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Yuletart is DONE and submitted! Yaaay! I missed the bus to my weekly geek crafting because I wanted to get this sent, but that's ok, I'll get the next one. Now I don't need to worry about getting it sent off when I get home this evening, considering that it's due by end of day today. Once it's been posted in the comm I'll link to it here.

(also, I have been blasting through my B5 rewatch again. I took a break for awhile after 5.03 because I couldn't handle watching the bloody telepath arc, but I got back to it last weekend and just pushed through those episodes. Watched 14-16 (and the end of 13, which I was watching the other night) last night, and 17 today. And now it really is the home stretch... I haven't seen Fall of (spoiler just in case...) for years because I didn't actually finish my rewatch last time, and I can't wait to watch it. Tonight when I get home. :) I have my little Londo crochet doll now, too (did I ever post him? I should do that), so I can cuddle him while watching it and have lots of Feelings. Then it's just the final few denoument episodes and Sleeping in Light. Which I also haven't seen for quite a few years and it's gonna make me cry so much lol. It always does.

I have more thoughts and Feelings but I should get ready now and get the next bus. I should make a post at some point, maybe when I'm done watching it. Mostly at this point my thoughts on this show just come down to flailing and crying and such. Except for the telepath arc which just made me eyeroll a lot. To think, I LOVED that storyline when I first saw the show at age 13. I thought Byron was amazing and I was totally attracted to him back then. ...yeah, not so much anymore. At all. He becomes marginally more interesting in Phoenix Rising with the Bester backstory, but then there's all the Lyta romance stuff and the god-damned SINGING, and the bad metaphors, and... ugh no. I fast-forwarded through the singing this time around, it was very satisfying. ;)

Now I just spend most of season 5 looking forward to the Centauri arc. Which definitely does not let down at all. There's gonna be tears next episode... I can't wait.
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[profile] marvel_bang is live! I did 3 drawings (2 main ones and one little 'bonus' one) based on the Avengers/White Collar crossover "Like an Arrow Through a Flock of Doves" [link will be added once the story is posted later today] by [personal profile] arsenicjade and [personal profile] hoosierbitch.

The fic was great, and I realy enjoyed both reading and illustrating it. It's an AU Phil/Clint story where, long story short, Clint ends up in prison at age 17 because he takes the fall for his brother Barney. Fastforward a few very unpleasant years in prison, when he meets none other than Neal Caffrey. Without spoiling it, Clint ends up being helped by Neal after he gets out of prison, and he winds up working for SHIELD and meeting Phil. It's angsty at times and the prison bits can be pretty disturbing, but it's a really good read and I thought they did a great job of portraying Clint's gradual rehabilitation after prison and the slow build-up of his relationship with Phil.

Drawing #1: Neal & Clint in prison
Link: On AO3 (and under the cut below)
Summary: Based on the scene where Neal smuggles ice cream into the prison and they eat it together in the yard.
Rating: G
Author Notes: I wanted a drawing that would show Neal and Clint's tentative friendship in prison, plus I wanted a drawing from the prison part of the story but I didn't want to draw anything really disturbing. I thought this would be a good scene to illustrate, since it covers both of those bases and I just generally thought it was a nice scene.

I spent some time thinking about the ways they would be sitting, since it's not specified in the scene, and I ended up being pretty specifc about the reasons for what I chose so I wanted to explain them here. I pictured Neal lounging comfortably back against the table, all casual and trying to show himself as being friendly and open and unthreatening to Clint. For Clint, I decided to draw his with his legs up and crossed on the bench, and sort of hunched in on himself, because I thought it fit in several ways - the story mentions how he likes to curl up in small locations to hide himself, and also I thought it would indicate his subconcious need to protect himself.

I should note also that I blatantly took the background from a photo I found on Google Images and painted over it a bit. I hate backgrounds...

For anyone looking at the drawing who hasn't read the story, the lines on Clint's neck are a tattoo of barbed wire that he gets in prison. Poor Clint has a rough time of it in this fic. :) Also, the box on the table is the one that Neal gave Clint with the drawings of birds all over it. Birds are definitely not my forte...

