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I promised myself I wasn't going to make this, I really did... I already have two Ray Kowalski dolls, I don't need another. But after making the Eleventh Doctor and Mal, I just couldn't help but think - how cute would a RayK doll in this style be? Very cute. And I kept telling myself I wasn't making him, but then it just sort of... happened. And then he was done. And now I love him and he is verily cute and I probably need a new fandom, lol, because this is just sick.

Also? I am NOT making a big Fraser or RayV. Do not tempt me. If I make any indication that I'm about to make either... don't let me. :)

Big!RayK crochet doll under cut )

Also, because it amuses me...

Crochet Eleven VS Wind-up Dalek )

(also I'm finally getting around to watching the Glee Christmas ep and am partway through - wasn't there a bunch of controversy around this episode or something? So far am loving it, so I'm not sure why... unless something major happens later in the episode. The 'special' has just started and LOL so awesome. Oh Kurt & Blaine. <3)

(also just watched last night's TCR - oh Stephen and Jon, I love you both you giant nerds. It was awesome to see them together onscreen again - it seems to happen so rarely these days, especially since they no longer do the Tosses.)
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The Daily Show's lineup for next week...

Mo 2/21: Lisa Ling
Tu 2/22: Anderson Cooper
We 2/23: Donald Rumsfeld
Th 2/24: Austan Goolsbee

...fuck yeah. My inner pundit!fan is peeking out again. XD

Anyway, better prepare for my interview I guess. Leaving in a couple of hours b/c I'm doing an errand on the way. Panic hasn't set in quite yet, heh.

On the plus side, it's sunny out! For the first time the days! It actually snowed a bit last night, which made me go WTF because that's pretty uncommon in Vancouver by this time of year, but it was just a bit. There are still remnants on the grass outside in the shade, though.

Other fandom-wise - My idea for a DS art community kinda got put on hold, in part out of laziness and in part because I'm still not sure if I should bother. 2 people expressed interest, but that's it so far. ^^ But I still kinda think it'd be nice to have a place to keep everything together and organized. I wish we could archive everyone's older stuff on it too, so everything really would be together and tagged by pairing/character/etc for easy searching. May just ask people to post once with a link to their gallery/earlier art/whatever and then tag it with all the characters/etc represented and go forth from there. Or something. Possibly I'm overthinking this, but I've never started a community...
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Wow. So, Keith Olbermann was fired and/or resigned. I'm still kind of in shock and feeling sad... I haven't really been in the fandom for almost a year (and if this had happened last year I would have been really devastated), and I don't watch him regularly anymore, but still. It's hard to believe he won't be on my TV every night. Feels like the end of an era, both on the TV and in fandom. Even though I'm not really involved anymore... I do wonder how this will effect the fandom and what will happen next. A little part of me almost wants to write a Keith/Anderson shortfic taking place later tonight, for nostalgia's sake. And because having Anderson be all "I don't know him personally" on the air and then going home to Keith-his-lover amuses me muchly. Then there could be hurt-comfort sex. ^__^

*sigh* Damn, I miss that fandom... or rather, I miss being excited about it like I used to. Oh well, times change I guess. :) I do wonder what he's going to do now, esp considering that evidently his contract doesn't allow him to broadcast on TV for at least a little while (hopefully not the full 2 years left in his contract!). And I wonder what MSNBC will do with Countdown... rename it, give it a new host, or have a completely different show? Guess we'll see.

In the meantime, I'll miss ya Keef. Good times were had. :(

(on a more cheerful and current-fandom note, I've got the [community profile] ds_c6d_bigbang art challenge up and running and am muchly excited! We already have 3 pieces of art (okay, one is mine, but whatever), I've got another part-way done, yet another idea for a drawing, and much to my chagrin I spent a lot of today writing a fic for one of the pieces posted. Wtf self, you're supposed to be an artist, not a writer! But the idea got stuck in my head. Hopefully it won't suck. I think it's mildly amusing, anyway.)
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Only a few hours left, so I figure I'd better do a year in fandom meme before it's too late! :) Okay, so I'm a bit late after all. ^^ Started writing this last night, but then [personal profile] quettalinde arrived and I didn't get a chance to finish it. So, here we go...

