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Got an interview on Monday! Yay! :) The job placement guy that I met with came through and contacted one of the companies I'm interested in (I actually applied to them last week, too) and they called today. They sell trips in Canada and Alaska, and according to their website they test your knowledge of Canadian and Alaskan geography during the first interview, so... gotta do some quick studying. My geographic knowledge of my own country is kind of pathetic, beyond the basics. Anyway, fingers crossed!

Also, I called that company that I interviewed with last week to ask for some feedback, and they said that they 'haven't found the right fit yet' and are going to re-post the job advertisement. Gah. They said that I did well on the questionnaire-from-hell, the interview, and the computer test, and that there's really nothing specific I could improve on. They're just 'picky' and want to make sure that they find the perfect fit the first time. Oi. *sigh* Oh well...
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Yoinked from [personal profile] hells_half_acre

Countries/provinces/states I've been to )

Anyway... in other news:

a. I appear to have a cold. It's really not that bad, just sniffles and generally feeling tired, but I am a pathetic wimp and thus spent most of yesterday and today so far doing absolutely nothing. I'm still wearing pyjamas... gotta get my ass up in a bit because if I feel up to it I promised Dad I'd help him move paintings (and really, getting out would do me good - the one time I got out yesterday, for an interview (more about that in a sec), I felt better), plus I'm heading over to [personal profile] flamebyrd's later to watch Slings & Arrows. :)

b. Never heard back from the company that I interviewed with last week. They said early this week, so... yeah, aside from being disappointed I'm rather peeved. Because really, it's just not professional to make someone jump through 3 separate hoops (after the initial cover letter/resume submsission), including a LONG questionnaire and two interviews, and then not give them the courtesy of calling to say "sorry, we've gone with someone else". Sigh. Will prob call them tomorrow to follow up, and also to ask for any feedback (I've read that it's good to do that - sometimes people even get another job with the company! But at least some feedback on what I could have done better)

c. I met with a 'placement specialist' for the tourism industry yesterday, and had a really good conversation. He was a nice guy and seemed confident that I'd eventually get something. He knows of a few companies that are hiring/may be hiring soon that he thinks would be a good fit for me. He's going to contact them then get back to me; hopefully this week because unfortunately he's going on a 3-week vacation starting Sunday... damn. Anyway, I wish I'd known about this guy's company earlier! Would have been nice if, say, my teacher at the college had mentioned his existence... I'm sure she must know of him.

d. And on a completely separate and shallow note, I am currently drawing a really quite filthy Fraser/RayK drawing. My inability to draw desks and correct perspective is thwarting me a bit, but it's getting there... it really is very dirty and will be hot as hell if I can get it right. ;)
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Almost there now... just checked in online. Got a bulkhead seat, so yay. :) 15+ hours, I bloody well want a bulkhead... I hate flying. ;_;

Anyway, tonight we had a goodbye party with all my co-workers. Mom wasn't feeling well so I ended up doing all the cooking, for 9 people. ^^ Oh well, it was okay... took bloody hours, though, I was exhausted by the end. o.o Good practice, at least, I guess. Anyway, we had a nice time - was great to see them all one last time. I'm going to miss everyone... they're so sweet. :) Bought me a nice purse/bag that can also fit my laptop, and stuffed it with various credit union paraphenalia, lol. Including deposit slips, which cracked me up. And a card which they all wrote in which made me cry because the co-worker I've worked with the longest called me one of the best so-workers he's ever had. *sniff* And the co-worker I've worked with second-longest said I was like a little sister to her. Awww... it's nice to be loved. :)

Better go to bed now. Am... so no where near packed. o.o Gotta get up early tomorrow morning and chuck everything in a suitcase, then take it all down to North Van and pack properly there. And do laundry somewhere along the way, in theory. Yikes. Don't leave til 11:45pm, though, so lots of time.
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Tomorrow's my last day of work... feels weird, leaving that place after having been there since we opened nearly 2 years ago. Wow. I'm excited and am ready to move on, but I'm also sad to be leaving all the awesome people I've gotten to know (both my co-workers and the members...). It's such a small community and such a small credit union (for a good chunk of the past 2 years we only had 3 people working there... we've been up to 5 the last few weeks as we've hired and trained my replacement, and when I leave they'll be down to 4), so I got to know the majority of our ~800-900 members. It's great working somewhere where you can greet most people by name as they come in, bring up their account right away (and hell, for some of them I even have their account numbers memorized), and do a withdrawal or whatever for them without any need to verify their identity or have them enter their card pin or whatever. I mean yeah, sure, there were inevitably a few people who I'd dread coming in, but most people were great. I've gotten lots of well wishes the last few weeks, and one of our board members brought me a balloon and a card yesterday. :) Aww.

