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So it's been a stressful couple of days... long story short: my iPhone died on Thursday. It fell out of my pocket in the street and then a few seconds later went into recovery mode, and I haven't been able to restore it since. Spent all of Thursday evening on Google trying to figure it out, but no luck. Tried it on other computers, took it to the Apple store (they were useless!), and no luck. So yeah, Thursday night sucked.

Friday at lunch I went to the Apple store (useless, as I said - they tried the same thing I did and of course it didn't work); they said they could replace it for $229. I went to Bell, and they said they could upgrade me to a new iPhone 4 and get me a better rate plan, for $159. So yeah. :) Got a new iPhone 4. Suppose I should be happy about this, but I'm still kinda mourning my 3GS... had it for a year and a half, and I don't like the buttons on the iPhone 4. :( But I got it up and jailbroken today (I was out all evening yesterday at Stars on Ice, which was fun but means I haven't had a chance to relax at home since, like, Tuesday night, until today), and now it feels more like my phone.

Spent several hours trying to get my lockscreen back how I like it - the tap to unlock app I used to use doesn't work on iPhone 4, and the only compatible one I know of doesn't work right with Lockinfo (which I can't live without now - emails on my lockscreen!). But I ended up using Activator to make a single press of my Home button unlock my phone so woo. Close enough. Got my Carry on Wayward Son ringtone back, got my icons how I like them, got my Callum lockscreen background and my Tardis homescreen background... not to mention all my data (minus one month worth, because evidently I haven't backed up my phone since April. -_- Lost all of Angry Birds Seasons Easter, plus about an hour of FFIII... oh well.). Still got some stuff to download from Cydia, but basically am up and running.

Overall, stressful week... busy at work + almost losing the SOI tickets on Tuesday + being exhausted all week for no apparent reason (well, lack of sleep I think - I need at least 7-8 hours, and I guess only getting 6-6.5 is catching up on me. Yeah I know that's a fair amount relatively speaking, what can I say, that's my body. ^^) + phone dying = stress and feeling kinda sick for a lot of the week. Enjoyed my nice relaxing day today. Planning to continue that tomorrow. :)

Also, sorry I haven't responded to your SPN emails, [personal profile] quettalinde... was too tired Wednesday night to say much, and had planned to respond Thursday night. Then everything went to hell. And got distracted today and forgot... will try to respond with something soon?

And on a completely separate and quick note - how amazing was DW today? So good. I really ought to read more Gaiman...
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Have I mentioned recently how much I fucking hate not having proper Internet? Probably. But I'm doing it again, because GAH it's so frustrating. I'm actually starting to miss CNN and the other 24-hr news networks cuz dammit I want to see Obama's speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. *pout* But I'm tearing through my bandwidth and it's so expensive... so now I'm at the library, and really, you'd think that watching Youtube videos at a wi-fi hotspot wouldn't be that big of a deal, it's not like I'm using Bit Torrent to download a fucking 300mb file, but of course it's just... way too slow to work. Oh wait, and now it says an 'error occurred' which makes me think they're blocking Youtube. Oh, honestly. *sigh* And the live blog posts on RBR the day during it are making me jealous and wishing I can watch it. :(

But for some random amusement: evidently "fucking" is not a word according to my mobile phone (I was texting my cousin and mentioned that word in conjunction with this internet connection, lol). I have saved it so it will be from now on. Heh.
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YAY success so far. iPod is restored, now i just have to jailbreak it (again) and put all my shit back on it. It's after 1, but... want to at least get it syncing, then I can leave it doing so overnight.

Poor thing looks so sad and empty, though, with no apps, no music, and no Anderson wallpaper! *hugs iPod*
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Okay, so far this is faster than I expected... upgrade finished downloading, but iTunes couldn't restore my iPod. -_- Doesn't matter, I got QuickPwn up and going and it seems to be doing the job fine (this is just what I had to do when my co-worker accidentally upgraded her unlocked iPhone to 2.2.1 and it went kablooey... and that worked out fine, she didn't even lose her contacts or anything because iTunes had them backed up). Not sure if it's actually been upgraded, though - QuickPwn's saying that it only supports up to 2.2, but i thought I'd downloaded the newest one.

