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Starting with wet slicked back hair and adding a lot of gel I have an aproximation of my hair for my Halloween costume:

Picture under cut )

Not exactly the most flattering picture, but I do look fairly boy-ish at least. :) Now I will find out if it stays that when when the hair dries... otherwise I will need to go buy more heavy-duty gel.

I am way too excited about this costume, guys. I was feeling sad yesterday when my Doctor costume struck out, and then I was going to borrow [personal profile] jedinic's trenchcoat and be Castiel, but I'm glad I found something I can do with stuff I either have or can fairly cheaply buy myself. Because then I can use it again for Emerald City Comic Con and/or Vancouver FanExpo and/or San Diego motherfucking Comic Con because I am hopefully going for real next year. If I get tickets.

I'm excited about ECCC, though - Walter Koenig is going (also Gillian Anderson and Patrick Stewart). I have still yet to ever meet a member of the Babylon 5 cast and I have always wanted to meet someone from it. Especially because they keep dying. :( Walter will always be Bester for me - I knew him as Bester years before I even learned he WAS on Star Trek, because I'd just never watched ST as a kid or teenager. I still haven't really watched it, other than a few of the movies (2, 4 and the new one). Some day I really ought to watch more of TOS and also the various spin-offs; I just never know which to start on because everyone gives me a different opinion. ;) It'll either be TNG or DS9 if I ever get around to it.

Also, I have a Very Important Question. I found this badge that someone made based on the badge Coulson wears in Avengers. Should I just print it out and wear it like that or should I replace the picture with one of me-as-Coulson?

And finally - a couple of cute post-NYCC panel interviews with Clark Gregg. First one is an official one, and second one is an unofficial bad-quality video taken from the convention floor (but def worth watching). He is generally adorable and awesome in both. :)
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Oh man, I am still kinda freaking out about the news today... can't quite wrap my brain around it. I mean, I'd definitely thought there was a possibility he might come back for one of the movies, but I had tried to prepare myself for the possibility that he, you know. Actually did die. And I never imagined he would actually HEADLINE the new TV series. Especially after all the BS of 'oh yeah, they'll all be new characters, no one from the movies...' HAH. Joss Whedon is a lying liar who lies. Just like Nick Fury.

Anyway. I was at [personal profile] jedinic's place watching Teen Wolf (watched ep 4 and 5 - wow, 4 really was slashy! I am starting to understand where the Sterek is coming from...) when I read the news on my phone and we were both freaking out. Such an awesome day for fandom and life in general!

Course, all that fix-it Coulson Lives fic is going to be Jossed to hell and back, but... totally worth it. :)

And now, let's just take a minute to dream that Jeremy Renner could at least guest star in a few eps... they could have actual screentime together, guys! Crazy talk! They have over 1700 fics on AO3, what do they need screentime for? This is fandom! ;)

ALSO on this note, I am copying and pasting what I just commented to [personal profile] quettalinde:

I now have the perfect Halloween costume. Struck out at Value Village today on my Eleventh Doctor costume (all I actually have so far is... the fez. Which is my dad's, so that was easy to acquire!). Couldn't find the right jacket, though, and I left it so late I don't have much time now to keep hunting. SO. I just realized while having a bath that I have A. a black suit (sort of - they don't match and I might just buy a new one... never hurts to have more), B. sunglasses, C. short enough hair that I can probably slick it back and it will kind of work even though granted I am not a balding man, and D. a mini crochet Clint that I can carry around in my pocket. So now I just need a white shirt, a tie, and Captain America trading cards. And a SHIELD badge, which I can make. Woo!

It's gonna be awesome. I'm sad that the 11th Doctor fell through, but otoh everyone and their dog is cosplaying him these days. Coulson is easy and will be fun. Hoping to find some Captain America trading cards tomorrow at the local comic shop! I figure they may have some from the movie... barring that I guess I'll make some.

