Oct. 28th, 2008 09:25 pm
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House - spoilers )

On a completely separate note? I've totally decided to dress up as Tony Stark for Halloween. Woo hoo! :) I'm sticking stick-on blue felt to my black tank top for the arc reactor (same stuff I used for my doll's arc reactor), getting my hair cut a bit shorter on Thursday (need to anyway...) so it SHOULD be short enough to slick back and look relatively accurate (will prob still have it in a ponytail, but a little one ^^). Also prob going to buy a kit to just dye my hair back to brown - am fed up with highlighting it, anyway (too expensive...). Oh well... Anyway, then going to draw on a goatee and prob wear an open white dress shirt over the tank top (cuz we're not really supposed to have bare shoulders at work, and really just a tank top isn't especially appropriate for a credit union ^^;). And prob a nametag with the Stark Industries logo and "Tony Stark - CEO" on it or something. So that it's more obvious who I am. :) And cuz I'm a COMPLETE DORK, I'll prob have my Tony doll and Iron Man action figure on my desk with me... ehehehehehe.
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An interesting analysis of the latest House episode, particularly in regards to the episode's narrative structure and the possibility of House being bisexual. Very interesting read; she brings up a lot of good points. Such a good episode... ;)

School soon.. woo hoo. ^^; Going to try to get some studying done before I go. Then, Torchwood on the bus! Yay!
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Finally watched last night's House... and holy SHIT ya'll. spoilers )

Rambling about House aside... another damned awesome thing I watched today was my rewatch of "The Coming of Shadows" in Babylon 5 - I was so excited to finally be at that ep. :) Watched it on lunch at work today, and was tearing up the back room... trying not to whimper too loudly, at all the angst and foreshadowing and general awesomeness. And my left eye seems to have some kind of small scratch on it or something, because it was hurting like mad from the tears and felt like there was something sharp in there (have felt like that all day, the tears just exacerbated it). But anyway, damn that's one fine episode. Probably the best so far, though some of the eps at the end of s1 are also excellent. But all the foreshadowing! spoilers for whole series )

Okay, bed now. o.o It's almost 1am, I'm exhausted, and I have school tomorrow. Enough rambling. :) Tomorrow, Torchwood on the bus. Yay!


Feb. 3rd, 2008 08:45 pm
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spoilers for tonight's House, and preview for next ep )

Took long enough for the ep to start, anyway, yeesh. TV guide said 7:00 on Global and ~7:15 on Fox, but I guess Global wanted to wait for Fox, and Fox took forever, so it didn't start until 7:45. Woe.

I should, like, study now. Hahahaha. -_-
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I should really be studying right now... *cough*

I've see this meme floating around for awhile, and have been meaning to do it...

I) I'll post ten things I'm a fan of.

II) You will attempt to guess my favourite character from each.

Upon your success, I'll put that line in bold, append the correct
answer, and write a sentence or so about my affection for that
character. (well, may or may not do the sentence...)

1. Angel Wesley, guessed by [ profile] garran. And this comes as a surprise to who? XD I don't even know where to start in explaining why I love him so much; I suppose it comes down in part to my fascination with seeing how he changed and developed over the years, compounded by Alexis's brilliant acting. I loved him when he was bumbling around and falling over things in season 1, and when he was dark and broody and scruffy in season 4, and I love that his character development between those 2 points (and beyond) was completely organic.

2. Lost Sawyer, guessed by [ profile] garran. Sex appeal aside (*ahem*), I find him a fascinating and multi-faceted character, and I'm looking forward to see where they go with his character development, especially in terms of his relationship with Jack (and Kate, I suppose). And he's one of those characters who can make you go from laughing to angsting in a moment...

3. Harry Potter Severus Snape, guessed by [ profile] bk635. I find him one of the most intriquing, 3-dimensional characters in the books, possibly even the most. I love the ambiguous morality about him, and the idea that he can be a nasty son-of-a-bitch but still be on the side of good. And I remain optimistic even after HBP. :)

4. Firefly Mal, half guessed by [ profile] garran, because his guess made me realize that I really have 2 favourites... so, there's still one more to guess. :)

5. Buffy (not sure that I really have a favourite, actually, but I'll choose the closest answer. ^^) Spike, guessed by [ profile] garran. He's the closest I have to a favourite, anyway. As least until s6/7.

