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Continuing the Angel walk down memory lane today with my cousin.. watched, in fairly rapid succession, Waiting in the Wings, Couplet, Loyalty, Sleep Tight, and Forgiving. Oh the pain... watching those still rips my heart out a bit. It's been years since I was heavy into Angel, but this is making me nostalgic. This show meant more to me and broke my heart more than pretty much any show ever has, mainly because I probably never loved a fictional character like I did Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Supernatural is probably the closest, though I'm a bit burnt out on it now. (And of course Babylon 5, which will forever be the show of my heart). But yeah, Sleep Tight is still kinda not a great episode (I mean, it's pivotal, and Wes breaks my heart in it repeatedly, but the actual writing is a bit iffy. Too many plot devices), but Forgiving is damned fine. That last scene still gives me the shivers.

Also, today was the first time I'd seen Waiting in the Wings since I saw Firefly, and I watched Firefly in summer 2005. Holy shit. It was fun to see Summer. :) And seeing it reminded me that it actually is a very good episode, even if I hate the love triangle stuff and Wes/Fred. Then we went and watched that ridiculous deleted scene with Wes and Fred doing ballet and LOL I'd forgotten how amusing it is. Alexis is a giant dork.

Just gotta get through the last few eps of s3 (and wtf I don't even remember what happens in those eps, other than the obvious big things), then it's season 4 time! Even with the issues I had with parts of s4 (if you've seen it, you can probably guess), I am still super hyped because of Wes. And my AtS canon OTP (Angel/Wes was my AtS fanon OTP, and then I also had my canon OTP), which I shall not spoil here in case my cousin is reading this. ;) I'm so excited to see those eps again. Good times.

Was going through old Angel stuff on my computer and found the post 'Origin' ficlet I wrote. Lol it's kinda not that good, but it's not TOO awful. It's basically 2000+ words of Wes angst, and me dealing with the many many ~feelings~ I had after seeing that episode. I might post it here later. Maybe. I'm now poking through old LJ posts trying to find if I ever posted it or not. I checked my Angel tag but it only goes back to 2005, and I think I wrote this fairly soon after the ep aired in 2004.

So now I'm going back day by day just for kicks, and tagging some posts appropriately. I'm reliving my 2nd year at university, which is... odd. Lots of comments from my old close high school friends, none of whom I talk to anymore. Found my post celebrating my 19th birthday. Damn, where did the past 7 years go?? Mostly I'm just glad to be done with school and that time in my life. Reading posts about last-minute essay writing made me shudder.

Ok it's midnight now, so I should prob get to bed... so far this week isn't sucking like last week did. Last week really sucked at work. But this week's ok, and we have a new person who just started Monday so it's fun to have someone new to talk to in the office. No plans for tomorrow, then Thursday is NEW COMMUNITY EPISODE. WOOOOO. Then Friday is the Caffe as always, then not much in the way of weekend plans. Just a few more weeks until Pacificon, though, and I can't wait for that!

Dug out an old Wes icon for this post. Funny looking over my old Angel icons - I haven't seen them in ages. God this is all making me nostalgic.
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