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Man, I see gorgeous drawings like this for Avengers reverse big bang and I think, I really need to get my shit together and finish my due South big bang. I mean, I've done a lot of work too, and I have 10 drawings, but none of them have backgrounds yet and many of them really just feel like portrait shots, not proper scenes. I really love how this artist has drawn a series of proper scenes, with backgrounds and all. I'm awful at that kind of thing. ^^

(off now to read the accompanying story by [personal profile] foxxcub - wingfic!ftw)

Also, yes, I have been reading way too much Avengers fic recently... and fandom is pulling me into Clint/Phil, for all that I didn't really get the pairing at first because of, you know. The complete lack of actual canon interaction. ^^ But hell, I was in Pundit fandom and shipped Keith/Anderson... that was definitely an example of how fandom can create an entire narrative of two people/characters who rarely interact! Which I find really quite fascinating, actually, because (esp in RPF), in these cases fandom really creates a collective idea of how these relationships work, and how these two characters interact, without having much of anything to actually go on. And yet, because of this collective narrative, you end up with many fics that are based on that same idea of how these charactes work together, and you end up with a lot of the same tropes (I've come across quite a few common ones in Clint/Phil fic already, most of which I image were basically created by fandom).

Anyway. I don't know if that made sense, but I've been thinking about it lately. :) It's definitely an interesting phenomenon, especially when you get a very popular pairing within a fandom where that pairing doesn't actually have much or any canon interaction or subtext or whatnot. So really, it takes reading a bunch of fic to get into it, and then of course once you DO read that fic, you start to get invested and end up hooked (at least potentially). That's what happened to me in pundit fandom! I started off reading Jon/Stephen because they have all the real life interaction and subtext and slashiness, and then Keith & Anderson who show up in fics as a side pairing, and then I became intrigued. Even though the actual RL interaction between them that we know of is very minor.

(and of course, the ways that fandom creates the narratives of 'characters' in RPF is a whole other (though similar) interesting topic. I used to think about it quite a bit when I was in that fandom, because it's quite fascinating how we take what we know of these people's lives and personalities, and build up a fictional character around that information. And then you have this collective idea of who the character is, to the point that you can read a fic and go "this is out of character!" even though, really, the 'character' has little to do with the real person to begin with.)

ANYWAY. I don't know how I got on this tangent. -_- Oh yeah. I've been reading a lot of Clint/Phil and digging it. The end. :)

Oh, and also, I read this fic where Clint is turned into a corgi (AND IT IS SO CUTE, GO READ), and my mind (which is still partially in Dark Knight fandom) started mentally writing a fic where Bruce is turned into a dog and Jim takes care of him. Except Jim doesn't know that Batman is Bruce yet - he sees Batman somehow turned into a dog (don't ask me how I don't care) and now he has a Batdog to take care of. And wow this sounds even sillier outside of my head than inside. Do not expect this to turn into a real story. ^^ But go read the Clint fic, because it is awesome!

As for my big bang - claim post is up on [community profile] ds_c6d_bigbang and I'm still waiting for someone to claim it. I'm trying not to be hurt and depressed that no one has yet... because a lot of people seemed excited about it when I was working on it, but now no one has claimed it. :( Anyway I'm sure it'll happen eventually. I'd just kinda hoped it'd be right away, because I am vain like that!

I still need to finish it by Oct 7, but I made a lot of progress the last few weeks. Much more in a few weeks than I did for much of the summer. During a panel at RCW I finally broke my artist's block and sketched for the entire panel. It was a huge relief, and very satisfying.

And on a final note, to end this otherwise silly post in a not-exactly-cheerful way, I suppose I should mention on here (though most of you know I know IRL already know), that my grandfather passed away last week. He'd been sick for a couple of weeks, and has had dementia for the past couple of years that was getting worse, so it was really more of a blessing than anything. But it's still been weird and rather sad. So yeah. That happened. I'm ok (honestly), but thought I should mention it. :)

And to end this post on an actual cheerful note after that, here, have a rec for some pure, unadulterated, completely and utterly filthy, four-some Avengers Tony-Steve-Clint-Phil porn. Seriously. SO FUCKING HOT.