Drawing #1 under the cut )

Drawing #2: Phil & Clint
Link: On AO3 (and under the cut below)
Summary: Phil and Clint's first kiss, aka the scene where Phil asks to kiss Clint's tattoo.
Rating: PG for some suggestiveness
Author Notes: I loved this scene because the story worked very gradually towards it, and this first romantic scene between them is hesitant and tentative given everything that happened to Clint in prison. I appreciated the realism of this - it wasn't like they started making out and suddenly Clint was cured of all bad memories by the magic of sex. :) And I loved Phil asking to kiss Clint's tattoo, because it's such a wonderful way for Phil to show that he accepts Clint and isn't bothered or disgusted by the reminder of his time in prison.

The blue on Clint's hand is supposed to represent a spoilery thing that happens in the story. I wasn't sure the best way to show it or how noticeable it would be, so I hope this worked! I wanted it to be more subtle and glowy, but oh well.

Drawing #2 under the cut )

Bonus Drawing: Phil and the kitty
Link: On AO3 (and under the cut below)
Summary: Clint gives Phil a kitten. Phil holds the kitten up and the kitten bats at his nose and it is the cutest scene ever.
Rating: Very much G
Author Notes: I just had to do a quick sketch of this, because it really was the cutest mental image ever. Sadly I am really bad at drawing animals, so the kitten is kinda... lopsided and not as cute as it should be. But I like how Phil turned out. :)

Drawing #3 under the cut )
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The Babylon 5 rewatch (number 7) continues - evidently War Without End Part 2 still makes me cry. Mainly the flashforward at the start (Delenn knowing what's coming when she sees Sheridan breaks my heart; Londo and G'kar just... break my heart SO MUCH, and also Vir), and also the very end with Sinclair. Also, these episodes always my latent Michael/Jeff shipper - "Don't you want to see him again?" "More than you'll ever know." Awww. Break my heart a bit more, Jeff. :( (and that really is a very strong way of putting it - as though there were something more to their relationship that Sheridan doesn't know about).

Also? Where the fuck did those Vorlons at the end (with Sinclair, on B4 in the last scene) come from? Seriously? Any B5 fans know if that was ever explained in an interview or something? Did they just, like, make a pit stop at the Vorlon homeworld on their way to Minbar? Or did the Vorlons show up when they arrived? (presumably the latter, but still...)

Oh, and speaking of things which JMS may have explained at some point - any B5 fans out there know if he ever actually gave definitive answers on what the '3 things' are in the prophecy about Londo? I was thinking about it while watching the flashforward. I've read lots of theories over the years, and can't remember if he ever said definitely what each thing was. Damn I wish I had those script books! I'd love to read his notes about many eps in s3. I have one volume (season 2 - it has Coming of Shadows on it) that I acquired at a sale, but that's it...

So yup - still love those show, on my 7th run through it in roughly 14 years. It still breaks my heart and gives me massive ~feelings~ on many levels.

And on another note: I really shouldn't be allowed to sign up for [profile] marvel_bang. Seriously, am not allowed. My due South big bang is due on Oct 7, and the complementary art for the Marvel one is due Oct 21. That gives me 2 weeks to draw something. But I want to do this one... my inner White Collar fan is really intrigued about the idea, and my inner Oz fan is all, "prison angst, wee!". -_-

Description under cut )

I am tempted... and I know I will regret it... but I still want to. ^^
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Man, I see gorgeous drawings like this for Avengers reverse big bang and I think, I really need to get my shit together and finish my due South big bang. I mean, I've done a lot of work too, and I have 10 drawings, but none of them have backgrounds yet and many of them really just feel like portrait shots, not proper scenes. I really love how this artist has drawn a series of proper scenes, with backgrounds and all. I'm awful at that kind of thing. ^^

(off now to read the accompanying story by [personal profile] foxxcub - wingfic!ftw)

Also, yes, I have been reading way too much Avengers fic recently... and fandom is pulling me into Clint/Phil, for all that I didn't really get the pairing at first because of, you know. The complete lack of actual canon interaction. ^^ But hell, I was in Pundit fandom and shipped Keith/Anderson... that was definitely an example of how fandom can create an entire narrative of two people/characters who rarely interact! Which I find really quite fascinating, actually, because (esp in RPF), in these cases fandom really creates a collective idea of how these relationships work, and how these two characters interact, without having much of anything to actually go on. And yet, because of this collective narrative, you end up with many fics that are based on that same idea of how these charactes work together, and you end up with a lot of the same tropes (I've come across quite a few common ones in Clint/Phil fic already, most of which I image were basically created by fandom).

