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What the heck, let's start this challenge and see if I remember to update the post...

2012 : 500 episodes in one year
As the title suggests this is a challenge to watch 500 episodes of TV shows in one year. The only rule is that if you watch a certain episode more than once in a year you can only list it again if you haven't already listed it for that month.

Rewatches are in blue.

For my sanity's sake, I'm not counting episodes of The Daily Show/Colbert Report... not sure if they'd count anyway. Just assume I'm watching most episodes of both every week. :)

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Lol I'm so lame tonight... I had a few possible parties to go to, but the truth is I just don't want to do anything at all. Feel kinda guilty and like I should go out, but I've been so lazy today and I don't feel like moving. Just wanna relax at home and watch TV. Guess I'll be ringing in the New Year with Anderson Cooper after all. ^^ I feel like this should disappoint me, but really, I had my New Year's party last night at Fontana's so I'm good with not doing anything tonight. Then tomorrow is the Wii Bowling Tournament at Fontana's, so that'll be fun. Don't need to do anything tonight, and I don't want to stay out too late anyway. If I could drive it might be different, but the thought of getting out and taking the buses and walking is just... ugh. Can't be bothered.

I did finish re-watching Sherlock, though. Yay! Can't wait until s2 tomorrow. The cliffhanger was actually a bit different then I remembered; guess I'd forgotten the details about almost 1.5 years. Didn't seem quite as evil as I thought it was, but that could just be because there's only 1 day left to wait and not an indeterminate amount of time.

Should do an obligatory end of year meme... how about this one.

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And why not, let's have another meme.

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Ok that's enough memes for 2011. Just over 3 hours until 2012! Most of the world has already beat us there... After us it's just Alaska, Hawaii, and a few other islands, I think. Well, Happy New Year everyone! Stay tuned for some fannish postings later, hopefully. DSSS reveals are up, so I'm going to post that, plus other stuff that I've been too lazy to post.
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Rewatched the first ep of Sherlock tonight via Netflix on my shiny new flatscreen TV (which btw I am somewhat torn about, because on the one hand DVDs and such look great, especially my shiny new Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-Ray set, but regular TV looks worse than I expected it would... I should probably upgrade to getting HD channels, but then I'd have to trade in my poor old beloved TiVo (damn the lack of new TiVo in Canada!) and get a shitty Shaw PVR. So, conflicted. But it's nice and big and shiny at least!).

Anyway. Right, Sherlock - am preparing myself for the upcoming second season premiere on Sunday by rewatching the first season, since it's been almost a year and a half since it first aired (wow!). It's neat watching it again having just seen the new movie, since it's fun to compare the two adaptations. So different in so many ways, but they both work. I mean yeah the movies are pretty silly, but they're fun and the characters are basically recognizable even if they differ from the originals quite a bit. I'm also making it my goal to read more of the originals - I've only ever read the first story collection (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes), and none of the novels. Dropped by the library last week and they only had Hound of the Baskervilles, which I picked up and finally got around to starting tonight. I forgot how funny the stories actually can be - I can definitely see where both new adaptations got various bits of characterization from, even as they changed the character as well.

Will probably re-watch eps 2 and 3 on Saturday and/or Sunday. Tomorrow night is Doctor Who Christmas special at Fontana's, woo! Already watched it the other day of course (very much enjoyed it!) but it'll be fun to watch with the gang.

Speaking of Christmas, it was great overall. Christmas ramblings )

ALSO, for my birthday my awesome Grandma made me this awesome Battlestar Galactica-inspired hat that I asked for since it's knitted and I only know crochet. Love it. :)

Anyway, on a random completely separate note (the actual reason I started this post, then I got side-tracked): meme time! Gacked from a few places.

