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Well, it's over... yeah, old news now, I know, but I was lazy today and didn't get around to posting about it until now... I'm of two minds about the apology, but at least they did apologize and are now restoring the innocent journals ([livejournal.com profile] pornish_pixies is back up, as are several more). Here's a copy-paste of a comment I made in [livejournal.com profile] tsukishirou's journal that sums up my thoughts on the apology, with a few minor edits:

I'm glad they're finally respdoning to the situation, though I'm not overly satisfied with their apology. I'm glad that they apologized to the communities that got accidentally deleted and are now taking action to restore those comms, but they didn't address a number of the problems fans have had. Such as, why did it take them so long to make a statement to the fans yet they made several statements to the press? And why did they not delete the pedophile communities that were reported to them monthes ago, claiming that they could not do anything about it? And what, exactly, do they mean when they say that communities about underage sex/incest must be clearly opposeod to those? Do they mean just a comment in the profile that they don't support those in real life, or do they mean that all the discussion/fic must be actively against those while still writing about them...? It's quite vague.

I'm glad they're admitting they messed up, anyway. Though their claims that they did what they did not purely because of outside pressure but because the comms violated their TOS is a bit hard to take considering their earlier actions (re: not deleting reported pedo comms in the past). What was it about WFI that made them take action this time? Was it purely economic concerns, since WFI went after the advertisers? Or were they covering their legal asses, in spite of the fact that I believe the law states that they would not be held accountable for content in journals on their website?

Anyway, I hope they can somehow report the real pedophiles from the real comms to the police... so maybe something real and productive could have come out of all of this. Though I imagine that they really just pushed them farther underground...

So yeah, it's basically over now, I suppose. We'll see how things go in the future... drama aside, though, it did bring fandom together and there was lots of good discussion and legitimate anger. And some fun creative stuff came out of it, too (there's even a fanmix now!). Hell, it even had a THEME SONG. How many wanks have ever had a theme song...? The whole Pirates thing was a bit silly, perhaps, but hell, lots of us are all hyped up on Pirates 3 right now and the song did fit so it was suiting that it was used a rallying cry. "Hoist the colours high", yo ho. :)

Anyway, some Firefly-themed icons to commemorate the event, inspired by the "We Aim to Misbehave" icon that I'm using (made by [livejournal.com profile] _stolendreams_. Because fitting though the Pirates thing was, I think some of the classic Firefly quotes/phrases also fits quite well. :) May make more if the mood strikes...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Base made by [livejournal.com profile] originality. Please comment/credit if you take. Thanks! :)

One last thing - if anyone hasn't read this post, I suggest you do so. It's well written and powerful, from the PoV of a victim of sexual abuse. She brings up some very valid points about the whole issue, and I respect her courage in speaking about it.

Probably my last main post on the subject, though we'll see... good job fandom - all told, you came together and fought for what you believed in and managed to remain fairly civil and intelligent. We showed LJ that we won't sit back and take this kind of shit, and I'm proud of everyone. Viva fandom! *sends hugs out*

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Aaand, to cheer us all up... some Sparrington art! I'm tired of following all the wank and it's making my head explode, so I'm posting this then will probably lose myself in some nice porn (maybe INCESTUOUS UNDERAGE porn, snerk) then go to bed. Cause seriously. Sigh. I really don't have much more coherent to say about it, and many others have said it better. Certainly there are several sides to this and a number of issues to be taken into consideration, and it would be nice if LJ posted a proper statement about it. I'm not even sure who to blame anymore; ultimately I think the blame lies in part with WFI and in part with LJ Abuse. I get where LJ was coming from, to some extent, but it makes no sense that they went back on what they'd said in the past, essentially violated their own TOS, and gave in to the pressures of one vigilante group. Because THAT won't set a precedent... Plus, they're ultimately going to lose money since a lot of fans are ditching their paid accounts. Don't really know if it will make much difference in the long run (drop in the bucket of 13 million users...) but it's something, I suppose.

Anyway, right. Sparrington art. All G rated, though god knows I'm tempted to go draw some porn... maybe Wincesty porn, just out of principle. :)

Under the cut... )

G'night ya'll. Maybe things will have calmed down in the morning... (also - [livejournal.com profile] fandom_counts is over 20,000 now! Woo hoo!)
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Okay, I lied, one more post about <strike>Strikethrough</strike>'07... i drew a picture. Yes, I have no life. :) I was sitting on the couch drawing Sparrington art when I thought to myself, "I should really draw something to commemorate this event... because really, what's wank without something creative coming out of it?" There are lots of icons and banners already, even some fic (lol), but I thought this would be fun. :) Granted, Wincest comms haven't been targeted as far as I can tell, but it's the only fandom I have where I'm somewhat into a 'cest pairing, plus it's so well known, that I figured it was an appropriate subject. XD It's silly and not particularly well drawn, but I don't care. 'Twas just for fun. :) Viva fandom!

Under the cut... G rated, don't worry. XD )

Sparrington art coming later. I finally bought a new sketchbook today, yay! I've literally been using the last one for over a YEAR. There are pictures from the last Pirates movie in there... maybe I'll post them too. ^^; What can I say, I've gotten lazy with drawing... most of my drawings over the school year were done either on computer paper or in class... mostly in class, really. *cough* Some on notes, some as proper drawings on computer paper. Haven't gotten around to scanning them, might eventually... drew lots of Oz/Meloni pics this year, also some random other stuff. And probably some chibis.

