Feb. 6th, 2011 10:53 pm
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Time in Seattle is almost over... :( Heading back early tomorrow on the train. But it's been awesome! Very geeky weekend, heh, my poor mother...

Details )

And that's about it... hanging out in the hotel now, channel surfing. And UGH, we just landed on Fox News and O'Reilly is interviewing Obama. Mom wants to see how he defends himself, but I'm not sure I can handle it. o.o So glad we don't get Fox News in Canada; I hate channel surfing and coming across it. Go away, O'Reilly...
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Ooh, there's a small possibility I might get to go to Orlando to see the Harry Potter theme park this March... Mom's going to be speaking at a conference (it's an annual one that she goes to most years... I think all the times I've gone to Orlando have coincided with her conferences!) and she just found out that they're holding it in Orlando this year (it varies) so she said maybe I can come and we can go to the HP park. Course, I have no idea if I'll be working or what I'll be doing, but I'd like to go. Even though it's spring break season and there are several other trips I'd potentially like to take over the next 6 months (DC for starters... though that probably won't happen. And possibly some kind of adventure tour thing in South America, which Mom and I have been vaguely talking about). So I don't know how much I'll be able to afford, or how much time I'll be able to take off from whatever job I may get. But still. Harry Potter theme park!! I so want to go to it...

Anyway, I'm procrastinating terribly. Must get to work! Try to get a bunch of work done during the day, then The Big Bang Theory at 5:00! Can't wait. Wish I had a newer series of Tivo that can record 2 cable box shows at once (damned things don't work/aren't available in Canada) so I could record Community at the same time, but guess I'll just have to wait until 8 for it. Also wish I had a newer series of Tivo so I could stream Netflix directly to it now that Netflix is available in Canada. Bleh.

Okay, working now, really.
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Am at the St. Kilda Library now using their free wireless Internet, THANK GOD. *sigh* Used some of my precious Telstra bandwidth this morning to research differnet providers, and... they all suck. -_- Looked at Three because their deal seemed good, but evidently their coverage is shit (only in the major cities, and I'm hoping to explore the country/outback a bit...). And of course I'd have to pay $100 to unlock my USB stick from Telstra. Might do that anyway at some point once I've researched mobile broadband at home - I know Rogers has it... not sure if they have pre-paid, though, and I'd just want it for occasionally connecting to the Internet on the go (like on the ferry... oh god that would have been amazing). Gonna look into it and see if they use SIM cards and if I could just stick the card into an unlocked Telstra stick, in which case I'll unlock it anyway.

Aaaanywho. *sigh* I swear I've spent half my trip stressing over the Internet. ^^; At least I got out yesterday to the Harry Potter parody, which was fun. Though wish I'd had someone to share it with... it's not as fun when you can't turn to a friend after and talk about it. :( (ooh, and on an HP note - ya'll see the new HBP trailer?? So cool! (and of course, as I try to go find the trailer to link to it... I see how slow the Internet here is. SIGH. I'm doomed. ;_; I can' thelp it, I'm too used to fast Internet and lots of bandwidth. And okay, my Internet at home was shitty and unreliable, but at least I didn't have to worry about using up bandwidth by watching videos and surfing the web!)

Ahh there we go. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny. Only 3 more monthes!! I remember in November, 8 monthes seemd like an eternity... but we're almost there! And I've gotta say, it looks good. :) Hopefully an improvement over OotP, which has grown on me, but still... wasn't that crazy over David Yates' directing. Meh. Anyway, HBP looks awesome. :)

Anyway... really shouldn't spend all day here, and don't want to - just came to check it out and see if they had free wireless. And they do. And life is good again. :) Think I'll try to come here for day-to-day usage, and I'll attempt watching streamed video which is hopefully okay by them (I mean, it's not like I'm downloading a 200 mb file via P2P...), and then TENTATIVELY try using Telstra again for the occasional download. I've heard their main problem is with the $100/6 gig recharge, so maybe I'll try the $80/3.5 gig one... which hurts, man, because the other one seems like such a better deal! But considering I was being charged at ~8 cents/mb accidentally rather than 1.6 cents.. yeah. They even told me that they have this problem with that recharge, and I saw someone else online with the same problem.

