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First things first: OMG GUYS THE HOBBIT TRAILER. OMFG. I have shivers! I watched it a couple of hours ago with my cousins and now they're in bed and I put in my headphones to watch again, this time in HD, and OMG SHIVERS. I can't believe this movie actually exists now, for real! And Martin Freeman, so perfect! I need to re-read The Hobbit; I don't know it that well compared to LotR... will wait until later the year probably so it'll be fresh in my mind. Otoh, maybe not the best idea, lol, because then I'll notice the changes more. ^^ Kinda want to re-read LotR, too; it's been awhile. I asked for the Blu-Ray extended edition for Christmas to go with my Blu-Ray player and soon-to-come-shiny-new-flatscreen-TV. Haven't seen the extended editions of TTT/RotK for YEARS. Think I only saw them each once. Seen the theatrical editions more often, between seeing them in theatres (4 times for RotK ^^) and coming across them on TV.

ALSO: FANEXPO IS COMING TO VANCOUVER. FUCK YES. Can't wait for the guest list to start being announced. It's about time we had a proper media convention up here.

And on a vaguely related note...

The TV Meme )

(also, WTF? I just went to comment in a community and the comment area is totally different. When did this change???)
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Just put in on order for these: 2D Glasses Seems faintly ridiculous to spend extra money to buy them and then go spend $3 more at the theatre than normal just to see 3D, but if movies continue to only be in 3D... least this way I can go see Thor, and HP7 if it's not in 2D. Plus of course, I want to be able to actually go with my friends, and not all alone as the sole non-3D watcher. :( So yay for these. I remember ThinkGeek.com had them as an April Fools joke, and evidently they've become real since them - I think they just started being sold a week or so ago. So yay, and thanks to [personal profile] quettalinde for bringing them to my attention. :) Hope they work!

(I really really hate all the people in the comments saying "who don't you just go see the 2D version?" (with "you're an idiot for buying these" heavily implied), though. Fuck you assholes, if I could then I would. Maybe y'all haven't noticed that 2D versions of 3D movies barely EXIST anymore? Or it doesn't occur to you that even if there IS a 2D version that it's more fun to go to a movie event that's been 10 years in the making for me (since I first got into HP 10 years ago, before the 1st movie or even the 5th book was out yet and this day seemed like a century away) with a group of friends instead of by myself? Jesus. *grumble* Sorry, those people are really actively pissing me off. ^^

Anyway... ranting aside, I'm in a better mood today. ^^ Gorgeous warm sunny day out, FINALLY, and the weekly crafting group was fun as always. Went off with a couple of the others on a quest to a nearby army surplus store (I'm tentatively thinking of doing Starbuck for Halloween...) which was sadly closed. But there were nifty antique stores nearby so we wandered around them and amused ourselves looking and crazy weird and old shit. Good times. :) I'm working on a crochet Chocobo (crochet!Serenity is pissing me off... it just doesn't look like her at all. o.o), and it's coming along though it looks kinda weird heh. Oh well. Next up... possibly the sunflower from Plants vs Zombies if I can figure it out. Or Vecchio, to go with Fraser and Kowalski. Because I don't want to leave him out. :) And then I'm thinking of making Mal Reynolds based on this pattern for the Can't Stop the Serenity auction in June, since clearly Serenity isn't working out too well. o.o And hey, I hadn't even realized that she'd actually made a Mal already (I was just going to modify the basic human pattern above), but here he is. So that'll give me a reference to work from for his clothing...