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Ok, time for bed now...
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First things first: OMG GUYS THE HOBBIT TRAILER. OMFG. I have shivers! I watched it a couple of hours ago with my cousins and now they're in bed and I put in my headphones to watch again, this time in HD, and OMG SHIVERS. I can't believe this movie actually exists now, for real! And Martin Freeman, so perfect! I need to re-read The Hobbit; I don't know it that well compared to LotR... will wait until later the year probably so it'll be fresh in my mind. Otoh, maybe not the best idea, lol, because then I'll notice the changes more. ^^ Kinda want to re-read LotR, too; it's been awhile. I asked for the Blu-Ray extended edition for Christmas to go with my Blu-Ray player and soon-to-come-shiny-new-flatscreen-TV. Haven't seen the extended editions of TTT/RotK for YEARS. Think I only saw them each once. Seen the theatrical editions more often, between seeing them in theatres (4 times for RotK ^^) and coming across them on TV.

ALSO: FANEXPO IS COMING TO VANCOUVER. FUCK YES. Can't wait for the guest list to start being announced. It's about time we had a proper media convention up here.

And on a vaguely related note...

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(also, WTF? I just went to comment in a community and the comment area is totally different. When did this change???)
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White Collar season 3 tonight! Woooo! Just in time, because all my other American shows are over and DW just finished on Saturday. WC is all I'll have for awhile... well, until Torchwood starts in July. I'm psyched for this season. I'm not really spoiled at all, just some general stuff about whose backstory we're getting/what character-centric eps there will be, all info that was in interviews right after s2 ended. But that info's got me excited. :)

Other TV stuff: I'm finally watching Castle. Yeah, been meaning to for awhile. Am in season 2 - just watched the Halloween ep with the infamous Firefly shoutout last night. I'd seen that clip online already ages ago, but it was still hilarious. I'm really enjoying it so far, anyway. Nathan's entertaining as hell, and Beckett is awesome and sexy. :)

Other general stuff... went to see "Midnight in Paris" with mom last night, which was excellent. If you have at least some familiarity with early twentieth century writers/artists/etc then it's hysterical. I know enough to have recognized most of the references/people, at least to some extent. It's very well done and worth seeing. We went to a restaurant beforehand and watched the game over dinner. Had to leave for the theatre at the end of the 2nd period, but well. That was really all we needed, anyway, by that point. (they were losing 3-0 when we left, and then we walked to the theatre and I overheard someone say it was 4-0. Then I checked my phone partway into the movie and my jaw dropped because really? 8-1? That's just pathetic. I have co-workers who went to Rogers Arena last night to watch it on the big screens they have set up for the away games, and they said people were steadily leaving during the 3rd period.)

Oh well...we're still ahead in the series. It's fun watching how crazy Vancouver's become, anyway - like renaming anything that has 'Boston' in it to 'Vancouver'. XD I definitely did a double take when I first walked by the Boston Pizza near my apartment last week only to see the usual banner replaced with one where 'Boston' is crossed out and replaced with 'Vancouver'. ^^ Also when I went to Tim Hortons the other day and spent about a minute or so trying to figure out what a 'Vancouver Cream' donut was and why the name was in Canucks colours, before it clicked...

And okay, since the time I wrote most of this post, I took a break to eat dinner and then watch White Collar. Yay show is back! Anything more is spoilery, and I'm lazy. It'll be interesting to see where this season goes...
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Boo, I finished watching SGA tonight... am rather sad that it's over. I never got all that super into it, but I enjoyed it on the whole. It really is too bad it didn't get a season 6 and a movie evidently isn't happening, because I'm definitely intrigued to see what could happen next - it would have been a very different show in s6, I think, and it would have been interesting to watch. Sigh. :(

Anyway, with SGA finished I need a new show! [profile] cerulean_pulsar, who got me into and lent me SGA, is bound and determined to get me to watch SG-1 but I don't see that happening anytime soon. It's just... 10 freaking seasons. And I've never really had any interest in it, though I might watch someday. SGA I mostly wanted to watch because of the slash fandom, heh. And yet ironically, John/Rodney never really clicked for me. I like the characters (esp Rodney, because frankly John's not particularly interesting imo) and I like the pairing well enough, but not in an "OMG they're meant for each other OTP forever!" kind of way. I've read some fic and enjoyed it, but don't have much desire to read a lot more. Not like dS, where I'm still always on the prowl for good fic I haven't read. ^^

So. Other shows to watch. Next up is probably Castle, since I've only seen the first 3 eps and, you know. It's Nathan! On a network show that's lasted 3 seasons and is still going! I'm so proud of him... :) I also want to watch Fringe, so between the two that'll keep me busy for a lot of the summer. Want to be caught up on both, if I get into them, by September.