All in all? Good day. Catching up with [personal profile] jedinic was great since she's been away for over a month (also caught up last night while watching Avengers yet again with the gang down at La Fontana Caffe). Teen Wolf was delightfully slashy and ridiculous, and chatting about slash is always fun (esp at the Caffe, since basically no one else there is into it... they are all quite amused by my hobby of drawing gay porn, though. ^^).
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Man, I see gorgeous drawings like this for Avengers reverse big bang and I think, I really need to get my shit together and finish my due South big bang. I mean, I've done a lot of work too, and I have 10 drawings, but none of them have backgrounds yet and many of them really just feel like portrait shots, not proper scenes. I really love how this artist has drawn a series of proper scenes, with backgrounds and all. I'm awful at that kind of thing. ^^

(off now to read the accompanying story by [personal profile] foxxcub - wingfic!ftw)

Also, yes, I have been reading way too much Avengers fic recently... and fandom is pulling me into Clint/Phil, for all that I didn't really get the pairing at first because of, you know. The complete lack of actual canon interaction. ^^ But hell, I was in Pundit fandom and shipped Keith/Anderson... that was definitely an example of how fandom can create an entire narrative of two people/characters who rarely interact! Which I find really quite fascinating, actually, because (esp in RPF), in these cases fandom really creates a collective idea of how these relationships work, and how these two characters interact, without having much of anything to actually go on. And yet, because of this collective narrative, you end up with many fics that are based on that same idea of how these charactes work together, and you end up with a lot of the same tropes (I've come across quite a few common ones in Clint/Phil fic already, most of which I image were basically created by fandom).

Anyway. I don't know if that made sense, but I've been thinking about it lately. :) It's definitely an interesting phenomenon, especially when you get a very popular pairing within a fandom where that pairing doesn't actually have much or any canon interaction or subtext or whatnot. So really, it takes reading a bunch of fic to get into it, and then of course once you DO read that fic, you start to get invested and end up hooked (at least potentially). That's what happened to me in pundit fandom! I started off reading Jon/Stephen because they have all the real life interaction and subtext and slashiness, and then Keith & Anderson who show up in fics as a side pairing, and then I became intrigued. Even though the actual RL interaction between them that we know of is very minor.

(and of course, the ways that fandom creates the narratives of 'characters' in RPF is a whole other (though similar) interesting topic. I used to think about it quite a bit when I was in that fandom, because it's quite fascinating how we take what we know of these people's lives and personalities, and build up a fictional character around that information. And then you have this collective idea of who the character is, to the point that you can read a fic and go "this is out of character!" even though, really, the 'character' has little to do with the real person to begin with.)

ANYWAY. I don't know how I got on this tangent. -_- Oh yeah. I've been reading a lot of Clint/Phil and digging it. The end. :)

Oh, and also, I read this fic where Clint is turned into a corgi (AND IT IS SO CUTE, GO READ), and my mind (which is still partially in Dark Knight fandom) started mentally writing a fic where Bruce is turned into a dog and Jim takes care of him. Except Jim doesn't know that Batman is Bruce yet - he sees Batman somehow turned into a dog (don't ask me how I don't care) and now he has a Batdog to take care of. And wow this sounds even sillier outside of my head than inside. Do not expect this to turn into a real story. ^^ But go read the Clint fic, because it is awesome!

As for my big bang - claim post is up on [community profile] ds_c6d_bigbang and I'm still waiting for someone to claim it. I'm trying not to be hurt and depressed that no one has yet... because a lot of people seemed excited about it when I was working on it, but now no one has claimed it. :( Anyway I'm sure it'll happen eventually. I'd just kinda hoped it'd be right away, because I am vain like that!

I still need to finish it by Oct 7, but I made a lot of progress the last few weeks. Much more in a few weeks than I did for much of the summer. During a panel at RCW I finally broke my artist's block and sketched for the entire panel. It was a huge relief, and very satisfying.

And on a final note, to end this otherwise silly post in a not-exactly-cheerful way, I suppose I should mention on here (though most of you know I know IRL already know), that my grandfather passed away last week. He'd been sick for a couple of weeks, and has had dementia for the past couple of years that was getting worse, so it was really more of a blessing than anything. But it's still been weird and rather sad. So yeah. That happened. I'm ok (honestly), but thought I should mention it. :)

And to end this post on an actual cheerful note after that, here, have a rec for some pure, unadulterated, completely and utterly filthy, four-some Avengers Tony-Steve-Clint-Phil porn. Seriously. SO FUCKING HOT.

Also I really need some Avengers icons. -_- All I have is this old Tony one from when Iron Man came out.
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Lol I'm so lame tonight... I had a few possible parties to go to, but the truth is I just don't want to do anything at all. Feel kinda guilty and like I should go out, but I've been so lazy today and I don't feel like moving. Just wanna relax at home and watch TV. Guess I'll be ringing in the New Year with Anderson Cooper after all. ^^ I feel like this should disappoint me, but really, I had my New Year's party last night at Fontana's so I'm good with not doing anything tonight. Then tomorrow is the Wii Bowling Tournament at Fontana's, so that'll be fun. Don't need to do anything tonight, and I don't want to stay out too late anyway. If I could drive it might be different, but the thought of getting out and taking the buses and walking is just... ugh. Can't be bothered.