Year in Fandom Meme )

In non-fannish news, I... kind of have a job? Except not really. Well, she did say she'd try to pay me... anyway, Mom called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to take over the marketing and search engine optimization of Dad's website, which we recently re-designed and re-launched (it desperately, desperately needed it!). The SEO alone is gonna take awhile, and I don't know much about marketing... so I'm reading up a lot. But it's good to learn all this stuff, in part because it'll be useful for other jobs, and in part because we really do need to get moving on selling and marketing his art. Because one day I'm going to have to deal with it all... it's frustrating, because he's an established artist who's been recognized by books and museums and has had lots of shows in Europe, and yet it's still very difficult to sell. I Googled 'selling art online' and got helpful advice such as "join Etsy or Deviantart!" um yeah. No. -_-

Anyway... Happy New Year! [personal profile] quettalinde and I had a nice, relaxing evening not going out and getting shitfaced. ;) Watched the 2nd ep of Farscape (I showed her the pilot awhile back), which isn't exactly one of the better episodes of the series though I actually don't mind it too much. I look forward to her reaching the later, awesome episodes. ^^ (speaking of, I watched the episode "Home" in SGA the other day (1X09 I think?), and wow did it have me flashing back to Farscape's "A Human Reaction". Seriously. It was also the first episode that I felt genuinely drawn into so far... likewise, that ep of Farscape (1X16) was the first that really made me sit up and go "shit, this is really really good". ) Anyway, we watched that, then Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade because she got all the movies for Christmas and I've only seen it, like, once (compared to Raiders, which I've seen countless times). Then watched Anderson ring in the new year, which brought back happy memories of pundit!fandom...

Oh, and DSSS reveals are up! I'll post mine here in a bit.

Let's use this icon, in memory of my time in pundit fandom and because watching AC last night still made me giggle and go "awww, Andy" at various points. Especially the glasses.
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And the rally starts! Ahh, still kinda wish I was there, but otoh... not crazy about big crowds and standing for hours. I like being able to watch it in the comfort of my own home and read people's thoughts online. :) The Comedy Central live stream is fantastic quality and YAY for it being available in Canada!

Gonna have to miss the end because I have my first swimming lesson at 12 (yeah, decided to take swimming lessons... I need some way to exercise that's low impact because my foot still bothers me a bit from that stress fracture I got in August, and also I kinda suck at swimming properly). But hopefully it'll be online to download after. I'm sure it will be, so I can watch the last half hour or so.

I wish they'd do a full pan-over of the crowd to see how big it is; but it looks pretty damned big.

In non-rally related news I have some good news that I totally forgot to mention the other day. I have an interview next Thursday! For an internship position at a small tour company that my teacher recommended I apply to. Internship's not ideal compared to full employment, but I can survive on the money I made this summer until the new year so it'd be okay for a short time. Hopefully it'll pay something! And at least it'd be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door and see how an actual travel company operates. They're very small and youth-oriented (backpacking trips to a few more 'exotic' locations like Bali and Thailand for 18-30 year olds), which appeals to me more than some big travel agency. Anyway, wish me luck. :)

Also, Halloween party with Vancouver sci-fi groups tonight! Woo! Going with [profile] cerulean_pulsar and [personal profile] jedinic, just sticking with my boring old Harry Potter costume most likely (but might go Slytherin this year...), but it should be fun!
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Gah, I haven't exactly posted much recently, have I? Between work (publisher stuff, haven't actually gotten a travel job yet) and my last few weeks at school I've been pretty busy. I suppose I should make a proper update post (short version: finished school last week, got a bunch of deadlines so am really busy with work, and am theoretically starting to apply to travel agencies/tour companies), but really I just wanted to post this...

