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Only a few hours left, so I figure I'd better do a year in fandom meme before it's too late! :) Okay, so I'm a bit late after all. ^^ Started writing this last night, but then [personal profile] quettalinde arrived and I didn't get a chance to finish it. So, here we go...

Year in Fandom Meme )

In non-fannish news, I... kind of have a job? Except not really. Well, she did say she'd try to pay me... anyway, Mom called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to take over the marketing and search engine optimization of Dad's website, which we recently re-designed and re-launched (it desperately, desperately needed it!). The SEO alone is gonna take awhile, and I don't know much about marketing... so I'm reading up a lot. But it's good to learn all this stuff, in part because it'll be useful for other jobs, and in part because we really do need to get moving on selling and marketing his art. Because one day I'm going to have to deal with it all... it's frustrating, because he's an established artist who's been recognized by books and museums and has had lots of shows in Europe, and yet it's still very difficult to sell. I Googled 'selling art online' and got helpful advice such as "join Etsy or Deviantart!" um yeah. No. -_-

Anyway... Happy New Year! [personal profile] quettalinde and I had a nice, relaxing evening not going out and getting shitfaced. ;) Watched the 2nd ep of Farscape (I showed her the pilot awhile back), which isn't exactly one of the better episodes of the series though I actually don't mind it too much. I look forward to her reaching the later, awesome episodes. ^^ (speaking of, I watched the episode "Home" in SGA the other day (1X09 I think?), and wow did it have me flashing back to Farscape's "A Human Reaction". Seriously. It was also the first episode that I felt genuinely drawn into so far... likewise, that ep of Farscape (1X16) was the first that really made me sit up and go "shit, this is really really good". ) Anyway, we watched that, then Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade because she got all the movies for Christmas and I've only seen it, like, once (compared to Raiders, which I've seen countless times). Then watched Anderson ring in the new year, which brought back happy memories of pundit!fandom...

Oh, and DSSS reveals are up! I'll post mine here in a bit.

Let's use this icon, in memory of my time in pundit fandom and because watching AC last night still made me giggle and go "awww, Andy" at various points. Especially the glasses.
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*SOB* OzScape 3, the Farscape con in Sydney I was planning to go to, has been cancelled! Due to lack of early ticket sales. Just as I was going to their website to order a ticket. ;__; Suppose my one ticket wouldn't have made the difference, but... this sucks. *pout* Though I suppose it does free me up a bit, no longer needing to be in Sydney at the start of June. Still planning to be there at the end of June for Supanova (general SF/etc con), though.

Still! Wayne Pygram and Gigi Edgley were going to be there. *pouts* And Kent McCord and Lani Tupu. Waaaaaaah. *pouts*
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I'm on my concluding paragraph! Woo hoo! Now... how to conclude it. *thinks* Ummmm... ^^;;

It's surprisingly short, too, compared to some of my essays last year - my last essay on Farscape ran to 15 pages, this one's 11 so far and will probably be 12 with the conclusion. Which okay, not especially short, but... I dunno, I feel like I have more I COULD say (I really only concentrated on John and Aeryn, didn't even talk about Chiana or Zhaan or D'Argo or anyone else, other than a couple of short mentions). But it probably works better as just an analysis of John and Aeryn, considering that I had quite a bit to say on them. Anyway... I hope it's good. o.o I'm kinda nervous to post it when I'm done, just cuz I'm uncertain about the soundness of parts of my argument. ^^ It's all well and good to show it to a prof who's never heard of the show, but the fans... heh. XD

Neck's still killing me, too. *sigh* Going to go scrounge up some dinner then write the conclusion.
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EEE. The Scorpius plushie is available! That is so wrong on so many levels, and yet I want one. It's really pretty disturbing looking, and I don't even care. ^__^


I kinda want the 1812 DRD, too, but really... I have a regular DRD; I don't need another one. ;)

I'm on page 5 of my essay. Yayz. Finally getting a bit written tonight.. I have to, really, if I don't want to be frantic on Sunday. Tomorrow night is the AGM at work (our CEO and half of fucking head office is coming down tomorrow... I hope they won't be hanging around the branch for long, because it's rather stressful to work with them hanging over my head, but I gather they're not coming til the 2:30 or 3:30 ferry and we're closing early at 4, so I don't have to worry much. Anyway, there's no room in the branch for all of them. ^^; On the plus side, I get a free dinner at the newly re-opened Doc Morgan's (where I used to work last summer.), and Thursday night is returning TV night! Supernatural, Lost, and Grey's Anatomy. Sweeeet. So that leaves me Friday night, Saturday after work, and Sunday to write my essay. Which in theory is plenty of time, but I'm lazy. XD And struggling with making this thing good.