I did finish re-watching Sherlock, though. Yay! Can't wait until s2 tomorrow. The cliffhanger was actually a bit different then I remembered; guess I'd forgotten the details about almost 1.5 years. Didn't seem quite as evil as I thought it was, but that could just be because there's only 1 day left to wait and not an indeterminate amount of time.

Should do an obligatory end of year meme... how about this one.

Fandom end of year meme )

And why not, let's have another meme.

2011 Year in Review )

Ok that's enough memes for 2011. Just over 3 hours until 2012! Most of the world has already beat us there... After us it's just Alaska, Hawaii, and a few other islands, I think. Well, Happy New Year everyone! Stay tuned for some fannish postings later, hopefully. DSSS reveals are up, so I'm going to post that, plus other stuff that I've been too lazy to post.
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DS SEEKRIT SANTA IS LIVE, WOOOOOOOOOO! *bounces* So excited! I got a shiny new Fraser/RayK wallpaper. :) Now just waiting with baited breath for my giftee to see my gift and respond. Hope they like it! Once the reveals are done I'll post it here. In the meantime feel free to try to guess which it is, or for those that have seen it in progress you can go find it and check out the finished version. So much pretty pretty shiny fic and art... OMG. This F/K/V drawing is just gorgeous and I'm in love (look at the Rays' clasped hands!!).

Not being able to respond to feedback will be painful for awhile, heh. I hate that part... but the anonymous part is fun, especially since it gives all the fics an equal grounding - no one can read them based on which authors are most popular/known/etc, which is nice. Just gotta go based on the summaries (well I'm going to read basically all of them anyway, except possibly one which I think might hit one of my dS buttons of 'things I can't read in this fandom'). Lots of super fun and exciting looking fics; can't wait to read them all!

Not sure how long I can stay hidden away before I'm fetched for the hell that is "Grandma wants us to sing Christmas carols". Oh god help me. ;_; And I can't really refuse because it's for Grandma, lol. But ugh... do not want. I just want to sit here and stare at all the pretty. And then we're going to watch Muppet Christmas Carol later, since seeing the new movie made me nostalgic for it (used to watch it a bunch but haven't seen it in years and don't really remember it).
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...I haven't updated in more than a month. Whoops. I don't know, I'm just lacking the energy to do much of anything online these days. Haven't even read much fic recently. Haven't drawn at all. Haven't posted the cleaned-up version of the drawing/sketch I did for Porn Battle. Haven't posted pictures of some of my latest fannish amigurumi (one of the few fannish things I AM still doing, largely because it's relaxing and I can do it in front of the TV while working my way through Fringe and True Blood. And then I have new things to cuddle because I'm actually a 5-year-old child.). Basically haven't participated in fandom at all...

Meh, I don't know what's wrong with me. Part of it might just be that I'm tragically starting to drift a bit from my main fandom (but am clinging desperately onto it still because I am not ready to leave it behind and also I really wanted to go to RCW 139 next year but if I'm no longer interested enough... :( I really wish I could have gone last summer, or that it had run this summer as well. We'll see, though - at this moment I still really want to go, but not sure how I'll feel in a year.)

Anyway, I'm trying to hype myself up about fandom in general and get back into the swing of things, but it's hard. Mostly I'm just lazy. Well, and fairly busy. Work's slowing way down now, but I've started taking Taekwondo again so that occupies every Monday and Wednesday night. And other nights I'm just lazy and end up sitting on the couch watching TV and crocheting. ^^ Or, in the past week, obesessively resarching hotels and activities in Honolulu for [personal profile] jedinic and my upcoming trip there. You'd think I'd be tired of researching hotels after spending my days at work doing that... but it's kind of addicting and time-consuming because there are SO many choices and I was trying to find something that'd fit what we need. Times like these I rather wish I sold international travel because a. I'd have resources besides Google and Trip Advisor to help me, and b. I'd get industry discounts. As it is, I only get industry discounts if I travel within Canada. ^^

But okay, today I have all day to fuck around and do nothing, so I'm going to at least try to post some stuff and maybe work on some old drawings. And also go out at some point, because Vancouver's decided to give a last burst of summer for today and I want to make the most of it.