Gemini 2010 Awards - Vote for the best Canadian TV show of the past 25 years

Mom sent it to me and told me to vote for Degrassi, because her oldest friend (who I've stayed with when I visited Toronto a couple of times) is a Supervising Producer on the show. Thank god you can vote for multiple shows, heh, because both Due South and Slings & Arrows are on the list and I'm all for supporting a friend, but.. I've never even seen an ep of the show. And truth be told, while it'd be nice if it won for her sake, I so very much want Due South to win. It deserves it, dammit! Actually, Slings & Arrows probably deserves it the most, but that's not going to happen...

Anyway, you can vote either with a Facebook account or by quickly registering, and you don't have to be Canadian. So go, vote. :) The winner will be announced at the Gemini Awards on November 13th. First time I'll ever actually WATCH the Gemini Awards, heh, or at least some of it.

Lesse, other stuff. My one line summary above pretty much sums up my RL stuff right now, so let's talk about the new TV season! So exciting! (no spoilers here, no worries, just very general comments) Chuck season 4 premiere last night (and did we ever expect to see that, really?? So many near-cancellations...), which was muchly entertaining. Series premieres of Hawaii Five-0 and The Event last night, both of which I generally enjoyed. My familiarity with Hawaii Five-0 mainly comes from vague recollections of my dad watching it when I was a kid, and watching an ep of it a couple of months back because he recently bought one of the DVD sets. So I have some prior conceptions of it, but could basically enjoy it on its own terms. I enjoyed it, anyway, it was lots of fun. The Event was intriguing enough, so I'll tune in next week and see...

Glee premiere tonight, which was generally entertaining. That's about it for my Tuesday nights, other than a few new shows I might check out. Looking forward to Thursday for The Big Bang Theory! And Community. My interest in 30 Rock/The Office is waning, but I'll still tune in... then Friday's the big one. ^__^ Can't believe season 6 is already here. Sometimes I can't quite believe that we even GOT to season 6, especially considering that season 5 was always meant to be the last one. I know a lot of people have had reservations about s6, but based on spoilers and trailers... I think it'll be pretty epically awesome.

Oh, and in not-really-related news, anyone got one grand they can give me to fly to DC at the end of October? XD XD God I want to go so bad... I can get pretty cheap airfare from Seattle (like, $340 inc. tax, albeit in USD, and the roundtrip bus ride to Seattle is only $100) and could share a room or get a cheap hostel or something, but.. I can't really justify it unless I get an actual job in the next few weeks. Not sure if I'll be getting more work from the publisher after I finish this stuff, so I can't risk it. Butbutbut... it'd be SO freaking cool to go. And I could see DC, since I've never been there. If I actually had a decent amount of money and time I could do a proper trip along the east coast, go to New York again and such, but that def won't happen. Still... wish I could go to DC for the rallies, at least. Oh well. I imagine they'll air clips on their shows, anyway. And I can read live Twitter feeds.. woo hoo...

Okay, suppose I should go to bed now. Up early tomorrow to... work some more. Yawn. And then [personal profile] quettalinde's birthday dinner in the evening, so yay!
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As promised earlier, I'm working on posting any recent drawings that I haven't posted here. I'm starting with a fakenews/pundits (with a dash of politics) post, then I'll do another post for the rest. Some of this has been posted to various communities or challenges and at least one has never seen the light of day. :) Enjoy!

Links to drawings under cut )

And that's it for now. More coming soon. I might post a few separately so they don't get lost in the mix...
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*is watching Anderson on Ellen* Oh god they are too precious. <3 And loved Anderson talking about trying to educate people about the use of gay slurs in schools and how it's still acceptable and allowable when racial slurs aren't... go Andy. :)

*pause for commercial break*

Okay, now they're playing 'last word' and he just won the first round and he actually jumped out of his chair. OMG. SO CUTE. Lol, he lost the second round though. Poor baby. I loved how in the first round, which was reality tv shows, Ellen said "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and he replied "amazing" because he didn't know how to play the game (he was supposed to name another reality show...). He's such a dork about his reality shows and his love of "Real Housewives", lol! XD XD And dude, he totally could have won the second round (tv hosts) if he'd remembered Jon or Stephen! Silly boy, you've been on both their shows...