ANYWAY. I say for the third or more time. I... need to do something today. Hm. Actually may take a minute right now while I have free and relatively reliable Internet to do some *gasp* job searching! At least to research temp agencies and such. And to research volunteer opportunities in the country; [ profile] soliloloquyv was talking about that possibility the other day, and it might be fun... she's trying to convince me that the big evil deadly spiders out there are cute, though. ;)

Should really make a post to my travelblog, too. Huh. Am lazy...

(my Rachel-geek icon seems fitting for this... lol. I am so addicted to the Internet...)
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*squee* Evidently HP: HBP will be released in Australia on the 16th! Which would be the 15th in Canada, and the movie's being released here on the 17th, meaning that I'll be seeing it 2 days earlier than if I'd been at home! Sweeeeeet. Plus I'll hopefully get to see it with [ profile] rainbowpegacorn, since I vaguely plan to be in Brisbane around that time. Awesome. Can't wait!! :) (though I won't have my robe, which is rather sad... oh well.)
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The first filming shots of Dan Radcliffe for Deathly Hallows have been released. I'm oddly emotional at the notion - I remember when the first picture for Chamber of Secrets was released (and I'm sure some out there remember the first picture from PS...). I just... wow. Seriously. This is it, the final film(s) - and sometimes I still can't quite believe that the final book has been released (one and a half years ago? Seriously? Crazy). I'm still kinda wrapping my head around HBP being a finished film now (and finally only a few more monthes away... damned Warner Bros.). Hell, somtimes I'm taken aback that OotP is a film now, and it's been out for 1.5 years. I suppose it's in part because I was most heavily fannish about HP (much though I still love it) from 2001-2003, so on some level I still associate my fannish feelings for the books with only the first 4. I remember back in gr11 (circa 2002) listening to an instrumental song that totally made me think of the graveyard scene from GoF for no particular reason and thinking to myself "god, it's going to be YEARS before a GoF movie will be released, so the only way I'm gonna get a music video for this is to draw it." (needless to say, my "animate my own music video" idea lasted about as long as it took me to try to storyboard a couple of frames on one page of paper. ^^) After the movie came out I remember thinking "wow, it's out now - I could actually make that vid now" (never did, of course... oh well). And now it's been over 3 years since it came out. Whoa. :)

And lol, nostalgia much? I'm getting kinda maudlin at the thought of it all being over (at least after DH was released we still had the films, though I know, I know, it's still 2+ years until DH part 2 is released). And I just can't believe how long it's been... I just realized that DH pt2 will be released pretty much exactly 10 years after I got into the series (I read them earlier and liked them okay, but it wasn't until June '01 that I reread them (was sick during gr10 exams, heh) and thought to myself "hmm, I've heard that people write Harry/Draco fic. Interesting. I wonder how they pull that one off? Let's go find out..." and really, it was all downhill from there. XD XD (and honest to god, a few minutes ago when I realized it will have been 10 years, I totally got teary-eyed. Heh.)

Anyway... dunno how I got on this. I just can't believe that the first DH pics are out, though I know it started filming a month ago. This is it, the final movie... wow. ;__;

