May. 1st, 2009 12:21 pm
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Just watched Lost 5.14 (the 100th ep!), and..


Oh show, I love that you're good again... this season has been rocking so hard. I haven't been this excited about the show in years. ^^


Mar. 13th, 2008 10:29 pm
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Lost spoilers )

One random nonspoilery thing that made me giggle like a crazy person. During the scene in the toy store at the start, there's a stuffed Slime from Dragon Quest on a shelf in the background. It made me bounce up and down like a little girl. ;) I wants it... I have two small slimes, but I want a big one like that - saw one for sale in Japan, I think, in Toys R Us or something, but didn't buy it for some dumb reason. If I ever get back to Japan, I'm totally buying one. *vaguely considers checking online* *wanders off to Ebay to check prices* *iz a geek*

*wanders back from Ebay* Huh, just a few King Slimes, for about $35. I want a classic Slime... oh wells. Japan, here I come. :) *still nees to finish DQVIII, too*

EDIT: *still on Ebay* They do, however, have this. Didn't realize there were US ones! Thought they were just Japanese, and ergo wouldn't work on NA Playstations. I wants...
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Aaand, the big art dump... lots of different fandoms. Take a look, see if any interest you. :)

links to art under cut )

Whew, done... this post took me 2 days. ^^; That's it for now, at least in the way of big posts. Some small stuff, mostly PB, coming soonish. Working on another Alex/Michael pic on the computer which I like okay other than Michael's face (that boy is HARD to draw, ya'll), and an Alex portrait (pencil) that I'm really quite pleased with so far.

For now, being v. lazy. Sitting here flipping between Chamber of Secrets on CBC and L&O: SVU on CTV. Was watching CoS until 10, then switched over to SVU... which I'll stick with for now thank you very much, since CoS is up to Aragog's lair and ewwwwww. Cannot handle that scene in the movie, it's hard enough in the book. o.o

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I'm not sure how I feel about this... I think I'd prefer 2 24-episode seasons aired Jan-May the next two years, but this isn't bad... Kinda sucks having to wait so long, but I've down it with other shows (ie. Queer as Folk, and that was only 12 eps a year). Airing them straight through is a good idea for a show like Lost, though, and without the 6-episode-3 month break-16 episode thing they had going on this year. Still, 3 16-episode seasons? Fairly unusual... though shorter seasons can have the advantage of being tighter, that's true. And as someone in the comments pointed out, it allows for cheaper production and more time for the actors to do other work.

Oh well, long as it stays reasonably good I'll keep watching... I'm in to the end now, most likely. Unless they kill both Jack and Sawyer, in which case all bets are off.
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Okay, I can't help it, I'm sick... I have to make this... after Ryan!Doll, this is next:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hell, might even start on him first - I want to cuddle him while I finish catching up with SPN. Ryan!Doll can wait. Also need to make a Dean!Doll, of course..

*5 minutes later*

Ta da...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My computer was skipping and being generally bitchy, so it was hard to draw... but whatever, it doesn't have to be good. They have the same outfit right now... any suggestions on ways to differentiate their clothing aside from different colours?

I'm excited now. XD XD Going to start on Sammy tomorrow. I keep wanting to huggle him and tousle his hair while watching, and now I will be able to! Though sadly I can't make a full-sized realistic Dean to sex up, which is what I want to do to him. XD Actually, I want to alternately huggle and sex up both of them, but... Sam lends himself more to hugging and Dean more to sexing up, in general. *ahem*

Yes, I'm having fun tonight doing nothing. XD Though am sad that Mom wasn't very excited my tonight's Lost episode, cuz DUDE! She asked me when it was done why I thought it was so good and I just stared at her. I'm just going to blame it on the fact that she's tired. *nodnod* Because seriously, Josh Holloway absolutely deserves an Emmy for that performance, though sadly it's doubtful that he'll even be nominated.

Oh yeah, and I'm up to ep11 of SPN. 10 was very good, 11 was typical filler in general but had some good parts (drunk!Sam was love. was it just me or was he trying to grope Dean and grapple him onto the bed? lol).