Any other recommendations for good shows to watch? Any genre/SF shows I absolutely must watch that I haven't? I feel like I've actually seen most of the major SF TV franchises now to at least some extent, with one rather glaring ommission... and while I would like to finally watch some Trek (because really, what kind of SF fan am I?) I don't even know where to start. o.o [profile] cerulean_pulsar thinks TNG or Voyager (his favourite) - any second opinions?

Oh, and there's always The Sentinal if I feel like getting my cheesy '90s slash fandoms on! I'd like to check it out at least a bit, out of curiousity if nothing else. I was reading a summary of the show last night because I really didn't know anything about it beyond the fact that evidently Jim and Blair are in love, and wow - yeah, it really does sound slashy. XD
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Gah, I haven't exactly posted much recently, have I? Between work (publisher stuff, haven't actually gotten a travel job yet) and my last few weeks at school I've been pretty busy. I suppose I should make a proper update post (short version: finished school last week, got a bunch of deadlines so am really busy with work, and am theoretically starting to apply to travel agencies/tour companies), but really I just wanted to post this...

Gemini 2010 Awards - Vote for the best Canadian TV show of the past 25 years

Mom sent it to me and told me to vote for Degrassi, because her oldest friend (who I've stayed with when I visited Toronto a couple of times) is a Supervising Producer on the show. Thank god you can vote for multiple shows, heh, because both Due South and Slings & Arrows are on the list and I'm all for supporting a friend, but.. I've never even seen an ep of the show. And truth be told, while it'd be nice if it won for her sake, I so very much want Due South to win. It deserves it, dammit! Actually, Slings & Arrows probably deserves it the most, but that's not going to happen...

Anyway, you can vote either with a Facebook account or by quickly registering, and you don't have to be Canadian. So go, vote. :) The winner will be announced at the Gemini Awards on November 13th. First time I'll ever actually WATCH the Gemini Awards, heh, or at least some of it.

Lesse, other stuff. My one line summary above pretty much sums up my RL stuff right now, so let's talk about the new TV season! So exciting! (no spoilers here, no worries, just very general comments) Chuck season 4 premiere last night (and did we ever expect to see that, really?? So many near-cancellations...), which was muchly entertaining. Series premieres of Hawaii Five-0 and The Event last night, both of which I generally enjoyed. My familiarity with Hawaii Five-0 mainly comes from vague recollections of my dad watching it when I was a kid, and watching an ep of it a couple of months back because he recently bought one of the DVD sets. So I have some prior conceptions of it, but could basically enjoy it on its own terms. I enjoyed it, anyway, it was lots of fun. The Event was intriguing enough, so I'll tune in next week and see...

Glee premiere tonight, which was generally entertaining. That's about it for my Tuesday nights, other than a few new shows I might check out. Looking forward to Thursday for The Big Bang Theory! And Community. My interest in 30 Rock/The Office is waning, but I'll still tune in... then Friday's the big one. ^__^ Can't believe season 6 is already here. Sometimes I can't quite believe that we even GOT to season 6, especially considering that season 5 was always meant to be the last one. I know a lot of people have had reservations about s6, but based on spoilers and trailers... I think it'll be pretty epically awesome.

Oh, and in not-really-related news, anyone got one grand they can give me to fly to DC at the end of October? XD XD God I want to go so bad... I can get pretty cheap airfare from Seattle (like, $340 inc. tax, albeit in USD, and the roundtrip bus ride to Seattle is only $100) and could share a room or get a cheap hostel or something, but.. I can't really justify it unless I get an actual job in the next few weeks. Not sure if I'll be getting more work from the publisher after I finish this stuff, so I can't risk it. Butbutbut... it'd be SO freaking cool to go. And I could see DC, since I've never been there. If I actually had a decent amount of money and time I could do a proper trip along the east coast, go to New York again and such, but that def won't happen. Still... wish I could go to DC for the rallies, at least. Oh well. I imagine they'll air clips on their shows, anyway. And I can read live Twitter feeds.. woo hoo...

