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Apr. 16th, 2009 11:57 pm
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OOooh, nostalgia.. *sigh* We only get three channels working properly at the flat I'm staying in, but we do get one other channel that has working picture but no sound (it's just static), and evidently that channel airs Oz every Thursday night at 11. They were airing the s4 premiere tonight, and partway through I went online and got a transcript and started following along. Watched long enough to see the Chris/Toby scene ("Oz didn't make you a bitch. You were born one." OH SNAP, CHRIS) then turned it off, cuz I can't be bothered to watch the less interesting storylines with no sound. :) But oooh, I forgot how much I loved those two... just went and watched two of my favourite Oz music vids and OMG those two, seriously ya'll. They kill me. I swear I could wtach Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen make out forever. ^___^ And 4.01 has that great little shot where Chris grabs Toby's crotch in the middle of Em City, and Toby's all 'fuck off Chris, not right now' and Rebadow raises an eyebrow at them from where he's sitting in front of the TV then just kinda shakes his head. LOL. Good stuff. And god help me, now I've just gone and pulled out my external hard drive so I can watch some of my old Oz clips... most of which are Chris/Toby, so sue me. ;) *browses folder* Oooh I have the Chris Meloni on TDS clips! And one of JK Simmons on TDS! Saw them years ago, but I'm much more of a TDS/Jon Stewart fan now, so... off to rewatch...

EDIT: OMFG, I just watched one of the Chris the interviews and at the end Jon says "this is the most flirting I've ever done with a guest", then Chris is all "give me a call, we should get together" and Jon's all "I'd actually like that very much" and I'm all OMFG GUYZ. And this interview was from like 2000 or something, and Jon's all adorably young and still has dark hair. Hee. In fact, I think it's from the start of s4, because Chris mentions that he just shot the first episode and that in it he does "a lot of *bleep*-grabbing...and then I get shot", and considrering the crotch-grab and the fact that he does get shot at the end of the ep, I assume he meant this ep. Coincidence, no? :)

EDIT2: OMFG AGAIN. I'm watching the 2nd interview now, and within the first 2 minutes we've gotten Jon: "I'm sick to death of seeing your *bleep* on TV!" *audience cheers wildly* *Chris points to them* ""They aren't!", followed in a moment by Jon: "It must be cold on that set." *pause* Chris: "You bastard!" ROFL. Oh my. And now Chris is talking in detail about being naked on the show. And how he's been naked "6-7 times so far this season" (not sure what season, sitll 4 I think? They're talking about the infamous bucket peeing scene, which I THINK was in s4). And heh, they're out of time now and they didn't get to talk about SVU, so the entire thing was about Oz. ;) "*Chris tells audience when SVU airs* Jon: "And when will we next be seeing your penis again?"
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Finished my Porn Battle V fic! Enjoy. :) This is the full version; the version I posted to Porn Battle is shorter by necessity.

TItle: "Comfort"
Fandom: Oz/Supernatural
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Tobias Beecher; implied Wincest
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1860
Prompt word: Prag
Spoilers: End of season 2 of Supernatural, end of season 6 of Oz
Author's notes: When I saw this prompt I knew I had to do something with it... originally thought a drawing, of course, but then while lying in bed last night at 12am I started writing this in my head and... yeah. That's how I ended up staying up to 1:30am last night writing, and consequently fell asleep for 2 hours this afternoon when I got home from work. :) But I was intrigued by the concept of Dean as a prag in Oz, and picked Beecher as his 'master'. Wanted to give some indication of Beecher post-s6, doing what he needs to survive but also maybe some part of him is still a good person and he wants to help Dean as best he knows how. Clearly, sex ensues. ^__^

Comfort , SPN/Oz, Dean/Beecher, NC-17 )
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Shiiit, it's almost 1:30am and I'm still writing... and having a blast of it. :) Though it's overly long and i'm not at the porn yet. Might have to just go with the flow and let it be as long as it wants, then just post the porn part to the challenge (it can only be the length of a comment, and has to be primarily porn). But fuck, I'm no good at writing porn. o.o Should go to beeeed...
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Goddamned plot bunnies hitting me at 12:30am when I have to work tomorrow at 9... I was checking out the prompts for Porn Battle V and came across this one: "Oz/Supernatural, Dean/Any, lockdown, life, freedom, prag" So now of course my mind is filled with thoughts of Dean in Oz striking up an arrangement with Beecher to be a prag to protect him cause face it, he's young and pretty and has ridiculously girly lips. He'd be pragged in an instant by someone a lot more dangerous and cruel than Toby if he didn't get protection right away. Originally I was going to do something artsy, but hell there are only 2 days left for the challege and as I was lying here I found myself writing it in my head. So. Off to write as much as I can before I collapse. We'll see if it's any good. :) (sounds great in my head, lol)
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Oh, and almost forgot... fun fun on Grey's Anatomy tonight, with slight spoiler )

