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I promised myself I wasn't going to make this, I really did... I already have two Ray Kowalski dolls, I don't need another. But after making the Eleventh Doctor and Mal, I just couldn't help but think - how cute would a RayK doll in this style be? Very cute. And I kept telling myself I wasn't making him, but then it just sort of... happened. And then he was done. And now I love him and he is verily cute and I probably need a new fandom, lol, because this is just sick.

Also? I am NOT making a big Fraser or RayV. Do not tempt me. If I make any indication that I'm about to make either... don't let me. :)

Big!RayK crochet doll under cut )

Also, because it amuses me...

Crochet Eleven VS Wind-up Dalek )

(also I'm finally getting around to watching the Glee Christmas ep and am partway through - wasn't there a bunch of controversy around this episode or something? So far am loving it, so I'm not sure why... unless something major happens later in the episode. The 'special' has just started and LOL so awesome. Oh Kurt & Blaine. <3)

(also just watched last night's TCR - oh Stephen and Jon, I love you both you giant nerds. It was awesome to see them together onscreen again - it seems to happen so rarely these days, especially since they no longer do the Tosses.)
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Okay, I've been meaning to do this for ages... here are basically all the crochet dolls that I've made to date, minus the Tardis (which I already posted) and my rough attempt at Cthulhu (which isn't entirely finished and was really just practice so I could make my Ood based on the pattern). So far we have: Fraser and RayK, the Angry Birds Cardinal, the Plants VS Zombies Peashooter, and an Ood that I made for [profile] cerulean_pulsar because he's been bugging me to make an Ood for, like, a year. I'm currently working on the Angry Birds pig and Serenity (which I'm thinking of making again for my local Can't Stop the Serenity charity auction).

A few pics under the cut, and the rest (including some silly/cute dS ones) can be found here.

Pics under cut )
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Dude! *bounces around* [personal profile] hazelwho wrote me fic for my Doctor Who/Due South drawing! Check it out, it's awesome and hilarious. ^__^


Thank you!!

I'm so happy I decided to do this challenge, heh, and that I decided to finally draw out my idea of Fraser as the Doctor...

(also I don't know if it's just the cold medication kicking in or what, but I feel quite a bit better than this morning. Yay!)
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Okay, so I've been meaning to post these for weeks.. better late than never, I guess! As most of you who know me IRL already know, I spent much of December making cross-stitched Christmas ornaments. I started off making these ornaments, then I started branching out and designing my own. It got rather addicting, heh.

Anyway, check them out behind the cut. Fandoms represented: Due South, Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

Under cut )

I'm planning to offer to make one for [profile] qldfloodauction, which is a pan-fandom effort to raise money to help those affected by the floods in Queensland, Australia. I'll link here when I've made the post, so if you have your eye set on one then look out... and I could be persuaded to design a new one, depending on how much is donated and whether I can design it effectively. ^^

And on a similar crafty note, I completed my first crochet plushie! A Tardis, based on this pattern. The lettering's pretty bad, but oh well, I like it anyway.

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*bounce* So, word has it that The Daily Show tonight (finally back!! missed you Jon...) will feature Anderson Cooper and puppies. I'd heard they'd filmed such a sequence awhile back but didn't air it, so I am muchly excited. And trying to avoid reading too closely people's comments... but people definitely seem happy, so I can't wait. ^___^ I mean, really. Anderson Cooper and PUPPIES, ya'll. 'Scuse me while I go over here and die of cuteness.

(course, meanwhile the man himself has placed himself smack-dab in the middle of a fucking war zone... okay yeah, I know, he does it all the time, but I still worry when I turn on CNN and see "Anderson Cooper reporting live from the Israel/Gaza border!" :( Plz don't get blown up, 'k Andy?)

In other news: I did something unprecedented today and went to the pub to watch a hockey game. Co-workers were both v. excited for it and cashed out early so they'd be out of the branch by a few minutes after we close at 5 since the game started round 4:30, and I decided to tag along. Was fun, and Canada won 5-1, so yay. :)

*glances at clock* One hour til TDS, yayz!

Oh, and suppose I should do the obligatory reaction to the 11th Doctor news... umm. *shrug* It's pretty funny watching the Internet explode. I'm giving the guy the benefit of the doubt - sure he's basically unknown, but reports from those that have been him say that he's a good actor. And evidently lots of people were against Tennant at first, and look at how much most people love him now. ^^ And yeah, he's young... very young. o.o But hopefully it'll work out, and I'm going to trust in Stephen Moffat to do a good job. It'll be an interesting new dynamic, anyway. Either way, it's not for another year... we still have the specials in 2009 with David. :)
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Um, yeah, two words: HOLY FUCK.

How long til next Saturday?? This is gonna kill me. ;__;
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DUDE. This is pretty much the funniest thing ever. David looks so shocked and scandalized. XD "Doctor Who porn?", and possibly my favourite line, "That's from John Barrowman's blog". BWAH. Found it linked from this fic by [livejournal.com profile] sam_storyteller; a short comedy fic about David discovering the joys of Doctor Who porn and John Barrowman probably enjoying it far far too much. XD
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DUDE. I want one of these.

