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New Iron Man 2 Pictures

*giggle* Awesome. :) Just another year away, can't wait!

Tony pics

Nov. 3rd, 2008 09:34 pm
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Okay, more Tony piccies! Yeah, meant to post these Saturday, but... got lazy. Friday at work was busy (end of the week, end of the month... everyone and their dog seemed to be paying their GST at the last minute in a panic... always entertaining. ^^;), but fun because I was dressed up! We all dressed up (one of my co-workers went as Joe the Plumber, and his wife was going to go as Sarah Palin that evening... sadly they forgot to get pictures of her. -_- It was amusing how quickly a lot of people figured out who he was based solely on jeans, a work shirt, and a sticker that said 'Joe'... some people even seemed to get it before they saw the sticker... lol.). I had several people do a double-take when they walked in, then laugh and say "oh, it's you! I was wondering who the new guy was!". Which... I guess is a compliment? ^^ Also had the opportunity to rec Iron Man to anyone who asked who I was and who hadn't seen the movie. :)

In the evening, I joined my parents to watch the fireworks (a tradition on Bowen... they're pretty good, too), then headed to one of the pubs to hang out with a couple of people that I kinda sorta know. It was nice, kinda awkward since I barely know them, but still nice to get out and be with other people my own age. ^^

Anyway, piccies! Including some from work, chopped up to avoid showing anyone else.

Under cut )
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Piccies! :) Better ones tomorrow when I can have someone else taking the pictures...

Under cut )

Yeah. It was fun. ^^ Bed now...
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...Okay, so I'm totally supposed to be watching SPN right now, but I... got distracted by my costume. Is it bad that I'm kinda attracted to myself now that I've slicked back my hair and drawn on the facial hair? XD XD Pictures soon - took a few, then my camera ran out of batteries. They're charging now, so in awhile I'll post some. And more tomorrow; I'll coerce my co-workers into taking some. I didn't actually intend to put together the whole costume tonight, but... I was having fun. ^^

Gonna have to rewatch SPN later. Gave up and just paused it bout 10 minutes ago when I realized I had no idea what was going on. ^^;


Oct. 28th, 2008 09:25 pm
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House - spoilers )

On a completely separate note? I've totally decided to dress up as Tony Stark for Halloween. Woo hoo! :) I'm sticking stick-on blue felt to my black tank top for the arc reactor (same stuff I used for my doll's arc reactor), getting my hair cut a bit shorter on Thursday (need to anyway...) so it SHOULD be short enough to slick back and look relatively accurate (will prob still have it in a ponytail, but a little one ^^). Also prob going to buy a kit to just dye my hair back to brown - am fed up with highlighting it, anyway (too expensive...). Oh well... Anyway, then going to draw on a goatee and prob wear an open white dress shirt over the tank top (cuz we're not really supposed to have bare shoulders at work, and really just a tank top isn't especially appropriate for a credit union ^^;). And prob a nametag with the Stark Industries logo and "Tony Stark - CEO" on it or something. So that it's more obvious who I am. :) And cuz I'm a COMPLETE DORK, I'll prob have my Tony doll and Iron Man action figure on my desk with me... ehehehehehe.
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Well, I did it! I offered my doll-making "skills" over at [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry: http://community.livejournal.com/livelongnmarry/229926.html

So if anyone has a hankering for a plush doll and wants to support a great cause, please bid! :)

And on that note - meet Tony!Doll! I took pictures of everyone to post as examples (well, except for Gaara, who is currently sitting at my other house and is lacking clothing... and who frankly was too much of a pain in the ass for me to want to make again (besides, you can buy a much nicer official one online...), so I finally have pictures of Tony to post.

Pictures under cut )

So whaddya think? I love him a slightly ridiculous amount.. and I'm not ashamed. ;) Took him to see Iron Man the second time, for chrissakes!

