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Fuck me. I just saw a little spider on my wall, so I went looking for a glass to catch it in. Spotted an old glass (my Slytherin one I got from Nimbus 2003, in fact...) and went to grab it to catch said spider. Looked inside glass and was confronted with giant fucking spider. Freaked out, grabbed glass and ran into kitchen whimpering loudly, and gave it to my mom to dispose of. She said it was dead, but it still freaked me the fuck out. Didn't KNOW if it was dead, for one thing, so I kept expecting it to try to crawl out of the glass. And eat me. *ahem* Anyway, now I'm edgy and nervous to go to bed, because who knows what the fuck else is living in here? I haven't been in this house for monthes, at least not for longer than a few hours, and it's stuffed full of boxes. Part of me wants to move everything out and scour the room for creepy crawlies, but the larger part of me just can't deal. Cuz ew. I'd prefer not knowing, kthanx.

Yes, I'm a wuss. But I hate HATE spiders. Other bugs I hate but can kinda deal with. Spiders are the fucking crazy irrational terror. ewewew.

*goes to huddle in bed in horror*

(and speaking of horror, tso about tonight's SVU ep eh... lol. vague spoilers )Yeah. Anyway. What happened to this show? Whenever I catch s1 eps it's awesome (Dean! And Munch having lines! And characters snarking and talking like normal humans, almost like on Homicide which was after all somewhat connected to it. Good times.) Now I can't even watch it... enjoyed parts of last season, which was when I started watching it, and occasionally watch old eps, but frankly the novelty's worn off. Kinda bores me now. It is/was a good show, but Chris is the only real reason I'd want to bother watching now and it's not enough. Should really finish watching Homicide, though - bloody brilliant show, plus I do love Munch's character and he's so. much. more. interesting. on Homicide. On SVU he mostly just supplies the occasionally snarky comment. It makes me sad. *is now coveting Homicide* Maybe I'll watch some later. Fantastic show.
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The new SVU spoilers... no actual spoilers here, just general reactions, but cutting just in case )

I like being lazy at work. XD Supervisor's on lunch in her office, and once again today it's only the two of us (manager still away, other teller on holiday). Incidentally - the big fuck up yesterday turned out to totally not be my fault at all, so yay! :) Wasn't any of our faults. What a relief...

Got a JD/Cox drawing to upload later - started sketching it randomly last night, coloured it at lunch today. Think it turned out pretty well; decent likenesses considering that they're anime-style. ;p I love this program.. OpenCanvas. Similar to the other program I was using - in fact, I think that program is a part of or based on OpenCanvas (they're basically the same, but OpenCanvas seems more comprehensive and better). I believe they're the same company or something... anyway, went ahead and bought it this morning because hell, the dollar is on par right now! Under, actually, because I took in some US cash today at work and the exchange rate was 0.978. I've never seen it UNDER par! Crazy. Good for buying stuff there, but shitty when one makes one's money from the US (like Mom does). Also bad for our tourism and film industries... it's kinda exciting, though (although maybe that's just me XD). First time I've ever seen it like this - doesn't seem like long ago that it was 1.60!

Anyway, better get back to work. Hope my supervisor can't see my scren from her office. *cough* I should... investigate that one day. XD
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Aaand, the big art dump... lots of different fandoms. Take a look, see if any interest you. :)

links to art under cut )

Whew, done... this post took me 2 days. ^^; That's it for now, at least in the way of big posts. Some small stuff, mostly PB, coming soonish. Working on another Alex/Michael pic on the computer which I like okay other than Michael's face (that boy is HARD to draw, ya'll), and an Alex portrait (pencil) that I'm really quite pleased with so far.

For now, being v. lazy. Sitting here flipping between Chamber of Secrets on CBC and L&O: SVU on CTV. Was watching CoS until 10, then switched over to SVU... which I'll stick with for now thank you very much, since CoS is up to Aragog's lair and ewwwwww. Cannot handle that scene in the movie, it's hard enough in the book. o.o

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Watching the Oscars and am bored... don't know many of the movies this year, so really it's just in the background while I fool around on the computer. It's dull yet oddly I can't stop watching...

Got back to school last night, and have done very little since... had a great week with my family in Halifax. Didn't do too much, though we did visit a farm which was cool. Other than that, just hung out and drew and talked. Was nice to be around people. ^^ Didn't do any work, of course... managed to read the play that we're starting this week in English, but that's about it.