Aww, another commercial break... hopefully we'll get some more of him?? I love his appearances on Ellen, they are so adorable and silly when they get together.

Show's back on and he's gone. Oh well, was fun while it lasted. :)
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*looks at clock* *bites fingernails* 10 minutes until SPN finishes airing on the east coast... I am both excited and nervous to see it. ^^ Probably heading out this afternoon with my cousin and her friend, so I will wait until this evening to watch... if I can stand it, heh. Listened to Carry on Wayward Son awhile ago, and as I was listening to it realized that it was just after 9 EST and ergo that very song was likely playing at the exact same time over "the road so far" as the episode aired on the east coast of North America. Just that knowledge got my pumped, heh. :)

Well, in the meantime... it's also 10 minutes until Ellen airs here, and Anderson is a guest! Very excited, not sure what that says about me... heard he was taping an appearance on her show last week (it was on his facebook, heh) but wasn't sure when it was going to air until the Late Night TV Listings page was updated with him listed for today. Yay. :)

In other news, lesse... woke up yesterday with some killer tooth pain, freaked out, and went to the dentist. $130 and if I claim it with my travel insurance than I can't extend my insurance if I decide to stay longer... well, presume I could buy more monthes outright, but it would cost more. Gonna claim it anyway, prob, because I don't really expect to be staying longer than September. Never know, of course, but... anyway, lol, when I told the dentist that I had a root canal in the area that was hurting last year and admitted that I was probably being paranoid, he just looked at me and said "North America, right? Yup, you guys are always paranoid" or something to that effect. lol, felt kinda silly, but he was actually quite nice and in the end I'm glad I went because he realized I've been clenching or grinding my teeth at night and that's causing part of the pain (also the crown on the tooth that had the root canal was a bit loose). And evidently one of my other teeth is eventually going to need a root canal one day because I had a really deep filling there (also last summer - not a good summer for my teeth!) and the nerve is slowly dying or something... oh joy. XD Anyway, he said the clenching is stress related (wtf I don't feel that stressed... well, suppose I am a bit, being so far away from home, but I've mostly been relaxing and doing fuck-all) and to do relaxation exercises before bed. Which I'm supposed to be doing anyway to help calm my Tourettes, which I suspect isn't helping things because I seem to have developed a minor jaw-cracking twitch. Oh joy, again. *sigh* Anyway, it was still killing me last night, but was okay this morning... just started flaring up, though, and took some ibuprofan which seems to have helped. It comes and goes... grr.

Anyway... oh look, Ellen's started. :) I'm so happy I get to see at least one of my favourite celebrity guest appearances on TV rather than fucking around with Youtube or network websites (Letterman airs here too, so hopefully my host family has that channel so I can watch Stephen when he guests on TLS next week... but Leno doesn't, and much though I don't like him, Anderson was on last week and I had to watch it on NBC.com which was a pain because it involves using proxies. ^^).

Oooh, SPN finished airing... *bounce* Want to know if it was good, yet don't want spoilers! Not too much longer til I can watch it, hopefully...
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Oh, and happy birthday to Mr. Colbert. :) The 13th is over here, but it's just starting where he is, so I'm not technically late. ;) Poor boy's gettin' old, lol, but at 45 he is still as sexy and awesome as ever...

Mini (this... might have gotten a bit a lot out of hand) picspam to commemorate the day - all mostly real!Stephen, because much though I enjoy the character... I think he looks much sexier out character. More like a normal person, lol, esp with the casual clothing, mussed hair, and occasional scruff. And I love his natural grin, it's gorgeous (and I love it even more when it comes in a the form of a character break mid-show...).