Spent a good chunk of the day, first when boss was at lunch then when I was at lunch, searching eBay and various other sources for Hamlet tickets... we'll see how it goes. I suppose I was stupid to think it wouldn't have been sold out yet, but I didn't really think about it. Wah. Anyway, at the least we're going to see Spamalot in London, hopefully. :) And possibly Billy Elliot, which Mom saw last summer and said was fantastic (and I really like the movie, so...).

Back to writing now . *pokes self*
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Yay, I've started writing! :) I'm in Parkgate Library in N Van right now, working on my essay... took some final notes from one of the books I hadn't looked in yet (it turned out to have some quite useful information), and then decided to just bite the bullet and start writing the bloody thing. One introduction and 235 words in... woo hoo. ^^; Now, I need to briefly summarize Farscape then blather a bit about gender identity and media images of gender. Then, on to the actual analysis of Farscape itself... I'm glad to have started writing it, with 2 weeks still let til it's due. Should try to get a bit more written (I'm finding I can pretty much only write/study when I'm out of the house; I can't get in the right headspace when I'm home), then head home. Will take a ferry up a bit later, maybe around or just after dinner, then might hang out with Ryan tonight. Wanna play FFXII on my now-working PS2. We'd planned to do so last week, then the stupid thing died. ^^;

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WOO HOO YES. My PS2 is working again, for no forseeable reason. XD XD Maybe it's cuz I carried it in my bag from Bowen to N Van, and it got jiggled around and that fixed the lens or whatever wasn't working? I dunno. I don't care. Hilariously, it started working exactly 4 days after it broke, just like last time. Dude, wtf. o.o Anyway, this saves me $50+ to get it repaired... it seemed silly to spend money on getting it repaired or getting a new PS2; at this juncture, it'd almost make more sense to just save up for a PS3 since I'll prob want one eventually (FFXIII...). But no worries yet. Hopefully it'll work for another year or so, at least. Or, if it decides to break again, maybe it'll just start working again after 4 days. ^^;;;;

Anyway, heading up to Parkgate Library in a bit to study. I'm starting to panic a tad. I still have 2 weeks, but I'm stuck on how everything will fit together. And I feel like I need more general background info on gender in the media. I hope I have enough to fill 10-12 pages - I cut Firefly out at my professor's suggestion, since she thought it'd be too long with it, but I don't know how much I have to say on FS... a fair amount, I guess, between secondary source quotes and references to the actual series. Prob is, though, everytime I think of something interesting to say about the show, I open a book or essay on FS and see that someone else has said the same thing. -_- Dammit, how am I supposed to form my own argument if what I thought was my own argument has already been argued by everyone else? *sigh* Least I'll have lots of academic quotes to back my argument up...

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I realized I never posted my Farscape paper from last year, so thought I'd do so now in preparation for my new essay. Plus, I know someone on Facebook who wants to read it, and figured it'd be easiest to post it here then link him to it (with the added bonus of making it available to anyone else interested...). It's a fairly general paper, in which I talk about the subversive possibilities of the show and the ways that it played with and reinvented the SF genre. I'm quite happy with this paper overall; I just re-read it, and think it worked pretty well.

Major spoilers for the entire show and the PK Wars, to warn ya'll.

Anti-Heroes, Alien Sex, and Puppets: How Farscape Reinvented Science Fiction Television )
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Okay, I lied. I got bored with listening to the prof drone on about different types of essays (seriously, this is third year... 5yr for me... I get it. ^^; And I was hoping for a chance to have her go over my outline, but at this rate the 'workshop' part of the class will be considerably shorter than I expected.), so I copied/pasted my outline from Word and fucked with the formatting until it looks okay. I suspect there was a considerably easier way to do what I just did, but... oh wells.

Some oblique spoilers for Farscape in the 'topics' section. The question/thesis section is safe, though.

Under cut )

*sigh* Listening to her advice, though, I confess to getting a tad nervous. I never know how much of my argument I formulated, and how much I synthesized from different places. I've been thinking about this paper a ton, since like September, and developed several ideas (namely re: Farscape), but then a lot of those ideas have been backed up by stuff I read in books. So much so that pretty much everything I've thought up, I've later found in a book or paper. -__- So I'm kinda stuck, not knowing how much I need to cite, and trying to have some of my own argument in there. Hopefully it'll turn out okay... I'll just have to try to add some more of my own stuff in there.