Okay, next couple of posts will have actual fannish content, I promise - not just me bitching about my own lack of inspiration and energy for fandom. ^^ Just wish I knew how to get it back... I still love fandom, but sometimes it just tires me out, especially the wank in the bigger fandoms. I need to stick with nice small happy fandoms. :)

Vid rec

May. 30th, 2011 10:32 pm
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This is being recced everywhere, but it really is lovely... I don't know a lot of the sources (actually, I barely recognize any, which is rather embarrassing!) but it's still fantastic and inspiring and beautiful and very well done. Great song, great clips, and really quite moving, especially the last shot. Yay for awesome women in space.

http://charmax.livejournal.com/136419.html vid by [personal profile] charmax

Go, watch, comment, rec. :)
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I just realized that I totally forgot to post about the clip of tonight's SPN ep that came out a few days ago, that shows a scene filmed 5 minutes from where I live... and now the actual ep has aired. Heh. Nothin' spoilery here, just want to comment on how it's still always so weird to see places on TV that I go to regularly. You'd think I'd be used to it after having my house be a standing set on Men in Trees, not to mention seeing UBC in every show ever, but... this time it's one of my favourite shows, it's 5 minutes from me, I walk through there semi-frequently (including today), and I MISSED THE DAMNED FILMING. *sigh* Least I finally saw them film couple of weeks back? But still. ;_; And they must've been filming there for awhile, because there are several scenes on that street and on the stairs/in the little plaza area.

Oh, and my non-spoilery review otherwise? Good ep, I really enjoyed it. One of the better eps this season, imo.

Anyway, on another note - I'm going to the Stargate con in Vancouver tomorrow! Yeah, wtf, I know, I'm only at the start of s4 of SGA, haven't watched SG-1, and am not really that big of a fan. And I'm still reeling from watching the ep 'Sunday' on Monday night, even after learning that the character in question comes back. Still was a hell of a shock, and I'm glad I wasn't watching when it aired. ^^ But anyway, tomorrow is the Atlantis panel - Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, and Paul McGillion are doing a 2-hour panel together, which will be fun. Even though I'll no doubt get spoiled... oh well. Plus, [personal profile] jedinic and I decided to go in on the photo op with all three of them - it's only $89, plus $10 to order the .jpg then $10-20 or whatever to get a second copy printed somewhere. Total of around $60 each. Pretty damned good! Especially considering that Creation usually charges exhorbitant prices. (see also: the fucking location tours which made me actually angry because I hate that they charge $200 for a bus tour when anyone can go find the locations themselves... And then there's the J&J photo at the Supernatural con which is well over $200 this year. Christ. So $60 for all 3 of them? Hell yeah.)

So yeah, I'm looking forward to tomorrow - at the least, it'll just be fun to hang out with fans. And for the first time I'm actually going to a con WITH people, not by myself! Woo!

[community profile] queer_fest

Mar. 21st, 2011 10:39 pm
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With the news that [community profile] lgbtfest is now permanently closed, I am very excited that [community profile] queer_fest immediately opened to take its place - I loved [community profile] lgbtfest and was sad to see it go. I've added a whack of old prompts and some new, and am hoping to add more DS ones soon. So go, prompt! ^_^ And better yet, claim and write! Unlike me, who claimed something last year and... totally never wrote it. o.o That was my Big Bang Theory FtM!Sheldon fic. Yeah, never happened. Wrote about a page and had it basically planned out, but couldn't make it gel.

Prompt post here
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This got long )

Also, I need to finish filling out my Fandom March Madness office pool brackets. Oh decisions. Buffy kept winning the damned rounds, and suddenly it was turning into a replay of last year. Which I can't imagine will actually happen, so maybe she'll get voted out early to prevent her winning twice in a row... I can't decide where to kick her out, though. Possibly against Dean, but I suspect people may vote him out, too, because he won once. So I don't know. Got until tomorrow, anyway, to re-evaluate. And stop obsessing over something stupid. XD
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Fuck yeah! So exciting. :) (but wtf why is Rachel Berry doing so well?? She was ahead for awhile... but Kurt's beating her now, so yay),

Also: I had another interview today. Think it went well. Got 2 more this week. o.o So hopefully soon...
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It's that time of year again!

It's almost sad how excited I am for this. And this year I actually remembered about it ahead of time and joined the comm, so I can participate in the prelims and office pool. ^___^

What can I say, I'm unemployed and studying deadly dull material for a massive exam that I am totally not prepared for which is in less than 2 weeks. I gotta get my kicks where I can find 'em. :)

Oh, and speaking of - I had my follow up interview yesterday for that job I mentioned and I think it went pretty well. Fingers crossed! She said she'd get back to me next week.