Guess I should go to bed. Angel's over. Thoroughly enjoyed it. :) Good memories.. am going back through my archive tagging stuff for fun. Found a meme which I'm gonna do again, since it's been 2 years and I have lots of new fandoms. Gonna go for all new fandoms in this one, so it'll be no use looking through my tags for the original post. ;p

Favourite Characters Meme )
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So, what have I accomplished so far today? I learned how to use channels in Photoshop! Yes, very exciting. :) Spent about 2 bloody hours working on this picture and following a tutorial on how to do it, and am reasonably happy with the results considering that it's my first try... not sure if I like this method of colouring, though, overall.

Anyway, let me know what you think. :)


EDIT: Huh. It looks different that in Photoshop... the background is all funny looking. I swear, I do not get this program... *sigh*
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So I'm bored and procrastinating on the work I have to do for Mom... and am in the midst of a discussion of US prison conditions with [livejournal.com profile] bk635, which reminded me of the essay I wrote last term on US prison conditions... so, thought I'd post the essay for anyone interested. :) The assignment was to choose 3 media artefacts (from different mediums) that related to a certain theme, and write about each of them (and draw connections, etc). I blathered about it quite a bit back in spring, as I recall. :) I ended up using news media, The Shawshank Redemption, and, of course, Oz. It turned out pretty well, I think, and I got a good mark on it. Read if you're interested, and let me know what you think. :) Might go post it and my other Oz essay on some of the Oz comms later... don't really know why I never got around to it before. ^^;

Spoilers for The Shawshank Redemption and season 1 of Oz.

Representations of Crime and Incarceration in the Media )

Damn, I write long paragraphs. Didn't really notice in Word when it's double spaced, but it's quite obvious here. Should work on that...
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Aaand, the big art dump... lots of different fandoms. Take a look, see if any interest you. :)

links to art under cut )

Whew, done... this post took me 2 days. ^^; That's it for now, at least in the way of big posts. Some small stuff, mostly PB, coming soonish. Working on another Alex/Michael pic on the computer which I like okay other than Michael's face (that boy is HARD to draw, ya'll), and an Alex portrait (pencil) that I'm really quite pleased with so far.

For now, being v. lazy. Sitting here flipping between Chamber of Secrets on CBC and L&O: SVU on CTV. Was watching CoS until 10, then switched over to SVU... which I'll stick with for now thank you very much, since CoS is up to Aragog's lair and ewwwwww. Cannot handle that scene in the movie, it's hard enough in the book. o.o

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Just finished my "first paycheck splurge". :) Not a huge splurge, granted, but it's something... ordered Oz seasons 1 and 3 from DVDPacific.com. Came to $68 CDN altogether. Love that place - at Futureshop, each season would have been $50+! Well, s1 is $39 at Futureshop, but s3 is $57 or something like that, so... anyway, I'm excited. ^^ Planning to rewatch season 3. Dunno what I'll do with season 1 when I get it - rewatched it recently. But I wanted to own it just because I want it for converting purposes and such. XD Plus it's one of the best seasons, easily, despite the lack of Beecher/Keller. Now I just have to find people to convert... *looks around pointedly*

Considered a few other splurging possibilities, but they were just too expensive.. considered a 30 gig video iPod - they're only $269 now, which is pretty cheap (they used to be $329). But even with my first big and shiny paycheck, I can't really justify it... plus, I don't like the wheel thingy that you have to use to navigate the menus.