I think she's wrapping up the "how to write a paper" segment of the class. Yays. Hope I can get a chance to talk to her; I really don't want to come all the way out here on Thursday for the optional class that day (I'll be in N Van that day, but even so...)

Anyway, any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated. :)
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Well, I'm sitting in my last ever class at university, waiting for class to start. ^___^ Tis a kinda weird feeling, and yet it doesn't really seem to have sunk in... today's just an essay writing workshop, so really the last proper lecture was last week. I finished the essay outline I was writing earlier; I'll post it here for anyone interested... the 'topics' section is kind of a mish-mash; I still need to work out the details of how the essay will flow. And I'm still unsure about including Firefly - looking at my outline, I've got a lot more to say about Farscape. ^^; We'll see how it goes. It's only supposed to be 10-12 pages, so if I'm at page 8 and haven't even touched on Firefly yet then I may just ditch it. Anyway, I think it's coming together... will run it by the prof or TA today, and hopefully they'll think it's okay. I talked to the prof at the start of term and she okayed my topic, at least.

Okay, so I was going to post my outline but the formatting's all screwed. -_- I'll mess with it when I get home. Class has started, and I should theoretically be listening right now. ;)
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Spent the evening watching Farscape with [livejournal.com profile] garran... 2.19-2.22, Liars Guns & Money pts 1-3 and Die Me Dichotomy. End of s2 are among my favourite eps in the series. Some brilliant stuff in those episodes, and some fantastic acting by Ben Browder (as usual). Spoilers only up to end of s2 )

I want to watch 3.1 now.. I'm blanking on how some of it went down, and I'd like to see it again. Fortunately I now own s2 and 3, so can watch anytime. ^__^ (okay, I had burned copies before, but now I own them legally. Yay!) I also want to watch the Die Me Dichotomy commentary with Ben, Claudia, and David Kemper. Since I own the DVDs now I want to enjoy all the extras. ^__^ And might re-watch "Won't Get Fooled Again" then watch the commentary for that, too. I'd like to do a semi-rewatch of s3, maybe... like, 3.1, 3.3-4 maaybe, 3.6, 3.8, 3.10-11, 3.14-15, 3.17... yeah. And then straight to the end of the season. Dammit, that's like the entire thing, isn't it? I was trying to think of the best eps, but they're almost all good lol. So much for "highlights of s3". ^^;; Anyway, not sure if I'll bother. I've seen them all several times, and not that long ago (last year) and I'm a bit Farscape-d out after tonight (is that blasphemy? But I've seen 2.19-21 quite a few times and I was starting to get a bit twitchy by halfway through 2.20 even though I enjoyed them overall). Anyway, for now I'm going to stick with rewatching Babylon 5, and rely on my memories and maybe some carefully chosen re-watches of FS for my paper. Which I'm still looking forward to - I got "Investigating Farscape" by Jes Battis (who, incidentally, teaches English at SFU! How cool is that? Makes me wish I could go take a class at SFU. If I had another year to go on my degree, I'd seriously consider it, but no point anymore) out of the library and have been greatly enjoying it. Total geek fest for my inner academic and TV fan. XD XD Yeah, I get a ridiculous amount of enjoyment out of reading about and discussing the gender politics and shit of Farscape and whatnot.

Anyways, speaking of Babylon 5 - I blasted through the end of s1 over the last couple of days and have watched the first 2 eps of s2... thoughts on end of s1/start of s2 of Babylon 5. inevitably will have spoilers for whole series )

Ramble ramble... okay, I'm done. :) Missed Prison Break and The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight, but they're both taped and ready to go. Will watch them tomorrow night at my grandparents' place most likely - off to class tomorrow. How exciting. (okay, I'm actually quite enjoying the class... and hopefully will get to finally talk to my prof tomorrow about my paper). Also planning to go to the library to pick up a couple of academic books on Seinfeld cause I'm a GEEK ya'll. But I was watching it last night and thinking that I've never read anything on the show, and am curious what has been said about it academically. So of course I set off online to see what was available, and found two books at UBC about it. Yays.