Thought about f-locking this because zomg I drew a pic with incestuous overtones maybe my journal will get deleted! But decided to screw that. XD Want to post this around, and anyway I'm not exactly worried. Looks like the worst of the storm has passed over, at least.

Go fandom!

May. 30th, 2007 08:56 pm
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I keep telling myself that I'll stop obsessively following this and posting about it but... heh, who am I kidding. XD I've been following it on and off since last night, and it's pretty insane out there. [livejournal.com profile] fandom_count is up over 16,000 members, btw. Go fandom! And the relevant post over at the LJ news blog is over 100 pages, I hear. Daamn. The post about it on Fandom_Wank is at at least 17 pages, too... No communities I read have been shut down, but otu of principle I'm pissed off at the deletion of [livejournal.com profile] pornish_pixies. Never went there, as far as I can recall, but I know that it was a big and well-known HP fic comm and it got shut down solely because it allowed incest fic. Shit. That's utterly ridiculous...

Anyway, I'm sure many of you have been following it too and know all the gory details, so I probably won't say much more... it's certainly getting more and more complicated, and I wish LJ would step up and make a proper statement (afaik they haven't yet). Oh, and if anyone went to the Warriors for Innocence site, do a spyware/virus check on your computer because I hear their website has infected people's computers. o.o Haven't done when yet; if I catch anything I'll prob comment about it here.

Back to watching Monty Python and drawing Sparrington. :)
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Re: LJ Strikethrough '07 - if you're a member of fandom, head over to the link below and join the comm. They're almost at 10,000 members... nice. Hopefully this will make LJ sit up and take some notice. I'm sure there are a LOT more people in fandom with LJs who haven't joined, so spread the word around and get people to join. The more join, the more chance we have of LJ actually paying attention...


I've been following the Fandom_Wank post on it and wow... 16 pages, over 1000 comments. Overnight. This thing is spreading like wildfire...

In RL news - just had second interview at Credit Union. It went pretty well. They said I'd find out on Friday... *crosses finger*

EDIT: Holy crap.. since I joined the comm 5 minutes ago, I refreshed the page and over 200 more people have joined. o.o When fandom is pissed off, damn but they retaliate fast!


May. 29th, 2007 10:57 pm
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Question: Is there any vague chance that I might have lend any of you my copy of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and/or The Last Samurai at some point in the past? Because they've both disappeared, which makes no sense... They should be on top of my white cabinet in my room in North Van with the rest of the DVDs that I haven't taken up to Bowen, but they aren't. And I'm pissed off, particularly about Pirates. I wanted to watch it again. ;_; I don't remember lending them to anyone, but you never know... also thinking I MIGHT have lent them to my grandparents last summer, so will ask them too. Grr argh. *sighs*

House season finale was a giant 'meh'. It was okay, not great but not bad. I expected something more exciting from the season finale... anyway though, that's my last show to finish for the season. ;_; Though technically I haven't watched the SVU finale, so I suppose I have something else. Not really planning to watch it, though - read some reviews, got a general idea of what happened, really don't care...

Waaaaaah, Semagic just deleted something I wrote... grumblegrumble... rewriting now as best as I can recall. *kills computer*

Anyway, still planning to post my Pirates 3 review at some point and time... just lazy... also planning to post some AWE Norrington icons I made. They're kinda crappy (the quality of the screencaps was hardly stellar, considering where they're from... coughnocommentcough), and I suck at Photoshop, but whatever... I wanted some AWE-inspired James icons.  :) Chatted with a girl at work yesterday about the movie at length - we squeed together over Johnny, Orlando, and Jack. And Keira, heh. Because she is pretty damned gorgeous. :) We have some of those kids drawing pad things (what are they called... you know, they're like little screen things that you can draw on then wipe blank every time) so I drew Jack and James. Was fun, heh. ;) We also squeed loudly together over the upcoming Harry Potters (she thinks Snape is good too, ftw!) and discussed theories. Hee. Then today we discussed the House season finale (she even asked the manager if she could get off early to watch it... and he said yes. Lol.) and Prison Break and other TV/movie stuff. Good times.  :) It's nice having cool people to chat with at work, especially after about 2-3 because it gets really quiet in the afternoon, once the lunch rush is over but before dinner.

Still want that Credit Union job, though... second interview tomorrow. Wish me luck. o.o (I've never had a second interview before... meep. Most of my prior jobs pretty much hired me on the spot, because they were basically crap jobs. ^^;)

Not gonna go into detail about it all, since I'm sure a lot of you already know about it, but damn this whole Livejournal-suspending-fandom-journals thing is getting freaky and is pissing me off. I know it's not their fault; evidently they're being pressured by "outside sources" (aka morality crusaders...), but it's BS that innocent fans and communities are getting punished because they're incapable of hunting down ACTUAL pedophiles and criminals and therefore are just deleting anything that seems remotely suspicious. Christ. If ya'll haven't done so already, you might want to remove words like "incest", "rape", "shota", and even Wincest from your interests/userinfo. Hopefully this will pass over soon... and hopefully fandom will be left relatively intact, esp fandoms like SPN where 'cest is so prevalent. Meep.

*is tempted to go off and read Wincest just to spite them*

Computer's been giving me a headache recently... also been getting nauseous after eating quite a bit. Tis odd. And annoying. I hope I'm okay... usually I can use the computer for hours and feel fine, but the last few days it's been bothering me. Which sucks, cause I'm on a fic-reading kick right now (mostly Sparrington this weekend ^_^).


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