Picspam awaits - really not dial-up friendly! )

*collapses* Okay, and now it's after 1am and I am exhausted... I should never post "mini" picspams, they always get out of control. ^^
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*is listening to Carry On Wayward Son ridiculously loud on her ipod* OMG ya'll, it is ONE WEEK to the Supernatural finale! We're gonna here this song in the show again!!! I can't wait. :) I remember the first time I really took notice of it was in the 2nd season finale, though I assume it was in the first season finale as well. But that previously on for All Hell Breaks Loose pt2, oh my god... so good. :) I was almost crying in the previously on, just seeing Dean clutching Sam from the end of AHBLpt1 at the end of the recap with the chorus of that song bursting out.

I love how this song still so perfectly captures the show and both (hell, all 3...) of the Winchesters. Esp how this used to feel more like a Dean song to me, but now it's totally Sam as well, if not moreso. Oh Sammy, bb, what happened to you? :( Anyway. 2 more days until 2nd to last ep, and one more week to the finale! I am so freaking excited all of a sudden...

ALSO. I had the awesomest dream yesterday. I was watching what was evidently supposed to be the next episode of Supernatural, and Sam and Dean actually had sex. And I was SO excited because "omg canon Wincest, for real??? I can't believe they went there!!" And then like.. I don't really remember, but I think that was supposed to be in the past during a flashback, and in the present Sam was on some kind of boat and it blew up and Dean was freaking out poor bb. :( And at the end Dean was all emoting and sad and then he saw a rope tied into a noose hanging nearby (wtf I dunno) and it looked like he was contemplating suicide and I was all "OMG NO Dean bb, don't kill yourself just because your brother/boyfriend may have blown up!" and then the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

Or... something like that. It's a bit fuzzy now. I just remember them waking up in bed naked together and me being all "OMGYAY!!!!" lol.

(which reminds me, did I ever post on here that I once had a dream where I was watching an episode of The X-Files and Mulder and Krychek made out and I was all "OMGYAY CANON" then I was all "but wait, I never saw this episode... omg I missed the one episode of XF where Mulder and Krychek made out?? I fail!" Um. yeah. Anyway.)

OH. OMG I ALMOST FORGOT. Best thing ever happened today! Ya'll know how I lost the rahmbamarama header contest and was rather sad? WELL. They unveiled the new layout today and they included my Obama chibi in the sidebar! And one of the mods made an icon for herself out of the same drawing. I'm so chuffed, lol, it's awesome. :)

...yeah, I dunno why I'm so hyper right now. -_- It's quarter to midnight and I'm listening to SPN fanmixes loudly on my iPod and feeling bouncy and in an SPN mood. Can't wait for the last two eps, though sad the season's ending...
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Aaand, yup, I lost the contest. *le sigh* Oh well, the winning entry was awesome and better designed than mine, anyway. ^^ I need someone who knows something about design and Photoshop to do something cool with my drawings for next time. Anyway, I got 106 votes, so that's pretty awesome! (winner got 132). Still feeling pretty fuzzy and warm that so many people voted for me...

Also, the recent BriWi post of awesome at RBR (namely, this picture) has inspired me too to draw some noir/1920s-40s pundits... I may be third in the comm to do so, but I'm still enjoying it. ^^ Got Anderson mostly finished, and I think he's turned out well. Sketched him on paper then (since I don't have access to a scanner) I took a photo of it and transferred it to my computer. Then got to work tracing and outlining and finishing it on my computer... halfway through realized his head was too big, likely creepily so, and had to re-draw parts of it and his body... looks better now. Anyway, will post when done. I finished outlining him, now am struggling with the various items on his desk (phone, typewriter...). I kinda suck at drawing this sort of thing. o.o And while with the phone I've got a good reference photo off of Google Images, with the typewriter I'm just using the BriWi picture above as a reference (did a search on Google, but they're all from the front or side, not the back...). Gonna have to give up on making it particularly correct looking. ^^;

And in other, you know, real life news... Cousin arrived today safe and sound (22 hour flight, harsh!) and we met up for lunch and then hung out all afternoon and had dinner. So nice to see someone familiar and hang out with her. :) *hugs* Seeing her tomorrow, hopefully she's going to get a place to live in St. Kilda through the organization I used...

