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Oh Misha, you amuse me...

Cut for spoilers for end of SPN s6 (but no spoilers for s7... )

Gotta love him!

Back to reading the rest of the live blog now...
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*flails wildly* 2 weeks until the finale, god help me. Needs to come quicker!

One non-spoilery note - I saw the scene that they were filming the day I went out to UBC to try to see them. ^^ Did a search online for pictures of the garden just to make sure, and yeah, that was it. Sweet. Wish I could have seen it, but still.

Also: Watched last night's Community earlier. Oh SHOW, I love you. Thank god it's been renewed! Only one ep left this season... I totally yelled when a certain guest star showed up - glad I wasn't spoiled for that. Aww, forgotten how much I love and miss him. I miss that show. :( And he's still oh so pretty.

(I really need another Cas icon, don't I...? This is all I have. ^^)

[personal profile] hells_half_acre - sorry I cancelled on you guys... I came home for a rest after work, and was just too tired and bleh-feeling to want to bus over to town again. Hope you had fun and enjoyed the episode!
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Yeah that's all. Heh. Just needed to get that out. XD
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I just realized that I totally forgot to post about the clip of tonight's SPN ep that came out a few days ago, that shows a scene filmed 5 minutes from where I live... and now the actual ep has aired. Heh. Nothin' spoilery here, just want to comment on how it's still always so weird to see places on TV that I go to regularly. You'd think I'd be used to it after having my house be a standing set on Men in Trees, not to mention seeing UBC in every show ever, but... this time it's one of my favourite shows, it's 5 minutes from me, I walk through there semi-frequently (including today), and I MISSED THE DAMNED FILMING. *sigh* Least I finally saw them film couple of weeks back? But still. ;_; And they must've been filming there for awhile, because there are several scenes on that street and on the stairs/in the little plaza area.

Oh, and my non-spoilery review otherwise? Good ep, I really enjoyed it. One of the better eps this season, imo.

Anyway, on another note - I'm going to the Stargate con in Vancouver tomorrow! Yeah, wtf, I know, I'm only at the start of s4 of SGA, haven't watched SG-1, and am not really that big of a fan. And I'm still reeling from watching the ep 'Sunday' on Monday night, even after learning that the character in question comes back. Still was a hell of a shock, and I'm glad I wasn't watching when it aired. ^^ But anyway, tomorrow is the Atlantis panel - Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, and Paul McGillion are doing a 2-hour panel together, which will be fun. Even though I'll no doubt get spoiled... oh well. Plus, [personal profile] jedinic and I decided to go in on the photo op with all three of them - it's only $89, plus $10 to order the .jpg then $10-20 or whatever to get a second copy printed somewhere. Total of around $60 each. Pretty damned good! Especially considering that Creation usually charges exhorbitant prices. (see also: the fucking location tours which made me actually angry because I hate that they charge $200 for a bus tour when anyone can go find the locations themselves... And then there's the J&J photo at the Supernatural con which is well over $200 this year. Christ. So $60 for all 3 of them? Hell yeah.)

So yeah, I'm looking forward to tomorrow - at the least, it'll just be fun to hang out with fans. And for the first time I'm actually going to a con WITH people, not by myself! Woo!
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So guess what? I FINALLY saw Supernatural filming today!! Finally, after all these years! And not just a few trucks and crew members milling about; I saw Jared, Jensen, Misha, and Jim all just 30-odd metres away! And Jim came up to us (it was a fairly large group, heh - the word had gotten out on Twitter) and chatted for a couple of minutes! So cool. [personal profile] jedinic got her PICTURE taken with Jim, lucky girl, when he had come over to chat with the group earlier, before I got off work. I hate her. XD Anyway, I met her and [personal profile] quettalinde after work and we hung around for a couple of hours, then went to get food. I wasn't feeling great (and also exhausted, geez - guess I'm still adjusting to fulltime work, and today was busy) so I took off while they went back to see the evening shooting (which according to the text I just got from [personal profile] jedinic wasn't much to write home about. Too bad... we knew the Impala was parked around there somewhere but we didnt' see it).