Also I really need some Avengers icons. -_- All I have is this old Tony one from when Iron Man came out.
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GUYS. Fraser/RayK has caught up and is just barely behind Peter/Neal in the After Elton Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney! Now I love White Collar and all, but dS needs to win! We have until midnight EST tonight, so go vote!!

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Yeah, everyone in dS fandom is doing it as usual, but it still needs to be said...

They have called this day the Eleventh of March! And whomsoever of you gets through this day, unless you are shot in the head or somehow slain, you will stand at tiptoe when e'er you hear the name again, and you will get excited at the name March the Eleventh!

We happy few, we few, we band of brothers. Our names will be as like household names. And those who are not here, be they sleeping or doing something else, they will feel themselves... sort of crappy. Because they are not here to... to join the fight, on this day, the Eleventh of March!

Oh Buck Frobisher. <3 Oh SHOW. I still love you. :)

Speaking of due South, I was going through all my old TV magazines yesterday (mostly looking at my Angel magazines - I'm on a bit of a kick because my cousin is watching it and she's almost caught up to where I am on my rewatch (3X10), and I'm remembering how much I loved that show), and I came across an old (1998) issue of Cult TV that I bought at a used comics/books store a few years ago because it had a big "The End of Babylon 5" article. And then I promptly noticed that on the cover it says there's an article of Due South and I went !!!!!!!. :)It was an interview with Tony Craig, and talked about season 3 and the changes with RayK and such. It was neat to so randomly come across an article about one of my newer fandoms in an old magazine, since I would never have looked twice at that article when I first go the magazine.

Speaking of Angel - I was actually up late last night reading Angel fic, LOL. Oh nostalgia. I was just going through [community profile] crack_van and clicking on Angel/Wes fics and occasionally, because it was always my secret pairing, Buffy/Wes. Read an old fic by [personal profile] thebratqueen, who was my favourite Angel/Wes writer back in the day... and I have a few fics sitting in tabs now waiting to be read. ^^ Sadly quite a few of the fics I came across are broken links now. Oh well.
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Okay, so - my C6DVD card! It's so amazing! I was squeeing as quietly as possible in my room last night after midnight, trying not to wake up my cousin. I love it so much, thank you secret Valentine! The card itself is just perfect - I had so much trouble trying to find an appropriate card, and you found the best card ever! I am impressed. :)

Details & pictures under cut )

To conclude: I LOVE IT. It's so sweet and romantic and perfect and has that little touch of Fraser-sadness that makes it just that much more awesome that he now has Ray and is happy and not alone anymore. :)
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Yay, RCW 139 is officially happening! It was touch and go for awhile there since they needed enough people to register by the deadline, but they go more than enough so yay! Looks like I'm going to Toronto in August.. need to plan a trip around it somehow, without spending much money. Am vaguely thinking of hitting up each of the 4 main cities back there and doing hotel site inspections/familiarizing myself with the cities, and hoping that I can get hotels to give me a good industry deal. Or, you know, comp the stay. That'd be nice. ^^ But I don't drive, so the train would still rack up some cost. I dunno, we'll see.

Anyway, yay for RCW 139! It's gonna be awesome. :)
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I promised myself I wasn't going to make this, I really did... I already have two Ray Kowalski dolls, I don't need another. But after making the Eleventh Doctor and Mal, I just couldn't help but think - how cute would a RayK doll in this style be? Very cute. And I kept telling myself I wasn't making him, but then it just sort of... happened. And then he was done. And now I love him and he is verily cute and I probably need a new fandom, lol, because this is just sick.

Also? I am NOT making a big Fraser or RayV. Do not tempt me. If I make any indication that I'm about to make either... don't let me. :)

Big!RayK crochet doll under cut )

Also, because it amuses me...