*pause* Oookay... it's finished, but all my stuff is still there so it didn't actually get restored. But still no music. Hm. *goes to iTunes* Grr, it's still not showing options for photos/apps/video/etc. Wtf. Okay, trying to restore. Again. -_-
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GAH I fucking hate iPods sometimes.. and iTunes. Mostly iTunes. I dunno ya'll, it's being fucking weird and I somehow screwed it up by uploading some videos to it using iFunbox (I've uploaded other stuff to it using that program with no problem, but for some reason this time it went kablooey...). Then iTunes wouldn't recognize the videos/photos/apps on it, which I lived with for a few days (vaguely hoping it'd just fix itself on restart), but now it's deleted all my music and won't resync it. I can put the music back on using iFunbox, but it doesnt' seem to let me create playlists, and I can't be bothered to go find yet another iTunes-replacement program. Anyway, I do rather need it to work properly in iTunes, too, so I can download iTunes apps...

And FUCK ME, I am now restoring it (cuz I've given up, and either way I have to resync my music to it.. though I'll have to re-jailbreak it now *sigh*) and it's downloading the new firmware which is ~250mb. DUDE. This shit costs me money, GIVE ME A BREAK. That's another $5 or so of bandwidth, and I already used about $8 today for SPN and general browsing. Fuuuck. Gonna need to start using wireless hotspots more for my general browsing to save money, because I was planning for the last $30 of my bandwidth to last me until May 23rd (1 month after my last recharge, since each charge lasts 1 month). And with Lost and SPN finales next week, and the Lost finale being a 2-parter... I'm fucked. *sigh*

Well, on the plus side... cousin and I are hoping/planning to go do some volunteering in the countryside which will save money since we won't be paying for accomodation or food or really anything. So I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and continue to pay through the nose for Internet... (we joined WWOOF, "Willing Workers on Organic Farms", and have emailed several host families... so far one was in an area heavily damaged by the forestfires and is now housing 2 couples that lost everyrthing (oops.. awkward! we're now making sure to check where the host lives to see if it was affected by the fires) and 2 others already have WWOOFers right now so are full. Oh well... we've got 3 more we're waiting to hear back from, and we're going to keep emailing more.)

*waits* Son of a bitch, this is gonna take awhile... about another hour to download the upgrade. Then have to restore it, dunno how long that takes. And then jailbreak it. And we're supposed to be going out tomorrow so I can't really work on it then... dammit, I don't want to go out without my ipod, being on the tram without it sucks. :( And we like to use it for the Internet while we're out, whenever we can find hotspots...

*pouts and wanders off* It's already 12am... *sigh* Another late night. Want to see how much of this I can finish (I'm going to be up to, like, 2am aren't I? -_-)
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Am at the St. Kilda Library now using their free wireless Internet, THANK GOD. *sigh* Used some of my precious Telstra bandwidth this morning to research differnet providers, and... they all suck. -_- Looked at Three because their deal seemed good, but evidently their coverage is shit (only in the major cities, and I'm hoping to explore the country/outback a bit...). And of course I'd have to pay $100 to unlock my USB stick from Telstra. Might do that anyway at some point once I've researched mobile broadband at home - I know Rogers has it... not sure if they have pre-paid, though, and I'd just want it for occasionally connecting to the Internet on the go (like on the ferry... oh god that would have been amazing). Gonna look into it and see if they use SIM cards and if I could just stick the card into an unlocked Telstra stick, in which case I'll unlock it anyway.

Aaaanywho. *sigh* I swear I've spent half my trip stressing over the Internet. ^^; At least I got out yesterday to the Harry Potter parody, which was fun. Though wish I'd had someone to share it with... it's not as fun when you can't turn to a friend after and talk about it. :( (ooh, and on an HP note - ya'll see the new HBP trailer?? So cool! (and of course, as I try to go find the trailer to link to it... I see how slow the Internet here is. SIGH. I'm doomed. ;_; I can' thelp it, I'm too used to fast Internet and lots of bandwidth. And okay, my Internet at home was shitty and unreliable, but at least I didn't have to worry about using up bandwidth by watching videos and surfing the web!)

Ahh there we go. http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/2009/4/16/now-online-the-full-trailer-for-harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny. Only 3 more monthes!! I remember in November, 8 monthes seemd like an eternity... but we're almost there! And I've gotta say, it looks good. :) Hopefully an improvement over OotP, which has grown on me, but still... wasn't that crazy over David Yates' directing. Meh. Anyway, HBP looks awesome. :)

Anyway... really shouldn't spend all day here, and don't want to - just came to check it out and see if they had free wireless. And they do. And life is good again. :) Think I'll try to come here for day-to-day usage, and I'll attempt watching streamed video which is hopefully okay by them (I mean, it's not like I'm downloading a 200 mb file via P2P...), and then TENTATIVELY try using Telstra again for the occasional download. I've heard their main problem is with the $100/6 gig recharge, so maybe I'll try the $80/3.5 gig one... which hurts, man, because the other one seems like such a better deal! But considering I was being charged at ~8 cents/mb accidentally rather than 1.6 cents.. yeah. They even told me that they have this problem with that recharge, and I saw someone else online with the same problem.