(and on a totally random note - I'm rather proud of myself right now for having fixed my co-worker's iPhone... she has an unlocked iPhone and she downloaded the newest firmware accidentally and it fucked up her phone. I admittedly didn't have to do much (followed an online tutorial), but I'm still happy. :) She was worried that she had completely wrecked it and she didn't know how to fix it, so I said I'd take a look... since I recently jailbroke my iPod Touch I kinda knew how it all worked. ^^ Anyway, wish I knew her home phone # so I could call her with the good news, but will have to wait til tomorrow).
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Dude, ya'll, I ought to be shot. So, I'm lying in bed, and I end up thinking about the B5 ep that I watched today again (incidentally, I find it interesting that after watching new eps of two of my favourite current shows, I still end up thinking about B5 after - I've barely given a thought to either SPN or Lost since they ended. I quite enjoyed both eps, and I love both shows to varying extents, but damn B5 still owns my soul after all these years). ANYWAY. I was thinking thinky thoughts about Londo and Vir and their character arcs and angst and tragedy etc etc, when what pops into my mind? The urge to make a Londo doll. Shaddup, ya'll. XD I know, I still have to finish my Jack Sparrow and James Norrington dolls, but... gah, stop me! I started contemplating how I'd do his hair, lol. Then I started giggling uncontrollably. I still am, intermittently. What's gotten into me today? I think this is a side effect of having to act relatively normal at work all day (well, relatively...) - total batshit insanity when I get home. And uncontrollable giggling. So what do I do? I get up, come to my computer, doodle a really bad doll idea, then write this post. It was fun, anyway. :) I enjoyed the ridiculously large and bushy eyebrows.

ummm. yeah. i dunno, ya'll. )

Anyway, if your eyes are bleeding after that... here's a neatly inked version of the Harry/Draco pic I posted last night. I'm in the process of colouring it, too.

Harry/Draco under cut. PG-13. )

I... should go to bed now. o.o

But first, some more random thoughts re: 4.05. Cutting for spoilers so I can go in more detail.

Rambling. )

Okay yeah, it's late and I'm tired and none of this is especially coherent or intelligent. Really, it just all boils down to me flailing my arms around going "omg this show is amazing". Because really, I don't think I've ever seen a character on TV as nuanced and fascinating as Londo Mollari... though Wesley came close. :)

Bed now, for real.
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10-15 minute Harry/Draco doodle. Vaguely inspired by [ profile] maxine_chan's "Starts With a Spin", which I just finished reading (ate it up over the last couple of days - it's awesome; well written and characterized, and very hot). May polish this later, we'll see. Right now, bed...

Picture under cut - rated... let's say 'round PG or PG-13, for vague nudity/shirtlessness/implied naughtiness )

Enjoy. :)
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Ugh, I feel like shit... stressful day at work, and my cold medication wore off ~3pm and I'd forgotten to bring more so I felt terrible for the last 2 hours. Then I couldn't balance my damned cheques or cash, and eventually had to leave saying I'd do it in the morning because it was past 5:30 by that point. Came home and crashed. Blah. Have to go early tomorrow to balance, and am stressing about it... though I'm pretty sure it'll all balance in the end; it nearly always does. Spent the evening vapidly watching Friends then watching an ep of B5 (1.11 "Survivors", pretty good ep). Then fell asleep on the couch for awhile, woke up, had a bath, and got back to the computer and coloured Harry from last night while finishing listening to JKR on Pottercast (check it out over at - part two next week!). So, here's Harry coloured... woo hoo.

Under cut )

Bed now. *collapses*
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Rewatched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tonight, only the second time I've seen it, and overall enjoyed it more than the first time. Probably because this time I hadn't just reread the first 5 books in rapid succession and therefore wasn't burnt out on HP/didn't have OotP clear in my head. o.o Still think the latter parts of the Ministry scenes at the end are kinda cheesy (aka Harry writhing on the ground thinking of his friends... oh lord), but it's pretty good overall. Not my favourite movie, but then it's not my favourite book... they did a decent enough job of translating such a huge book to the big screen, though it still doesn't seem as dark and depressing as the book did (and Harry's not nearly obnoxious enough).

Anyway, here's a little doodle of Harry vaguely inspired by watching the movie. Really just a pic of him holding his wand out and looking vaguely battle ready. :) I like it, though.