Okay, suppose I should go to bed now. Up early tomorrow to... work some more. Yawn. And then [personal profile] quettalinde's birthday dinner in the evening, so yay!
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Dollhouse appeared in my TiVo's listings today and I just set up a season pass for it... been checking every day for the last few days for it. :) Just doing that makes me SO excited - Joss Whedon is BACK! WOO HOO! It's been coming up to 5 years since Angel ended... far too long with no new Joss on our televisions. :( Here's hoping it's good (I'm not too worried... first ep's getting mediocre-decent reviews, with comments like "a lot of potential", so I think once it hits its stride it'll be as good as the others. Both Buffy and Angel took awhile to hit their strides, after all.) Now we just have to hope that it survives. *crosses fingers*

Other things to be excited for: Heroes tonight!! Woo hoo!!!! *bounce* Trailers are freakin' me out, though... looks like it's going to be a dark Volume 4. Yikes. And I should probably go read a summary of the last ep, it's been about 2 monthes... Also: new Chuck tonight, and House's 100th ep! Wow... hard to believe. :)
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bleh, annoying day... not feeling that great, and I had to go get new glasses because mine broke on Wednesday (woe.). I've been holding them together with duct tape, but... anyway, long story short, I ended up having to get an eye exam late this afternoon to update my prescription, which was a pain in the butt. Have nice new glasses now, though, so yay. :) Still feeling kinda icky, though... sorry I couldn't make your party, [livejournal.com profile] garran - by the time I was done getting my glasses at about 5:30 I was kinda pooped and it was getting late... figured I would prob be missing dinner, anyway. Happy birthday, though!

Anyway, other than that... had lunch out then went to the North Van City Library which has moved to its new building since I was last there. I was running because I had to catch the bus to get to my eye appt at 4, but I managed to grab the two things I went for (Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns which I've been wanting to read because I know it's a classic and I want to read more Batman, and WOW they have an entire graphic novels section and it is pretty sweet - much better than at the Vancouver City Library, which you'd think would have a good selection... anyway, also picked up Anderson Cooper's book to read because dammit fakenews fandom is eating my BRAIN this past week and I'm slightly obsessed now. -_-) And trying to imagine the look on my mom's face if I told her I've been reading Anderson Cooper porn. XD XD Yeah. Could be funny, anyway... But yeah, this fandom is addicting. ^^ Though I've discovered, much to my disappointment, that I don't get MSNBC unless I get Shaw's Digital TV package, so I can't watch Keith Olbermann. :( :( Why get me addicted to a new fandom when I can't even watch the shows?? *pout* So yeah, I'm sad. On the plus side, Anderson was on Leno Thursday night and it was pretty entertaining (I LOL-ed when they were talking about that reality show that he's watching right now, and they showed a picture of his favourite girl on the show and Leno was all "I can see why you like her" (referring to her... assets), and Anderson so totally did not react or even really acknowledge it. So much for not openly admitting that he's gay, lol. Anyway. I was amused.). Oh, and Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show the same night? Pretty hilarious. He and Jon were fairly civil at first, then it totally devolved into a near-yelling match when they started talking politics. XD (also, he seriously honest to god thought that stuffed bear was a panda? Good god, what planet is this man living on?). Gotta say, I'm glad we don't get Fox News up here - that man is scary. o.o

...yeah, I'm obsessed. I'm a bad, bad person. I'm going to the Special Hell. ;) I haven't even watched half of my shows this past week because I was too busy reading fic (so on that note, don't tell me what happened on Supernatural!! Or PB, T:tSSC, or Grey's).


Christmas Wishlist )

Oh, and a completely separate and random request.. does anyone have a copy of/a link to the episode of The Colbert Report with Keith Olbermann as a guest? Can't find it anywhere... it aired March 14th, 2006 if that helps.
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Can I get a resounding FUCK YOU to FOX?