Anyway, I'm so happy to have finally properly seen it shooting! And on the 2nd to last day of shooting for this season, to boot. Imagine if god forbid the show gets cancelled - I will have seen one of the final shoots of the show! But let's hope not... season 6 may not be perfect, but I still want a season 7! We didn't catch more than glimpses of the boys and Misha (they were getting in and out of a van which I think was basically there for them to hang out in between takes), but I saw Jensen and Misha's faces anyway.. Jensen was wearing sunglasses at one point, very nice. ;) And saw the back of Jared's head several times, lol. It was cool to see Misha in costume - when you see him at a con he's just, you know, a regular guy in regular clothing - but in costume it's kind of like actually seeing Castiel. :) Jim hung out not that far away from us just playing on his cell phone for quite awhile, lol. The others ducked in and out pretty quickly, but he seemed happy to hang out in full view of us and also come over and chat, as I said. He was all, "don't you guys have anything better to do?" lol. Pretty funny.

I have no pictures because I stupidly didn't bring a camera (forgot to charge it, and anyway I kinda thought they wouldn't allow photos... but they were totally fine with it). But the others got photos so if they don't post them, then with their permission I might. :)
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Okay, so I've been meaning to post these for weeks.. better late than never, I guess! As most of you who know me IRL already know, I spent much of December making cross-stitched Christmas ornaments. I started off making these ornaments, then I started branching out and designing my own. It got rather addicting, heh.

Anyway, check them out behind the cut. Fandoms represented: Due South, Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

Under cut )

I'm planning to offer to make one for [profile] qldfloodauction, which is a pan-fandom effort to raise money to help those affected by the floods in Queensland, Australia. I'll link here when I've made the post, so if you have your eye set on one then look out... and I could be persuaded to design a new one, depending on how much is donated and whether I can design it effectively. ^^

And on a similar crafty note, I completed my first crochet plushie! A Tardis, based on this pattern. The lettering's pretty bad, but oh well, I like it anyway.

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Supernatural 5X04 )
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Misha Collins' latest tweets re: tomorrow's con...

I'm giving a PowerPoint presentation at a Vancouver event tomorrow discussing my treatise, "Anomic Vectors in the Postmodern Workforce."

Followed by...

It should be interesting. If attending, please bring a pen, a piece of black construction paper, & an egg for the mind-control experiment..

... I am so tempted to do the latter. XD XD Except that I don't want to carry a real egg around. Think a plastic one would suffice??

I'm so hyped for tomorrow - weeeee! Just gotta hope I have time in the morning to get tickets and that the lineup won't be too long. And that the day tickets won't sell out. Or Misha autograph tickets. *crosses fingers* Then I gotta hoof it down to Harbour Centre for the info session. Eek. ^^

*bounces around a bit* I feel so like a stereotypical fangirl right now, but... I don't even care. :)

Edit: Am reading replies on Twitter. I think a number of people are actually bringing a pen, black construction paper, and if possible an egg. I am amused. Also wondering if it's occurred to anyone else the potential messiness of carrying around a single egg...? Think I'll stick with plastic. XD XD

Edit 2: ROFL. I just asked parents if we have any construction paper. Dad: "I don't think so... well, I have some black construction paper." Me: "PERFECT." *dies laughing*

Edit 3: I just replied on Twitter for the first time to say that I found the black construction paper but that I suspect a real egg would be messy,and would a plastic egg suffice? Go me, I'm finally joining the Twitter revolution... have had an account for ages because I joined to enter a contest at www.thinkgeek.com last year, but never used it otherwise. ^^; If I get wireless at the con I'll try to tweet about it - oooh, exciting! ;)
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*looks at clock* *bites fingernails* 10 minutes until SPN finishes airing on the east coast... I am both excited and nervous to see it. ^^ Probably heading out this afternoon with my cousin and her friend, so I will wait until this evening to watch... if I can stand it, heh. Listened to Carry on Wayward Son awhile ago, and as I was listening to it realized that it was just after 9 EST and ergo that very song was likely playing at the exact same time over "the road so far" as the episode aired on the east coast of North America. Just that knowledge got my pumped, heh. :)

Well, in the meantime... it's also 10 minutes until Ellen airs here, and Anderson is a guest! Very excited, not sure what that says about me... heard he was taping an appearance on her show last week (it was on his facebook, heh) but wasn't sure when it was going to air until the Late Night TV Listings page was updated with him listed for today. Yay. :)