Under cut. No spoilers of any remote sort, and completely G )

Should get to bed... have to work tomorrow, and I'm on full time hours for the next few weeks because my supervisor is on holiday and it's just the 3 of us. Oh joy. -_- It's gonna be interesting... she's the only person in the office who knows everything and everything to do with tellering and account opening and everything else, so we tend to bug her with questions a lot. But we made it through 2 weeks without her back in September, so I suppose we can do it now. :)

Plus I'm still battling this cold. *sigh* Feel a lot better today than yesterday, and was able to go to Park Royal for Christmas shopping earlier, and hoping that I continue to improve tomorrow. Kinda dull birthday, anyway. Shopping, followed by sitting in the ferry lineup for 1.5 hours while divers tried to dislodge some logs from the propellors (the ferry ended up being 2 sailings behind as a result), then home to make dinner. But watching HP: OotP tonight was fun, and I made myself a cake to eat during it. :) Mom got me some presents at PR that I'd asked for - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (blah though the movie was, I figure I should own all three... now I just need to get the first one again. -_-), The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook featuring Alan Lee's art (just learned about its existence and immediately coveted it), and the first Supernatural magazine issue. XD Yeah, I randomly asked her to pick it up.. saves me $10. :) Also picked up a small scrapbook at Michaels courtesy of Dad, who I was shopping for Mom with (we split up from her to do our shopping), which I plan to use for my Browncoat Cruise scrapbook. Anyway, that plus the stuff ya'll got me the other night equals a good haul this year. ;) Now I've got Christmas to look forward to, woo hoo... still vaguely hoping on an iPod Touch, which I've been bugging my mom about since I decided I wanted one yesterday, but I doubt it. Figure I'll ask for it as a graduation present... it's so shiny though, I really want one now. ;_; I didn't realize that it has wi-fi until the other day, and now I'm drooling lol. iPod+wi-fi=shiny.

Right, bed. o.o Going now...
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In celebration of the great outing of Albus Dumbledore... some fanart. :) Various doodles of young!Albus and young!Gellert, technically only spoilery for DH if you know who Gellert is which you wouldn't if you hadn't read it. ;) But spoiler warning for DH anyway, just in case. Mostly just single doodles of them; one somewhat slashy one (well, pretty slashy... I mean, they could just be rolling around in the grass as best friends but, ummm... yeah.)

First attempt at young!Albus

First attempt at young!Gellert

Some doodles of Albus

Some doodles of Albus and Gellert, including the aforementioned slashy one

Lineart of above

(lineart of the others available, too, if anyone wants them...)

I sorta feel like I should take a stab at drawing them when they're older (both mid-20th century and present), but... too hard. >_< Especially present time!Albus - could never draw older people very well... even struggle with over 30 unless it's a proper portrait. Sigh. Habit formed from starting off drawing anime where everyone looks young and pretty. ;)

Still need to make that t-shirt.. maybe I'll go do that now. ;)
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TLC Interviews GLAAD

Interesting to see what organizations like GLAAD are saying about the big revelation... makes me happy to see people being so positive about it and saying that it's an important step forward for equality in the media. :) GLAAD's not in Canada, is it? I wish it was, I'd love to get involved. I really like the idea of working on queer representations in the media. I'm looking into organizations in Canada that support gay and lesbian issues, because I want to get involved and volunteer, but I don't even know where to start... or what I want to do. I just feel like I want to make some kind of difference in something I believe strongly in. *sigh*

Also, I want to make a t-shirt with this gorgeous picture (lineart by [ profile] mon_starling and colouring by [ profile] railiens). And some kinda text, either "Ablus/Gellert - it's canon!" or "Dumbledore has Pride!" with Pride in rainbow letters. :) Or something like that. Part of me also wants to wear it under my HP robe to work next week (we have to dress up, sweet!), but I probably shouldn't. Heh. I want something that celebrates it but isn't too obvious... I'm torn between wanting to make it very clear and wanting to avoid people going "wtf"... I know I shouldn't care, but I'm sensitive that way. ;) If people freak out at me because of it I'll get all angry and depressed.