Feb. 27th, 2011 10:44 pm
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Oscars were fun! For the first time ever I got to watch them in a big group, which is way more fun than watching them alone. And we had a contest to guess the most awards and I won! 19/24, thank you Internet prediction lists and some blind luck! Won a $25 gift certificate for Cineplex, woo. Free movies ftw. These also seemed to be a more entertaining Oscars than normal; maybe it was just because of the group and the fact that I was suddenly interested in even the most dull category because I wanted to win the contest, but there were also some funny bits. The auto-tune part was hilarious. And RDJ & Jude Law were adorable. <3
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Just got back from Star Trek and am rather pumped. :) I confess that I've never been a fan and have in fact only ever seen one full episode of any of the shows (it was an original series ep, a few years ago because I was bored and curious and it was something to watch). I kind of feel like a poser SF fan cuz of that. ;) But anyway, I really enjoyed the movie, so it's definitely accessible to non-fans. Lots of fun, lots of great special effects and things going boom, some funny one-liners and general wittiness, good (and absurdly pretty) actors, and some nice character/dramatic moments. And how the hell is it that Zachary Quinto manages to exude sex even with pointy ears and a bowl cut? XD It's a gift, I suppose. Actually, after while I started to find precisely those traits to be really quite attractive on him... either way, I really enjoyed his performance.

(and random amusement - I had no idea who composed the music going in, but at one particular point I went "that sounds EXACTLY like a particular tune from Lost. Could it be...?" and then during the credits, yup, it was. Heh. Totally called it. :) A lot of people from Lost worked on it; I didn't realize that both Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk were involved... I just knew about J.J. Abrams, obviously. And heh, evidently he managed to work Greg Grunberg into the film in a voice-over since he couldn't actually appear in it. Yay, it just wouldnt be an Abrams production without Greg Grunberg...)

Anyway... I almost don't feel qualified to even say much about the film just because I really am such a ST newbie, beyond some general knowledge gleaned from pop culture and being into SF. But yeah, I definitely enjoyed it, and I went onto IMDB.com when I got home to read the faq about it which cleared up some stuff that is incredibly basic to anyone who is familiar with ST but which I wasn't sure about... won't say what because it's spoilery and also I kind of fail for not being sure about those things. ^^;

And.. I kinda sorta feel quite guilty for being intrigued about the idea of fic and Kirk/Spock based solely on this film, given the looong history of the show and of K/S (the original slash pairing, after all!). And yet... the intrigue is there. *hides under rock* Maybe what I should really do is finally, after all these years and a fair amount of unwarranted prejudice, give the show a chance and actually watch it. At least a bit of TOS, because hell, cheesy it may be at times but... it's a classic and it's the basis point for so much of the SF TV that came after. And... I'm not sure which of the later ones would be most recommended to watch? I hear DS9 is good, mainly because I've heard it compared to B5 which I figure theoretically bodes well, for all that the 2 factions have traditionally butted heads.

Anyway, rambling. Short version: worth seeing, even if you're not a fan. Not sure how it holds up for long-time fans, but a fair number seem to enjoy it and it's certainly been getting good reviews.

(also, HBP trailer! It's one of the older ones (the one with the Tom Riddle flashback) and I've seen it before a number of times, but still got me excited! Only 2 more monthes! Would've liked to have seen the newest one, though - watched it online and damn it's awesome).
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Meh. So, [livejournal.com profile] quettalinde and I went to see Coraline today (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] bk635 - I realized later that we'd talked about going, but it was a last minute thing and a chance to come into town today... there are at least a few good movies currently out and coming up, though, so we should def go to something sometime soon). And... yeah, am I the ONLY person who evidently can't watch 3D movies? mini-rant/vent )
(that all said... I could tell that it was a good movie, and I recommend it if you can see it properly. ^^ Very creepy and strange... definitely some amazing design aspects and visuals, just not the 3D part for me. XD I'm having some trouble discerning if my 'meh-ness' over the movie is because of the 3D or because it just didn't click for me, but I suspect it's more the first with a bit of the second. Still, objectively speaking... it's well done.)

Anyway, other than that, nice day out... we had some lunch, I bought a headset at Futureshop so now I can use Skype! Yay! Nifty. Might get a webcam too, we'll see... I'm trying to save money for the trip, but it'd be nice to see people back home sometimes when I'm talking to them.
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Just got back from The Dark Knight. Umm... yeah. Wow. I have been rendered somewhat speechless by this movie. ^^ Incredibly intense and riveting and masterful. Also? Someone please give Heath an Oscar, cuz he really did deserve it... he pretty much carried the movie - I mean yeah, it's about Batman and all, but really Heath was the star of the show.