Crochet Eleven VS Wind-up Dalek )

(also I'm finally getting around to watching the Glee Christmas ep and am partway through - wasn't there a bunch of controversy around this episode or something? So far am loving it, so I'm not sure why... unless something major happens later in the episode. The 'special' has just started and LOL so awesome. Oh Kurt & Blaine. <3)

(also just watched last night's TCR - oh Stephen and Jon, I love you both you giant nerds. It was awesome to see them together onscreen again - it seems to happen so rarely these days, especially since they no longer do the Tosses.)
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Okay, at last the promised fanworks post... some dolls I never posted, and a few drawings from various challenges that I haven't posted here. I have a number of drawings that I have been meaning to finish for ages... eventually will get around to finishing and posting them.

Pictures and links under cut )

Watching Buffy again with my cousin. Am having much progress getting her hooked. :) Watched Angel and Prophecy Girl (skipping the rest of s1; she'd already seen the pilot), then skipped to School Hard in s2, then Halloween. Now watching Lie to Me, and I figure it's clear sailing from here. :) Might suggest she skip Bad Eggs though, cuz ugh it's an awful ep. I generally prefer to have people watch all eps of something in order, but I wanted to get her into it quickly and, let's face it, s1 isn't the greatest. But yay s2, now it gets good. Oh Spike. <3 And oh Halloween, I enjoy that ep... Oz! Ethan! RIPPER! Mm, that was the first ep I really sat up and took notice of Giles and went "holy fuck you are hot and awesome", lol. The Dark Age is next up if she feels like watching another ep, and mmmm Giles... I enjoy that episode. ;)
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Details about the challenge here.

Day One: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

Technically speaking it's now day 2 (it's 1am as I'm writing this), but whatever. :)

All recent stuff, because the older art isn't as good imo...

1. My DSSS art from last year. I put a lot of effort into it and am pretty proud of it.

2. My DS/C6D Big Bang art from 2010. I was really proud of this, because it was one of the first (and few) times I've ever really done a full proper drawing with a background and composition.

3. Geoffrey Tennant portrait. It's not perfect, I know, but it's the first time I ever painted a full portrait on the computer and I was crazy proud of it when I finished.

Watching Buffy 2.03 'School Hard' with my cousin... oh Spike. <3 And Dru. Good times.
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DS SEEKRIT SANTA IS LIVE, WOOOOOOOOOO! *bounces* So excited! I got a shiny new Fraser/RayK wallpaper. :) Now just waiting with baited breath for my giftee to see my gift and respond. Hope they like it! Once the reveals are done I'll post it here. In the meantime feel free to try to guess which it is, or for those that have seen it in progress you can go find it and check out the finished version. So much pretty pretty shiny fic and art... OMG. This F/K/V drawing is just gorgeous and I'm in love (look at the Rays' clasped hands!!).

Not being able to respond to feedback will be painful for awhile, heh. I hate that part... but the anonymous part is fun, especially since it gives all the fics an equal grounding - no one can read them based on which authors are most popular/known/etc, which is nice. Just gotta go based on the summaries (well I'm going to read basically all of them anyway, except possibly one which I think might hit one of my dS buttons of 'things I can't read in this fandom'). Lots of super fun and exciting looking fics; can't wait to read them all!

Not sure how long I can stay hidden away before I'm fetched for the hell that is "Grandma wants us to sing Christmas carols". Oh god help me. ;_; And I can't really refuse because it's for Grandma, lol. But ugh... do not want. I just want to sit here and stare at all the pretty. And then we're going to watch Muppet Christmas Carol later, since seeing the new movie made me nostalgic for it (used to watch it a bunch but haven't seen it in years and don't really remember it).
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ARGH. I JUST NOTICED ANOTHER MISTAKE IN MY SECRET SANTA. This wouldn't be so annoying except every time I DO see a mistake, I have to email the mods to re-upload the drawing. Which I've already done multiple times tonight. ARGH. I will fix it later this week, I can edit it until Saturday. Am going to painstakingly check everything and make sure there's nothing ELSE pressing to change.

