Aww... I can't help but love this show. :)

I should make dinner...
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They're doing it again! Can't Stop the Serenity 2007, aka the Serenity Equality Now screenings like we had last summer. I'm hoping to go again if I can get others interested. Anyone want to go? :) It'll be around the weekend of June 23rd, most likely. I'm going to ask Ryan if he wants to come, too... showed the movie and series to him last summer and he liked them. Last summer was lots of fun - it was great seeing the movie amidst other fans, and it was great knowing that we were helping out a good cause. I even wrote about it fairly extensively in my paper on fan charities last term. :)
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Mmm, victory. XD I'm about to watch Serenity with one of my roomates, [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_of_lies - she just came into my room and asked if we could watch. ^__^ See, it's all about subliminal messages and not-so-subtle comments about how I'm going to force everyone on earth in my rez to watch it. Part of me would prefer to watch Firefly first, because I think it makes the movie more meaningful and possibly more understandable, but I know plenty of people have gotten into the movie first and I'm not exactly about to discourage anyone from watching it. ^^ Anyway, I'm interested in watching with someone who isn't familliar with it.
Cut for long running commentary, with much squeeage )
Aaaand the end. I went back and did some slight editing, mostly just adding in some more detailed comments so it wasn't all "omgthislinewassofunny!" Okay, so it's not exactly deep and meaningful, but it was fun. :)

(and yes, I am in fact making that Wash icon now... heh. We'll see if it turns out any good.)


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