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Oh man, I am still kinda freaking out about the news today... can't quite wrap my brain around it. I mean, I'd definitely thought there was a possibility he might come back for one of the movies, but I had tried to prepare myself for the possibility that he, you know. Actually did die. And I never imagined he would actually HEADLINE the new TV series. Especially after all the BS of 'oh yeah, they'll all be new characters, no one from the movies...' HAH. Joss Whedon is a lying liar who lies. Just like Nick Fury.

Anyway. I was at [personal profile] jedinic's place watching Teen Wolf (watched ep 4 and 5 - wow, 4 really was slashy! I am starting to understand where the Sterek is coming from...) when I read the news on my phone and we were both freaking out. Such an awesome day for fandom and life in general!

Course, all that fix-it Coulson Lives fic is going to be Jossed to hell and back, but... totally worth it. :)

And now, let's just take a minute to dream that Jeremy Renner could at least guest star in a few eps... they could have actual screentime together, guys! Crazy talk! They have over 1700 fics on AO3, what do they need screentime for? This is fandom! ;)

ALSO on this note, I am copying and pasting what I just commented to [personal profile] quettalinde:

I now have the perfect Halloween costume. Struck out at Value Village today on my Eleventh Doctor costume (all I actually have so far is... the fez. Which is my dad's, so that was easy to acquire!). Couldn't find the right jacket, though, and I left it so late I don't have much time now to keep hunting. SO. I just realized while having a bath that I have A. a black suit (sort of - they don't match and I might just buy a new one... never hurts to have more), B. sunglasses, C. short enough hair that I can probably slick it back and it will kind of work even though granted I am not a balding man, and D. a mini crochet Clint that I can carry around in my pocket. So now I just need a white shirt, a tie, and Captain America trading cards. And a SHIELD badge, which I can make. Woo!

It's gonna be awesome. I'm sad that the 11th Doctor fell through, but otoh everyone and their dog is cosplaying him these days. Coulson is easy and will be fun. Hoping to find some Captain America trading cards tomorrow at the local comic shop! I figure they may have some from the movie... barring that I guess I'll make some.

All in all? Good day. Catching up with [personal profile] jedinic was great since she's been away for over a month (also caught up last night while watching Avengers yet again with the gang down at La Fontana Caffe). Teen Wolf was delightfully slashy and ridiculous, and chatting about slash is always fun (esp at the Caffe, since basically no one else there is into it... they are all quite amused by my hobby of drawing gay porn, though. ^^).


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