Anyway, still have a party next week to say goodbye to my co-workers; they're coming to my house for dinner. Will be nice to see one co-worker one last time in particular, since he's the one that I've worked with from the start (the others all came in later, much though I like them) and he's been on vacation the last week and half, so my last day working with him was almost 2 weeks before my own last day (he gets back next week). I got all emotional saying goodbye to him before he left on vacation, lol, even though I'll see him again. For all the challenges of this job that first year (evil boss from hell, remember? ^^), we had a fun time together and, well, we faced the challenges together, at least. :)

Getting maudlin now, lol... next Saturday I leave. OMG. o.o People keep saying "oh, you must be so excited, you're going to have a wonderful time!" and I kinda grimace and say "sure, yeah... I hope... I'm also terrified..." Heh. I guess I'm excited. I'm nervous as heck. It still hasn't really sunk in. On some level, I... really don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I've never done anything like this before. But I think it'll be good. :) Just gotta get past the 15+ hour plane flight! And then have to meet people asap. And find a job. And a place to live. Eeep.

Off to watch Obama on Leno now, yay. Then bed. Then tomorrow... oughta be interesting, anyway. Gotta hand in my various company suits/shirts, my nametag (aww...), and my business cards (keeping a couple anyway, as souvenirs). Hopefully it won't be too busy, Friday's often are. ^^
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Whew, just left a pile of prompts over at Porn Battle VII... Always fun. :) Mostly pundit-themed, but with a dash of Tony Stark and Jack Harkness thrown in. And Rahm Emanuel. ;) And one Dark Knight prompt, just for kicks. They're here if anyone's interested. Dunno if I'll write anything this year; we'll have to see if I get inspired...

Tomorrow, exciting day: I'm going to TravelCUTS to officially register with Swap.ca to go on a working holiday to Australia. Yikes!! I know I haven't said much about it on here yet, other than a couple of obscure comments, so there you go... I'm going to Australia. ^__^ In March. For 6 months. I'm... excited, slightly terrified, wondering if I'm insane (I'm giving up one of the rare secure jobs left in the financial industry during a recession to go buggering off for 6 months??), but... yeah, I'm bored of my job and life in general right now, and it's time to do something like this and just go and work and travel and have a good time for awhile. Cuz heck, not going to be able to do it when I'm much older, with a career and a family and whatnot... anyway, I've already given notice at my job (yikes!!! Not leaving til mid-March, but in our small office I want to make sure they can hire someone new who we can train up a bit before I leave) and told my landlady that I'm moving out at the end of February (then will move back to parents' house for the last few weeks before I leave).

Anyway, I'm exhausted and it's past 12, so I'm off to bed. I'll no doubt be posting more about my plans over the next couple of months... promise to keep ya'll updated. :) (and if anyone's ever done anything like this, or been to Australia... now's the time to let me know. ^^ any advice??).
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*giggle* TOTAL dorkout moment at work a few minutes ago... a few today actually, heh. Most recent one: we got our new Sirius Satellite Radio today in the mail (we've had it for about a year, but it's stopped working properly so we ordered a new one). In it is the new channel guide. on the new channel guide is a picture of Anderson Cooper. In a purple shirt. I promptly started giggling insanely. My co-workers dont' know why, fortunately. XD God help me, this fandom is eating my brain. I looked over the channels and while we have several news stations, including 2 CNN ones and Fox News (which has the description "Fair and Balanced News". that made me laugh for a good few minutes, too), we don't have MSNBC so I can't listen to Keith. Woe. Figured if they aired it while the actual show aired live, then it'd be at 5pm our time, right as we're closing... not that I could really listen to it here without giving away my new obsession ^^

