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Oh, and almost forgot... fun fun on Grey's Anatomy tonight, with slight spoiler )

Guess I should go to bed. Angel's over. Thoroughly enjoyed it. :) Good memories.. am going back through my archive tagging stuff for fun. Found a meme which I'm gonna do again, since it's been 2 years and I have lots of new fandoms. Gonna go for all new fandoms in this one, so it'll be no use looking through my tags for the original post. ;p

Favourite Characters Meme )
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Just watched the series finale of Veronica Mars... siigh. And it's over. Didn't really hit me until the episode ended then I started crying. ;__; I had my problems with season 3, but I still loved the show and I'll miss it. Last 2 eps were good, albeit inconclusive and pretty open-ended. Oh well... there's still some vague hope for something (by June 15 we're supposed to hear, evidently), but I'm not holding out much hope. And I've never liked the '4 year jump' idea. Maybe we'll get a Firefly-esque revival and get a movie... we can hope. Anyway, I'll miss it.

And duude. When I saw Kyle Secor's name in the credits I was like "I know that name, who is that??", looked it up on IMDB and went "ahh, Jake Kane", but it wasn't until after the episode that I scrolled down and saw that holy shit, of course, he was Bayliss on Homicide! Now feel like a complete idiot that I forgot his name considering that I watched quite a lot of Homicide in fall. Can't believe that's the same guy, now... I'd finished s1 and 2 of VM by the time I started watching Homicide and I never made the connection. He looks a lot older on VM. o.o According to IMDB he's 50, which I suppose fits - so he was 36 when Homicide started. Anyway, I geeked out a ridiculous amount and still can't quite believe it. Immediately went back and looked at him in the episode and now I can see it, but he still looks a lot different... haha. I have no life and I get ridiculously excited about shit like this. XD

Watching Supernatural now... such a good episode... gonna watch Pirates at 10, prob.
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Watching the Oscars and am bored... don't know many of the movies this year, so really it's just in the background while I fool around on the computer. It's dull yet oddly I can't stop watching...

Got back to school last night, and have done very little since... had a great week with my family in Halifax. Didn't do too much, though we did visit a farm which was cool. Other than that, just hung out and drew and talked. Was nice to be around people. ^^ Didn't do any work, of course... managed to read the play that we're starting this week in English, but that's about it.

HAHAHA, Snakes on a Plane reference at the Oscars. Most exciting thing to happen so far. XD That was awesome.

Now, back to boring awards for movies I haven't seen. XD I'm looking forward to the In Memorium part, actually, because I'm hoping that Andreas Katsulas will get a mention. Though he wasn't in the one at the Globes, which was disappointing.

Lesse, some random thoughts accumulated over the week (because I didn't like typing on my cousin's computer ^^)

- PB was awesome, it's increasingly becoming one of the only shows that I genuinely really look forward to every week. Getting frustrated with everything else, but PB is consistently exciting and entertaining.

- Heroes )

- didn't expect to get to watch SVU, because we were at my cousin's friend's farm that night, but after we'd finished watching our movie and the end of American Idol we were channel flipping (at 11pm, which is evidentally when SVU's on in the Maritimes) and lo and behold there was Meloni. Woo hoo. I want caps from that ep; there were a few awesome shots of him I noticed... haha, yeah, that's pretty much all I remember. Kinda 'wtf' about the reveal at the end, but don't care much.

-Lost )

- GA went exactly how I expected, but was generally enjoyable. Sandra Oh was fantastic, as usual. Nice to see JDM again (and kinda strange for me now that I've been watching SPN so am more used to him as John Winchester than as Denny these days... at the time I started watching SPN I didn't even realize that it was the same guy ^^). The end of the ep was good.

- just watched VM today, since the family doesn't get the CW.. was spoiled about it the other day, so already knew the main thing that happened, butVM spoilers )

- rewatching Oz season 1 )

- gotten some more pics done for [livejournal.com profile] fanart50, now up to 10/50 done. Yay! And several non Toby or Chris, which is great - got one Ryan, one Said, and one Adebisi. Plus, one of young!private school!Toby, which is cute. :) Will post soon.

- finished season 1 of Supernatural earlier today! Really enjoyed it, and have 2.01 downloaded so will watch tomorrow. Though I already know one of the main spoilers for it... :( Last 2 eps were really good. I love the interplay between Sam and Dean, the snark and the angst... don't really have any deep thoughts on it, but am enjoying it. And read a ridiculously hot Dean/Sawyer crossover fic the other day, heh. My feelings about Wincest are mixed, so going to hunt for more good crossover fic...

And.. that's it, I think. Oscars are still boring. Meh. But oddly entertaining, anyway... can't be too much left, maybe an hour? Not sure.

Orlando in a few days! Yay.


Jan. 31st, 2007 12:27 am
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Okay, drawing time! First off, Christmas card pictures. At last. They've been drawn for ages, but I only fully finished (ie inked and coloured) two of them hence the lack of cards being sent. Plus I'm lazy, hence the lack of posting them. So, without further ado...

1. PB - Michael and Lincoln - actually 2 separate pictures, but I put them together and tossed in the speech bubbles that I originally planned to use. These 2 are the only ones I actually completely finished...

Michael and Lincoln )

2. PB - T-Bag - not actually Christmas-y, just a regular picture. Well, kinda regular. XD

T-Bag )

3. VM - Veronica - also not Christmas-y. Originally planned to draw Logan, too, and put them together ala Michael and Lincoln, but the Logan drawing turned out crap and I never tried a second time. Oh well...

Veronica )

4. VM - Dick - haha, I like this one. XD

Dick )

And next up, a few more [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 pictures...

1. Prompt #24 "Not again" - Toby in season 6 ep5. Poor Toby. ;_;

Toby )

2. Prompt #25 "Not the end" - final scene in 4.12 "Cuts Like a Knife". Best scene ever... also, spoilery. I don't like how Toby came out in this...

Cuts Like a Knife )

3. Prompt #27 "Just a scratch" - Chris and Toby in 4.04 "Works of Mercy". Love this scene, too... this one's hand-drawn; the others are done on computer.

Chris & Toby )

Feedback always appreciated. :)


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