Thanks guys. ;)

Honestly, though... shitty news. Terminator was already on the verge of cancellation (though it did get a full order, so yay! Maybe it's in better shape than we thought), and this oughta push it over the edge. And, well... we all remember what happened LAST time a new Joss show premiered Friday nights. *sigh* Good luck, Dollhouse.
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*happy sigh* I'm getting to the end of Babylon 5 season 2, and yeah, I'd almost forgotten just how damned good this show can get. Just finished watching "The Long Twilight Struggle" and cried my way through the last 20 minutes. ;) (seriously, G'kar's "we will be free" line as he leaves the council chambers at the end... breaks my heart every time. And Londo's little cough in that same scene - foreshadowing ftw!) Also whimpered my way through "Confessions and Lamentations" and "Divided Loyalties" last night - "we'll meet again in the place where no shadows fall" gets me every time. I love those two... Next episode, "Comes the Inquisitor" - sweet. Always loved that episode. Some good J/D stuff, too. They're definitely one of my favourite canon pairings out there... not in an "I want to read fic" type of way, more of a "theirloveissoepic!" type of way (I feel similarly about J/A in Farscape, but for different reasons).

Anyway... almost up to s3! S3-early s4 is probably the absolute height of the series (I love the first 6 eps of s4; after that, when it moves to the Earth conflict storyline, I'm not as into it until the end of the season). I didn't go into this really expecting to rewatch the entire series, but... it just kinda happened. ;) Once I'm finished with it, and once school is over and the rest of this season of TV has returned and gone, I'm going to do some catch up. There's a place on the island that rents TV shows for $2/disc/week, and he's got quite a lot. Course, he's missing the stuff I really need now, like Scrubs s6... -_- Oh wells. But I'm thinking of renting Homicide: LotS from him (though he's missing s5, damn) and finishing that off. And maybe Arrested Development, which I've been vaguely meaning to watch for ages.

*peers through her 4 B5 icons and tries to decide which to use* I was split between my G'Kar icon and my Londo icon, both of which are so appropriate for the ep I just watched, but settled for G'Kar. They both broke my heart in that ep, though - I have so much kudos for that show for being able to make me cry for both the victim and the perpetrator, and for blurring those lines between them in so many ways. As sorry as I felt for G'Kar watching that ep, as I watch what Londo is doing and think of where his character will go... yeah, forget it, I'm gone. XD
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Using Mom's laptop right now, and god but it just feels good to be near a computer right now even if it's not mine. How sad is it that sitting here using this is genuinely making me feel better and more calm than I have since my computer died? XD I miss it. *cries* Hopefully it'll be ready tomorrow and I can pick it up when I get to the island tomorrow night, or else on Wednesday.

Saw The Spiderwick Chronicles tonight and enjoyed it. Should read the books... the movie was quite well done. I like Freddy Highmore - liked him both in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and in Finding Neverland. He's a good actor and a cute kid (can't believe he's 16 according to IMDB - I thought he was like 13 at the most.) PLUS, Indy 4 trailer in front of it! I'd seen it online already, but it looked awesome on the big screen... brought back memories of being 10 and a huge Raiders of the Lost Ark fan (oddly enough I've only seen the other two once or twice, and can't even remember the name of one of them... Temple of Doom and something else. I should go look it up. -_- *checks IMDB* Last Crusade, right.. can't remember a thing about it. But I remember Lost Ark very well. :) Loved the snake pit scene, probably in part because Mom hated it. A year or so ago I saw it on TV again and noticed that you can see the reflection of the cobra in the glass separating it from Harrison Ford. I don't care, it's still awesome. XD