In other news, lesse... woke up yesterday with some killer tooth pain, freaked out, and went to the dentist. $130 and if I claim it with my travel insurance than I can't extend my insurance if I decide to stay longer... well, presume I could buy more monthes outright, but it would cost more. Gonna claim it anyway, prob, because I don't really expect to be staying longer than September. Never know, of course, but... anyway, lol, when I told the dentist that I had a root canal in the area that was hurting last year and admitted that I was probably being paranoid, he just looked at me and said "North America, right? Yup, you guys are always paranoid" or something to that effect. lol, felt kinda silly, but he was actually quite nice and in the end I'm glad I went because he realized I've been clenching or grinding my teeth at night and that's causing part of the pain (also the crown on the tooth that had the root canal was a bit loose). And evidently one of my other teeth is eventually going to need a root canal one day because I had a really deep filling there (also last summer - not a good summer for my teeth!) and the nerve is slowly dying or something... oh joy. XD Anyway, he said the clenching is stress related (wtf I don't feel that stressed... well, suppose I am a bit, being so far away from home, but I've mostly been relaxing and doing fuck-all) and to do relaxation exercises before bed. Which I'm supposed to be doing anyway to help calm my Tourettes, which I suspect isn't helping things because I seem to have developed a minor jaw-cracking twitch. Oh joy, again. *sigh* Anyway, it was still killing me last night, but was okay this morning... just started flaring up, though, and took some ibuprofan which seems to have helped. It comes and goes... grr.

Anyway... oh look, Ellen's started. :) I'm so happy I get to see at least one of my favourite celebrity guest appearances on TV rather than fucking around with Youtube or network websites (Letterman airs here too, so hopefully my host family has that channel so I can watch Stephen when he guests on TLS next week... but Leno doesn't, and much though I don't like him, Anderson was on last week and I had to watch it on NBC.com which was a pain because it involves using proxies. ^^).

Oooh, SPN finished airing... *bounce* Want to know if it was good, yet don't want spoilers! Not too much longer til I can watch it, hopefully...
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Just finished watching Supernatural. I... I don't even know what to say... spoilers )

Okay, feeling better now having rambled. ^^ Fantastic ep, and canNOT wait until next week. I broke down this week and d-loaded a larger version of the ep because I just couldn't wait until the 99mb one was out... suspect I'll be doing the same next week. Ugh, it costs me quite a bit of bandwidth to do so. ^^

*random amusement*: I just went to find an SPN icon for this post, and on the front page of LJ the current Writer's Block poll question is "What is your favourite urban legend?" I lol-ed, because fitting much? (and then I gave up on trying to find an icon, because I can't be bothered... I have one angsty-looking Dean icon, I'll use that.)

And now, food... it's almost 7pm and suddenly I'm starving. ^^ Frozen pizza time!
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*is listening to Carry On Wayward Son ridiculously loud on her ipod* OMG ya'll, it is ONE WEEK to the Supernatural finale! We're gonna here this song in the show again!!! I can't wait. :) I remember the first time I really took notice of it was in the 2nd season finale, though I assume it was in the first season finale as well. But that previously on for All Hell Breaks Loose pt2, oh my god... so good. :) I was almost crying in the previously on, just seeing Dean clutching Sam from the end of AHBLpt1 at the end of the recap with the chorus of that song bursting out.

I love how this song still so perfectly captures the show and both (hell, all 3...) of the Winchesters. Esp how this used to feel more like a Dean song to me, but now it's totally Sam as well, if not moreso. Oh Sammy, bb, what happened to you? :( Anyway. 2 more days until 2nd to last ep, and one more week to the finale! I am so freaking excited all of a sudden...

ALSO. I had the awesomest dream yesterday. I was watching what was evidently supposed to be the next episode of Supernatural, and Sam and Dean actually had sex. And I was SO excited because "omg canon Wincest, for real??? I can't believe they went there!!" And then like.. I don't really remember, but I think that was supposed to be in the past during a flashback, and in the present Sam was on some kind of boat and it blew up and Dean was freaking out poor bb. :( And at the end Dean was all emoting and sad and then he saw a rope tied into a noose hanging nearby (wtf I dunno) and it looked like he was contemplating suicide and I was all "OMG NO Dean bb, don't kill yourself just because your brother/boyfriend may have blown up!" and then the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

Or... something like that. It's a bit fuzzy now. I just remember them waking up in bed naked together and me being all "OMGYAY!!!!" lol.

(which reminds me, did I ever post on here that I once had a dream where I was watching an episode of The X-Files and Mulder and Krychek made out and I was all "OMGYAY CANON" then I was all "but wait, I never saw this episode... omg I missed the one episode of XF where Mulder and Krychek made out?? I fail!" Um. yeah. Anyway.)