*grumble* Here I thought I was done for the night, and was just happily reading a fic.. then a line in a fic made me realize my mistake. Oh fuck me. Maybe no one will notice. -_-
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Have uploaded my DS Seekrit Santa, woo! Except that [personal profile] sageness probably wants to kill me right now, lol, because I keep realizing I sent her wrong versions of the drawing to upload (the mods need to upload the drawings for us) and I keep re-sending it. Whoops. -_- Not my evening, lol - I seem to have turned into a complete blonde tonight for some reason. But at least it's done! Go me!

(also, re: certain breaking news - WTF that was unexpected and random. And hopefully a good thing? Guess we'll see what happens...)
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Due South Seekrit Santa: DONE!

Going to bed now. :)

(also thanks to those of you who came out today for my birthday - had a fun time at lunch and the movie. So much homoeroticism! Oh the UST...)
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Okay, I've been meaning to do this for ages... here are basically all the crochet dolls that I've made to date, minus the Tardis (which I already posted) and my rough attempt at Cthulhu (which isn't entirely finished and was really just practice so I could make my Ood based on the pattern). So far we have: Fraser and RayK, the Angry Birds Cardinal, the Plants VS Zombies Peashooter, and an Ood that I made for [profile] cerulean_pulsar because he's been bugging me to make an Ood for, like, a year. I'm currently working on the Angry Birds pig and Serenity (which I'm thinking of making again for my local Can't Stop the Serenity charity auction).

A few pics under the cut, and the rest (including some silly/cute dS ones) can be found here.

Pics under cut )
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Going through old LJ posts just for kicks made me realize that I've been using this default icon for almost a year. And I'm really sick of it. ^^ So, new one. Gotta remember to change my default every few months, for variety... Ditto wallpapers; I've been using this one since the summer. Got several more DS wallpapers, so I should probably change it... though I am very fond of this wallpaper.

Anyway, better get to bed. I was supposed to do a bunch of studiyng today, but as always didn't do as much as I should have. Got some done, anyway, and will do more tomorrow before heading off to Oscar party. Which I am muchly looking forward to.

Oh, and it finally snowed properly - prob a couple of inches on the ground... not a lot, but still cool. Until it rains and gets gross, which is inevitable. This is definitely unusual for late February! Where was the snow this time last year when we needed it for the Olympics??
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The Daily Show's lineup for next week...

Mo 2/21: Lisa Ling
Tu 2/22: Anderson Cooper
We 2/23: Donald Rumsfeld
Th 2/24: Austan Goolsbee

...fuck yeah. My inner pundit!fan is peeking out again. XD

Anyway, better prepare for my interview I guess. Leaving in a couple of hours b/c I'm doing an errand on the way. Panic hasn't set in quite yet, heh.

On the plus side, it's sunny out! For the first time the days! It actually snowed a bit last night, which made me go WTF because that's pretty uncommon in Vancouver by this time of year, but it was just a bit. There are still remnants on the grass outside in the shade, though.

Other fandom-wise - My idea for a DS art community kinda got put on hold, in part out of laziness and in part because I'm still not sure if I should bother. 2 people expressed interest, but that's it so far. ^^ But I still kinda think it'd be nice to have a place to keep everything together and organized. I wish we could archive everyone's older stuff on it too, so everything really would be together and tagged by pairing/character/etc for easy searching. May just ask people to post once with a link to their gallery/earlier art/whatever and then tag it with all the characters/etc represented and go forth from there. Or something. Possibly I'm overthinking this, but I've never started a community...
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Meant to post this earlier and forgot... here's my entry for Porn Battle XI.

Title: Lunch Break
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: Very much NC-17
Notes: Drawn for the Porn Battle XI prompt "uniform". They're supposed to be in Fraser's office at the Consulate, if that isn't clear.

On AO3
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Dude! *bounces around* [personal profile] hazelwho wrote me fic for my Doctor Who/Due South drawing! Check it out, it's awesome and hilarious. ^__^


Thank you!!

I'm so happy I decided to do this challenge, heh, and that I decided to finally draw out my idea of Fraser as the Doctor...