(though, Gary Oldman? fucking made of AWESOME.)

I'm lacking the ability to form coherent thoughts about it right now... just, yeah. Not really a movie I'm likely to become fannishly into, like IM, but one that I can just sit back and appreciate as a piece of artistry. Easily one of the best movies of the year, possibly the best based one what I've seen so far, though it has competition from IM. ;) Both SO different though, really, and both excellent in their own right.

(and on a completely separate note? I watched Dr. Horrible last night and yes it too was made of awesome. In a very, very different way. Lol. God bless Joss Whedon... )
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So yeah, I totally just finished drawing Iron Man fanart. Much fun to be had. I kinda amalgamated 3 promo pics into something similar to each but not quite the same, which probably threw my foreshortening off but oh well... I'm really pleased with his face, though.

Will prob colour. For now, the sketch:

under cut )

That was fun. :) Listened to the soundtrack while drawing, and really enjoyed it - good stuff. I'm totally going to end up seeing this again, possibly even in the theatre (must drag parents to it, and it's so much shinier on the big screen...) - and it's been flipping ages since I saw something in theatre twice (I think the last time was Goblet of Fire... over 2 years ago.)

Iron Man

May. 12th, 2008 09:41 pm
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Saw Iron Man today. Fucking loved it. I can't believe I'd barely even heard of this movie until like 2 weeks ago, then it was released and was getting such good reviews and I sat up and took notice. I'm the first to admit that I'm not a comic books fan, beyond the Buffy comics, Japanese manga, and when I was a kid the Sonic comics. ^^ But damn, I do enjoy a good comic book movie, and this is easily one of the best I've seen from the recent crop of comic book/superhero movies in the past 5-7 years. It's been awhile since I saw a movie that had me practically bouncing in my seat with pure glee and making randomly excited noises and grinning crazily whenever I think about it. XD But seriously. It was damned shiny. I loved how character based it was - all explosions aside (and I can't deny that I greatly enjoyed said explosions...), at the core it was about Tony Stark and his growth as a character.somewhat more detailed thoughts, with some spoilers )

So yeah, deep thoughts... not happening right now. But I thought all the elements of it worked together really well - the character drama, the action, the comedy and snark, the themes and such, and just in general the editing and cinematography and effects and music and all that jazz. I'll prob see it again on DVD, so my parents can see it - I'm def having the urge to see it again. Already. o.o

But for now, new icon. Because I realized that I've had my Scrubs one since fall, and it's now May for chrissakes, plus I'm pretty sick of it, and because I want a pretty pretty Tony Stark icon. So. New icon. :) Credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] sincerely_jane. Now I just need a wallpaper. XD Found a really nice header which I might use as a wallpaper, but being a header it's rather small. Hmm.
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Using Mom's laptop right now, and god but it just feels good to be near a computer right now even if it's not mine. How sad is it that sitting here using this is genuinely making me feel better and more calm than I have since my computer died? XD I miss it. *cries* Hopefully it'll be ready tomorrow and I can pick it up when I get to the island tomorrow night, or else on Wednesday.

Saw The Spiderwick Chronicles tonight and enjoyed it. Should read the books... the movie was quite well done. I like Freddy Highmore - liked him both in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and in Finding Neverland. He's a good actor and a cute kid (can't believe he's 16 according to IMDB - I thought he was like 13 at the most.) PLUS, Indy 4 trailer in front of it! I'd seen it online already, but it looked awesome on the big screen... brought back memories of being 10 and a huge Raiders of the Lost Ark fan (oddly enough I've only seen the other two once or twice, and can't even remember the name of one of them... Temple of Doom and something else. I should go look it up. -_- *checks IMDB* Last Crusade, right.. can't remember a thing about it. But I remember Lost Ark very well. :) Loved the snake pit scene, probably in part because Mom hated it. A year or so ago I saw it on TV again and noticed that you can see the reflection of the cobra in the glass separating it from Harrison Ford. I don't care, it's still awesome. XD