Okay, back to studying... at least it's a good day to be inside, what with the cold and snow and generally ickiness. Though I am hoping the snow builds up a bit and will be pretty for a while, at least. Right now it's kinda... eh. There are a couple of centimetres on the ground, maybe, but it hasn't reached postcard prettiness yet. ^^
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Only a few hours left, so I figure I'd better do a year in fandom meme before it's too late! :) Okay, so I'm a bit late after all. ^^ Started writing this last night, but then [personal profile] quettalinde arrived and I didn't get a chance to finish it. So, here we go...

Year in Fandom Meme )

In non-fannish news, I... kind of have a job? Except not really. Well, she did say she'd try to pay me... anyway, Mom called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to take over the marketing and search engine optimization of Dad's website, which we recently re-designed and re-launched (it desperately, desperately needed it!). The SEO alone is gonna take awhile, and I don't know much about marketing... so I'm reading up a lot. But it's good to learn all this stuff, in part because it'll be useful for other jobs, and in part because we really do need to get moving on selling and marketing his art. Because one day I'm going to have to deal with it all... it's frustrating, because he's an established artist who's been recognized by books and museums and has had lots of shows in Europe, and yet it's still very difficult to sell. I Googled 'selling art online' and got helpful advice such as "join Etsy or Deviantart!" um yeah. No. -_-

Anyway... Happy New Year! [personal profile] quettalinde and I had a nice, relaxing evening not going out and getting shitfaced. ;) Watched the 2nd ep of Farscape (I showed her the pilot awhile back), which isn't exactly one of the better episodes of the series though I actually don't mind it too much. I look forward to her reaching the later, awesome episodes. ^^ (speaking of, I watched the episode "Home" in SGA the other day (1X09 I think?), and wow did it have me flashing back to Farscape's "A Human Reaction". Seriously. It was also the first episode that I felt genuinely drawn into so far... likewise, that ep of Farscape (1X16) was the first that really made me sit up and go "shit, this is really really good". ) Anyway, we watched that, then Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade because she got all the movies for Christmas and I've only seen it, like, once (compared to Raiders, which I've seen countless times). Then watched Anderson ring in the new year, which brought back happy memories of pundit!fandom...

Oh, and DSSS reveals are up! I'll post mine here in a bit.

Let's use this icon, in memory of my time in pundit fandom and because watching AC last night still made me giggle and go "awww, Andy" at various points. Especially the glasses.
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Meme yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] caesaria82...

This was surprisingly hard, lol. And I suspect most of them are pretty obvious, but I tried to be relatively random with my descriptions... and had trouble thinking up appropriate but not too obvious words for a lot of them, which I suppose theoretically makes them harder since there are only a few words for those ones. :)

Pick 15 OTPs/Ships.
Describe them in less than 15 words.
Have your f-list guess the ships.

1. bars, betrayal, love/hate, sacrifice, new year's
2. baseball, news, war, worry, snark
3. assistant, armour, dress, hero, weapons
4. family, guns, car, deal, sacrifice
5. humour, tv, toss, window, mistletoe, new york
6. island, daddy issues, doctor, lumberjack
7. vampire, friendship, geek, pink helmet, betryal, scar
8. hospital, hero worship, mentor, dork
9. school, rivalry, war, sports, magic
10. teacher/student, spy, war, books, intellectual
11. tea, stopwatch, office, aliens
12. damaged, grey, contract, axe, it means something that you tried
13. cane, hospital, bromance, snark, bitter, monster trucks
14. masks, vigilante, police, signal, protect
15. mentor, training, protector, vampires, school

Anyway... did very little today. My tooth pain has migrated from being a generalized pain to a specific pain in the tooth I had the deep filling in last year. Which... does not amuse me. *sigh* I can't bite down on it without pain, which has made eating today rather difficult. Just hoping that it will go away soon, otherwise it's back to the dentist on Monday which I reaaaally don't want to do. ;_;

(and I finally watched SPN today - how long until s5 starts? o.o good stuff, anyway. May post more under a cut later. Also have a drawing to post which I started pre-episode to sort of symbolize the boys' journeys this season (okay it's kind of cheesy, but whatever), and finished it a little awhile ago.)

(also, I updated my travelblog - I'll crosspost over to here later, with some edits...)

EDIT: Have been informed that #7 and #12 are the same. Whoops! I was moving stuff around after I wrote them all up and messed that one up, lol. Fixed now, #7 is a new one.