Bed now. Gotta be at work very early tomorrow, woe. :(
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GAH. I fucking hate this fic now. My Tony/Pepper smutfic, that is. I wrote the first 7-odd pages in a blur and it was a BLAST, and now I'm sick of it and fed up and completely stuck on the last page or so. I dunno, the particular sex act I'm writing right now is just surprisingly hard and kinda boring to write. ^^; Or maybe it's just that I've lost all inspiration, I dunno... well, no, I'm still theoretically inspired in that I'm still gobbling up every IM fic out there esp NC-17 rated ones, but I can't seem to get my head around this fic. *pout*

Meh, anyway... maybe I'll go draw. Maybe I'll go draw some porn. *grin* Still have yet to draw Pepper properly, or any Tony/Pepper... *considers*
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Here's a drawing of Tony that I did last night... deeply frustrating - the sketch took me maybe 15 minutes, and the inking took me an hour and a half because I kept fucking up. -__- Anyway, here's the lineart and a kinda-coloured version. I decided to try just painting it in single blocks of colour, sort of old-school animation-like, to see what it'd look like (also, it took only like 20 minutes ^^;). Kinda like the effect, actually. But I'll still prob colour it in properly later. I quite like it overall, but I 'm still frustrated with the inking! *sigh*

Click on images for bigger versions.

Under cut. )
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The fake Brokeback trailer phenomenon hits Iron Man... Check it out.

"Be gentle, this is my first time!" - too funny.

Also? Tony!Doll is virtually finished. Just need to pick up something for an arc reactor and some clasps for his shirt in town today. Woo hoo!!!! He's adorable. *grin* Pictures when completely finished.
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Tony!Doll's body is almost done. ^__^ Just need to stuff him; Mom's picking up some stuffing for me in town tomorrow. Then I'll put his body together, then make his clothes. Then I just have to give him some hair and find something for an arc reactor, and he'll be done and ready to come with me to the movie on Monday. :)

...I am SUCH a dork. Gonna go to bed now.
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I'm over 2000 words and 7 pages in and it's almost pure smut. I'm loving this. *grin* Though it's very frustrating trying to write porn while staying at one's parents' house for the weekend... there's nowhere private here for me to write (my old room no longer has a desk, so it's either the kitchen table or the desk in the living room downstairs. Or my bed, I suppose, but that's killer on my back.) I keep having to minimize it when they walk by. ^^; GAH.

Plus, writing porn is very, uh, distracting in and of itself... o.o Fun, though - even though Tony's occasionally doing things I didn't expect and I'm having to smack him around and get him to cooperate. Silly (horny) boy.

...okay, this is a completely pointless post. But Mom's decided to sit down next to where I was writing and start playing the piano in my ear so I need something to occupy myself with while I wait. *grin* I still have further to go, too - at least another few pages.

*ten minutes later* Got distracted while writing this... Mom's gone now, and SHIT my computer screen just went nuts again and turned on its side. *cries* I remembered the trick you found for me last time, [livejournal.com profile] bk635, and it worked, but I'm really worried now... must have a virus. *kill* Fucking piece of shit. Gonna run to back up this fic among other things, just in case.
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Mmmm, I think I've finally been inspired enough to try my hand at writing Tony/Pepper. I blame it on [livejournal.com profile] gothic_musings and this fic, which upon reading it led me to wonder why I hadn't considered this scenario earlier. *grin* It's def one of my favourite kinks, and... fuck. *fans self* Must write it. o.o I'm thinking... shower. Shower is good. Image of Tony in shower all wet and sexy and jerking off while Pepper watches him... even better.


(and [livejournal.com profile] quettalinde, I haven't forgotten your plot bunny! Might try that one too, later... we'll see how this one works out. ^^ I'm still trying to decide on how to realistically get from point A to point B in the other one. ...well, not that this idea's especially realistic either, but whatever. *grin*)
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*yawn* I'm sleepy.. long and very busy day at work. Stressed out. Meh. Relaxing now... finished Chibi!Tony - gotta say, I think he's pretty adorable. :)

Chibi!Tony - coloured )

Chibi!Tony - lineart )

OpenCanvas event file available on request, and if you want to colour the lineart go right ahead - just credit me and please let me see the finished product. :)
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Operation: Tony!Doll has commenced. I've dug out fabric, thread, and patterns, and am about to cut the fabric for the body. Then just need to pick up some black embroidery thread tomorrow for his face and I can start properly. Will give me something to do during Lost tomorrow night. :)

...I need a life.