And now, if I can stay awake.. LOST!!! 100th ep! OMG so excited! And I'm kind of half-asleep and it's 12:30am, but but.. wanna watch! ^^;
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Still trailing by 19 votes... we're both progressing at about the same rate, so I probably won't win. ^^ Oh well, the other person's header is pretty awesome, so I can't really begrudge them. :) Just thought how cool it would be to have my art in a community header. Maybe next time. :)

On the plus side, a. I HAVE 96 votes, which is pretty cool in and of itself, and b. 2 people have called it "epic". Go me! *is proud*

Anyway, went to do some more work for that job I got through the guy on Bowen... have come to the decision (okay, it was never even a consideration, but still!) that I would rather shoot myself in the head than be an accountant. Holy FUCK, ya'll, it is frustrating and boring and blaaaaah. Does not help that I have no background in it (knowing how to take deposits and open bank accounts /= accounting knowledge of any sort...). So I was just kinda staring at binders full of papers, bank statements, inventory lists, sales records... trying to figure out what the hell the guy wants me to DO with it all, and trying not to let on too much to the woman here that I have NO FUCKING CLUE what I'm doing. ^^;; That was fun.

Well, I did my best at least, and hopefully they don't need any more... honest to god this entire thing kind of feels like a waste of time. *sigh*

On a more positive note... [livejournal.com profile] soliloloquyv arrives tomorrow!! She's coming in early in the day and will call once she's settled in, so I can come downtown to meet her. Very much looking forward to a familiar face. :) Oh, and can't recall if I posted about this already, but Mom might come down to visit for a few weeks after all. She initially decided not to because she didn't want to "cramp my style", and I told her that was ridiculous and to get down here already. ;) Well, if she can afford to, anyway, and if her work lets her...

And lol, speaking of family - Dad sent me an email this morning warning me about the swine flu. LOL that is so him, it made me laugh. ^^ Sweet though, I suppose - just typical dad worrying. Aww.
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*bites fingernails* Okay, the header contest at RBR is finally underway and there were only 3 entries, lol. And one was a joke entry with a close-up picture of the first dog/Bobama (which has still managed to get 29 votes so far, lol). The other one is pretty awesome, and I can't really complain if it wins... I keep wishing I could've done a better job on mine. *sigh* Lacking in design skills. Anyway, it's 94-76 for the other one so far and the voting closing tomorrow night, so we'll see!!

Here's the header I made, anyway:

Under cut )
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HEEE! Someone just posted the first chapter of a multi-chaptered already-finished 'Anderson is a superhero' fic! LOL. I'm so hyped to read this I can't help but rec it here even though I know no one here will care. ;) But, but.. he's like Batman! He's got a cape and a toolbelt with gadgets! And he's fighting crime! And snarking with Keith! This is gonna be so awesome... I love a good multi-chaptered action/romance fic. ^^

(and meep, I almost posted that in my travelblog then noticed that the icon was wrong. o.o Gotta be careful of that...)

(and speaking of icons, this is also an appropriate time to use my 'Save Anderson, save the world" icon. ^___^)
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Okay, I finished these ages ago and started this post like a month ago, but now I'm going to get off my ass and post it. :) I thought I'd posted or at least started posting about them but couldn't find anything, but I checked my saved Semagic files and sure enough there's a half-finished punditdoll post... ehehe. Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] fakenews_fanfic's Open Thread this weekend is a big free-for-all so I thought I'd post them there, and finish this post as well. And then post them to RBR (and speaking of, still no word on the header contest... ;_;).