Guess I should go to bed.. class tomorrow. woo hoo. -_- Then back up to Bowen, sit on my ass all evening (on the plus side, since my parents won't be there I can use their computers all evening), then work on Wednesday. Waaah. Nothing on TV Tuesday nights anymore, either, not til House comes back. And was v. sad to see the preview after T:tSSC tonight saying that next week is the season finale. Woe. Here's hoping it gets renewed... after next week, I'll only have Lost left until April, not counting Torchwood which isn't airing here (speaking of, anyone know when s2 starts in Canada? I'd like to rewatch 2.01... mmm James Marsters...)
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So... computer's been taken to a guy on the island who fixes computers; hopefully will be done by tomorrow... will probably cost ~$180. ;__; He'll have to backup my harddrive then reinstall Windows. Le sigh. So far now, using my iPod and my parents' computers to check email and such. On Dad's computer right now because it's too damned hard to write a long post on my iPod (I tried and gave up). Alternating between Oscars and FFXII right now; v. exciting... FFXII is on in the background level raising in the Nabreus Deadlands. I've got my gambits set up to pretty much automatically kill a ton of spawning skeletons; I just have to pop in occasionally and move the characters around to get more skeletons to spawn. Trying to get everyone up to level 60, then will go complete the hunts needed to open the bat-level-raising area of Henne Mines (already have 10 Espers). Oscars have been typically not that interesting, same old same old... yet oddly compelling and entertaining. ^^ I got a bit choked up seeing Heath's name in the 'In Memorium' segment.. sigh. Anyway, I really wish I could have a split screen for this - instead I'm just switching between the Oscars and my video input to check how my characters are doing and to poke them around. Up to a 500+ chain so far. :) And aaalmost level 60 for all - got my first 3 characters up to 60, and almost there for my second three.

Kinda bored, really... least the interesting awards are coming up. And soon as I hit level 60 for my lats 3 characters I'm saving. So sick of watching my characters level in this area. o.o Least I don't have to do much of anything; yay for the gambit system!
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I'm bored... the kind of bored where I can think of about 5 reasonably fun things to do and I don't feel like doing any of them, so I end up playing Solitaire on my computer instead. I know I have some comments to reply to, and I'll get to them... sometime when I'm feeling less lazy. ^^; I think I've finally settled on watching Oz and working on my Jack!Doll. Not sure why I feel like watching Oz; I suspect it's a reaction to watching T:tSSC last night and seeing Dean Winters again. I enjoy seeing him on my screen again on a semi-weekly basis, even if his character is kinda uninteresting. :) And yes, I've started up my Jack!Doll again (and James!Doll will be next, probably). I need something to do that doesn't involve TV or computer, and that actually uses my hands in some vaguely productive way. I started on Jack and James!Dolls last summer at the height of my Pirates of the Caribbean obsession, then dropped them when said obsession faded. But I'd already started Jack's face and I've got all the fabric for them both, so.. yeah. Almost finished Jack's eyes/nose/mouth, then have to try to sew yarn onto his face for his moustache and beard. o.o Then his hair, which will be... interesting. After that it's just his body and clothing, though, which isn't too hard. Then I get to put beads in his hair. XD

Okay, Oz now. It's been monthes since I last saw it; it'll be nice to see my boys again.. I miss them. :( *cuddles Toby and Chris dolls*
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Spent the evening watching Farscape with [livejournal.com profile] garran... 2.19-2.22, Liars Guns & Money pts 1-3 and Die Me Dichotomy. End of s2 are among my favourite eps in the series. Some brilliant stuff in those episodes, and some fantastic acting by Ben Browder (as usual). Spoilers only up to end of s2 )

I want to watch 3.1 now.. I'm blanking on how some of it went down, and I'd like to see it again. Fortunately I now own s2 and 3, so can watch anytime. ^__^ (okay, I had burned copies before, but now I own them legally. Yay!) I also want to watch the Die Me Dichotomy commentary with Ben, Claudia, and David Kemper. Since I own the DVDs now I want to enjoy all the extras. ^__^ And might re-watch "Won't Get Fooled Again" then watch the commentary for that, too. I'd like to do a semi-rewatch of s3, maybe... like, 3.1, 3.3-4 maaybe, 3.6, 3.8, 3.10-11, 3.14-15, 3.17... yeah. And then straight to the end of the season. Dammit, that's like the entire thing, isn't it? I was trying to think of the best eps, but they're almost all good lol. So much for "highlights of s3". ^^;; Anyway, not sure if I'll bother. I've seen them all several times, and not that long ago (last year) and I'm a bit Farscape-d out after tonight (is that blasphemy? But I've seen 2.19-21 quite a few times and I was starting to get a bit twitchy by halfway through 2.20 even though I enjoyed them overall). Anyway, for now I'm going to stick with rewatching Babylon 5, and rely on my memories and maybe some carefully chosen re-watches of FS for my paper. Which I'm still looking forward to - I got "Investigating Farscape" by Jes Battis (who, incidentally, teaches English at SFU! How cool is that? Makes me wish I could go take a class at SFU. If I had another year to go on my degree, I'd seriously consider it, but no point anymore) out of the library and have been greatly enjoying it. Total geek fest for my inner academic and TV fan. XD XD Yeah, I get a ridiculous amount of enjoyment out of reading about and discussing the gender politics and shit of Farscape and whatnot.