(the other dork-out moment today came a bit after 10 when our courier arrived bearing a big box full of stuffed "Buckley the Beaver"s which we're supposed to sell for charity (he's 2009's "credit union collectible" evidently). My co-worker arranged a bunch of them along the top of the filing cabinets, which was actually kidna creepy cuz it looked like they were going to attack us. XD Encded up taking most of them down and storing them in a box so they don't gather too much dust or get in the way, but there are still a few out... and I have one on my desk. :) Probably going to buy him, or ask Mom to get him for me for my b-day or Christmas. He's pretty adorable. :)

It's not as crazy quiet in here today as yesterday, so I haven't had a chance so far to write Keith/Anderson post-election porn, but oh well... maybe another time. ;) (as you can see, it's not that busy, either, based on this post... off to do some work now, though.)
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Just got home from Movie Under the Stars, which was a rousing success... I don't think I've mentioned it here yet, so for those that don't know, my credit union organized a screening of Horton Hears a Who on a big inflatable screen outside in a park on the island. :) Our head office did it last year, too, but this was the first year we did it down here. We've been working on it for monthes - well, mostly my co-worker, really, who's taken on most of the marketing and such for the branch and who corresponded with the marketing dep't at head office to get this organized.

Details under cut... )

Busy day, anyway. Afternoon I was helping Dad with an outdoor art show he was curating (for another artist, that is. Oh well. But he got paid, at least. ^^). Sat in the shade and directed traffic for a couple of hours... and read, cuz it wasn't especially busy. Also checked out the annual book sale down at the library - they had a VHS copy of the first Tim Burton Batman which I coveted, since I haven't seen it and I can't find it in any local video store, but had no cash on me at the time, and when I went back later it was gone. Boo. Big day on Bowen - at least 4-5 events going on the same day. o.o (Dad's show, our movie, the book sale, Bowfeast (the 'eat only food from within 100 miles' day, which I think on Bowen we try to reduce to just food from on the island. There was some kind of farmer's market set up for it beside the book sale)... it was crazy busy in the cove in the morning. And in the middle of it all, the power went out. Twice. On a beautifully sunny, wind-free, 30 degree heat day. Wtf. Had to write a cheque to the lady at the outdoor hot dog stand cuz I didn't have any cash and the ATM was offline. Heh.

Tomorrow, nothing planned. Whee. ^^ But next weekend is Bowfest, which is the Big Day on the island. I think I've gotten roped in to playing the mascot again for the parade, which I may agree to depending on the weather. If it's hot out, forget it. If they really want someone to do it, they're gonna find someone else... I'm also volunteering for Run for the Ferry, an annual race which happens the morning of Bowfest. I'm taking care of registrations... well, in part. And evidently running in it. Well, walking...

On another note, I have to get my fall TV schedule worked out. Need a list of premiere dates, and a weekly schedule. Gonna miss quite a few of the premieres since I'll be in Europe, though... woe.
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Yay, prelim schedule for Browncoat Cruise is up! Less than 1 week left, wow... o.o Getting pretty darned excited. Might go buy some more clothes this on Monday, I'm not sure.. I have one nice dress for the formal dinner, and the other dinners are semi-casual. Not really sure what I'm allowed to wear for those -_- Skirts and a nice top, I think. So I can probably do it with what I have, but... might be nice to get another dress or another nice top. Anyway, the schedule of events looks like fun - we've got a viewing of episodes/the BDM/whatever we feel like watching, a panel with the guests, a concert, some other stuff... In Cabo San Lucas there's an 'official' excursion (boat/bus trip around the peninsula) which I'm going on, and nothing planned for Ensenada so I need to figure that out.. either an excursion or I'll just find people to go wandering around the city with. Also looking forward to my first day in San Diego for some shopping with the American dollar. XD Bought $250 USD last week (for $233 CDN!), and am looking forward to buying some Christmas stuff and DVDs and whatnot.