Better head to bed now.. tired. *yawn*
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I got my DRD plush today!! :) I love it, it's so cute. And ridiculous. Mom can't believe she spent $40+ on it. ;p I'm in N. Van right now without access to a camera, but I'll take a picture when I get back to Bowen. Of it together with Rygel and my homemade Moya. ;) I also got my Farscape DVDs today - the ones I ordered last month. S2 and 3. 1.2 and 1.3 are also coming, for Christmas. Now I just need to find 1.1 (v. hard) and then pick up s4 sometime.

Have to get the 8am ferry tomorrow... so have to be up at 6:30. woe. ;_;
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Ooh, I'm a bad person. :) Just spent my lunch at work buying Farscape... advfilms.com has a great sale on right now ($12 for each Starburst edition) so I picked up s2 and 3.2/3 (3.1 was out of stock). For only $69 USD! Sweet. Will hunt for s1 in San Diego (they didn't have it; in fact, I can't find it anywhere... odd.) and ask for s4 & 3.1 for Christmas (hopefully that sale's still on... if not, DVDPacific.com also has good prices ($14 each, but the shipping's more). Yay, will finally own the series. :) Plus, uh, I need it for my research for my term paper next term! Yes... exactly... *cough* And okay, I have them burned to DVD, but they're illegal and this way I can say that I legally did research. XD Though am sad that the writers are only getting 4 cents each.. I would've waited until/if they get a better deal out of the negotiations, but don't know how long that sale will last.

But I really need s1! I'm not that fond of it, but need it for conversion purposes. :) (ya'll know who you are, lol)

I should get back to work now. o.o laaazy.
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Oh, and almost forgot... fun fun on Grey's Anatomy tonight, with slight spoiler )

Guess I should go to bed. Angel's over. Thoroughly enjoyed it. :) Good memories.. am going back through my archive tagging stuff for fun. Found a meme which I'm gonna do again, since it's been 2 years and I have lots of new fandoms. Gonna go for all new fandoms in this one, so it'll be no use looking through my tags for the original post. ;p

Favourite Characters Meme )


Oct. 29th, 2007 11:00 pm
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Have I mentioned yet how much I want a plush DRD for Christmas? Cause I do. To go with my plush Rygel and fill up more space on my already stuffy-filled bed. :) I think I'm slowly wearing my mother down. Success!

Anyway, I went to Park Royal today with [livejournal.com profile] rainbowpegacorn; closed my TD account since I obviously don't need it anymore (staff account at First Credit Union, ftw!) and bought a copy of Serenity Found, in part to read and in part to have Ron Glass and Johnathon Woodward sign. :) 1 month left! Flight is booked, and we're good to go.. getting excited!

Oh yeah, and I made my Grindledore t-shirt last night. It's awesome. XD Will wear it under my costume on Wednesday, and I don't care. Woot. It's not overtly slashy, anyway - I could just say that I liked the characters and the picture. So long as they don't see the Dumbledore "fabulous" picture on the back. XD XD

Also, finally saw Casino Royale last night. Parents didn't think much of it and kept comparing it unfavourably to the classic Bonds, but never having seen more than maybe one Bond movie I quite enjoyed it. ;) Took a bit to get into, but once the storyline became clear it was pretty entertaining. Lots of action and a hell of a lot of Daniel Craig smouldering sexily. Yum. Mom was all "I don't think he's that attractive" and I was all "are we watching the same movie? Look at that body! And the smoulder!"

Yes, I'm shallow. *hangs head*

Tomorrow, doctor's appt before work to ask about vaccinations for going to Mexico... will only be there 2 days and it's getting kinda late now, but I figured I should ask anyway. Then another dull day at work; on the plus side, there's a big bowl of candy on the counter which we are steadily working our way through even though it's for the members. ;p And Wednesday, Halloween! Excited about dressing up. Agreed to stay late after to hand out candy, although that amounts to spending an hour plus with possibly just my manager (co-worker is trick or treating with kids, supervisor is probably getting the hell out of there and off the island to go home and avoid staying late with said manager). And I can't imagine we'll see many kids; they all go to Deep Bay (next to Snug Cove) for trick or treating and fireworks. But whatever, I agreed and I guess it'll be fun... on the plus side, she's kinda into TV (her and her husband watched the new BSG on DVD and really liked it, so that's cool) so maybe I can spend the time convincing her to watch Firefly. XD XD

Heroes tonight was good. Noah Bennett is fucking badass. That's all I have to say. :)
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Umm... I might possibly maybe have a Wincest plotbunny right now. And I don't even WRITE. Fuck. It's a short, drabble-sized bunny, inspired by the last few scenes in 2.20 when Sam and Dean are talking about how in Dean's wish-created world they don't have the same relationship that they do in the real world, and I swear that the way they phrase it, "we didn't have... this", made it sound so very gay. Haha, oh boys.

