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Thank you for being smart, Marvel. :) Made my day, this news. I saw the second story first and got really excited, then I saw the first story and might have screamed a little. :) Thank god! 3 years - can't wait!! The second story has the line 'he is basically becoming the showrunner for the Marvel Cinematic Universe." - these words just make me very happy on many levels...
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The Avengers now has the biggest opening weekend ever in the USA. I'm getting a bit teary eyed over here - it's so amazing to see Joss getting the kudos and recognition that he deserves after all these years. Remember Serenity making $4 million on opening weekend? What a change...

(and yeah, I know that higher ticket prices and 3D tickets have a hand in it, and I'd love to see an updated top 10 box office movies that accounts for inflation and changes in ticket prices, but even so it's a damned high number)

Anyway, congrats to Joss, and I hope this opens more doors for him and also makes people see how amazing he is (this and Cabin in the Woods). I do hope we still see smaller projects from him, though, like Dr. Horrible 2 and maybe another TV show. I am very much looking forward to Much Ado, anyway - hopefully they will get it into theatres sooner rather than later...

Oh, and speaking of Joss, I'm finally watching Dollhouse. I watched the first 4 eps when it first aired, but then I was travelling in Australia and just never caught up when I got home. I've watched the first 6 eps now, and am really enjoying it. As I'd heard before, ep6 definitely amps everything up, but I actually enjoyed the first 5 eps pretty well, too. I'm intrigued. :) I've managed to remain mostly unspoiled for the show, other than a few character deaths (damn).

Anyway, I finally get to see The Avengers tonight, so yay! I am super excited. It's going to be awesome...
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Dollhouse appeared in my TiVo's listings today and I just set up a season pass for it... been checking every day for the last few days for it. :) Just doing that makes me SO excited - Joss Whedon is BACK! WOO HOO! It's been coming up to 5 years since Angel ended... far too long with no new Joss on our televisions. :( Here's hoping it's good (I'm not too worried... first ep's getting mediocre-decent reviews, with comments like "a lot of potential", so I think once it hits its stride it'll be as good as the others. Both Buffy and Angel took awhile to hit their strides, after all.) Now we just have to hope that it survives. *crosses fingers*

Other things to be excited for: Heroes tonight!! Woo hoo!!!! *bounce* Trailers are freakin' me out, though... looks like it's going to be a dark Volume 4. Yikes. And I should probably go read a summary of the last ep, it's been about 2 monthes... Also: new Chuck tonight, and House's 100th ep! Wow... hard to believe. :)
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Another example of why Joss Whedon really is the original Big Damn Hero...


I love this man so much. :)

I really, really want to go to the Serenity Equality Now screening on June 23rd, but it's on a Saturday afternoon and if I get this new job then I'll be working that day. And all things considered, I'd rather get this new job then go to the screening... still wish I could go, though. (Also really want to go to the Once More With Feeling sing-alone on June 2nd, but again... on a Saturday. In the afternoon. Dammit!)


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