ANYWAY. I say for the third or more time. I... need to do something today. Hm. Actually may take a minute right now while I have free and relatively reliable Internet to do some *gasp* job searching! At least to research temp agencies and such. And to research volunteer opportunities in the country; [livejournal.com profile] soliloloquyv was talking about that possibility the other day, and it might be fun... she's trying to convince me that the big evil deadly spiders out there are cute, though. ;)

Should really make a post to my travelblog, too. Huh. Am lazy...

(my Rachel-geek icon seems fitting for this... lol. I am so addicted to the Internet...)
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*inarticulate scream* ARGH I HATE TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES. THEY ARE EVIL. Telstra is STILL fucking me around. When I called last the guy said he would pass it on to technical services and in the meantime would give me some free usage. And okay, so I probably shouldn't have used it up so fast (I went on a downloading spree... ehehe.), but I didn't expect to suddenly be charged at EIGHTY CENTS a megabyte after I used it up! WTF. I was being charged ~7-8 cents/megabyte before, and I'm SUPPOSED to be charged 1.6 cents/mb. That has not happened yet. Gaaaaaaah. And of course their call centre's closed right now, cuz it's 8pm on a Saturday night. *sigh* I went from having $75 credit to having $10 within less than 100 mb of usage.... not. amused. Hopefully they're open tomorrow, time to call again! And if they're still going to fuck me around, I'm going to ask about unlocking the damned thing from the Telstra network then I'm heading over to a different one (Three looks okay - though hard to tell since I don't trust these places anymore. But they give you 12 gigs for $149 and it doesn't expire for one year, whereas with Telstra I paid $100 for 6 gigs and it expires in 30 days. Huh. And they're the one company I DIDN'T research before going with Telstra. Excuse me while I kick myself. And I think it costs about $100 to unlock my stick... looked online, but couldn't see any place to have it done online (lots of places for cell phones, but not these... gonna keep looking, but may have to wait and go to an Internet cafe since I barely have any usage left and I am not fucking recharging this thing until I've spoken with Telstra. ...okay, well, we'll see how desperate I get - I might recharge the smallest amount and see what rate they charge me.)

On a more positive note.. went to see a Harry Potter parody show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival today - all 7 books in 70 minutes, by 2 guys. Very funny. Okay so most people there were under 12 or were parents, but I don't care. XD

*points to icon* This is how I feel about Telstra. FUCK YOU PEOPLE. *ahem*
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*eyeroll* Spoke too soon... I'm still being charged at the wrong rate for my bandwidth. Used 54 mb of bandwidth this afternoon i none session, which at the rate I'm supposed to have of $0.01667 per mb should be around $0.90. I was charged over $4. That is NOT ON, TELSTRA. -_- In retrospect, I should probably have waited until tomorrow to try downloading a large file - the woman at Telstra may have adjusted my balance, but my account may still be set up incorrectly and it may not be fixed until tomorrow. Though she never said, so who knows? I'll test it out tomorrow then call again if needed. Bleh. No Daily Show for me yet... :( More West Wing instead, I guess. ^^ And gotta finish my entry for the RBR header contest - it's due on the 20th. Yeah, I oughta be shot... should never get these thoughts into my head. Finished the drawings last week (in the end went for just Rahm and Obama - though about doing the pundits, too, but it would've gotten crowded...), but need to finish the wording (doing bubble letters... not very well, either, but hopefully it'll look decent) and then put it all together. I suck at design. ;_; I like the drawings I did, but putting them together into a good header? Ehehe. -_-
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WOO FUCKING HOO!!!!!!!! :) I don't think I've posted about this yet, but I've been having big problems with my shiny new Internet USB stick, in that I was being massively overcharged (by my calculations I should have ~$60 left, but my account said I only had $10 left!). I went into the Telstra store that I bought it from yesterday (Telstra's a mobile/telecommunications company here, one of the main ones) and spent a fucking HOUR in there trying to get help, and eventually just stormed out. Which I try to never do, and I swear I was super polite at the start, but after an hour of being jerked around and passed between different people and generally ignored and having no one actually figure out what the problem WAS, I... got a bit pissed. ^^