Anyway. I don't know if that made sense, but I've been thinking about it lately. :) It's definitely an interesting phenomenon, especially when you get a very popular pairing within a fandom where that pairing doesn't actually have much or any canon interaction or subtext or whatnot. So really, it takes reading a bunch of fic to get into it, and then of course once you DO read that fic, you start to get invested and end up hooked (at least potentially). That's what happened to me in pundit fandom! I started off reading Jon/Stephen because they have all the real life interaction and subtext and slashiness, and then Keith & Anderson who show up in fics as a side pairing, and then I became intrigued. Even though the actual RL interaction between them that we know of is very minor.

(and of course, the ways that fandom creates the narratives of 'characters' in RPF is a whole other (though similar) interesting topic. I used to think about it quite a bit when I was in that fandom, because it's quite fascinating how we take what we know of these people's lives and personalities, and build up a fictional character around that information. And then you have this collective idea of who the character is, to the point that you can read a fic and go "this is out of character!" even though, really, the 'character' has little to do with the real person to begin with.)

ANYWAY. I don't know how I got on this tangent. -_- Oh yeah. I've been reading a lot of Clint/Phil and digging it. The end. :)

Oh, and also, I read this fic where Clint is turned into a corgi (AND IT IS SO CUTE, GO READ), and my mind (which is still partially in Dark Knight fandom) started mentally writing a fic where Bruce is turned into a dog and Jim takes care of him. Except Jim doesn't know that Batman is Bruce yet - he sees Batman somehow turned into a dog (don't ask me how I don't care) and now he has a Batdog to take care of. And wow this sounds even sillier outside of my head than inside. Do not expect this to turn into a real story. ^^ But go read the Clint fic, because it is awesome!

As for my big bang - claim post is up on [community profile] ds_c6d_bigbang and I'm still waiting for someone to claim it. I'm trying not to be hurt and depressed that no one has yet... because a lot of people seemed excited about it when I was working on it, but now no one has claimed it. :( Anyway I'm sure it'll happen eventually. I'd just kinda hoped it'd be right away, because I am vain like that!

I still need to finish it by Oct 7, but I made a lot of progress the last few weeks. Much more in a few weeks than I did for much of the summer. During a panel at RCW I finally broke my artist's block and sketched for the entire panel. It was a huge relief, and very satisfying.

And on a final note, to end this otherwise silly post in a not-exactly-cheerful way, I suppose I should mention on here (though most of you know I know IRL already know), that my grandfather passed away last week. He'd been sick for a couple of weeks, and has had dementia for the past couple of years that was getting worse, so it was really more of a blessing than anything. But it's still been weird and rather sad. So yeah. That happened. I'm ok (honestly), but thought I should mention it. :)

And to end this post on an actual cheerful note after that, here, have a rec for some pure, unadulterated, completely and utterly filthy, four-some Avengers Tony-Steve-Clint-Phil porn. Seriously. SO FUCKING HOT.

Also I really need some Avengers icons. -_- All I have is this old Tony one from when Iron Man came out.
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Okay, at last the promised fanworks post... some dolls I never posted, and a few drawings from various challenges that I haven't posted here. I have a number of drawings that I have been meaning to finish for ages... eventually will get around to finishing and posting them.

Pictures and links under cut )

Watching Buffy again with my cousin. Am having much progress getting her hooked. :) Watched Angel and Prophecy Girl (skipping the rest of s1; she'd already seen the pilot), then skipped to School Hard in s2, then Halloween. Now watching Lie to Me, and I figure it's clear sailing from here. :) Might suggest she skip Bad Eggs though, cuz ugh it's an awful ep. I generally prefer to have people watch all eps of something in order, but I wanted to get her into it quickly and, let's face it, s1 isn't the greatest. But yay s2, now it gets good. Oh Spike. <3 And oh Halloween, I enjoy that ep... Oz! Ethan! RIPPER! Mm, that was the first ep I really sat up and took notice of Giles and went "holy fuck you are hot and awesome", lol. The Dark Age is next up if she feels like watching another ep, and mmmm Giles... I enjoy that episode. ;)
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Details about the challenge here.

Day One: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

Technically speaking it's now day 2 (it's 1am as I'm writing this), but whatever. :)

All recent stuff, because the older art isn't as good imo...

1. My DSSS art from last year. I put a lot of effort into it and am pretty proud of it.

2. My DS/C6D Big Bang art from 2010. I was really proud of this, because it was one of the first (and few) times I've ever really done a full proper drawing with a background and composition.