Anyways, speaking of Babylon 5 - I blasted through the end of s1 over the last couple of days and have watched the first 2 eps of s2... thoughts on end of s1/start of s2 of Babylon 5. inevitably will have spoilers for whole series )

Ramble ramble... okay, I'm done. :) Missed Prison Break and The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight, but they're both taped and ready to go. Will watch them tomorrow night at my grandparents' place most likely - off to class tomorrow. How exciting. (okay, I'm actually quite enjoying the class... and hopefully will get to finally talk to my prof tomorrow about my paper). Also planning to go to the library to pick up a couple of academic books on Seinfeld cause I'm a GEEK ya'll. But I was watching it last night and thinking that I've never read anything on the show, and am curious what has been said about it academically. So of course I set off online to see what was available, and found two books at UBC about it. Yays.

Better head to bed now.. tired. *yawn*
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Another reason i love living in Canada... I missed the premiere of The Sarah Connor Chronicles at 8 on Fox, but CTV is airing it at 9. :) Missed the first 5-10 minutes, but am enjoying it so far. Though I have a confession to make - I've never seen Terminator. I saw the 2nd one ages ago, in high school, but remember next to nothing. Yes, I fail at life. I know a few basics about the movie, but not enough to really understand the backstory to the show. Oh wells. ^^;

I love watching Summer Glau kick ass. XD Go Summer!

And DUDE, no one ever told me that Dean Winters would be in it! I bounced around like a little kid when I saw him. :) Took me a few moments to realize it was him - shorter hair, some stubble, and he looks older... but recognized his voice before I recognized his face. ^^ He's just a recurring character for now, but I think he's gonna be in a few eps at least. Yays.

Anyway, I may go hunt up a quick summary of the Terminator movies... or, you know, just watch them. ^^; This is quite good so far, has gotten good reviews, has a good cast, and is one of the only damned shows on TV right now so I might as well watch and enjoy it.

(speaking of, I watched the "Golden Globes" tonight... heh. Missed the first bit, but caught the last half an hour. I think it was, what, about 45 minutes long altogether? Very exciting. -__- On the other hand, it certainly went a lot faster than the normal awards, and without the boring bits. But I missed the glamour and the stars and the red carpet and the funny speeches.. yes, I am shallow and want to be entertained. XD)

Okay, off to watch the rest of the episode properly...
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I'm watching old music videos and getting nostalgic for various shows. First I'll watch an Oz vid and go "awww, Chris/Toby, I miss you boys and your sexy dysfunctional love...", then I'll watch a Farscape vid and go "wee, I can't wait until my DVDs get here so I can rewatch you and take notes for my essay on gender roles next term!", then I'll watch a Buffy/Angel vid and think "fuck I miss those shows a lot", then I'll watch my favourite B5 vid and think "oh my god that was a ridiculously good show, I should watch it again".

All of this has led to me being indecisive about what to watch right now (I feel like watching something I haven't seen in awhile). Which led me to making a post about how I'm indecisive, because I figure that's what Livejournal is for.