6. Lord of the Rings (it's actually a tie for this one, so either answer will count) One of them's Faramir (book!Faramir, that is), guessed by [ profile] bk635 after a not-so-subtle clue. ;) Copy-pasting my explanation about why I liked him from my comment below: I'm not sure how to explain what I liked about him... in part it's because I admire his strength of character in not being tempted by the ring, which is why the changes to his character in the movies (TTT, anyway) irritated me. I liked the contrast between him and his brother; both how Boromir was tempted by the ring while Faramir wasn't, and the contrasts in their personalities (Boromir as the strong, proud, ambitious warrior, and Faramir as the quieter, gentler, and more peaceful man who was constantly being overshadowed by his brother). Also his relationship with Eowyn. Although admittedly it's been quite awhile since I've read the books, so I'm a bit iffy on that assessment...

7. Naruto Gaara, guessed by [ profile] bronzejarith.

8. House House, guessed by [ profile] bk635. Yeah, pretty typical answer, but he really does steal the show... and kudos to BK for also guessing my second favourite, Wilson. ^_^

9. Smallville Lex, guessed by [ profile] garran. What can I say, I like morally ambiguous characters...

10. Full Metal Alchemist Roy, guessed by [ profile] bk635.

Babylon 5 is notably missing from the list because there is no way that I can choose between them... I love pretty much everyone on it equally. ^_^
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House 2x05 "Daddy's Boy", general spoilers )

(Copy-pasting the next 2 paragraphs from an e-mail I just wrote, cause I don't want to bother writing it out again for this post...)

I've been thinking a lot about my program recently. Somehow in spite of having spent monthes and monthes thinking about my IDST program, I'm now not sure about it. I've really been enjoying my History course, and I'm thinking it might be a better idea to Major in something. Problem with IDST is that it makes the possibilty of getting into Grad school that much slimmer, since the application requirements are usually a Major or even an Honours degree. *sigh* Not that I necessarily want to go to Grad school, but I don't like the idea of having that possibilty closed off, at least without having to take a lot of extra courses down the road. And I don't even know if I really like what I'm supposed to be studying. *eyeroll*

Thing is, it looks like it would be really hard to switch into the History Major program now, since all I have is 6 credits of first year History and these 6 credits (300-level). I'd need another 6 100-200 level credits, and it's not really feasible now without taking another year. And I honestly don't know if I even want to, though I do really like this course and I do find History interesting in general. Just considering it, I guess. With a Lit minor, since I already have a fair number of Lit credits.

Meh, anyway, I don't know. My brain's imploding from this, and I don't have much time to decide. I should probably go to Arts Advising, but I really don't know if I even do want to switch. It'd be a big hassle, and I just don't know if I actually care that much. I'm taking several History courses in my program, anyway.

random comment: I've got an annoying urge to re-play FFVI, thanks in part to today's RPGamer column where several people wrote letters about replaying it, and in part to having listened to the soundtrack today. Nooo, I don't have time and I need to actually finish my other games *coughSH2cough*. /random comment

Nothing more to say right now, and my wrists are killing me. Bed now, finish reading "As You Like it" tomorrow morning, then class, then work, then LOST! Woot. What I know about this ep has me nervous, but other than what's been said in the official promo/description I'm basically unspoiled. Eeep. *crosses fingers that Sawyer will be okay and will have teh hawt mansex with Jack upon their reunion*.

ETA: Oh, forgot to mention - [ profile] rainbowpegacorn, in case you don't know, chapter 16 pt 2 of Draco Veritas is up. ^__^ Give me a shout sometime and we can talk - we need to make our GoF plans! I'll give you a call sometime later this week if I don't hear from you. I still need an HP-themed t-shirt for the premiere. *muses*
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In each of your fandoms...
1. Who would you have a one-night stand with?
2. Who would you marry?
3. Who would you party with?
4. Who would be your Best Friend Forever!!1!?

I have a lot of fandoms... ^^;; )


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