OH. OMG I ALMOST FORGOT. Best thing ever happened today! Ya'll know how I lost the rahmbamarama header contest and was rather sad? WELL. They unveiled the new layout today and they included my Obama chibi in the sidebar! And one of the mods made an icon for herself out of the same drawing. I'm so chuffed, lol, it's awesome. :)

...yeah, I dunno why I'm so hyper right now. -_- It's quarter to midnight and I'm listening to SPN fanmixes loudly on my iPod and feeling bouncy and in an SPN mood. Can't wait for the last two eps, though sad the season's ending...
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Oh wow, I have to share this...

Supernatural picspam

It's a picspam from "No Rest for the Wicked", but no spoilers, just headshots of the boys. Her use of b&w/colour and lighting is incredible, each shot is utterly beautiful and powerful. I am duly impressed. :) (and rather jealous, cuz man I wish I knew how to do that! Though she did post a mini-tutorial in the comments and it seems easy enough, really just a matter of choosing good and high-quality caps and then doing a few things in Photoshop. 'Cept that always sounds easier than it is...). Anyway, highly recommend taking a look, it won't take more than a minute (though I spent the entirety of "Carry on Wayward Son" staring at them in awe and getting emotional. ^^)
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Watching SPN ep1 with my roommate right now... rented it from the library because she hasn't seen it and wants to. And is it just me, or do they sound TOTALLY different in the pilot? Like seriously, they both sound... odd. I'm this close to thinking they've been dubbed which makes no sense. -_- I guess it's them, their accents have just shifted over the years or something... they sound really weird, though. o.o Anyway, I haven't seen the ep since the first time, so it's been ages... got all sniffly at the beginning - awww, little Sammy! And little Dean! And "Take your brother and go, Dean" and Mary and John and... oh. ;_; good times.

EDIT: And GAH she is one of those people who TALK CONSTANTLY during TV, and her boyfriend came over and now they're chatting... okay, now they've quieted down and are actually paying attention... shouldn't annoy me I guess, but it drives me nuts when people don't pay attention during things they want to watch and then they ask what just happened. Mom does it ALL the time. It's like, fuck, just pay attention! /rant
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Mmm, just finished watching the latest ep of SPN... gotta give credit to them, they pulled it off beautifully. :)

Spoilers for SPN 4.19 )
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*yaaawn* So sleepy... was convinced to go out last night by a group of Canadians I met at the hostel, and we stayed out until about 4:30am. o.o Went to two bars/clubs where they proceeded to drink a lot and I proceeded to have half a Smirnoff Ice and and glass to Coke. Heh. First bar we went to had, for whatever reason, Angel playing on a big projecter screen. Came in and looked up at the screen, went "isn't that Eliza Dushku..?" then the opening credits started and I went "omgWTFawesome". fIt was downstairs and they all wanted to go upstairs where the dance floor was so I didn't get to see farther than a quarter of the way through the credits, but just from the brief glimpse of Faith at the start I knew it was 1.18 "Five by Five". LOL I rock. XD XD And frankly, while I enjoyed hanging out with them, and the dancing was kinda fun for awhile, I would have been much happier downstairs watching it, even without sound. Lol I fail at being social... well, I like to be social, but in a "bunch of people sitting around watching cult TV" rather than a "get plastered and dance to 4am'' sort of way. I was going to bail after the first bar (we were within a block of our hostel on the way to the next bar, so I almost made it, heh...) but was talked into coming along to the 2nd place and having just met these people I didn't want to seem like a total loser... even if I am. ;) Forced myself to have fun for awhile at the club we went to, but by 3-3:30 I... kinda wanted to kill myself from boredom. 'Cept I couldn't really tell them that because it'd seem rude. ^^ Feigned tiredness (not completely feigned, either) but they all still had tons of energy (and were drunk, which helps) and I didn't want to walk back to the hostel alone (it's only 5-10 minutes along a major street, but still...). Thought about taking a cab, but... I dunno, I was feeling awkward and it was too fucking loud in there to tell them, and I don't have the number for the local taxi service, and... yeah, I dunno. -_- Anyway, finally got out of there just before 4, which immediately put me in a better mood. ^^ went to get some fast food, then went back to the hostel and collapsed until 12pm. Am still sleepy. And just.. do not get the appeal of doing this, still. I know I should be getting out and being more social and everything while here, but christ aren't there other ways to do it?? I just don't get how dancing (well, jumping up and down to extremely loud music) is fun for that long at that hour in the morning. Guess I'm just not into dancing, though, really... not drinking doesn't help, but I don't plan to start. ^^

So yeah, that was my night. ^^ Have done fuck-all today. Daylight savings time ended here today, so I got an extra hour of sleep before the free pancakes started. Yay. And have proceeded to sit around all day doing very litter. Had a nap this afternoon while ago. Watched Supernatural online earlier at a painstaking speed (every few minutes (or seconds, sometimes) it would stop to buffer... gaaaaaaaaaaah). Everyone's been talking about this ep the last few days so I was wondering what exactly to expect, but I really enjoyed it. The beginning was pretty funny - bit silly and overly meta, but entertaining. And hee at the Wincest shoutout. Rest of the ep was excellent, too, lots of great drama. Good ep, with a nice mixture of drama and comedy.