ANYWAY. The GOOD news is, I called Telstra today and the lady on the phone was finally able to help me. I spent about 15-20 minutes on the phone, most of it on hold while she calculated the bandwidth I've used (which I already did yesterday in Excel, heh), and she eventually came back and said she's adjusted my balance to $71! Which I think is actually MORE than I should have, but it's hard to say - I'm getting slightly different amounts of bandwidth used from different places (my account online and the connection manager on my desktop that came with the stick). She might have forgotten to take the upload bandwidth into account... I DO NOT CARE. I'm just happy to have what I PAID for! OMG yays, $71 left... time to go download last week's TDS/TCR! Jon had Nancy Pelosi on last week and dammit I've been wanting to see it. *jumps around*

...I should be doing something more productive, shouldn't I? XD Finished my report for work this morning, so that's done. Now should be trying to find a job... ehehe. Still feeling under the weather - seemed to have taken a turn back for the worse. And I've got this damned cough which gets worse at night, and makes it hard to sleep... esp since I don't want to be bothering the others sleeping in the room. Sigh. Anyway.. weather's not the greatest today (woke up at 6:45 or so to a really loud storm - crazy winds shaking the house and rattling the windows and such. o.o). Storm's passed now, but it looks chilly out... eh. Should get out anyway, I guess. Dunno where. God I'm lazy. ^^

So, what you ask have I been doing these past few days while sick? Obsessively watching The West Wing. ^^ OH GOD I'm already addicted. I was by the 2nd or 3rd ep. I've now watched the first 11 eps, and went to the video store last night to pick up the 2nd half of s1 (eps 12-22). Why the hell have I never watched this show? I mean, Mom owns the first couple of seasons... I BOUGHT them for her. ^^; Oh well. I think I can understand and appreciate it better now, anyway, since I know more about American politics and such than when I was younger. Plus, I read that Sorkin allegedly based Josh Lyman on Rahm Emanuel. How awesome is that? Also, I love Josh already. :) And CJ, who is so fucking awesome I don't know what to do with her. Holy shit. :)
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Okay, wtf? The folders on my external harddrive, which I just had transferred to a new drive because my last one died, all seem to be read only. I can't change names, change anything in the files, or even fucking delete files. I tried going to the properties of the folders and unchecking read only, but it says access is denied.

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I just fought an epic battle with a moth. And won.

It was intense.

I finally caught it in a cup against my brand shiny new Iron Man poster, which freaked me out cuz I didn't want to leave moth residue on it or something. o.o But all is good. Course, now the door's closed and I'm sweltering. -_- Need a fan in here... or a screen door.

In other news, my computer almost died again tonight. Managed to get it up and running, though, and am now frantically uploading stuff to a free storage site. I have the majority of my files backed up on DVD, so it's just a few things... I want my new computer. *sigh* And I was kinda hoping to sell this one, but really, I don't think I can bring myself to say "it's in good working condition". Though maybe if it was reformatted again...? ... ... ...well, maybe. Think I could still pawn it off for like $100 with a disclaimer of "may die at any time?" *grin* When it's working it's a decent enough computer, but it's got some, er, issues... possibly virsues. Or hardware malfunctions. o.o
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*eyeroll* This computer is going to be the end of me... newest thing? Sometimes it won't start up. At all. -_- I had it hibernated, which it usually is when it's off, and I pressed the power button to turn it back on and the power light and capslock light (I guess - it's the capital A in a little lock, and it lights up when I turn on capslock) blinked at me for a few seconds then it turned off. I turned it on and off several times, semi-randomly smashing buttons in the interval, and eventually it booted up. This has happened twice now. Not amused. -_- I'm not sure if it's just getting locked somehow (the first time I hit every button I could think of plus A, thinking maybe that was it cuz of the light with the A in it blinking at me, then it turned on. Second time I tried that again and it didn't work, so I dunno. -_- And I have no idea what the actual shortcut for locking/unlocking my computer is (and try looking it up on Dell's website.. HAH.).

Anyway, it's on now and is working, but dunno what'll happen next time I turn it off. Gah. *le sigh* Really really want a new one...
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I'm over 2000 words and 7 pages in and it's almost pure smut. I'm loving this. *grin* Though it's very frustrating trying to write porn while staying at one's parents' house for the weekend... there's nowhere private here for me to write (my old room no longer has a desk, so it's either the kitchen table or the desk in the living room downstairs. Or my bed, I suppose, but that's killer on my back.) I keep having to minimize it when they walk by. ^^; GAH.