Guess I should go to bed.. class tomorrow. woo hoo. -_- Then back up to Bowen, sit on my ass all evening (on the plus side, since my parents won't be there I can use their computers all evening), then work on Wednesday. Waaah. Nothing on TV Tuesday nights anymore, either, not til House comes back. And was v. sad to see the preview after T:tSSC tonight saying that next week is the season finale. Woe. Here's hoping it gets renewed... after next week, I'll only have Lost left until April, not counting Torchwood which isn't airing here (speaking of, anyone know when s2 starts in Canada? I'd like to rewatch 2.01... mmm James Marsters...)
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Huh. It's depressing to come home from seeing what I thought was a brilliant movie to go onto IMDB (granted, what can I expect from that site?) and see a bunch of people whining about how bad it was and how it wasn't as good as the original movies/the book/etc etc. Yeah, I'm sure that book's great and probably better, they always are, but after reading those reviews I'm actually less inclined to read it. I thought it was a great movie on it's own, even if it evidently wasn't a very good adaptation. There are a lot of good adaptations that are shitty movies (first Harry Potter, anyone? Not a shitty movie at all, but not a particularly great one either, and it was very faithful).

Anyway, point was I thought I Am Legend was fantastic. I don't watch zombie movies, and I haven't read the book, but I thought it was excellent so fuck it. A lot of people were compaining that it was just a bunch of over-blown special effects and action scenes, with no depth, which is funny because I thought the exact opposite. Yes, there were a fair number of action scenes and special effects and things blowing up, but it didn't feel at all like some big bombastic summer movie. It was very much centered on Will Smith's character, and his struggle to survive and stay sane is what carried the entire movie. Hell, Will Smith carried the entire movie - that man is fucking amazing. How did I never realize how good of an actor he is? He brought an incredible amount of depth to Neville, and made the character seem very real and human. I was impressed by how much he could convey with so little - I thought it was a very subtle performance. Spoilers from here on in, at least until end of this cut )

Another thing I liked was how it blended the humourous and the tragic - a lot of scenes were funny on some level, but ultimately were more tragic than anything. Dark humour, it a way, but more sad than funny. I thought they juxtaposed the dark humour with the tragedy very effectively, often to bring more depth to Neville's character by suggesting his state of mind throughout the movie.

Anyway... overall, good movie. Beautifully shot (I read on IMDB that it was actually shot in NYC - they completely blocked off parts of the city and imported plants to make it look grown over. I thought it looked too real to be CGI, and that definitely added to the realism of the movie and made it hit home harder - like this could really happen, and hell, maybe it could.), and perfectly acted by Will Smith. It was amazing how he carried the entire movie, with so much of it just being scenes of him alone or with the dog. I really did think it was more than just some special effects/action/zombie movie - it was a story of humanity and one man's struggle to survive. Could have been a lot worse, anyway, especially with a lesser actor. :)

(and Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" is stuck in my head now... and it's funny, because prior to hearing it in the ending credits I don't think I'd ever heard the original. I have a version which I believe is a Johnny Cash cover of it, at least according to whatever file sharing program I got it from, but not the original. Huh. ^^;)
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Oh dear god in heaven... cut for ranting. And spoilers for King Kong, if you care. )

And now for something completely different. Except not really. Adrien Brody mini-picspam! All pictures from http://www.brodylicious.org, but linked to Imageshack because stealing bandwidth is wrong, ya'll.

look at the pretty! )

Okay, I'm done. :) It's funny; he's not really conventially handsome, so to speak, but there's something intriguing and irresistable about his face - he's got quite a unique look. And he's adorkable. And did I mention the floppy hair?

God I'm shallow today.

Bed now. Bowfest tomorrow! Yay! Gonna be in the parade, then hooopefully the boss will let me go down to the field to stand at the tent/table and give out info about the CU. We're going to have brochures and stuff, but I think it'd be nice to have a person there. And she did say she'd like me to be there, so hopefully it'll work out.

Though this all assumes that it won't rain. 60% chance of precipitation tomorrow... fingers crossed!

Bed now. For real.


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