Oh right, and one piece of bad news from today - I have to get my wisdom teeth out.. fuuuuuck. I was worried they're say that. ;_; From those who have had it done already - is it really as bad as I hear? :(

Okay, off to bath then reading Jensen/Jared pr0n. Woo hoo! Good evening overall. XD
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Just a little drawing of Sawyer I whipped up after watching the episode... not particularly good, but eh. It's really just a doodle. ^^ I kinda like it. Watching the episode again, now, on ABC - Mom's home and is watching it in my room. It's nice to catch some things that I missed the first time through. It's starting to get good now... wooo.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Drawing Sammy now, because I'm inexplicably in a Supernatural mood again. XD I've been reading Jensen/Jared fic and it's been making me very very happy. ^__^ They're freaking adorable and wonderful, especially Jared, at least the way that [Bad username or site: __tiana__/ @ livejournal.com], whose fics I'm reading through right now, writes him. I love love her Jared... considering that I've never read an interview of them and really know nothing about them. So just kinda assuming that she's got them in character. ^^

Dammit, I want to make Sam and Dean dolls now... and a Sawyer doll... gaaaah. ^^; Gotta finish Ryan!Doll first - finished his tattoos, at leasta, though the one on his shoulder looks kinda odd. I've never been able to figure out what that thing is...


May. 2nd, 2007 08:59 pm
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*flail some more* not really spoilery, but... )

Yeah, I have nothing coherent to say right now. Just just.. so good. My show is back! It's been so on and off this season, but that episode was just ON. Oh yes.
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*flail* Lost is AWESOME so far! Josh Holloway is fucking AMAZING.

And damn, it's been awhile since I've been able to say either of those on this show. Woo hoo!

More when the episode ends. XD
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Gah, Lost is already pissing me off. This Sawyer stuff is by far one of the dumbest storylines on the show so far, and it's making his character in a joke. What. The. Fuck.

Plus, I'd read that Nathan Fillion would be back this episode but it turns out that he isn't. There goes the one thing I was looking forward to this episode. I am now watching it in the background while I play on my computer. Cause seriously. This is just... bad. Though the flashbacks are halfway decent.

At least last week's episode amused me... this is just meh. Maybe it will get better.

Also, I went downtown earlier today to pick up Buffy season 8 issue 2, and it was sold out. Within a couple of hours of having called to ask if they had it. Dammit. They're getting in another shipment next week, at least...
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quick Lost spoiler for this ep, during first commercial break )

ETA: Holy crap, it's guest star central this ep. I was just spoiled on [livejournal.com profile] lost_tv about them, but didn't entirely believe it until I saw their names. Woo hoo, I am 10x more excited about this episode now.

second commercial... )

and it's finished... )
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Watching the Oscars and am bored... don't know many of the movies this year, so really it's just in the background while I fool around on the computer. It's dull yet oddly I can't stop watching...

Got back to school last night, and have done very little since... had a great week with my family in Halifax. Didn't do too much, though we did visit a farm which was cool. Other than that, just hung out and drew and talked. Was nice to be around people. ^^ Didn't do any work, of course... managed to read the play that we're starting this week in English, but that's about it.

HAHAHA, Snakes on a Plane reference at the Oscars. Most exciting thing to happen so far. XD That was awesome.

Now, back to boring awards for movies I haven't seen. XD I'm looking forward to the In Memorium part, actually, because I'm hoping that Andreas Katsulas will get a mention. Though he wasn't in the one at the Globes, which was disappointing.

Lesse, some random thoughts accumulated over the week (because I didn't like typing on my cousin's computer ^^)

- PB was awesome, it's increasingly becoming one of the only shows that I genuinely really look forward to every week. Getting frustrated with everything else, but PB is consistently exciting and entertaining.