Plus, writing porn is very, uh, distracting in and of itself... o.o Fun, though - even though Tony's occasionally doing things I didn't expect and I'm having to smack him around and get him to cooperate. Silly (horny) boy.

...okay, this is a completely pointless post. But Mom's decided to sit down next to where I was writing and start playing the piano in my ear so I need something to occupy myself with while I wait. *grin* I still have further to go, too - at least another few pages.

*ten minutes later* Got distracted while writing this... Mom's gone now, and SHIT my computer screen just went nuts again and turned on its side. *cries* I remembered the trick you found for me last time, [livejournal.com profile] bk635, and it worked, but I'm really worried now... must have a virus. *kill* Fucking piece of shit. Gonna run to back up this fic among other things, just in case.
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In other words, my wireless is now working. I downloaded and installed practically every driver for wireless listed under my computer on Dell, except of course the one I needed. Heh. Turns out I'd even downloaded the right one last night, but I guess I was so tired and frustrated by then that I didn't bother to install it. Gah. ^^; Anyway, it's all good now. And least now I know whicih driver I need, in case this happens again! But here's hoping this'll be the last of my computer issues for awhile... Now, to re-download all my programs and re-load all my files.

But first, dinner. ^^
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Huh. So, good news is my computer is back up and running. I called the tech shop today and he said it wouldn't be til Monday, but around 4 he called me at work and said it was done. Woo hoo! The bad news, however? My wireless card seems to have... disappeared. Which... doesn't make any sense. o.o But I can't find any wireless settings on my computer, and can't connect to the wireless (can connect fine on my iPod, so the network's working fine). I've got my computer plugged in directly to the modem so I have Internet, but... yeah. annoying. *sigh* Any ideas? I think I'm gonna call or MSN Ryan and ask him if he can come over and poke at it. ^^;
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DUDE. Jewel Staite is going to be at this year's Serenity Equality Now screening in Vancouver!! I missed her lats year because of work, but this year it's on a Sunday so I can go. SWEET. I'm buying a ticket right now, because they'll probably go fairly quickly with that news out. If anyone wants to come, I'd recommend booking fairly early - it's $15 ($16 on Paypal; I think it's PP's service charge). Sunday June 22nd at the Norm Theatre at UBC; doors open at 11 for various events, movie starts sometime round 2-3 I think, and Jewel's going to be there for a 1/2 hour q&a before the movie. I'd love to have someone to go with, if anyone's interested. It'll be fun - Browncoats are always a blast - I can say that with definite certainty after spending 5 days on board a cruise ship with a bunch of 'em.

Tickets available here: http://serenityscreeningvan.blogspot.com/

So hyped. :)

On another note - computer update... Harddrive's toast. *sigh* He can get my files off, though, so I've given him a list of a few folders I need. He's willing to sell me a used 100 gig harddrive for $80, which for an internal laptop harddrive isn't bad. Though I'm a bit iffy about the used part. Anyway, I'm at my parents' house right now, using Dad's computer to post this, check what's on my external harddrive (ie what do I have backed up...), and to look up laptop harddrives online. Will prob just go for the one he has, though, cuz it's pretty cheap and it'll be done within a day or so.

Anyway, Lost, SPN, and GA tonight! Woo hoo! I'll have Mom's laptop with me, [livejournal.com profile] bk635, so we should be able to do the LT... though her laptop doesn't always get the Internet very well (no idea why - mine was fine, and her's connects fine at other places).
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My computer died. AGAIN. Wtf, ya'll. *sighs* I can't get it to start up - it just stops at the Windows screen. Doesn't start in Safe Mode, either. Same as last time. Fuck me, I knew I should've dealt with that Trojan earlier... anyway, took it to the Bowen Tech Shop, and they're looking into it. He's going to try to get it working again without reformatting it, but he's not sure how likely it is. The majority of my files are backed up, both from the last time this happened and a small back-up I did a few weeks ago, but the one thing I can think of that isn't backed up is the coloured version of that Harry/Draco picture I posted last week that I've been working. I was this close to being finished it, and it was coming along really nicely. So... not happy. ;_; I don't want to pay to back up the entire harddrive for just that, so I may end up losing it. *cries*