(I'm planning to have Tony!Doll ready for when I next see Iron Man... this should give me some kinda deadline so that I'll actually finish him (unlike my Pirates dolls - I found the bag with the fabric I bought for them, still with the receipt, which says July 9, 2007. ...oh my.).)
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LOL, this video is hilarious. Check it out. :)

I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC (Iron Man vs Batman)
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Ummm... yeah. I'm deeply tempted to make this. XD Kinda given up on my Pirates dolls. *sigh* Think I could make him a little red and gold suit to go with him? XD

under cut )

I'm supposed to be working on my SPN [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest fic right now. o.o Still have a few pages left, but it's coming along. Will prob finish tomorrow. Have to post it by end of tomorrow...
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*bites fingernails* There's an inkling of a chance that I might, might, be getting tickets for Hamlet on the 15th. Through the magic of Internet resellers and awesome fans and David Tennant Livejournal communities. :) Well, one of each, that is. But anyway... not getting my hopes up yet, but but but... *bites some more* *bounces around a bit* At the least, I'm able to procure good tickets for Sept. 24th through the aforementioned reseller, so even if the trade with the aforementioned fan doesn't happen, I might still buy the tickets for later potential trades. I mean hell, I figure, it wouldn't exactly be hard to get rid of them if I had to.

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] contrarier, if you happened to have decided to check out my LJ and are reading this... you'd be my hero if this worked out. :) Er, no pressure or anything, though. *grin* I know it's quite a bit to ask.

Okay, now I have to go calm myself down, or rather return to being bouncy over things that won't give me a heart attack from stress and hope, aka reading obsessive amounts of Iron Man fic. OMG ya'll, I'm falling in love with this fandom. I'm even considering popping by the local comic shop today to see if they're open (long weekend and all, so prob not) and inquiring about Iron Man comics (40+ years of history and issues=me having no idea what's a good place to start). For now, though, I'll at least stick with reading copious amounts of Tony/Pepper and searching valiently for anything resembling Tony/Rhodes. Or Tony/Pepper/Rhodes. Come on, fandom, don't fail me!!
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Aaand, I'm done! Finished colouring Tony this evening, while watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Mom (3rd time, and I'm still not especially fond of it... it took scenes and themes that in the book felt dramatic and meaningful and just made them seem kinda cheesy and silly). Fiddled with it for ages, but I'm putting down my tablet now before I fuck it up. I really like how it turned out overall, though I admit I could've put more effort into his arm. ^^;

Under cut )

OpenCanvas event file is also available for anyone who wants to watch me draw it. ^^ It's pretty nifty; I like watching them.

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So yeah, I totally just finished drawing Iron Man fanart. Much fun to be had. I kinda amalgamated 3 promo pics into something similar to each but not quite the same, which probably threw my foreshortening off but oh well... I'm really pleased with his face, though.

Will prob colour. For now, the sketch:

under cut )

That was fun. :) Listened to the soundtrack while drawing, and really enjoyed it - good stuff. I'm totally going to end up seeing this again, possibly even in the theatre (must drag parents to it, and it's so much shinier on the big screen...) - and it's been flipping ages since I saw something in theatre twice (I think the last time was Goblet of Fire... over 2 years ago.)

Iron Man

May. 12th, 2008 09:41 pm
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Saw Iron Man today. Fucking loved it. I can't believe I'd barely even heard of this movie until like 2 weeks ago, then it was released and was getting such good reviews and I sat up and took notice. I'm the first to admit that I'm not a comic books fan, beyond the Buffy comics, Japanese manga, and when I was a kid the Sonic comics. ^^ But damn, I do enjoy a good comic book movie, and this is easily one of the best I've seen from the recent crop of comic book/superhero movies in the past 5-7 years. It's been awhile since I saw a movie that had me practically bouncing in my seat with pure glee and making randomly excited noises and grinning crazily whenever I think about it. XD But seriously. It was damned shiny. I loved how character based it was - all explosions aside (and I can't deny that I greatly enjoyed said explosions...), at the core it was about Tony Stark and his growth as a character.somewhat more detailed thoughts, with some spoilers )

So yeah, deep thoughts... not happening right now. But I thought all the elements of it worked together really well - the character drama, the action, the comedy and snark, the themes and such, and just in general the editing and cinematography and effects and music and all that jazz. I'll prob see it again on DVD, so my parents can see it - I'm def having the urge to see it again. Already. o.o

But for now, new icon. Because I realized that I've had my Scrubs one since fall, and it's now May for chrissakes, plus I'm pretty sick of it, and because I want a pretty pretty Tony Stark icon. So. New icon. :) Credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] sincerely_jane. Now I just need a wallpaper. XD Found a really nice header which I might use as a wallpaper, but being a header it's rather small. Hmm.


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