Though on a completely unrelated note, god I wish I could colour (and draw...) like that. They both did a fantastic job... I'm at a loss to even figure out how to make my colouring look anything like that in PS - don't even know what tools I should use. *sigh*

I've also got a bunch of thoughts percolating in my brain about the importance of love in Harry Potter and what love means in the series and in particular to four of the main characters (Harry, Severus, Albus, and Voldemort). I have no idea if they'll get written down, but I felt like sharing that. ;) I think there are a number of new things to say about love post-DH, and even now that we know about Albus's true feelings for Gellert - that definitely changes some things, I think, in terms of his capacity for love and what he'll do for it and in spite of it. Anyway. Possibly more later. :)

EDIT: Oh yeah, and GIP - credit to [ profile] utaki02. Needed a Dumbledore is Gay icon. :)

Art post

Sep. 20th, 2007 10:17 pm
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Well, I'm bored so I'm going to make an art post. :) In this post - Supernatural (mostly Wincest, be warned), Prison Break, Scrubs, and Harry Potter. Also some OpenCanvas Event files for anyone interested in watching me draw. Only have a handful - just the ones I did in OpenCanvas, which I just recently downloaded. The other ones, done in CGIllust (similar program) don't have them because the trial version of that program didn't allow me to save. :( Gotta say, they're kinda addicting to watch... make me look ridiculously good because they're so fast, lol. I don't actually draw that fast. XD Anyway, you can download a free trial here if you're interested.

Supernatural )

Prison Break )

Harry Potter )

Scrubs )

Whew, that took awhile.. now have sore back and eyes. Better go take break... then crossposting this around.

More art

Aug. 18th, 2007 08:19 pm
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Art post #3 - more HP, but no DH spoilers this time.

1. Harry - supposed to be a sort of juxtaposition of young, pre-Hogwarts Harry and older Harry. I dunno, idea just came to me... I rather like it, overall.

2. Severus - done in CGIllust, that new program I've been experimenting with. Just a portrait.

3. Bellatrix - quick sketch in CGIllust. Mom asked me to draw it. ^^;

4. Severus-Harry - really quite like this one.

5. Severus-Harry #2 - done in Photoshop, and I've gotta say that I'm really proud of the colouring. DOne before I discovered CGIllust, and I was experimenting with PS and trying to learn how to colour better. I'm not too fond of the poses (Harry's supposed to be grabbing Severus by surprise and kissing him, and I'm not sure how well that came through...) but I am very pleased with the colouring. :)

Feedback always appreciated... :)

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Another mini-art post, this time of Deathly Hallows spoiler art. 2 pics, details under cuts. Both pretty big spoilers, so beware...

Here there be DH spoilers... )

More coming later... some HP, lots of other stuff from that big scanning frenzy I went on awhile back.

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And now, the artdump ensues... I have a TON of stuff (over 50 drawings) that I scanned a few nights ago, ranging from a week old to 2 years old. Big range of fandoms - Harry Potter to Oz to Firefly. Also have some very recent computer art which I've been working on, which I'll also post. I've decided to do this by fandom, so I can link the appropriate post to various communities. So to start off, since it is after all the thing everyone is talking about and reading right now, I'm starting off which Harry Potter... No DH spoilers in this post, I'll put anything with a DH spoiler in its own post.

Fanart under cut (just links + descriptions) )

Okay, that's it for hand-drawn stuff, at least that I've scanned in so far. I've got a few other things to scan, some DH-spoilery and some not. Also have a few computer-drawn pictures which I'm going to post separately.

Let me know what you guys think! :) More coming...

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Just finished my "first paycheck splurge". :) Not a huge splurge, granted, but it's something... ordered Oz seasons 1 and 3 from Came to $68 CDN altogether. Love that place - at Futureshop, each season would have been $50+! Well, s1 is $39 at Futureshop, but s3 is $57 or something like that, so... anyway, I'm excited. ^^ Planning to rewatch season 3. Dunno what I'll do with season 1 when I get it - rewatched it recently. But I wanted to own it just because I want it for converting purposes and such. XD Plus it's one of the best seasons, easily, despite the lack of Beecher/Keller. Now I just have to find people to convert... *looks around pointedly*

Considered a few other splurging possibilities, but they were just too expensive.. considered a 30 gig video iPod - they're only $269 now, which is pretty cheap (they used to be $329). But even with my first big and shiny paycheck, I can't really justify it... plus, I don't like the wheel thingy that you have to use to navigate the menus.