- Heroes )

- didn't expect to get to watch SVU, because we were at my cousin's friend's farm that night, but after we'd finished watching our movie and the end of American Idol we were channel flipping (at 11pm, which is evidentally when SVU's on in the Maritimes) and lo and behold there was Meloni. Woo hoo. I want caps from that ep; there were a few awesome shots of him I noticed... haha, yeah, that's pretty much all I remember. Kinda 'wtf' about the reveal at the end, but don't care much.

-Lost )

- GA went exactly how I expected, but was generally enjoyable. Sandra Oh was fantastic, as usual. Nice to see JDM again (and kinda strange for me now that I've been watching SPN so am more used to him as John Winchester than as Denny these days... at the time I started watching SPN I didn't even realize that it was the same guy ^^). The end of the ep was good.

- just watched VM today, since the family doesn't get the CW.. was spoiled about it the other day, so already knew the main thing that happened, butVM spoilers )

- rewatching Oz season 1 )

- gotten some more pics done for [livejournal.com profile] fanart50, now up to 10/50 done. Yay! And several non Toby or Chris, which is great - got one Ryan, one Said, and one Adebisi. Plus, one of young!private school!Toby, which is cute. :) Will post soon.

- finished season 1 of Supernatural earlier today! Really enjoyed it, and have 2.01 downloaded so will watch tomorrow. Though I already know one of the main spoilers for it... :( Last 2 eps were really good. I love the interplay between Sam and Dean, the snark and the angst... don't really have any deep thoughts on it, but am enjoying it. And read a ridiculously hot Dean/Sawyer crossover fic the other day, heh. My feelings about Wincest are mixed, so going to hunt for more good crossover fic...

And.. that's it, I think. Oscars are still boring. Meh. But oddly entertaining, anyway... can't be too much left, maybe an hour? Not sure.

Orlando in a few days! Yay.


Nov. 8th, 2006 10:29 am
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Lost fall finale tonight... I'm kinda on the fence about it; on the one hand, last week's episode was frankly rather boring and I was left completely apathetic and uninvolved (though admittedly I was spoiled about the main plot point); on the other hand, tonight's ep has the best guest star ever. XD I'm definitely excited about seeingcasting spoiler, just in case )

Sitting TV Studies right now (surprise surprise), and talking about narrative and Lost... watched a few clips from "Walkabout" earlier, and going to watch "Raised by Another" later. I already went ahead and re-watched "Raised by Another" the other day, in part so I can skip out on the screening (I have a test at 2...) and in part because I'm doing my presentation on it on Friday. And okay, so the episode is better than I remember... Claire was somewhat more interesting back then (when she actually had things to do), but I'm still not that interested in her. Maybe she'll get more interesting this season...

Yay, I think we're getting to the screening. I'm gonna get out of here and go study until 2. *sigh* I also need to start thinking about my presentation on Friday - how I'm going to work in this episode, and which others I want to work in (though I don't have my season 1 DVDs here... damn.) Okay, getting outta here now cause it's about to start. Will theoretically make a post later after Lost, and possibly write up something about Prison Break since I haven't gotten around to that yet...


Oct. 31st, 2006 02:10 am
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Finally finished it! Phew, that took forever... began at 8, worked on it over Prison Break and Heroes (thoughts/reviews later... too damned late right now), took a break from ~10-11:30 because I was tired and hungry and desperately needed a break, then worked on it until about 1:15 (over Seinfeld, then Wonderfalls (why the hell did that show get cancelled again?? yeesh.)). Am now exhausted and have a very sore hand. But I'm proud as heck of it - I've never carved anything more complicated than a simple face before (and the Harry Potter one I did a few years back). Can't quite believe I actually pulled it off. o.o It's incredibly beyond geeky, but hell. XD There are a few Lost fans in my block, I know, so hopefully they'll appreciate it. And of course I've posted about it to[livejournal.com profile] lost_tv. Here are some pictures, then I'm off to bed...