Anyway... very quiet day at work today. Manager was back and complaining that the Christmas decorations hadn't been done yet. *eyeroll* Yes, because we were busy taking care of members. You know, those pesky people who keep coming in wanting money? -_- It's been a busy week, plus we have a ton of backlog in accounts to take care of, so I barely even thought about decorating even though I knew she'd sent an email asking it to be done soon. Plus, you know, it's only November 24th. Come on. -_- Anyways, upshot was that we spent all day decorating. Had a grand total of 6 transactions in the 4 hours I was there. Made a fair number of cut-out snowflakes, though. :) Managed to wrangle a $20 budget for buying decorations out of the manager (*eyeroll* again) and have been sent to go to Michaels to buy a wreath and stuff to decorate it with. For $20. Oookay. It was a nice day overall, though, I suppose.

Had a bad experience during my break though, heh. Went to local coffee shop to grab a snack, and the older guy who works there (who I chatted with previously and he'd seemed quite pleasant) saw my Outweek 25 pin and asked what it was. I didn't want to lie and frankly I don't see why I should be embarassed or anything to be wearing it, so I told him that it's from the pride week at UBC. "Pride week?" "Gay pride week. At UBC." "Gay pride? Hah! What about heterosexual pride??" I laughed this off a bit, told him that hey it's cool to be proud whatever you are, but then he started exclaiming loudly to all the other workers "Can you believe this! Gay pride week at UBC! Hah!" and then started talking about how it was being rammed down our throats, blah blah blah, "why can't straights have a pride week??". So I shrugged and said "well, heterosexuals don't need to fight for their rights." "Hah! Yes they do, the gays are taking over!" And okay, now I was getting a bit annoyed even if it had all been in (relatively) good fun at the start (when I thought he was just joking and wasn't really serious). I just said that I didn't want to argue about it, but he was still kinda pushing it. I can't remember what he said, but I responded with something to the effect of "well, it [homosexuality] is normal..." to which he replied "two guys together?? it's not normal!" and now I was pissed and said as politely as possible "well, I disagree. Good bye." and took my sausage roll and rasberry cream cheese croissant and left. :) (both were quite tasty, I might add, though I felt nauseous a bit later so I suspect the latter didn't agree with me, having had the sausage rolls plenty of times to no ill effect).

Anyway. So. Kinda pissed off about that, heh. We were just sorta joking at first, but when he said that it's not normal I got a bit angry. Stayed as polite as possible, and I didn't want to argue about it or discuss it in the least, but he kept pushing it. One of the girls behind the counter commented that everyone should just get along (when I said something to the effect of how anyone can be whatever they want and should be proud of it) and I laughed and agreed with her. It just annoyed me that he didn't seem to care that he was being ignorant and offensive. Mostly ignorant (the gays are taking over? seriously? that argument fails on every level. because evidently fighting for equal rights means taking over. *eyeroll*) I mean, as far as he knew I could be gay, and wouldn't it occur to him how hurtful it would be to say that to me? Considering that I was even wearing that pin, it could have been a fairly legitimate guess. Gah. I just don't get exposed to this kinda shit in real life enough... in online forums, sure, and in the news, but I just... don't talk to people who are like that. Is it bigoted to be anti-bigot? I'll respect someone if they do the same to me and to all people, but if they're saying that a part of the population doesn't deserve respect then... I mean, I still try to respect their opinion, but if their opinion is to be disrespectful and bigoted then it all just seems kind of ironic to me. -_-

(and granted, if he'd thought I was gay then he wouldn't have been entirely wrong.. or right... yeah, I'm still not too sure on that area. XD let's call me "bi-curious" or "open" for now, mmkay? Or if I decide that I'm ultimately completely straight, then I'm still hugely supportive so... there. :)

And on another note, btw, I'm in North Van right now. Will be until Monday evening or even Tuesday morning. Possibly going downtown Monday to meet [livejournal.com profile] bloody_sakura, but otherwise free. Let me know if any of you wants to do anything. :)
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Blaaah. Almost got out of work today, but no luck. Power was out on Bowen yesterday so we took off down to the mainland. Mom and I went downtown and did some shopping and saw "Death at a Funeral" which is hilarious, btw. Alan Tudyk is fantastic. :) Anyway, this morning Mom called BC Hydro and was told that Bowen was still off, so I figured "yay, no work!" but called the credit union just in case and dammit but my supervisor answered and told me that they have power and are open. Woe. So, off to the ferry in about half an hour... still not sure if it's off at home; if so, will just come back down to N Van (parents staying down here tonight anyway). It's okay being down here, I guess - least we have power. But it's kinda weird being in this house - so familiar, but it's not quite home anymore. Especially due to the piles of boxes in my room and the weird TV set shit in the living room. -_- It also smells.