Almost briefly kind of considered either a Wii or a DS, too... mainly because I was at Ryan's friend's house yesterday playing a Wii that he had just bought that day. We played a lot of Wii Sports, and it was pretty damned fun. It's really cool actually having to use your body, or at least arms, to control the characters - the boxing is like a full body workout, seriously! It's the first time I can honestly say that playing video games is healthy. XD XD But eh, ultimely I don't really want one, I just like the idea. They're pretty cheap, too - $289, compared to $499 for the XBOX 360 and $699 for the PS3. But then I'd need a second controller, plus the nunchuks probably, and it would just add up a ton... Ryan's friend spent $700 altogether, for the system, an extra controller, 2 nunchuks, and 3 extra games. Way too much for me to justify right now. ^^

Oh well, I'll have Oz to amuse me for now... I take a sad enjoyment at lining up my DVDs in a row in order and looking at them. XD XD Granted, I'm missing s5 and 6, but I don't really care enough about either season to want to buy them. Though s5 had some good stuff - especially the Toby/Vern duet in "Variety". ;) But it was also the season of Omar White, and... ugh. Well, it at season 6, which is just one of many reasons that I have no plans at all to buy season 6 anytime in the near future. If ever.

Anyway, at the moment I'm just hanging at my grandparents' place making use of their ridiculously good computer (seriously, all they use it for is internet banking, email, and some word processing, and the thing has 200 damned gigs!) and waiting for the fireworks to start. Their apartment is in Dundarave right on the water - AMAZING view from their balcony of all of Vancouver. And there will evidently be fireworks in West Van, so they'll be practically on top of us. Best view we've ever had of Canada Day fireworks. ^^ Anyway, happy birthday Canada and all that stuff. 140 years old, go us! Spent the afternoon in the cove - went to Crippen Park to the Canada Day picnic, then hiked up to Dorman Point (pretty short hike, maybe 25 minutes, and it has a great view of Vancouver at the top). Then took the ferry down and went to Park Royal, where I tried to buy a new suit and failed. Bleh. I have one, at least... it'll do for now. Went to Futureshop to look at RAM, but the guy said I'll have to bring my laptop in so they can see what type I'll need. The guy wasn't too happy when I said that I know people (Ryan and his dad) who work with computers and could probably easily install it for me. XD But I mean hell, installation is an extra $25, so...)

Btw, on another topic - Harry Potter tickets are up for presale now. It's def the 11th - I'm hoping to go to the 7:20 at Paramount downtown, since that will be easier to get to than Metrotown (since I'm HOPING to take the 5 ferry down and get off work 30 min earlier... will ask if I can just cut my lunch hour in half to leave early). If I get the 6, well... Metrotown will definitely be out of the picture, and Paramount will be pushing it (especially if the Lion's Gate is backed up which, face it, it usually is at that time of day).

Speaking of Harry Potter - Mom made a suggestion that I've decided to run with, regarding the decorations for the Deathy Hallows launch. I was originally going to draw small chibi HP characters, colour them on the computer, then print them out and stick them on the walls, but she suggested that I do them BIG, like 3+ feet, colour them with markers, and put them on the walls. Will look much better. :) Though I'm a bit nervous about seeing my work that big and all around the room... I'm goimg to be all critical of myself. o.o

Anyway, this is getting long... and fireworks should be starting soonish. Stopping now before it gets ridiculously long. ^^;
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What NBC "The Office" character are you?
Your Result: Pam Beesly