Battling R/C Dalek Set

Seriously, how awesome is that video? XD

Should be stuuudying.. lalala. But don't feel like it. Cleaned part of my room today, finally - I've so rarely been in North Van the past few monthes, years really, that it's gotta pretty dirty from lack of cleaning. But now that I'm here more, I realized that I needed to properly vacuum behind my desk and shit. Got my desk area done, anyway. Next up is the bed area... yikes. I'm scared of unearthing spiders; I already unearthed a few. :(

Off to grandparents' place tonight for dinner. Hoping to be back by 8 for Prison Break, but might not make it. :( If not, I'll download and watch it on my iPod tomorrow on the way to school. :)
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Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned )

How long to s4? *sigh* In the meantime, though, Torchwood s2! Certain awesome guest star (yeah, just in case there's anyone out there who doesn't know...) and John Barrowman on the same screen! Possibly making out! (at least I desperately hope so, and have been since said guest star was announced and he said that it was "steamy and would excite people" or something to that effect. Mmmm...

So yes, long and short of this was, I gave up on watching Pirates half way through (love it to bits, but seen it way too many times and the commercials were a pain AND I don't have my DVD anymore so I couldn't just pop that in to watch it without commercials) and watched DW instead. Did enjoy re-seeing bits of PotC, though... mmm Jack Dav. And Johnny. And Orli. I wanna go read Sparrington now... actually, what I really want, and have since the summer, is good Jack/Norrington/Elizabeth - read one or two, but there isn't much of it that I've seen. And I am oddly intrigued by Norrington/Elizabeth, too. Angsty or not.

Mmm, I want Pirates fic now. XD

Or more Doctor Who. *can't wait until s4* Torchwood will do in the meantime... *is excited for s2 to start* Pretty soon, too!

Anywho... good Christmas, overall. Tomorrow, will hang out and play with my iPod... and maybe watch some Extras (I can't wait to see the Orlando Bloom episode - Mom downloaded it from iTunes ages ago and said that it's hilarious). I also can't wait until my DRD and FS DVDs come... *bounce*
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Aaand, the big art dump... lots of different fandoms. Take a look, see if any interest you. :)

links to art under cut )

Whew, done... this post took me 2 days. ^^; That's it for now, at least in the way of big posts. Some small stuff, mostly PB, coming soonish. Working on another Alex/Michael pic on the computer which I like okay other than Michael's face (that boy is HARD to draw, ya'll), and an Alex portrait (pencil) that I'm really quite pleased with so far.

For now, being v. lazy. Sitting here flipping between Chamber of Secrets on CBC and L&O: SVU on CTV. Was watching CoS until 10, then switched over to SVU... which I'll stick with for now thank you very much, since CoS is up to Aragog's lair and ewwwwww. Cannot handle that scene in the movie, it's hard enough in the book. o.o

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Squee! [livejournal.com profile] termagantwrites just wrote me a Jack Harkness/Jack Sparrow drabble! She is awesome. :) I love the Internet and my f-list...


Anyway, after this I'm probably heading off the Internet for the next few days... I'll be gone all day tomorrow, anyway, first at work then at the HP party, then I'll spend the weekend reading and avoiding the Internet (other than my email, I suppose...). If anyone tries to spoil me in any way, they die. Have a nice day. ^__^

Just over 24 hours, baby! Oh yeah!

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Okay, so I'm on my break right now and, as I have a tendency to do, I was contemplating the ways in which Captain Jack Sparrow is potentially codified as queer, which naturally led to me thinking that he's the kind of character that really does personify the concept of 'queer', rather than 'gay' or 'bisexual', which of course made me think that he reminded me of Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who/Torchwood, which naturally made me think that someone really desperately needs to write Jack/Jack now. Seriously, ya'll. This is an imperative. :) So now I'm sitting at work still on my break for the next five minutes, using the internet to search for Jack/Jack fic and WHY is there no Pirates of the Caribbean crossover community that I can find...? Anyway, I haven't come up with anything so far, but I will inform you all if I do. Because dude, how awesome would it be? Jack, pre-DW, travels to the Caribbean in the 18th century to pull some con or another, and ends up meeting up with Jack Sparrow. Hijinks ensue. And lots of sex.

If anyone feels inspired by this, please write. XD I might just have to go draw Jack Harkness as a pirate now... oh bugger.

(incidentally, speaking of Jack Harkness? The more I hear about a certain casting spoiler for Torchwood s2, the more ridiculously excited I get. This is gonna be AWESOME.)

In less happy news, my DVDs are not here yet. Woe.

*goes back to searching for fic in the 2 minutes she has left on her break*
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Prison Break 2.21 )
Season finale next week... let's hope no one cool dies. -_- Then, summer hiatus. I hate this part. :(

Bit more about DW 2.13 )

This lecture is utterly pointless... I haven't taken one note yet, because he's spent the entire lecture going on and on about American Idol and resistant reading. Gaaaah. I get it, already!

Black Donnellys is taped, as usual. Will watch later today. Definitely enjoying this show, though don't know how long it'll last. It should really be on HBO or something...

3 papers down, 1 left. Woo hoo! Last one's due next Monday. Also have one presentation left, next Wednesday. Should catch up with reading now; I've been getting a bit behind because I've been working on essays. Almost finished now... three weeks today until I come home. I'm excited, though I will miss some things. I've enjoyed being on RAC - wish I'd gotten on it earlier in the year.
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I just finally watched the Doctor Who series 2 finale, and I can't stop crying... ;_; I knew what was going to happen, basically, but but... it's not fair. *sniff*

Downloading the Runaway Bride now. And series 3 starts in a few days. :) Though it won't be the same. *sniffwhimpercry*


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