Mar. 15th, 2007 03:29 pm
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Finally posting some more of my [ profile] fanart50 stuff... I've done 10/50, but only posted four before now. But am sitting in a dull class, so what better time to post them? XD XD So, here are four more pictures, this time mainly of characters other than Chris and Toby (go me). Quite pleased with these, I think I'm definitely getting the hang of using my tablet. Please let me know what you think, even if you don't watch Oz. :) Still have a few more coming, but they're in my sketchbook and I haven't scanned them yet. One of them's even smutty. XD

Cutting and pasting what I posted to the community...

Fandom: OZ
Character(s): Simon Adebisi
Prompt: #11 "Pleasure"
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Who better embodies pleasure in Oz than Adebisi? This particular shot is from a screencap in season 4, from one of the scenes of Adebisi in his little pod of sex and drugs during the Querns era. XD

Image Hosted by

Fandom: OZ
Character(s): Kareem Said
Prompt: #34 "Teacher"
Rating: G
Author's Notes: I thought that Said seemed like a good choice for 'Teacher', since he serves as a leader/mentor figure for the Muslims in Oz...

Image Hosted by

Fandom: OZ
Character(s): Tobias Beecher
Prompt: #19 "When I was young"
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Young!Toby in private school... cause we all know he must've gone to private school. XD

Image Hosted by

Fandom: OZ
Character(s): Ryan O'Reily
Prompt: #35 "Liar"
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Ryan O'Reily, everyone's favourite little sociopathic liar... this picture originally showed his hand resting on the table, but the hand looked like shit so I cut it out. Which is why it kinda looks like there should be more. XD

Image Hosted by

Prompt Table


Jan. 31st, 2007 12:27 am
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Okay, drawing time! First off, Christmas card pictures. At last. They've been drawn for ages, but I only fully finished (ie inked and coloured) two of them hence the lack of cards being sent. Plus I'm lazy, hence the lack of posting them. So, without further ado...

1. PB - Michael and Lincoln - actually 2 separate pictures, but I put them together and tossed in the speech bubbles that I originally planned to use. These 2 are the only ones I actually completely finished...

Michael and Lincoln )

2. PB - T-Bag - not actually Christmas-y, just a regular picture. Well, kinda regular. XD

T-Bag )

3. VM - Veronica - also not Christmas-y. Originally planned to draw Logan, too, and put them together ala Michael and Lincoln, but the Logan drawing turned out crap and I never tried a second time. Oh well...

Veronica )

4. VM - Dick - haha, I like this one. XD

Dick )

And next up, a few more [ profile] fanart50 pictures...

1. Prompt #24 "Not again" - Toby in season 6 ep5. Poor Toby. ;_;

Toby )

2. Prompt #25 "Not the end" - final scene in 4.12 "Cuts Like a Knife". Best scene ever... also, spoilery. I don't like how Toby came out in this...

Cuts Like a Knife )

3. Prompt #27 "Just a scratch" - Chris and Toby in 4.04 "Works of Mercy". Love this scene, too... this one's hand-drawn; the others are done on computer.

Chris & Toby )

Feedback always appreciated. :)
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Ahh, hell with it, I'm going to sign up for [ profile] fanart50. :) I've got quite a few ideas, and I've finished one picture already (plus I'll prob use a few others pics I've already done). Probably will give up my [ profile] fanart100 Lost claim soon, but I'm still vaguely hoping that I'll be reinspired when the show returns.

So, here's my prompt table! :)

Fanart50 Prompt Table (OZ) )
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Prison Break 2X14 "John Doe" Spoilers )

Nothing much to say about Heroes, either. It was good. Hiro was wonderful and adorable as always. I barely recognized Chris Eccleston when he appeared, but when I realized it was him under all the scruff I squeed. :) Was excited to see him in the guest credits at the start, and hopefully he'll be around for awhile. I miss seeing him on Doctor Who, though I'm enjoying David Tennant (9 episodes into s2! Only a few left, dammit.)

I signed up for fitness classes today. Go me! Now I just have to actually go.

Also, I did my first picture for [ profile] fanart50 today, even though I haven't actually signed up for it yet. For the prompt "What have I done?", it's Keller looking remorseful in the s2 finale post-Operation Toby. It's the first full portrait I've tried with my tablet, and I'm fairly pleased with it. It's pretty sketchy, but I like it... Might touch it up a bit more, but I'm basically okay with it as is. Check it out under the cut and let me know what you think. :)

Keller drawing )

Okay, off to bed. 8:00 class tomorrow...
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*looks furtive* I'm thinking of doing [ profile] fanart50... Even though I've had a claim in [ profile] fanart100 for a year and only done 15 of the pictures... I've basically given up on that one because my interest in Lost has waned and I don't really care about finishing it. I was looking over the [ profile] fanart50 prompts, though, and thinking that I'd like to claim Oz (general). The prompts are pretty good, esp if I do the general series so I have lots of possibilites (not just Beecher/Keller ^^). And 50 is more manageable than 100... ... ... stop me now. ;_; I should really go and drop the [ profile] fanart100 one so someone else can claim it, but I don't want to admit defeat. And really, what are the chances of me actually finishing this one? ^^; Maybe I'll try doing some drawings first and see how feasible it is, then claim it.

*meanwhile, is watching The Office taped* "Your gayness does not define you. Your Mexicaness does." Oh dear lord, Michael. O.o That cracked me the hell up, in part because it fits in exactly with what we were talking about today in Media and Minorities (how people are often defined by their race). We need a media artifact for our seminar next week, and I was planning to use a scene from "Gay Witch Hunt" (the s3 premiere), but that little clip fits perfectly so I think I'll bring it.

Aww, Dwight is oddly adorable in a pure evil sort of way. I love him. XD

And Andy is just plain horrible. o.o Though in an amusing way.

And Dwight/Angela is oddly sweet albeit in an ewwomgwtf way. ;p

This show is awesome. :)

Heroes promos are getting me kinda excited again... New Heroes, Prison Break, and Veronica Mars next week! Everything but Lost will be back (though House has gone on another hiatus after coming back with 1


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