Lost pumpkin! )
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Lost 3X01 Spoilers )

Okay, that's it for now. Should get to bed. o.o Big day tomorrow. In short, I am so damned excited to have my show back! I haven't been hyped about Lost in awhile, so this is bringing that back. I am hopeful about this season... tentatively, perhaps, but if it's more like s1 and less mythology/hatch/Darma related, then it should be good!
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Am entertaining myself with the Instant Slash Story Generator. Some seriously funny shit comes out of this thing.

Instant Slash Story - Lost (Jack/Sawyer) )

I tried doing it a second time with House/Wilson, but it's just not as funny the second time since you have an idea of what words will be used in which places. It'd be cool if they had a few more templates for more variety. Oh well.

Logged in another ~3-4 hours of DQVIII today, and 0 hours of essay. -_- Addicting game...
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I should really be studying right now... *cough*

I've see this meme floating around for awhile, and have been meaning to do it...

I) I'll post ten things I'm a fan of.

II) You will attempt to guess my favourite character from each.

Upon your success, I'll put that line in bold, append the correct
answer, and write a sentence or so about my affection for that
character. (well, may or may not do the sentence...)

1. Angel Wesley, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] garran. And this comes as a surprise to who? XD I don't even know where to start in explaining why I love him so much; I suppose it comes down in part to my fascination with seeing how he changed and developed over the years, compounded by Alexis's brilliant acting. I loved him when he was bumbling around and falling over things in season 1, and when he was dark and broody and scruffy in season 4, and I love that his character development between those 2 points (and beyond) was completely organic.

2. Lost Sawyer, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] garran. Sex appeal aside (*ahem*), I find him a fascinating and multi-faceted character, and I'm looking forward to see where they go with his character development, especially in terms of his relationship with Jack (and Kate, I suppose). And he's one of those characters who can make you go from laughing to angsting in a moment...

3. Harry Potter Severus Snape, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] bk635. I find him one of the most intriquing, 3-dimensional characters in the books, possibly even the most. I love the ambiguous morality about him, and the idea that he can be a nasty son-of-a-bitch but still be on the side of good. And I remain optimistic even after HBP. :)

4. Firefly Mal, half guessed by [livejournal.com profile] garran, because his guess made me realize that I really have 2 favourites... so, there's still one more to guess. :)

5. Buffy (not sure that I really have a favourite, actually, but I'll choose the closest answer. ^^) Spike, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] garran. He's the closest I have to a favourite, anyway. As least until s6/7.

6. Lord of the Rings (it's actually a tie for this one, so either answer will count) One of them's Faramir (book!Faramir, that is), guessed by [livejournal.com profile] bk635 after a not-so-subtle clue. ;) Copy-pasting my explanation about why I liked him from my comment below: I'm not sure how to explain what I liked about him... in part it's because I admire his strength of character in not being tempted by the ring, which is why the changes to his character in the movies (TTT, anyway) irritated me. I liked the contrast between him and his brother; both how Boromir was tempted by the ring while Faramir wasn't, and the contrasts in their personalities (Boromir as the strong, proud, ambitious warrior, and Faramir as the quieter, gentler, and more peaceful man who was constantly being overshadowed by his brother). Also his relationship with Eowyn. Although admittedly it's been quite awhile since I've read the books, so I'm a bit iffy on that assessment...

7. Naruto Gaara, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] bronzejarith.

8. House House, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] bk635. Yeah, pretty typical answer, but he really does steal the show... and kudos to BK for also guessing my second favourite, Wilson. ^_^

9. Smallville Lex, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] garran. What can I say, I like morally ambiguous characters...

10. Full Metal Alchemist Roy, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] bk635.

Babylon 5 is notably missing from the list because there is no way that I can choose between them... I love pretty much everyone on it equally. ^_^
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Lost 2x06 "Abandoned". SPOILERS. )

Shannon icon courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] _chasingliberty. I sometimes wish I had a paid account just so I can have more icons... XD
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In each of your fandoms...
1. Who would you have a one-night stand with?
2. Who would you marry?
3. Who would you party with?
4. Who would be your Best Friend Forever!!1!?

I have a lot of fandoms... ^^;; )


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