Almost briefly kind of considered either a Wii or a DS, too... mainly because I was at Ryan's friend's house yesterday playing a Wii that he had just bought that day. We played a lot of Wii Sports, and it was pretty damned fun. It's really cool actually having to use your body, or at least arms, to control the characters - the boxing is like a full body workout, seriously! It's the first time I can honestly say that playing video games is healthy. XD XD But eh, ultimely I don't really want one, I just like the idea. They're pretty cheap, too - $289, compared to $499 for the XBOX 360 and $699 for the PS3. But then I'd need a second controller, plus the nunchuks probably, and it would just add up a ton... Ryan's friend spent $700 altogether, for the system, an extra controller, 2 nunchuks, and 3 extra games. Way too much for me to justify right now. ^^

Oh well, I'll have Oz to amuse me for now... I take a sad enjoyment at lining up my DVDs in a row in order and looking at them. XD XD Granted, I'm missing s5 and 6, but I don't really care enough about either season to want to buy them. Though s5 had some good stuff - especially the Toby/Vern duet in "Variety". ;) But it was also the season of Omar White, and... ugh. Well, it at season 6, which is just one of many reasons that I have no plans at all to buy season 6 anytime in the near future. If ever.

Anyway, at the moment I'm just hanging at my grandparents' place making use of their ridiculously good computer (seriously, all they use it for is internet banking, email, and some word processing, and the thing has 200 damned gigs!) and waiting for the fireworks to start. Their apartment is in Dundarave right on the water - AMAZING view from their balcony of all of Vancouver. And there will evidently be fireworks in West Van, so they'll be practically on top of us. Best view we've ever had of Canada Day fireworks. ^^ Anyway, happy birthday Canada and all that stuff. 140 years old, go us! Spent the afternoon in the cove - went to Crippen Park to the Canada Day picnic, then hiked up to Dorman Point (pretty short hike, maybe 25 minutes, and it has a great view of Vancouver at the top). Then took the ferry down and went to Park Royal, where I tried to buy a new suit and failed. Bleh. I have one, at least... it'll do for now. Went to Futureshop to look at RAM, but the guy said I'll have to bring my laptop in so they can see what type I'll need. The guy wasn't too happy when I said that I know people (Ryan and his dad) who work with computers and could probably easily install it for me. XD But I mean hell, installation is an extra $25, so...)

Btw, on another topic - Harry Potter tickets are up for presale now. It's def the 11th - I'm hoping to go to the 7:20 at Paramount downtown, since that will be easier to get to than Metrotown (since I'm HOPING to take the 5 ferry down and get off work 30 min earlier... will ask if I can just cut my lunch hour in half to leave early). If I get the 6, well... Metrotown will definitely be out of the picture, and Paramount will be pushing it (especially if the Lion's Gate is backed up which, face it, it usually is at that time of day).

Speaking of Harry Potter - Mom made a suggestion that I've decided to run with, regarding the decorations for the Deathy Hallows launch. I was originally going to draw small chibi HP characters, colour them on the computer, then print them out and stick them on the walls, but she suggested that I do them BIG, like 3+ feet, colour them with markers, and put them on the walls. Will look much better. :) Though I'm a bit nervous about seeing my work that big and all around the room... I'm goimg to be all critical of myself. o.o

Anyway, this is getting long... and fireworks should be starting soonish. Stopping now before it gets ridiculously long. ^^;


May. 17th, 2007 01:12 am
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It's 12:30 and I don't want to go to bed even though it's late... so what will I do instead? Lee picspam! I was tagging my older posts and I came across the Chris picspam I did a few monthes ago, and decided I need a Lee one to go with it... even though no one commented on my Chris one...:( But oh well, just for fun, here's the ever pretty and talented Lee Tergesen!

Pictures taken from all over.. credited a couple that I knew where they were from. Otherwise, if you see something of yours that you want credited, let me know.

Lee picspam of doom. or something )

Oooookay, that's enough. Went a bit overboard. XD Posted the majority of my pics of him... and it's too late at night now. o.o And I think I'm supposed to get up early-ish because the movies might come by (TV, actually - evidently The 4400 might rent our house so they're coming by to check it out).

But anyway, that was fun. :) Now maybe someday I'll actually finish that Farscape picspam... heh. No real excuse here. XD G'night ya'll...


May. 16th, 2007 07:37 pm
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Yay, season one of SVU is on right now! Munch still had lines! Dean Winters!! There's snark! Olivia's not St. Olikska yet! Munch has LINES! And they're snarky and almost like his dialogue on Homicide! Fucking fantastic. Is it just me or was the show a lot... better back then? Compared to season 8, especially. The writing's sharper and more entertaining. And DEAN! I love turning on my television and seeing the ever wonderful Dean Winters on it. XD And Chris is younger and thinner and mmmm... season 2 of Oz-era Chris. And seeing him and Dean together is always fun; makes me think of Chris and Ryan plotting ev0l things in Oz...