*looks at clock* 40 min til I should leave... booored. Coulda slept in. :(


Oct. 29th, 2007 11:00 pm
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Have I mentioned yet how much I want a plush DRD for Christmas? Cause I do. To go with my plush Rygel and fill up more space on my already stuffy-filled bed. :) I think I'm slowly wearing my mother down. Success!

Anyway, I went to Park Royal today with [livejournal.com profile] rainbowpegacorn; closed my TD account since I obviously don't need it anymore (staff account at First Credit Union, ftw!) and bought a copy of Serenity Found, in part to read and in part to have Ron Glass and Johnathon Woodward sign. :) 1 month left! Flight is booked, and we're good to go.. getting excited!

Oh yeah, and I made my Grindledore t-shirt last night. It's awesome. XD Will wear it under my costume on Wednesday, and I don't care. Woot. It's not overtly slashy, anyway - I could just say that I liked the characters and the picture. So long as they don't see the Dumbledore "fabulous" picture on the back. XD XD

Also, finally saw Casino Royale last night. Parents didn't think much of it and kept comparing it unfavourably to the classic Bonds, but never having seen more than maybe one Bond movie I quite enjoyed it. ;) Took a bit to get into, but once the storyline became clear it was pretty entertaining. Lots of action and a hell of a lot of Daniel Craig smouldering sexily. Yum. Mom was all "I don't think he's that attractive" and I was all "are we watching the same movie? Look at that body! And the smoulder!"

Yes, I'm shallow. *hangs head*

Tomorrow, doctor's appt before work to ask about vaccinations for going to Mexico... will only be there 2 days and it's getting kinda late now, but I figured I should ask anyway. Then another dull day at work; on the plus side, there's a big bowl of candy on the counter which we are steadily working our way through even though it's for the members. ;p And Wednesday, Halloween! Excited about dressing up. Agreed to stay late after to hand out candy, although that amounts to spending an hour plus with possibly just my manager (co-worker is trick or treating with kids, supervisor is probably getting the hell out of there and off the island to go home and avoid staying late with said manager). And I can't imagine we'll see many kids; they all go to Deep Bay (next to Snug Cove) for trick or treating and fireworks. But whatever, I agreed and I guess it'll be fun... on the plus side, she's kinda into TV (her and her husband watched the new BSG on DVD and really liked it, so that's cool) so maybe I can spend the time convincing her to watch Firefly. XD XD

Heroes tonight was good. Noah Bennett is fucking badass. That's all I have to say. :)
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The new SVU spoilers... no actual spoilers here, just general reactions, but cutting just in case )

I like being lazy at work. XD Supervisor's on lunch in her office, and once again today it's only the two of us (manager still away, other teller on holiday). Incidentally - the big fuck up yesterday turned out to totally not be my fault at all, so yay! :) Wasn't any of our faults. What a relief...

Got a JD/Cox drawing to upload later - started sketching it randomly last night, coloured it at lunch today. Think it turned out pretty well; decent likenesses considering that they're anime-style. ;p I love this program.. OpenCanvas. Similar to the other program I was using - in fact, I think that program is a part of or based on OpenCanvas (they're basically the same, but OpenCanvas seems more comprehensive and better). I believe they're the same company or something... anyway, went ahead and bought it this morning because hell, the dollar is on par right now! Under, actually, because I took in some US cash today at work and the exchange rate was 0.978. I've never seen it UNDER par! Crazy. Good for buying stuff there, but shitty when one makes one's money from the US (like Mom does). Also bad for our tourism and film industries... it's kinda exciting, though (although maybe that's just me XD). First time I've ever seen it like this - doesn't seem like long ago that it was 1.60!

Anyway, better get back to work. Hope my supervisor can't see my scren from her office. *cough* I should... investigate that one day. XD


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