Anyway, at work so this'll be short... just needed to post about it now cuz when I get home I'll have no computer. ;___; Least I have something to distract me tonight - Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is on tonight. *grin* Totally going to watch it, in prep for the new movie. I was GOING to work on the H/D picture while I watched, but... god forbid, maybe I'll have to amuse myself in front of the TV with a real sketchbook and pencil instead of a tablet and computer screen! *grin*

...this sucks. *sigh*
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Fucking piece of SHIT. Yup, def have a virus, methinks. [livejournal.com profile] bk635, think I'll take your suggestion and go to that forum after all. Mom and I were reading over my essay, when my computer went totally apeshit. I don't know if a button just got pressed down on my keyboard or something, but I hit every button that I thought could be doing it and it didn't help. My cursor kept selecting things and opening things and doing crazy shit. Needless to say, I flipped the fuck out and ran to Gmail to try to back up my essay (I've backed it up periodically, but not since I finished editing it this morning and possibly not since I wrote the conclusion last night). With some difficulty I managed to compose the mesage to myself and attach the file, but it wouldn't send. Ended up having to navigate to Mom's Shaw Webmail, with no small difficulty, and send it from there. Thank god, it worked. Restarted my computer, and it's working fine now. Didn't want to risk restarting it before I backed my paper up in case I couldn't get it back on. Anyway, it's safely on Dad's computer now, Mom's finishing looking over it (meep), and I'm going to print it soon. Thank fucking god; I'll be happy to see the end of this.
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Urgh, sometimes I hate it when companies release newer "better" versions of software when I liked the old one perfectly well and the new one is driving me nuts. Case in point: I had OpenCanvas 4.0 Plus on my computer before, and loved it. Went to download it again and had to download 4.5, the new version. Installed it, input my serial #, tried to use it, and it's pissing me off. I can't seem to get the same lines with it and the methods for changing brush sizes and stuff seem much more cumbersome. Maybe it's just me, I dunno.

*5 minutes later* Aha, victory. I had to go the less-than-legal route, but I have the old version now. Least I do still own the program properly and have a legal serial code and stuff. ^^; Had the same problem with Office 2003 - no way to legally download it now and input the serial code from the version I own, and I've lost the CD. If I ever find it I'll delete the illegal one and reinstall the legal one... could just upgrade to 2007, of course, but I don't want to go through the learning curve, particularly.

Wonder what's next on the list... *sigh* Working my way through my list of programs to re-install. Reading race in fandom meta whenever I get bored. XD Think I'll go have a bath or shower now... been in front of this computer virtually since I got home. o.o I missed you, baby. *hugs computer protectively*
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Using Mom's laptop right now, and god but it just feels good to be near a computer right now even if it's not mine. How sad is it that sitting here using this is genuinely making me feel better and more calm than I have since my computer died? XD I miss it. *cries* Hopefully it'll be ready tomorrow and I can pick it up when I get to the island tomorrow night, or else on Wednesday.

Saw The Spiderwick Chronicles tonight and enjoyed it. Should read the books... the movie was quite well done. I like Freddy Highmore - liked him both in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and in Finding Neverland. He's a good actor and a cute kid (can't believe he's 16 according to IMDB - I thought he was like 13 at the most.) PLUS, Indy 4 trailer in front of it! I'd seen it online already, but it looked awesome on the big screen... brought back memories of being 10 and a huge Raiders of the Lost Ark fan (oddly enough I've only seen the other two once or twice, and can't even remember the name of one of them... Temple of Doom and something else. I should go look it up. -_- *checks IMDB* Last Crusade, right.. can't remember a thing about it. But I remember Lost Ark very well. :) Loved the snake pit scene, probably in part because Mom hated it. A year or so ago I saw it on TV again and noticed that you can see the reflection of the cobra in the glass separating it from Harrison Ford. I don't care, it's still awesome. XD

Guess I should go to bed.. class tomorrow. woo hoo. -_- Then back up to Bowen, sit on my ass all evening (on the plus side, since my parents won't be there I can use their computers all evening), then work on Wednesday. Waaah. Nothing on TV Tuesday nights anymore, either, not til House comes back. And was v. sad to see the preview after T:tSSC tonight saying that next week is the season finale. Woe. Here's hoping it gets renewed... after next week, I'll only have Lost left until April, not counting Torchwood which isn't airing here (speaking of, anyone know when s2 starts in Canada? I'd like to rewatch 2.01... mmm James Marsters...)


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