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Linking this because of [livejournal.com profile] caesaria82's post - Keith Olberman's reaction to the passing of Prop 8 in California. Beautifully said, and he really gets to the core of the issue - why can't we just let people have a chance at happiness in life, and how does that happiness negatively affect the rest of us in any way? With a side dish of, what the fuck is this "sanctity of marriage" bullshit, anyway?

...And then she went and got me totally distracted with these pictures. Holyfuck how have I not seen those yet?? God bless John Barrowman... wonder what his husband thinks of him always making out with his co-stars at conventions? XD He's probably used to it, actually.


Apr. 4th, 2008 08:51 pm
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Torchwood 2.13 - spoilers like whoa )

So, another season of Torchwood over... where did the time go? I could've sworn it just started. Now we'll prob have to wait until next January for s3. *sigh* On the plus side - Doctor Who s4 starts tomorrow!! *bounce* Definitely excited for that.

I should go, like, study or something... but I'm too drained after that ep, don't feel up to studying. *sigh* In awhile, I guess.
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SQUEE. I love fandom, ya'll. Less than 15 minutes after finishing watching the last TW ep, and having just listened to JB singing "Save the Last Dance for Me", I wander over to [livejournal.com profile] jackxianto to see if any fic has been written based on that ep yet and find this. My brain promptly implodes from the irony of it all. ^^; Mostly I'm just still squeeing over Jack and Ianto... how'd this happen, anyway? Season 1 I could take or leave Ianto and I wasn't especially excited about Jack/Ianto beyond "yay canon slash!" Now I'm squeeing like mad every time the show so much as mentions their relationship. *happy sigh*


Mar. 5th, 2008 09:18 pm
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Torchwood 2.09 )

*giggle* I recently downloaded John Barrowman singing "Save the Last Dance for Me" and am listening to it for the first time. He's... not really the best singer, is he? But it's cute. XD
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Watched Torchwood partially on the bus and partially in the Student Union Building today, and daaaamn. I wish I could've been watching THAT scene at home because I wanted to squee SO hard. spoilers )
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Squeeee! First Torchwood s2 clip with that certain guest star in it! OMG so excited! Here's a hint why: this clip features that certain event from those screencaps I posted earlier. ^___^ Ooh yeah, good stuff.

Link to vid - spoilers (spoilers for that guest star in the url, too, so careful)

First day of class went fine. Had to lug a bunch of shit around campus all day because I'm staying at my grandparents' place tonight, so my back was killing me... went to the SUB for lunch (they're renovated Pie R Squared! And I think they take interac now!), renewed my student card and got my UPass, went to class, went to talk to prof during her office hours about my final paper (shaddup, I know it's ridiculously keener-ish of me), was annoyed when after 20 minutes of waiting until her office hours started she didn't show up so I left, then called her number, and talked to the other guy in her office who said that she didn't come in today because she didn't think anyone would come to her office hours. Wah. Then off to the bookstore for my textbook, then bus to grandparents' place. Now, bored. Using their computer, but I'd prefer to be using my own just out of principal... want my bookmarks and the shit I had up in Firefox earlier. But they don't have wireless here, so oh wells. Might even study tonight for something to do. ^^;

Class sounds interesting, anyway. It's "Gender Relations" for those that don't know, which is an area which interests me. Last class of my degree! How exciting. :) The term paper is also our final exam, which is nice because it's not due until April and there's no additional final exam. On the minus side, it's worth 40%. o.o But I picked up "Investigating Farscape" (new FS academic book) at Koerner Library while I was there, and soon as I get the okay from my prof I'm going to start properly researching my paper. Yaay. ^^
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Eeee!!! Check out what I received as my [livejournal.com profile] yuletart present! Dean and Sam as Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Commodore James Norrington! *squee* It's gorgeous and awesome and hot damn someone needs to write a fic like that. Whoever you are, mystery artist, thank you very much! (check out the likenesses, ya'll - amazing, aren't they?)


Anyays, I'm sitting here in North Van freezIng my ass off. We got down to North Van this afternoon to find that out that our furnace isn't working. *sigh* Hence, very cold. Mom and I took off to Metrotown for the afternoon to stay warm (and see Enchanted, which incidentally is very good), but now we're home and cold again. I'm sitting here in my coat and scarf and gloves. o.o The furnace people are supposed to be on their way, but who knows when they'll arrive? We may have to go up to Bowen again if they don't come, in which case I'll stay overnight at Grandma's place in West Van so I can get out to UBC tomorrow more easily.