*ponders what to watch* I started rewatching Angel awhile ago, so I could watch ep2... or just skip to ep3, because it's better and has Spike in it. :) Cept now I randomly want to rewatch B5. I also started rewatching that last year, got to ep3... and was powerfully reminded of how much better the show was later. *sigh* Could skip ep4 and watch "Parliament of Dreams”, because that ep never gets old. :)

Oh, I also watched an old SV vid (Lex/Clark, back in the good ol’ days when they spent every episode staring longingly into each other’s eyes, and featuring various QaF clips with very obvious lightflares blocking out Brian and Justin’s faces. Amusing.) and it made me think that I should watch s7 over the impending TV hiatus. I mean hell, who knows when we’ll get new eps of anything, I might as well spend the time watching other stuff.

OH, and then I watched an oold Final Fantasy vid that made me nostalgic for like the entire series and made me want to replay various games.

And I still want to replay Xenogears. Better not watch that Xenogears vid I have on here. o.o

This is a pointless post. -_- I’m going to go have a cookie. And find something to watch.


Sep. 28th, 2007 11:05 pm
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Spoilers, I suppose. Really just general thoughts. )

Bets on how long this will last? Anyone? :) Some shows just deserve to be put out of their misery...

TV wrap up for the rest of the week, cause I've been lazy - no actual spoilers for anything, just very generalized reactions, but cutting anyway )

First part-time week at work, and I've gotta say it's nice getting off 3 hours early. :) Lack of being paid sucks, but getting off at 2:45 instead of 5:30? Pretty sweet. XD Oh well, I'll try to be productive and work on getting Mom's business going when I get home (haha, this hasn't happened yet...). Oh, I also started Taekwondo on the island! Lots of fun. But they start everyone off at white belt, it seems, so I'm a white belt again... which is really weird and kinda depressing. I miss my black belt with my name on it. :( Guess I'd better get practicing again. :)
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Only a few hours left until the red carpet! Then Emmys at 8! Oh yeah. :) Am kinda ridiculously excited, considering that as usual the things I wanted to be nominated weren't, and as usual the ones that I want to win won't. But oh well, I'm still looking forward to it. If anything, I like seeing all the actors... looking forward to seeing the Losties (for the small part of me that still cares), the Heroes cast, evidently Wentworth is there even though he and PB aren't nominated afaik, Hugh and the other House cast, of course, and lesse... various others. The FNL cast (finally got my FNL DVDs and am enjoying finally seeing the rest of the series). Wonder if Jared and Jensen will be there? Dunno if SPN got any nominations, probably not.

Anyway.. before that, I have to do some work for Mom, joy joy. Sigh. So what am I doing? Sitting on the couch watching Friends and posting on LJ. Productive, no?

Oh yeah, and I watched the first episode of Reaper - very entertaining. :) Adding it to my list of things to definitely check out this fall.

Also, here's a sketch of J.D I did last night. Getting very addicted to Scrubs... and J.D./Cox fic. *cough* Gonna try to draw Cox next.

Drawing under cut )
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[livejournal.com profile] bk635 - what time do you have class on Monday? I'm coming down for the day to go to a business lunch with Mom and some people she's hired to talk about her new business, and we can do something after if you are off class. If not, maybe next week... just wondering. :) Would come down tomorrow, but a. Emmy's are tomorrow night and I want to sit on my comfy couch and watch it on the nice TV, and b. Mom has a fitness class Monday morning and she's dragging me to it on the way to the ferry. Woe.

Incidentally, I watched the pilot of Pushing Daisies tonight, and wow but it's fantastic. Probably doomed to die a quick death, but here's hoping not. It's quirky, darkly humourous, beautifully shot, well acted, well written... also, created by Bryan Fuller who did Wonderfalls, and I can definitely see the influence. Also stars the guy from Wonderfalls. It's really really good, entertaining and weird and funny and bittersweet, and I really hope it survives. But it's pretty out-of-the-mainstream and I don't know if it'll survive. Anyway, Wednesday at 8 on ABC or Tuesday at 8 on CTV in Canada. Which is nice, because it doesn't conflict with any of my shows for once! Meanwhile, am also downloading both Reaper and Chuck to check them out, both of which unfortunately do conflict with my other shows, even with the multiple time slots thanks to being in Canada. Sigh.


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