Yeah, I'm happy. Heh. Season 8 isn't impressing me much these days, but the the old eps were good from what I've seen... and I much much prefer this Olivia.

Speaking of Chris and s2 of Oz, I re-watched the s2 finale last night... goddamn. That episode really is disturbing and depressing. 3 seriously nasty things happened in that episode, one of which is still one of the hardest scenes in the show to watch for me... I've seen that scene a few times again in music vids, but watching the actual scene again and hearing the SNAPS and Toby's screams and and... oh Toby. ;_; I can barely watch that scene. (though incidently the scene where the Aryans crucify that guy to the gym floor? Also near-impossible to watch. Ewwwww.)

Daaamn, Chris looks fantastic in this.. I mean, he still looks good, but he's put on weight and is heavier-set now. Back then he was thinner and all... svelt. Mm. *ahem*

On other note, Dean!Doll's body is finished. Woo hoo! Sewing on his hair right now while watching SVU, then gotta do his clothes.
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Mmmmmm.... Just watched OZ 2.06 "Strange Bedfellows" again. First Toby/Chris kiss! Oh yeah, good stuff... I had my dolls with me and was hugging them and sniffing. XD Makes me so sad to think what's going to happen in two episodes...

Though on another, similar, note - daamn, that shot of Chris's ass when he's thrown in the Hole? Fucking classic.

Chris's Ass under cut. So not worksafe. )

That thing is fucking amazing. *ahem*

Okay, enough of that. XD

Sammy!Doll is coming along slowly - worked on him over Oz, but his eyes are taking forever... hate embroidering the faces. Meh. Soon as that's done I can sew the body together. Need to pop into Fabricland soon to get light blue for his and Dean's jeans... well, his, anyways; not sure when I'll do Dean.
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One day late, but... had the idea this morning to do a quick picspam of Chris Meloni, in honour of his 46th birthday yesterday. :) So, happy belated birthday Chris, and to everyone else, enjoy the sexiness. ^__^

(note - I have a big folder with various Oz and Meloni pics in it, and no real idea where most of them came from... so, if you see a picture of yours that you don't want me to repost, please let me know and I'll take it down. Thanks!)

Warnings - very image heavy, and not entirely worksafe thanks to Meloni's ass (ahem) and my Oz!Dolls having a bit of fun...

teh hottness that is Meloni... )

And that's it. ^^ Wee, that was a fun way to pass my dull dull lecture in which the prof spent the entire time showing us examples of audience resistance but said nothing much that I could have actually written notes on... meh. Whatever, we just got the take-home exam and the stuff he said in class won't help me much - it's all from the readings, anyway.
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Mmmm, I just wasted more of the evening by watching Oz over dinner... 2X04, aka the first Chris episode! I squeed like a little girl when his flashback started, then his first scenes with Toby. "You a fag?" "No. You?" "I do what I have to." *Toby proceeds to recite random crazy poetry* *Chris looks at him like he's nuts. which he is.* Good times... Then the two of them in the shower together, at which point I just sat and drooled cuz damn, Chris has a nice body. And he was slimmer back then... he's still sexy, but a bit more filled out (especially around the middle, lol). And damn, the scene where he's working out and Schillinger comes to ask him about Operation Toby - yummy. Ahem. Not that I, you know, what this show for shallow reasons or anything. But damn.

Oh, random other thing that amused the HELL out of me: Said and Hill and a couple of others were sitting at a table in Em City, Hill's complaining about Said's lack of ability to represent him in his appeal, and Said angrily asks him if he'd prefer Beecher to represent him. As he says this, you can clearly see Beecher in the background behind Said sitting at a table and throwing a bunch of cards in the air. Looking fairly crazy as always. Probably funnier if you see it... but I LOVE those little touches in this show, how they randomly have the actors doing stuff in the background. It was a great little touch to that scene. Ahh, crazy s2 Beecher... I love you Toby. *heart*

Another random background scene that amused me in another early s2 episode that I watched recently - Adebisi walking up the stairs, some random members of the gays are standing around and promptly start running away as he approaches. And he sorta goes "boo" at them and they start running faster. Hilarious, and totally random and in the background.

I love this show. *happy sigh*

Still haven't done any work tonight. Haha. Tomorrow... must write this fucking essay.