(also I don't know if it's just the cold medication kicking in or what, but I feel quite a bit better than this morning. Yay!)
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Yoinked from [personal profile] hells_half_acre

Countries/provinces/states I've been to )

Anyway... in other news:

a. I appear to have a cold. It's really not that bad, just sniffles and generally feeling tired, but I am a pathetic wimp and thus spent most of yesterday and today so far doing absolutely nothing. I'm still wearing pyjamas... gotta get my ass up in a bit because if I feel up to it I promised Dad I'd help him move paintings (and really, getting out would do me good - the one time I got out yesterday, for an interview (more about that in a sec), I felt better), plus I'm heading over to [personal profile] flamebyrd's later to watch Slings & Arrows. :)

b. Never heard back from the company that I interviewed with last week. They said early this week, so... yeah, aside from being disappointed I'm rather peeved. Because really, it's just not professional to make someone jump through 3 separate hoops (after the initial cover letter/resume submsission), including a LONG questionnaire and two interviews, and then not give them the courtesy of calling to say "sorry, we've gone with someone else". Sigh. Will prob call them tomorrow to follow up, and also to ask for any feedback (I've read that it's good to do that - sometimes people even get another job with the company! But at least some feedback on what I could have done better)

c. I met with a 'placement specialist' for the tourism industry yesterday, and had a really good conversation. He was a nice guy and seemed confident that I'd eventually get something. He knows of a few companies that are hiring/may be hiring soon that he thinks would be a good fit for me. He's going to contact them then get back to me; hopefully this week because unfortunately he's going on a 3-week vacation starting Sunday... damn. Anyway, I wish I'd known about this guy's company earlier! Would have been nice if, say, my teacher at the college had mentioned his existence... I'm sure she must know of him.

d. And on a completely separate and shallow note, I am currently drawing a really quite filthy Fraser/RayK drawing. My inability to draw desks and correct perspective is thwarting me a bit, but it's getting there... it really is very dirty and will be hot as hell if I can get it right. ;)
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I've done two drawings already for the [community profile] ds_c6d_bigbang art challenge and I've got a bunch more ideas... my brain keeps running away from me and thinking of progressively more ridiculous things to draw, lol. Anyway, here's what I've done so far:

1. "Fireworks" - Due South - Fraser/RayK - G

2. "The 12th Doctor? AKA, Doctor Who Goes Canuck" - Due South/Doctor Who - Fraser and RayK - G (yeah, so my question the other day wasn't so hypothetical after all, if that wasn't blatantly obvious. XD)

I've been musing on the possibility of starting a dS/C6D art community, because there isn't one... there's an icon comm, but that's it, afaik. I don't know if there are enough active artists to make it worth it, and everyone just posts to the [community profile] ds_noticeboard anyway, but it'd be fun to have semi-regular challenges and such (I'm thinking there could be a new prompt/theme every month, plus maybe a yearly art reverse 'mini bang' that's separate from the main big bang). Plus it'd be nice to have a place to keep all the art together and organized by artist/genre/pairing/etc. Anyway, I'll mention it in the art/fic post I'm about to make over at the noticeboard, so we'll see if anyone's interested at all. :)
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Heh, so the fic I was writing for the art challenge over at [community profile] ds_c6d_bigbang ended up being over 2600 words and had to be split between 4 comments. Wtf, self. I hadn't even intended to write anything for this... I'm supposed to be one of the artists. -_-

Anyway, check it out at the challenge itself, or below.

Title: Maple Candy
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: PG-13 for slight naughtiness (it tried to become moreso, because the boys wouldn't keep their damned hands off each other, but I pulled them back because I didn't feel like writing a full on sex scene...)
Length: 2664 words
Summary: Ray gets a taste of real Canadian maple syrup. Silliness ensues.
Notes: Before you read, check out [personal profile] chibifukurou's drawing that inspired it in the challenge! Isn't it cute? Don't ask me how the hell my mind want from that to this, but hey, that is the point of the challenge... or something.

Maple Candy - Fraser/RayK - PG-13 )


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