Jun. 24th, 2011 07:49 pm
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(I'm still always scared when I hear this kind of news that it will be taken away at any point... but am going to be optimistic!)

I'm thinking back to late 2008/early 2009 when I started writing a Keith/Anderson fic where same-sex marriage got legalized and they got married... I had some really sappy/stupid fantasy stories in my head, too, where they'd come out and get engaged on-air while covering the news about the legalization, or something. Yeah. Good times. :)

Maine FTW!

May. 10th, 2009 10:28 pm
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GUYS GUYS GUYS! How is it that Maine legalized same-sex marriage last week and I didn't know about it until today? Yay Maine! :) I like to think it hasn't popped up on my f-list or wherever because it's getting so commonplace that it's no longer news, but with only 5/50 states down so far, I think we have a ways to go until that happens. Still. Yay for another state! I'd heard that Maine was the probably the next up, but didn't realize it was so close to happening. And it looks like New Hampshire will probably be next, and quite soon...? Things are definitely moving down there; makes me happy... it's nice to have all this good news after Prop 8.

My vaguely planned post-Prop 8-inspired "gay marriage is legalized in NY and Keith and Anderson get married" fic is starting to get closer and closer to reality... when I wrote the little bit that i have so far (like, half a page if that) I just went with the idea that it was sometime in the nearish future and Prop 8 had been repealed and NY was about to possibly legalize same-sex marriage, but I made no mention of other states... now I have 3 new ones to include! :) Assuming I ever write it, ehehe. It was a pretty sappy and silly idea anyway, more a reaction to Prop 8 than anything. Was going to be pretty OOC, too, probably. -_-

EDIT: ...people fail at life. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iq4Y_woQg4NdYDDDLdXJCDpaRnVgD981L1SG1 So looks like the new law may be held up for awhile because of stupid people trying to challenge it. *sigh* Let's hope they don't succeed... in the meantime, it looks like it'll be awhile before anyone will be getting married under it. :( Still, at least they got it passed into law.
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Haha, this is awesome. :)

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Still not feeling 100% today, but getting there... went out and walked around for awhile, along the beach. Nice day out, sunny and warm. :) Went and set up a membership at the local video store because I wanted to find a movie or TV show to watch tonight while lazing around not feeling well. ^^ And I know I should absolutely not be getting into new TV shows while over here, but... damned White House fandom has corrupted me and after all these years I'm finally getting off my ass and watching The West Wing. Hey, at least then I can traumatize my mom, who's been a fan for years, by finding the most random slash pairing in the show and shipping it wildly. ;) (okay, probably not as traumatizing as if she knew about the Obama/Rahm porn out there, buuuut...) (geekily enough, my second choice was Entourage, in small part because I've been vaguely hearing about it and wanting to check it out for years, but mainly right now because I read this article earlier today about how it's one of Obama's favourite shows. Me, celebrity obsessed? Nah. ;)

And speaking of... how fucking hilarious and awesome is this survey for including in it the bolded questions below?

Every now and again, The Stranger takes a snapshot of the city's sex secrets with a totally anonymous survey. The new sex survey is up. (...) It includes questions about how often you have sex, how often you look at porn, what kinky things you've tried (snowballed? sexted? had sex with a homeless person? had sex while watching Anderson Cooper?), how much money it would take to get you to prostitute yourself, which members of the Obama Administration you'd invite to your Obama Administration orgy...

And yes, both bolded questions are indeed on the list. :) The latter gives a list to choose from. Hee. (there's also a question about which Palin family members you would sleep with. I ran away from that one. Eek.)

(I totally voted yes to the Andy Coop question even if it's not true, just cuz I want to give it more results. Heh.)

AND on another note! As I was writing this I noticed a link to a story on The Stranger about Vermont legalizing gay marraige! OMFG!!! Immediately ran to verify it because I'm paranoid that way.


Yaaay! And it's the first state where the legislature actually voted on it rather than it being a court decision, so they can't just overturn it! Yay! 2 states in 2 weeks, they're catching up to us. :) Awesome news. That link also lists several states which are getting close to similar rulings, so here's hoping!

Yay Iowa!

Apr. 4th, 2009 11:17 am
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Iowa becomes third state to legalize gay marriage

^_____^ We're getting there! I'm sitting in the hostel lounge getting slightly weepy, lol, and I live in a country where it's been legalized for years... but god it's nice to see the US finally starting to catch up, especially afer Prop 8. Come on California, get with it - if Iowa can legalize gay marriage, for chrissakes, California should be able to. I was watching Keith at the GLAAD awards recently accepting his award for best journalism segment (for his Prop 8 Special Comment) and he mentioned again how polling showed that just days after Nov 4th 7-8% of people who voted in favour of Prop 8 would have voted against it. That says something, right there...