*listening to recently d-loaded Doctor/Rose fanmix* Series 3, starts tomorrow! And because of the time difference, it'll still be early-ish here when it airs and should be online fairly quick. Yay!


Mar. 15th, 2007 03:29 pm
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Finally posting some more of my [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 stuff... I've done 10/50, but only posted four before now. But am sitting in a dull class, so what better time to post them? XD XD So, here are four more pictures, this time mainly of characters other than Chris and Toby (go me). Quite pleased with these, I think I'm definitely getting the hang of using my tablet. Please let me know what you think, even if you don't watch Oz. :) Still have a few more coming, but they're in my sketchbook and I haven't scanned them yet. One of them's even smutty. XD

Cutting and pasting what I posted to the community...

Fandom: OZ
Character(s): Simon Adebisi
Prompt: #11 "Pleasure"
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Who better embodies pleasure in Oz than Adebisi? This particular shot is from a screencap in season 4, from one of the scenes of Adebisi in his little pod of sex and drugs during the Querns era. XD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Fandom: OZ
Character(s): Kareem Said
Prompt: #34 "Teacher"
Rating: G
Author's Notes: I thought that Said seemed like a good choice for 'Teacher', since he serves as a leader/mentor figure for the Muslims in Oz...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Fandom: OZ
Character(s): Tobias Beecher
Prompt: #19 "When I was young"
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Young!Toby in private school... cause we all know he must've gone to private school. XD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Fandom: OZ
Character(s): Ryan O'Reily
Prompt: #35 "Liar"
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Ryan O'Reily, everyone's favourite little sociopathic liar... this picture originally showed his hand resting on the table, but the hand looked like shit so I cut it out. Which is why it kinda looks like there should be more. XD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Prompt Table
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Watching the Oscars and am bored... don't know many of the movies this year, so really it's just in the background while I fool around on the computer. It's dull yet oddly I can't stop watching...

Got back to school last night, and have done very little since... had a great week with my family in Halifax. Didn't do too much, though we did visit a farm which was cool. Other than that, just hung out and drew and talked. Was nice to be around people. ^^ Didn't do any work, of course... managed to read the play that we're starting this week in English, but that's about it.

HAHAHA, Snakes on a Plane reference at the Oscars. Most exciting thing to happen so far. XD That was awesome.

Now, back to boring awards for movies I haven't seen. XD I'm looking forward to the In Memorium part, actually, because I'm hoping that Andreas Katsulas will get a mention. Though he wasn't in the one at the Globes, which was disappointing.

Lesse, some random thoughts accumulated over the week (because I didn't like typing on my cousin's computer ^^)

- PB was awesome, it's increasingly becoming one of the only shows that I genuinely really look forward to every week. Getting frustrated with everything else, but PB is consistently exciting and entertaining.

- Heroes )

- didn't expect to get to watch SVU, because we were at my cousin's friend's farm that night, but after we'd finished watching our movie and the end of American Idol we were channel flipping (at 11pm, which is evidentally when SVU's on in the Maritimes) and lo and behold there was Meloni. Woo hoo. I want caps from that ep; there were a few awesome shots of him I noticed... haha, yeah, that's pretty much all I remember. Kinda 'wtf' about the reveal at the end, but don't care much.

-Lost )

- GA went exactly how I expected, but was generally enjoyable. Sandra Oh was fantastic, as usual. Nice to see JDM again (and kinda strange for me now that I've been watching SPN so am more used to him as John Winchester than as Denny these days... at the time I started watching SPN I didn't even realize that it was the same guy ^^). The end of the ep was good.

- just watched VM today, since the family doesn't get the CW.. was spoiled about it the other day, so already knew the main thing that happened, butVM spoilers )

- rewatching Oz season 1 )

- gotten some more pics done for [livejournal.com profile] fanart50, now up to 10/50 done. Yay! And several non Toby or Chris, which is great - got one Ryan, one Said, and one Adebisi. Plus, one of young!private school!Toby, which is cute. :) Will post soon.

- finished season 1 of Supernatural earlier today! Really enjoyed it, and have 2.01 downloaded so will watch tomorrow. Though I already know one of the main spoilers for it... :( Last 2 eps were really good. I love the interplay between Sam and Dean, the snark and the angst... don't really have any deep thoughts on it, but am enjoying it. And read a ridiculously hot Dean/Sawyer crossover fic the other day, heh. My feelings about Wincest are mixed, so going to hunt for more good crossover fic...