(and this is, like, practically my only SPN icon... wtf. It rather fits, though.)
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Also: new default icon. My only Keith/Anderson one so far. :) Credit to [livejournal.com profile] litterthisheart.

I need to finish my contribution to the Pundit Kink Meme... gah, lazy. ^^ I've written most of it except for... the kink... which is kinda the point. -_- Oh well, I'm having fun reading all the entries so far, at least.

In other news - might end up going to that SPN convention in Sydney after all. I was complaining to my mother, of all people, about not being able to go and she just gave me this look and said "well, GO! That's why you're there, right? To have fun? Why are you even thinking about this?" LOL. (she also thinks that Jared is adorable, which helps). I've checked and can get discount flights for about $110 CDN return, so... yeah, might do it. :) Just for one of the days, though, cuz $150 a day?? Holy crap expensive. Then the autographs are $40 each... and the pictures are sold out. :( But might as well get autographs of both the boys. I'm still kinda torn, because it'd be about $500 for this one weekend excursion, but... it'd be a possible way to meet fellow fans, at least.

Anyways, off to watch Heroes now (yay for TiVo, cuz I fell asleep at about 8:30 and woke up an hour later... then had to take a shower to wake up fully. And am going to bed in about an hour, anyway. -_- Gotta stop taking evening naps...
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... The last minute of Supernatural during the credits has completely wiped out the rest of the episode for me. What happened again? XD XD Nah, j/k, it was a good episode. But that bonus scene? Fucking epic. I love that they included it in the ep rather than waiting for the DVD...
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Supernatural? Totally FTW. Hands down one of my favourite filler eps, even eps overall.. total blast, and a nice change of pace from the general angst of the season (not that I don't love that, too!). And an awesome female character, who I totally want to come back... Go SPN. :)
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Yay, I finished my [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest fic! Just under 3 hours before the deadline (aka 12am tonight. ^^;). I'm pretty happy with it. Couldn't think of a title but needed something, so this one'll do. If anyone has a better idea, please let me know - I'm utterly hopeless at titles.

Title: Four Years Later
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ria_oaks
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/characters: Sam, Dean, Sam/OMC
Rating: G
Disclaimer: None of the characters within belong to me, etc etc. They belong to Kripke and everyone else who owns the rights to Supernatural...
Prompt: 775. Supernatural: Sam, Dean, and John Winchester. AU where Sam leaves at 18 not just to attend university, but because he comes out as gay to his father. John has a hard time accepting it, they both say things they don't mean, and Sam leaves. Sam dates various boys at university, and Jessica is a man instead of a woman. 4 years later John is missing, Dean comes to get Sam, and 'Jessica' dies, just like in the series. To what extent has Dean come to terms with Sam's sexuality? How does Sam's sexuality affect their relationship now that they're on the road searching for their father? And if it gets to that point, what happens with John and Sam reunite? Can be Wincest, or just gen.
Summary: Four years ago Sam left to follow the man he loved to college. Now John is missing and Dean comes to get Sam, dredging up old memories and buried anger in them both.
Warnings: None, really.
Author's Notes: This is basically an AU parallel of the pilot episode, and hence some dialogue has been lifted from that episode. Not much, maybe 3-4 lines, but they're there. The majority of the dialogue I invented based on the assumption that different circumstances will have lead to different dialogue, but I kept a few assorted things. I take no credit for those lines. :) Also, looking back at the prompt I realize I kinda fudged it a bit, but in my defense I submitted the prompt to begin with... As I was writing, certain things shaped together differently than I expected them to.

Four Years Later (SPN, G-rated) )
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Wow, check it out - SPN/X-Files Dean/Krycek vid, with some pretty remarkable editing. She really makes the scenes work, as close to seamless as you can get. Impressive. And sexy. (still trying to work out what scenes she used for the sex scenes, and how she edited them together - it's hard to tell with Youtube quality, but they didn't look like clips from other shows (ie QaF).



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