(his speech is here, btw, for anyone interested - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXGDNPDcBsc0

(and because it cannot be linked to enough, his Special Comment... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnHyy8gkNEE)

Anyway, I'm heading out in about 15 min to an Aussie Rules football game with the hostel, so better run to put my computer away and get ready. This oughta be interesting. :)
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Dude! I had no idea that the Planet in Peril that CNN is airing tonight is a new one... I just kinda assumed it was a rerun of the old one. Sweeeet. Now I'm really looking forward to it. :)

Randomness... lesse. Haven't posted in a few days, but have been meaning to. Some notes on things the last few days:

- how awesome was TDS Monday night? Go Canada!! I loved seeing Jon talk and joke about the insanity going on up here, esp his reaction to the coalition's attempt to remove Harper ("you can do that?? Because you know, we had this guy down here..."), his reaction to the governor general stepping in ("hold on, what? The Queen still has power in Canada??"), and the whole segment with Sam and JohnO and Aasif... ROFL.

- and on a similar note... Jon's smackdown of Huckabee on Tuesday night was epic. XD "Religion is more of a choice than sexuality" fuck yeah, I love this man. He hit him with every argument in the book, but Huckabee still kept blathering about definitions and shit... I liked Jon pointing out that we're talking about a definition versus people's lives, and Huckabee's completely lame answer of "definitions have meaning!". Sure they do. Evidently their meanings include some people being inferior to others. How anyone could justify inequality and fucking with people's lives on the basis of a fucking WORD is unbelievable. Anyway, I liked Jon pulling out the 'history of the definition of marriage' defense, though Huckabee just kinda blathered past that one and didn't address it very well (seriously, sanctity of marriage? "traditional definition"? when the definition of marriage has been evolving for centuries?). And seriously, wtf at his reaction to Jon pointing out that black people and white people didn't used to be able to marry? I just kinda boggled when he started to say "well, the different is that a black person..." and Jon totally cut him off because he knew exactly where that was going. HAH. Lifestyle choice, my ass...

Anyway. It was entertaining, at least. :) Go Jon!

- went into town to see Milk on Tuesday. It was fantastic, and I def recommend it to everyone. Sean Penn was phenomenal... as was Josh Brolin. And I've got to run back to work in a few minutes, so I'll try to post more detailed thoughts later under a cut. It certainly made me think, though, about the past 30 years and how.. well, we've come a long ways, but it still seems so much like 2 steps forward 1 step back. 30 years ago it was Prop 6, now it's Prop 8. And yet, Prop 6 was the one that was defeated. 30 fucking years ago. Clearly we still have a ways to go. *sigh* I just hope and pray and the Supreme Court can rule Prop 8 unconstitutional or something...

(and if not, ya'll are welcome up here!)

Better run. Gah, work... sigh. But 2 hours of Anderson running around the jungle in a tight fitting t-shirt tonight, so yay! ... by which I mean, of course, 2 hours of important and provocative journalism on important world environmental issues... yeah. *looks shifty* *uploads Anderson icon to prove point, whatever point may be*

Shit, really gotta run now.
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Linking this because of [livejournal.com profile] caesaria82's post - Keith Olberman's reaction to the passing of Prop 8 in California. Beautifully said, and he really gets to the core of the issue - why can't we just let people have a chance at happiness in life, and how does that happiness negatively affect the rest of us in any way? With a side dish of, what the fuck is this "sanctity of marriage" bullshit, anyway?

...And then she went and got me totally distracted with these pictures. Holyfuck how have I not seen those yet?? God bless John Barrowman... wonder what his husband thinks of him always making out with his co-stars at conventions? XD He's probably used to it, actually.
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Yay, prelim schedule for Browncoat Cruise is up! Less than 1 week left, wow... o.o Getting pretty darned excited. Might go buy some more clothes this on Monday, I'm not sure.. I have one nice dress for the formal dinner, and the other dinners are semi-casual. Not really sure what I'm allowed to wear for those -_- Skirts and a nice top, I think. So I can probably do it with what I have, but... might be nice to get another dress or another nice top. Anyway, the schedule of events looks like fun - we've got a viewing of episodes/the BDM/whatever we feel like watching, a panel with the guests, a concert, some other stuff... In Cabo San Lucas there's an 'official' excursion (boat/bus trip around the peninsula) which I'm going on, and nothing planned for Ensenada so I need to figure that out.. either an excursion or I'll just find people to go wandering around the city with. Also looking forward to my first day in San Diego for some shopping with the American dollar. XD Bought $250 USD last week (for $233 CDN!), and am looking forward to buying some Christmas stuff and DVDs and whatnot.

Anyway... very quiet day at work today. Manager was back and complaining that the Christmas decorations hadn't been done yet. *eyeroll* Yes, because we were busy taking care of members. You know, those pesky people who keep coming in wanting money? -_- It's been a busy week, plus we have a ton of backlog in accounts to take care of, so I barely even thought about decorating even though I knew she'd sent an email asking it to be done soon. Plus, you know, it's only November 24th. Come on. -_- Anyways, upshot was that we spent all day decorating. Had a grand total of 6 transactions in the 4 hours I was there. Made a fair number of cut-out snowflakes, though. :) Managed to wrangle a $20 budget for buying decorations out of the manager (*eyeroll* again) and have been sent to go to Michaels to buy a wreath and stuff to decorate it with. For $20. Oookay. It was a nice day overall, though, I suppose.