So now I want to write Wincest. HELP. I already mentally wrote it out in the bath, which as usual means that I'll never be able to write it out properly to my satisfaction. Woe. I wish I could write, sometimes... and sometimes I think that maybe if I actually practiced then I could, but I don't hold out too much hope. Short drabbles I can probably handle, though, I just suck at plotting out anything longer. Mostly I just get snippets of ideas, and of scenes, and nothing more. Like that damned Farscape John-and-Harvey-sitting-in-John's-brain-and-eating-at-a-Harvey's-fast-food-restaurant-much-to-Harvey's-amusement idea that I got when I saw a Harvey's restaurant in Toronto (don't think I've ever seen one in Vancouver). Anyway. Random crazy ideas. Tried to write that one, taking place towards the end of s3 and involving Harvey attempting to counsel John on his relationship with Aeryn, and it failed miserably. Pity, I still like the idea. ;)

Oh well. Bed now, maybe will try to write out snippets on spare paper at work tomorrow while bored. XD Also - long weekend, baby! And NO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK. For the first time in 17-odd years. Oooh yeah. Just... more work. *sigh*
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Yay, Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is on Space right now! Sweeet. Pretty early on, too, I think. I saw the 2nd half about a month or so ago, but haven't seen the 1st half since I first watched it over a year ago.

Fuck I love this show. Cannot wait for the webisodes - I hope Ben and/or Claudia sign on. And god willing, maybe it will lead to something like a movie or another mini-series... hey, we can hope, eh? :)

Also, I showed my cousins my plush Moya and they laughed at me. A lot.  My younger cousin fell over she was laughing so hard. XD XD Poor Moya...

I vaguely feel like I should turn it off and watch it from the beginning, properly. I've only seen it once the full way through.

*checks TV guide* Never mind, it's been on since 6 so it's actually pretty far in... mer, I am tempted to watch it properly. Family's going to watch Emma, and I... don't really care about that. ^^; And PK Wars is the only Farscape that I own properly. Though I do rather want to watch Die Me Dichotomy again, since it was on last night and I couldn't watch it because it was on too late and we were in the living room sleeping and everyone was in bed by 10 cause they had jet lag. ^^; But I watched Liars, Guns, and Money pt3: Plan B last week and goddam that's a wonderful episode. The directing and lighting are phemonenal, imo. Beautifully shot, beautiful colours. And oh the angst. ;_; And the awesome fighting scenes. And oh JOHN. *sigh*

Oh yeah, we're coming nearish to the end, now... this is the part that I saw a little while ago. Mer. Really am tempted to go watch it properly, or else watch Die Me Dichotmy (but that'd be on my computer... meh.). I need to own this series properly. Hell, I have money now, maybe I should buy it... I can get each season for about $45 on DVDPacific.com, which is shiny as heck.

I should post that FS picspam, heh. Never did get around to it... was looking over the screencaps I chose, and some of them really are nice... that show is so pretty. *.*

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Nice, Farscape is #4. :) (yes, I actually decided this was post-worthy.. ^^) They don't list the #1 spot; suppose that's only if you actually buy the issue. But I think I can safely guess what it'll be... pretty obvious.

On lunch break, down at the library... no work tomorrow because it's a long weekend, yay! Though that's my short day, anyway. -_- Also, got paid today for the first time! Very nice to get such a big paycheck for once in my life... going to splurge and probably buy Oz s1 and 3 from DVDPacific.com (they'll come to ~$67 CDN, which is pretty damned cheap).


May. 26th, 2007 03:28 pm
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Ummm... yeah. I have no life, but I suppose that's been established before. I just finished making my most recent TV-inspired plushy and it's... a bit different from the normal ones. My mom is very amused by this. So am I, actually... it's pretty damned ridiculous looking, but I don't care. XD

So, without further ado... I present Moya!

Pictures under cut )

Well, I like her, anyway. XD Now I have two Farscape plushies! And I really want a stuffed DRD, but can't really justify the expense right now... I have heard that they're coming out with an official Moya doll, but I decided to make one anyway. Wasn't exactly difficult...