Anyway, behold the pundit!dolls. :) They're much smaller than my normal ones (there's a couple of pictures in there of me holding them for comparison's sake); I liked the idea of making 4 quick little dolls rather than big ones (which are more of a production and are less portable. And somehow making small ones feels like less of a 'big deal' and therefore less totally insane. Course, it still took forever... and making them small was actually harder. *sigh* Oh well, they're cute and I love them. ^^)

So, the original idea behind them was to make them as simple as possible - black pants and white shirt for each, and then I'd draw something character-appropriate on their shirts, and put their last names on the back. Stephen and Keith were easy - for Stephen I went as over-the-top American as possible. Originally intended to just draw the American flag on his shirt, but ended up getting a bit carried away as you'll see. ^^ And Keith I knew it had to be baseball related, hence the Yankees jersey (also tied into the 'last name on the back of their shirt' thing). With Anderson I originally wanted to draw a cartoon fox, but.. yeah, that didn't work out. So I went with the tie, which I think is pretty cute. Jon was the hardest and his shirt stayed blank for several weeks as I finished the others (made him first). Thought about the logo of TDS, but since that's really just the name of the show it's kinda dull. Anyway, in the end I went with the Obama logo so it wouldn't be completely blank and because I got tired of trying to think of something better.

Anderdoll, Keithdoll, Jondoll, and Stephendoll, aka the doll!PRT )
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*squee* A girl just came to look at the flat (we have a free bed right now, in my room in fact...) and she's from Vancouver! And she decided to move in! Yay. :) I know, I'm supposed to be meeting people from other cultures around the world and learning from them, and I am doing that and I WANT to do that, but... it's still nice to meet someone from my hometown, ya'know?

And I just realized that it's 4:00 and I haven't had LUNCH yet. Wtf. Got up at 9:30 or so, but got embroiled in reading some very interesting and useful articles online about race/privilege/etc, thanks to a recent minor incident in one of my comms and an ensuing mod post about racial issues/etc. Finally got off my ass and read the oft-recommended "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" by Peggy McIntosh, which is considered to be one of the main writings on white privilege... definitely worth reading. But first off this should definitely be read by all. It's a bit of a more accessible/beginner's look at the issue than McIntosh's essay, good though that is, and should be read by, well... everyone, really. :) It certainly makes one take a step back and really think about things.

Anyway, brief foray into srs bzns there. ;) The POINT is, I looked up awhile later and realized it was 12:30 and I hadn't had a shower or breakfast. Proceeded to do so. Then watched an ep of The West Wing and finished drawing Anderson from [livejournal.com profile] peapods42's "The Man in Question" (AU where Anderson's a spy and he and James Bond (Daniel Craig version) have lots of hot sex. And, uh, other stuff happens. ^^). Will post it later. Also going to work on a Anderson/Bond drawing which she is convincing me to draw. ;) Anyway, after that... talked to Mom on Skype a bit, then finally turned off the computer and prepared to go to the library to use the free wireless to job search. What did I do instead? Cleaned out my dresser and reorganized all my stuff/papers/etc... well, it was a terrible mess. Read through some of the various brochures on tours/etc I'd picked up, read some job search stuff that IEP provided, then pulled out my computer to transfer some reference photos of Craig/Bond to my iPod so I can go have lunch and sit on the beach drawing or something. Then was interrupted by the girl coming to check out the place. Then decided to come post about it here. Which leads us to me sitting on my bed typing this up. :) OKAY, leaving now, for real. Getting hungry. o.o

Also noticed I don't have a tag for race issues, probably because I... never really talk about it. Have my gay rights and my politics tags and that's it. Most of the rest are fandom-related. o.o Fixing that now. Hopefully will have more to put under this tag eventually... I'm steadily trying to educate myself, as should we all, and have amassed a nice little pile of articles to read through later.
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*collapses* Finally sent in my submission for the RBR header contest. Christ, I've been obsessing over it for nearly two weeks now... so fucking glad to see it gone. I swear, I finished the drawings within like 2 days (and the sketches only took an evening), the rest of the time was spent moving them around and creating the title and changing the background colours obsessively. It's pretty simple looking in the end, because I'm shit at graphic design... I'm just hoping that the drawings (which I must say I'm very fond of) make up for the rest. ^^ And the letters are kinda nifty, I guess - did them as bubble letters. But not sure how much I really like them in the end... meeeh. DON'T CARE. Cannot look at it any longer. ^^