You are the person everyone considers a friend, you are sweet and a good listener, but you also creative and love to have fun and are always up for a good practical joke. You work at a job you hate but don�t leave because you don�t really know what you want out of life. You have spent too much time following the opinions of others and are beginning to learn how to think for yourself. Did I wake up this morning thinking I'd be throwing together a bird funeral? You never can tell what your day here is gonna turn into

Jim Halpert
Toby Flenderson
Angela Martin
Dwight Kurt Schrute
Kelly Kapoor
Ryan Howard
Michael Scott
What NBC "The Office" character are you?
See All Our Quizzes

Heh, pretty true I guess... Yay Pam. :)

Work today was uneventful. Went to a meeting at Phoenix Books after work to plan the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows launch, and we got some pretty good ideas going. We're sticking with several of the same games as we did last year, but we've tossed in some new stuff. I'm going to do some drawings for them. :)

Speaking of HP - if there's anyone reading this who didn't get my email and are interested in coming to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on opening night, let me know. Soon as tickets are up, I'm getting someone to buy them online (someone who can arrive early to pick them up and get in line). It's either on the 11th or the 13th, still not really sure... different websites say different things. -_-
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Order of the Phoenix International trailer is UP! Woo hoo!

It's over 2 minutes and pretty awesome, albeit low quality. I'm looking forward to seeing a hi-res version of it. Not as omgawesome as the GoF international trailer was (I watched that so many times it's ridiculous), but it's cool and shows a lot of new scenes. Getting excited! Only a few more monthes...

Speaking of HP, I went to Phoenix Books on Bowen and put my and my cousin's names down for the midnight party on the 20th/21st. They're hopefully going to be coming in time; they're either coming the 19th or the 20th and my mom's going to call my uncle to ensure that it is in fact the 19th because there's really no way they could get up to Bowen in time for the party if they arrive on the 20th unless they arrive super-early. Plus they'd be really tired and jet lagged. So. That aside, I also put down my name as a volunteer and they're going to call me when the date gets closer. Looking forward to that, it'll be nice to help out and meet people.

Speaking of, I applied at some places on the island... Ruddy Potato, Galley, Doc Morgans. 1 grocery store, two restaurants, all hiring right now, so we'll see. I'm also going to apply at the new Bowmart diner, which is evidently so short-staffed that when I went to put in my resume yesterday there was a sign on the door saying "closed due to extreme staff shortage". Dude. I'm thinking it wouldn't be hard to get a job there. XD

We rented Borat last night because my parents hadn't seen it, and they both enjoyed it. I was a tad worried. XD But Dad really liked it, evidently. It's so damned funny; I love the national anthem.

Coming down to town tonight, staying until Thursday. Going to Park Royal on the way home to buy lawn furniture, evidently. And I need to buy fabric for Ryan!Doll. :) Not sure when we'll be back to the house, but [ profile] bk635, I'll give you a call and see about doing something either tonight (depending on when I get home) or tomorrow.

Gotta go finish up work for Mom now. Fun fun. It's supposed to be my vacation. ;_; But she's promised to pay off my Visa (~$400) if I help , so I'll do it...
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Deathly Hallows cover art has been released:

I've gotta say, I actually much prefer the American version. The British children's edition is just... ehh. It's nice to see the trio on the front, but I hate Hermione's face. o.o Though the image of Hogwarts on the back is cool. Love the American edition, though, it looks awesome. Actually kinda wish we were getting that version. ^^ Though I want the British one to round out my collection - wouldn't look right otherwise. ;p It's shorter than I though, though - only 608 pages? They announced the US one as being way over 700 pages awhile back, and how much longer can it really be than the UK one? Bigger font and pictures don't fill in that much space. It's only one page longer than HBP... a bit disappointing. But only 4 months left! Hard to believe.
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ZOMG. *flails* Harry Potter book 7 release date announced! July 21st, 2007! I can't believe it; I didn't really think it'd be out this summer (considering that last we heard she was still writing). DUDE. This is awesome. XD Did some reading online and evidentally it's the 10 year anniversary of the date that Philosopher's Stone was first published. How fitting. :)


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