Next up, pictures of Dean!Doll. :)

Also, review of Pirates 3 coming later. Started it last night, then got sidetracked by Jack/Norrington fic. XD Which I'm still reading, actually... Planning on making a Norrington icon later, based on the events in AWE, but need to find the right screencap first... also want to do some drawing. Heh. Same thing happened to me last year - I had a brief spate of Pirates fannish activity after DMC, then it faded... but I do want to draw Norrington and possible some Jack/James. And incidentally it's very odd having another Jack/James pairing... Whenever I hear Jack/James I think Lost. Funny to have two pairings with the same name...

On the work front - I got called in for a second interview at the Credit Union! Yay. Which is good, considering that Doc Morgans' idea of scheduling me is to say "come in on Saturday if it's sunny". It's cloudy today so I called to ask, and they said not to come in. Christ. Day off is all nice and all, but I need the money and this is ridiculous... a proper full-time office job would be very very nice. Then I can start looking into production companies or explore possibilities in writing/journalism. Maybe. I still don't know. ;_; Also, there's an ad in the Undercurrent (Bowen paper) right now for a shared house in the cove for $450 a month... niice. If I get the Credit Union job and it's still available, I might consider it... this job will likely last awhile and it'd be nice to have my own place in the cove - much more convenient. And great price.


Jan. 23rd, 2007 08:20 pm
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Don't feel like studying, so decided to scan in and post some old-ish drawings that I've been meaning to post for awhile. Not much; just a few drawings (mostly Oz) I did over the summer. I'm also working on my second picture for [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 on the computer, and when that's done I'll post it. I also really need to finish Toby!Doll (everything's done except his hair) so I can post pictures of him, but can't decide how I'm going to do his hair...

1. Toby - first pic I did of him. I like it okay.

Toby )

2. Chris - first portrait pic I did of him, and I'm not overly fond of it... made his face too fat. o.o

Chris )

3. Chris/Toby collage - 2 versions; first the sketch, then the version that I photocopied then inked over. XD Quite proud of it, overall. Working on another pic like it right now of Toby, which is coming along. General spoilers for all seasons, but nothing particularly obvious.

Sketch )

Inked )

4. Chibi!Chris - umm.. yeah. Quick sketch, but I like it. He's cute. XD

Chibi!Chris )

5. Farscape collage - started this last April, didn't work on it for monthes, then finished it in Fall. Also photocopied and inked this one (didn't have a way to trace it, plus it's less work ^^), so there are 2 versions.

Sketch )

Inked )

Aand, that's it. Please let me know what you think. :) Even though they're old-ish and several of you have already seen them monthes ago. ^^
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I just read that in addition to the new Rygel plush and the upcoming Moya and DRD plushies (which I've heard about b/c they're listed on toyvault.com, though no pictures yet), there is going to be a SCORPIUS PLUSHIE. My mind? Blown. God I hope that's true. I will freaking die, I swear. I'm excited about the Rygel plush (asking for one for Christmas... but the shipping's expensive everywhere I've checked and Mom's having reservations about that. gah.), and I'm VERY excited about the Moya and DRD plushes (esp the DRD ones... how awesome will that be? Possibly even more awesome than a remote-controlled DRD would be, if they ever thought to manufacture that. Hey, I can dream.). But a Scorpy plush? MIND EXPLODED FROM TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT. That would be way beyond awesome, seriously. I think they should package him with changeable outfits so I can make him into Harvey... Hawaiian shirt, bunny suit... that would be freaking crazy. If not, I'll just buy a little Hawaiian shirt anyway and dress him in it. XD

Yeah, at bit incoherent right now. Desperately hope that is true; I only heard it one place but it sounded true. No idea when it will happen, though. No idea when the Moya/DRD ones are coming either. Well, I know what I'll be asking for next Christmas, most likely...

Man, it took them forever to get the Rygel plush out (the project was scrapped years ago, then reborn recently), and suddenly there's a veritable flood of Farscape plushies coming... woo hoo!

And I still say they should make remote controlled DRDs, seriously. I've even toyed with the idea of buying a cheap remote control car and building a cardboard DRD around it. Yeah... no life. ;p

Am working on my Farscape picspam. Almost finished... have gotten distracted by making icons from them, too. ^^;; There are a TON of them; I need to cut them down. I'm probably going to do two posts - one with fewer spoilery images & with the pictures out of order as my recruitment campaign for [livejournal.com profile] bk635, and one with more pictures & in order to link to [livejournal.com profile] farscape_weekly for fans. All this in the middle of term papers... yup. And have I done any work on the paper due Monday? Not so much.


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