And.. that's it, I think. Oscars are still boring. Meh. But oddly entertaining, anyway... can't be too much left, maybe an hour? Not sure.

Orlando in a few days! Yay.


Jan. 31st, 2007 12:27 am
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Okay, drawing time! First off, Christmas card pictures. At last. They've been drawn for ages, but I only fully finished (ie inked and coloured) two of them hence the lack of cards being sent. Plus I'm lazy, hence the lack of posting them. So, without further ado...

1. PB - Michael and Lincoln - actually 2 separate pictures, but I put them together and tossed in the speech bubbles that I originally planned to use. These 2 are the only ones I actually completely finished...

Michael and Lincoln )

2. PB - T-Bag - not actually Christmas-y, just a regular picture. Well, kinda regular. XD

T-Bag )

3. VM - Veronica - also not Christmas-y. Originally planned to draw Logan, too, and put them together ala Michael and Lincoln, but the Logan drawing turned out crap and I never tried a second time. Oh well...

Veronica )

4. VM - Dick - haha, I like this one. XD

Dick )

And next up, a few more [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 pictures...

1. Prompt #24 "Not again" - Toby in season 6 ep5. Poor Toby. ;_;

Toby )

2. Prompt #25 "Not the end" - final scene in 4.12 "Cuts Like a Knife". Best scene ever... also, spoilery. I don't like how Toby came out in this...

Cuts Like a Knife )

3. Prompt #27 "Just a scratch" - Chris and Toby in 4.04 "Works of Mercy". Love this scene, too... this one's hand-drawn; the others are done on computer.

Chris & Toby )

Feedback always appreciated. :)


Jan. 23rd, 2007 08:20 pm
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Don't feel like studying, so decided to scan in and post some old-ish drawings that I've been meaning to post for awhile. Not much; just a few drawings (mostly Oz) I did over the summer. I'm also working on my second picture for [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 on the computer, and when that's done I'll post it. I also really need to finish Toby!Doll (everything's done except his hair) so I can post pictures of him, but can't decide how I'm going to do his hair...

1. Toby - first pic I did of him. I like it okay.

Toby )

2. Chris - first portrait pic I did of him, and I'm not overly fond of it... made his face too fat. o.o

Chris )

3. Chris/Toby collage - 2 versions; first the sketch, then the version that I photocopied then inked over. XD Quite proud of it, overall. Working on another pic like it right now of Toby, which is coming along. General spoilers for all seasons, but nothing particularly obvious.

Sketch )

Inked )

4. Chibi!Chris - umm.. yeah. Quick sketch, but I like it. He's cute. XD

Chibi!Chris )

5. Farscape collage - started this last April, didn't work on it for monthes, then finished it in Fall. Also photocopied and inked this one (didn't have a way to trace it, plus it's less work ^^), so there are 2 versions.

Sketch )

Inked )

Aand, that's it. Please let me know what you think. :) Even though they're old-ish and several of you have already seen them monthes ago. ^^
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Ahh, hell with it, I'm going to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] fanart50. :) I've got quite a few ideas, and I've finished one picture already (plus I'll prob use a few others pics I've already done). Probably will give up my [livejournal.com profile] fanart100 Lost claim soon, but I'm still vaguely hoping that I'll be reinspired when the show returns.

So, here's my prompt table! :)

Fanart50 Prompt Table (OZ) )
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Prison Break 2X14 "John Doe" Spoilers )

Nothing much to say about Heroes, either. It was good. Hiro was wonderful and adorable as always. I barely recognized Chris Eccleston when he appeared, but when I realized it was him under all the scruff I squeed. :) Was excited to see him in the guest credits at the start, and hopefully he'll be around for awhile. I miss seeing him on Doctor Who, though I'm enjoying David Tennant (9 episodes into s2! Only a few left, dammit.)

I signed up for fitness classes today. Go me! Now I just have to actually go.

Also, I did my first picture for [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 today, even though I haven't actually signed up for it yet. For the prompt "What have I done?", it's Keller looking remorseful in the s2 finale post-Operation Toby. It's the first full portrait I've tried with my tablet, and I'm fairly pleased with it. It's pretty sketchy, but I like it... Might touch it up a bit more, but I'm basically okay with it as is. Check it out under the cut and let me know what you think. :)

Keller drawing )

Okay, off to bed. 8:00 class tomorrow...


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