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This looks fun...

fandom history meme )

That was an enjoyable waste of time. :) I like recalling my fannish history... so many fandoms these past 10+ years! Wow. Wonder what'll be next...? *clings to pundits* Not ready to give them up quite yet. ;)

And no, I haven't watched SPN yet. WOE. Was out all day, and upon returning found my roommate having a mini party/pre-drinks in the living room. Hung around for awhile but far too loud to watch it (I need complete silence and concentration, lol!), then wandered out to get Subway around 10 because I was hungry and needed to get out of here. Ran into a friend and hung out for awhile and by the time I returned at 10:45 or so the place had cleared out other than one roommate watching a movie in the living room. suppose I could've watched it then, but waiting now until tomorrow in hopes of an empty apartment, non-hurting teeth (still hurts, yeah... on and off), and being fully awake (it's 12 now and I'm too tired...).
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This? Is one of the many many reasons that I love fandom. Bidding started on July 1st and they're up to over $18,000 already. Amazing. I hope it makes a difference.. suppose it can't hurt. Either way, I'm desperately proud of fandom for banding together like this to do something good and try to change things. I'm considering offering up my services... don't have too much confidence with my drawings, though I may offer it anyway, but I'm thinking it'd be fun to offer doll-making services. ^^ They ain't great, and I'm no sewing wiz, but I think they're pretty cute and hopefully someone would get some enjoyment out of them...

*thinks* Yeah, may well do that. I'll just request nothing too complicated. ^^;; I'll be kinda sad to make a doll then have to give it up, but it's for a good cause...
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So evidently Livejournal if getting rid of Basic accounts (for new accounts, that is). Anyone opening accounts from now have to get an ad-based or paid account. Stupid bloody Livejournal... yet another piece of asshattery on their part. *eyeroll* At least they're not forcing us to upgrade... as much as I'd like a paid account, or at least more icons, I don't want to pay or have ads on my journal.

Anyway, on a different note - I'm thinking of starting up a Babylon 5 slash community. Because to my shock and horror, there isn't one. :) There's a B5 femslash comm, which is awesome and all, but it's pretty quiet these days and it doesn't include m/m slash. I'd like to start up a general slash LJ archive/comm for any B5 slash pairing, since it's VERY hard to find B5 slash (esp good B5 slash) on the internet, at least in my experience. I'm not sure if anyone will actually post to it, but.. I can try. ^^; Pimp it on the main B5 comms (all... one of them. -_-) and hope it grows. I'm not that into B5 fic, but otoh I haven't found much that looks good. And it feels like a crime to fandom that there isn't a comm for it. XD
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Well, I just quite effectively passed an entire class watching a movie I've already seen by typing up prompts for [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest. ^^ Here's what I've come up with so far, most of those I worked out on the bus. I really want to submit a Jack Harkness/Jack Sparrow one, because I've wanted to see more of that (or ANY of it) written for ages, but can't really think of a way to make it legitately about LGBT issues and not just about two hot guys having sex. XD XD Any ideas?? Something about how they both have fluid sexualities and recognize that in each other. Suppose I could throw in something about how others (at the time, or the Doctor & Rose if it's during DW) react to them.

*checks clock* 8 more minutes... I'm not actually sure if I've seen this part of the movie. Might have only seen part of it... oh wells. Not like there's a test on this or anything. ^^ Though it is quite interesting. It's called Forbidden Love and is a documentary about lesbians in the 20s-40s or something. About the difficulties in coming to terms with their sexualities, coming out, getting involved in the hidden gay scene back then...

Anyway, spread around the word about [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest - it's an awesome looking fest, and I can't wait to see what comes out of it (some of the prompts submitted make me bounce with excitement!). Fun though the more shallow slash is, it'll be great to see some stories that really dig into the issues of sexuality and whatnot.
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[livejournal.com profile] bkl635 linked this to me and I thought some of you would get a kick out of it..

The Geek Hierarchy

Hilarious. And pretty damned true. Also? I'm near the bottom of most of those categories. Kinda scary. Yet oddly, I'm rather proud of that fact. ^__^

Also, I finished my paper. Go me! Okay, it was only 2 pages, but still... glad it's done. :)
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South Park makes everything funnier, even LJ bullshit. And I don't even LIKE South Park. Or at least I don't watch it, so I really have no opinion on it. .But this? Fucking hilarious. Sums up the entire drama quite succinctly. ;)


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