HAHAHA, Snakes on a Plane reference at the Oscars. Most exciting thing to happen so far. XD That was awesome.

Now, back to boring awards for movies I haven't seen. XD I'm looking forward to the In Memorium part, actually, because I'm hoping that Andreas Katsulas will get a mention. Though he wasn't in the one at the Globes, which was disappointing.

Lesse, some random thoughts accumulated over the week (because I didn't like typing on my cousin's computer ^^)

- PB was awesome, it's increasingly becoming one of the only shows that I genuinely really look forward to every week. Getting frustrated with everything else, but PB is consistently exciting and entertaining.

- Heroes )

- didn't expect to get to watch SVU, because we were at my cousin's friend's farm that night, but after we'd finished watching our movie and the end of American Idol we were channel flipping (at 11pm, which is evidentally when SVU's on in the Maritimes) and lo and behold there was Meloni. Woo hoo. I want caps from that ep; there were a few awesome shots of him I noticed... haha, yeah, that's pretty much all I remember. Kinda 'wtf' about the reveal at the end, but don't care much.

-Lost )

- GA went exactly how I expected, but was generally enjoyable. Sandra Oh was fantastic, as usual. Nice to see JDM again (and kinda strange for me now that I've been watching SPN so am more used to him as John Winchester than as Denny these days... at the time I started watching SPN I didn't even realize that it was the same guy ^^). The end of the ep was good.

- just watched VM today, since the family doesn't get the CW.. was spoiled about it the other day, so already knew the main thing that happened, butVM spoilers )

- rewatching Oz season 1 )

- gotten some more pics done for [livejournal.com profile] fanart50, now up to 10/50 done. Yay! And several non Toby or Chris, which is great - got one Ryan, one Said, and one Adebisi. Plus, one of young!private school!Toby, which is cute. :) Will post soon.

- finished season 1 of Supernatural earlier today! Really enjoyed it, and have 2.01 downloaded so will watch tomorrow. Though I already know one of the main spoilers for it... :( Last 2 eps were really good. I love the interplay between Sam and Dean, the snark and the angst... don't really have any deep thoughts on it, but am enjoying it. And read a ridiculously hot Dean/Sawyer crossover fic the other day, heh. My feelings about Wincest are mixed, so going to hunt for more good crossover fic...

And.. that's it, I think. Oscars are still boring. Meh. But oddly entertaining, anyway... can't be too much left, maybe an hour? Not sure.

Orlando in a few days! Yay.
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That just makes my day... I was excited about the show already since Tim Minear always does a great job, but Nathan Fillion starring in it makes it even better. This is awesome... before, there wasn't really any actors in it that I knew, and I was just watching because I know that Minear makes good shows, but this is awesome.

Plus, I have Internet back, yay! Our Internet and TV cable went down from the storm last night, and I've been twitching from withdrawal since. XD Also, I'm not working now because the power's off on Bowen (and will be for a day or two), so they can't keep the store open after it gets dark. So yay, I'm staying in North Van until Sunday night. If anyone wants to do anything tonight, let me know. Might make some calls tonight. :) Power seems fine around here; we've been to Brooksbank and Parkgate and it's on there. It's off on Lonsdale, though. Anyone else wake up last night from the wind? That was pretty crazy...

Not-so-good news is, I just heard that Law & Order: SVU might not be coming back next year, or at least they might replace Stabler and Benson. Dude. It's NBC's most-watched show in that slot, and most fans watch it because of those characters... I know I mainly watch it for Chris Meloni, as well as Munch (but he gets so much more screentime on Homicide that I mostly just watch that to see him). Meh. I'm not a particularly big fan so I'm not that upset (plus it's still a rumour), and I haven't seen many episodes so there's tons I could still see in reruns, but it's too bad. Plus side is that maybe Chris will get on a new show and play a different role for awhile. I'd like to see him do something really different; maybe even comedy - I saw a clip of him guest-starring in Scrubs and he was hilarious. Definitely has great comic ability and timing, and I'd like to see him use it more. He doesn't get muych straight-up comedy in SVU or Oz. ^^; Now we just have to make sure that Lee gets on the show once before it ends. XD


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