Had a bad experience during my break though, heh. Went to local coffee shop to grab a snack, and the older guy who works there (who I chatted with previously and he'd seemed quite pleasant) saw my Outweek 25 pin and asked what it was. I didn't want to lie and frankly I don't see why I should be embarassed or anything to be wearing it, so I told him that it's from the pride week at UBC. "Pride week?" "Gay pride week. At UBC." "Gay pride? Hah! What about heterosexual pride??" I laughed this off a bit, told him that hey it's cool to be proud whatever you are, but then he started exclaiming loudly to all the other workers "Can you believe this! Gay pride week at UBC! Hah!" and then started talking about how it was being rammed down our throats, blah blah blah, "why can't straights have a pride week??". So I shrugged and said "well, heterosexuals don't need to fight for their rights." "Hah! Yes they do, the gays are taking over!" And okay, now I was getting a bit annoyed even if it had all been in (relatively) good fun at the start (when I thought he was just joking and wasn't really serious). I just said that I didn't want to argue about it, but he was still kinda pushing it. I can't remember what he said, but I responded with something to the effect of "well, it [homosexuality] is normal..." to which he replied "two guys together?? it's not normal!" and now I was pissed and said as politely as possible "well, I disagree. Good bye." and took my sausage roll and rasberry cream cheese croissant and left. :) (both were quite tasty, I might add, though I felt nauseous a bit later so I suspect the latter didn't agree with me, having had the sausage rolls plenty of times to no ill effect).

Anyway. So. Kinda pissed off about that, heh. We were just sorta joking at first, but when he said that it's not normal I got a bit angry. Stayed as polite as possible, and I didn't want to argue about it or discuss it in the least, but he kept pushing it. One of the girls behind the counter commented that everyone should just get along (when I said something to the effect of how anyone can be whatever they want and should be proud of it) and I laughed and agreed with her. It just annoyed me that he didn't seem to care that he was being ignorant and offensive. Mostly ignorant (the gays are taking over? seriously? that argument fails on every level. because evidently fighting for equal rights means taking over. *eyeroll*) I mean, as far as he knew I could be gay, and wouldn't it occur to him how hurtful it would be to say that to me? Considering that I was even wearing that pin, it could have been a fairly legitimate guess. Gah. I just don't get exposed to this kinda shit in real life enough... in online forums, sure, and in the news, but I just... don't talk to people who are like that. Is it bigoted to be anti-bigot? I'll respect someone if they do the same to me and to all people, but if they're saying that a part of the population doesn't deserve respect then... I mean, I still try to respect their opinion, but if their opinion is to be disrespectful and bigoted then it all just seems kind of ironic to me. -_-

(and granted, if he'd thought I was gay then he wouldn't have been entirely wrong.. or right... yeah, I'm still not too sure on that area. XD let's call me "bi-curious" or "open" for now, mmkay? Or if I decide that I'm ultimately completely straight, then I'm still hugely supportive so... there. :)

And on another note, btw, I'm in North Van right now. Will be until Monday evening or even Tuesday morning. Possibly going downtown Monday to meet [livejournal.com profile] bloody_sakura, but otherwise free. Let me know if any of you wants to do anything. :)
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Snitched from [livejournal.com profile] monia84...  

under cut )

So, now I'm depressed... and I only just woke up. Heh. On a more cheerful note, I'm off work today thanks to the long weekend! Yay. Going to hang out with Ryan later; haven't seen him in ages.

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Same-Sex Marriage Motion Defeated

Thank god. Now can we please move on and accept the fact that after 3.5 years of same-sex marriage in this country, the world has not in fact ended? Shocking, isn't it?

Anyway, this should end the bloody debate once and for all. Harper's promised in the past that he'd consider it closed if Parliament voted not to re-open the issue, and hopefully he'll stick to his word. Plus, the new Liberal leader Stephane Dion is supportive of equal marriage and said he's glad the motion was defeated, so yay. Whatever happens when we next have an election, I think this issue's finally been settled. Yay Canada.

I love my country. :)

In other news, I'm settled in Toronto now at Stephanie's house. Managed to get connected to wireless internet (no idea what the network is, but do I care? nope. XD), so am quite happy. Got here ~2 hours ago, and have been studying on-and-off since (in between bouts of getting up whenever the dogs start barking randomly at absolutely nothing... heh). Still have lots left to do, so better get back to it... I'm hoping I can watch Smallville tonight, but not sure if she gets the channel. ;_; Might have to wait... also still need to watch the Torchwood pilot that [livejournal.com profile] caesaria82 uploaded.


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