Also, electronics are weird. I was in the car today waiting for the ferry and nothing on my portable harddrive would play properly. I freaked out, because I have 5 gigs worth of music videos on there that I really don't want to lose. Then I get home, and it's working fine. -_- And [livejournal.com profile] quettalinde, evidently that DW ep kept crashing because it was originally a corrupted file. -__- Sorry for all the stress in the car today. ^^ I get a bit.. overwrought when it comes to computers. But it's all fine now, though I'm going to back up my music videos and may buy a new harddrive because this one clearly has... issues. Or maybe that's just my computer. -_-

Oh, oh, and check it out! Screencaps from Torchwood s2 with a certain guest star doing a certain something that I was REALLY hoping would happen. I am excited, oh yes. :) (spoilers, obviously, though I think everyone knows about this guest star now and probably suspected this would happen)


My fingers are gonna fall off. ;_; But it's hard to type with gloves on..
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Okay, so I'm on my break right now and, as I have a tendency to do, I was contemplating the ways in which Captain Jack Sparrow is potentially codified as queer, which naturally led to me thinking that he's the kind of character that really does personify the concept of 'queer', rather than 'gay' or 'bisexual', which of course made me think that he reminded me of Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who/Torchwood, which naturally made me think that someone really desperately needs to write Jack/Jack now. Seriously, ya'll. This is an imperative. :) So now I'm sitting at work still on my break for the next five minutes, using the internet to search for Jack/Jack fic and WHY is there no Pirates of the Caribbean crossover community that I can find...? Anyway, I haven't come up with anything so far, but I will inform you all if I do. Because dude, how awesome would it be? Jack, pre-DW, travels to the Caribbean in the 18th century to pull some con or another, and ends up meeting up with Jack Sparrow. Hijinks ensue. And lots of sex.

If anyone feels inspired by this, please write. XD I might just have to go draw Jack Harkness as a pirate now... oh bugger.

(incidentally, speaking of Jack Harkness? The more I hear about a certain casting spoiler for Torchwood s2, the more ridiculously excited I get. This is gonna be AWESOME.)

In less happy news, my DVDs are not here yet. Woe.

*goes back to searching for fic in the 2 minutes she has left on her break*
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*watches Torchwood 1X13*

fake CGI monsters and boykissing! )
And it's over. ;_; When's series 2 airing??

In the meantime, I'm going to watch the new Doctor Who because I want the background info and I want to see Jack on it. Might pick up s1 from zip.ca...


Jan. 3rd, 2007 11:09 pm
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*just watched Torchwood 1X12*

adsfda;fdadskfjaf;kj;;11 *brain explodes*

spoilers and stuff )

Want to watch ep13... but it's the last of the season. ;_; Then I'll have to wait until prob September for new eps. I hope there's some Jack/Ianto stuff in the next episode...
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*just finished watching Torchwood 1X08* Oh hell yeah, canon boy-slash! I always thought that 'mouth-to-mouth resuscitation' scene a few eps back seemed more of a kiss than was strictly necessary to revive him. XD [livejournal.com profile] caesaria82, sorry I haven't written up my thoughts yet - got distracted with exams. But those are done and I'm almost caught up now, so going to jot down some random thoughts. Figured that the Jack/Ianto scene in 1.08 was a good excuse to come and squee. ;p I so very much want to know what they plan to do with that stopwatch now... haha. There's no way I can read that scene to mean anything other than officially canon slash, though I imagine some people are trying. I love how everyone on this show gets to indiscriminently have sex with people of both genders. :) I think everyone now has had something going on with someone of both the same and opposite gender.

More thoughts on Torchwood in general )

I want to go find some fic now... possibly Jack/Ianto, esp based on that scene. Woot.

That aside, I'm heading out to UBC today to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] rainbowpegacorn after her exam. Yay. :) I've hardly seen her since April, reall - saw her twice over the summer, I believe, and that's it. o.o Looking forward to hanging out on campus and eating Pie R Squared pizza. And hopefully bubble tea if it's open.


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