Anyway, I'll post it once the top 3 submissions have been posted to the comm, just in case (crosses fingers) mine's on the list. Omg that'd be so cool. :) Know what would be even cooler? IF I WIN. *ahem* This started as a lark, but my competitive side took over... I just wish I were better at design/compuer graphics so I could do something better with the drawings. Oh well. It's DONE, anyway.
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*eyeroll* Spoke too soon... I'm still being charged at the wrong rate for my bandwidth. Used 54 mb of bandwidth this afternoon i none session, which at the rate I'm supposed to have of $0.01667 per mb should be around $0.90. I was charged over $4. That is NOT ON, TELSTRA. -_- In retrospect, I should probably have waited until tomorrow to try downloading a large file - the woman at Telstra may have adjusted my balance, but my account may still be set up incorrectly and it may not be fixed until tomorrow. Though she never said, so who knows? I'll test it out tomorrow then call again if needed. Bleh. No Daily Show for me yet... :( More West Wing instead, I guess. ^^ And gotta finish my entry for the RBR header contest - it's due on the 20th. Yeah, I oughta be shot... should never get these thoughts into my head. Finished the drawings last week (in the end went for just Rahm and Obama - though about doing the pundits, too, but it would've gotten crowded...), but need to finish the wording (doing bubble letters... not very well, either, but hopefully it'll look decent) and then put it all together. I suck at design. ;_; I like the drawings I did, but putting them together into a good header? Ehehe. -_-
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Still not feeling 100% today, but getting there... went out and walked around for awhile, along the beach. Nice day out, sunny and warm. :) Went and set up a membership at the local video store because I wanted to find a movie or TV show to watch tonight while lazing around not feeling well. ^^ And I know I should absolutely not be getting into new TV shows while over here, but... damned White House fandom has corrupted me and after all these years I'm finally getting off my ass and watching The West Wing. Hey, at least then I can traumatize my mom, who's been a fan for years, by finding the most random slash pairing in the show and shipping it wildly. ;) (okay, probably not as traumatizing as if she knew about the Obama/Rahm porn out there, buuuut...) (geekily enough, my second choice was Entourage, in small part because I've been vaguely hearing about it and wanting to check it out for years, but mainly right now because I read this article earlier today about how it's one of Obama's favourite shows. Me, celebrity obsessed? Nah. ;)

And speaking of... how fucking hilarious and awesome is this survey for including in it the bolded questions below?

Every now and again, The Stranger takes a snapshot of the city's sex secrets with a totally anonymous survey. The new sex survey is up. (...) It includes questions about how often you have sex, how often you look at porn, what kinky things you've tried (snowballed? sexted? had sex with a homeless person? had sex while watching Anderson Cooper?), how much money it would take to get you to prostitute yourself, which members of the Obama Administration you'd invite to your Obama Administration orgy...

And yes, both bolded questions are indeed on the list. :) The latter gives a list to choose from. Hee. (there's also a question about which Palin family members you would sleep with. I ran away from that one. Eek.)

(I totally voted yes to the Andy Coop question even if it's not true, just cuz I want to give it more results. Heh.)

AND on another note! As I was writing this I noticed a link to a story on The Stranger about Vermont legalizing gay marraige! OMFG!!! Immediately ran to verify it because I'm paranoid that way.


Yaaay! And it's the first state where the legislature actually voted on it rather than it being a court decision, so they can't just overturn it! Yay! 2 states in 2 weeks, they're catching up to us. :) Awesome news. That link also lists several states which are getting close to similar rulings, so here's hoping!


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