3. Geoffrey Tennant portrait. It's not perfect, I know, but it's the first time I ever painted a full portrait on the computer and I was crazy proud of it when I finished.

Watching Buffy 2.03 'School Hard' with my cousin... oh Spike. <3 And Dru. Good times.
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DS SEEKRIT SANTA IS LIVE, WOOOOOOOOOO! *bounces* So excited! I got a shiny new Fraser/RayK wallpaper. :) Now just waiting with baited breath for my giftee to see my gift and respond. Hope they like it! Once the reveals are done I'll post it here. In the meantime feel free to try to guess which it is, or for those that have seen it in progress you can go find it and check out the finished version. So much pretty pretty shiny fic and art... OMG. This F/K/V drawing is just gorgeous and I'm in love (look at the Rays' clasped hands!!).

Not being able to respond to feedback will be painful for awhile, heh. I hate that part... but the anonymous part is fun, especially since it gives all the fics an equal grounding - no one can read them based on which authors are most popular/known/etc, which is nice. Just gotta go based on the summaries (well I'm going to read basically all of them anyway, except possibly one which I think might hit one of my dS buttons of 'things I can't read in this fandom'). Lots of super fun and exciting looking fics; can't wait to read them all!

Not sure how long I can stay hidden away before I'm fetched for the hell that is "Grandma wants us to sing Christmas carols". Oh god help me. ;_; And I can't really refuse because it's for Grandma, lol. But ugh... do not want. I just want to sit here and stare at all the pretty. And then we're going to watch Muppet Christmas Carol later, since seeing the new movie made me nostalgic for it (used to watch it a bunch but haven't seen it in years and don't really remember it).
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Meant to post this earlier and forgot... here's my entry for Porn Battle XI.

Title: Lunch Break
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: Very much NC-17
Notes: Drawn for the Porn Battle XI prompt "uniform". They're supposed to be in Fraser's office at the Consulate, if that isn't clear.

On AO3
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I've done two drawings already for the [community profile] ds_c6d_bigbang art challenge and I've got a bunch more ideas... my brain keeps running away from me and thinking of progressively more ridiculous things to draw, lol. Anyway, here's what I've done so far:

1. "Fireworks" - Due South - Fraser/RayK - G

2. "The 12th Doctor? AKA, Doctor Who Goes Canuck" - Due South/Doctor Who - Fraser and RayK - G (yeah, so my question the other day wasn't so hypothetical after all, if that wasn't blatantly obvious. XD)

I've been musing on the possibility of starting a dS/C6D art community, because there isn't one... there's an icon comm, but that's it, afaik. I don't know if there are enough active artists to make it worth it, and everyone just posts to the [community profile] ds_noticeboard anyway, but it'd be fun to have semi-regular challenges and such (I'm thinking there could be a new prompt/theme every month, plus maybe a yearly art reverse 'mini bang' that's separate from the main big bang). Plus it'd be nice to have a place to keep all the art together and organized by artist/genre/pairing/etc. Anyway, I'll mention it in the art/fic post I'm about to make over at the noticeboard, so we'll see if anyone's interested at all. :)
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DS Secret Santa reveals are up, so I can officially post my drawing here!

Title: Christmas in the Fraser-Kowalski-Vecchio Household
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio
Rating: PG I guess, for suggestiveness. It's rated Teen and Up Audiences on AO3.
Summary: Just a 'normal' Christmas Eve in the Fraser-Kowalski-Vecchio household...
Author Notes: At AO3. And much much more rambling under the cut below.

Click to view at AO3

I started writing a comment to [personal profile] gloriana, my giftee, who asked for more details about how I drew it, and it kind of... got really really long. So I figured I might as well post that here as well, in case anyone else is interested. Can't say I blame anyone if they're not, though. ;) I could have said more, too... I put way too much thought and time into this drawing, lol. But I enjoyed it a lot. It stressed me out in some ways (I was kind of convinced that no one else would get it or find it funny), but I liked it at least... and everyone else seems to, so yay!

Anyway, long detailed ramblings about it under the cut. )

And this is getting stupidly long now. I could probably go on more, but I’ll spare you all… if anyone has OpenCanvas and is interested (and you can download a free trial, I think), I can upload the actual event file of me drawing it. It’s kind of exciting. ^^

And now, bed! Too much typing. o.o
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Due South Secret Santa is live!! WOO! I've totally been trying to sneak away from family stuff all evening to read... I got a gorgeous and sexy piece of artwork for my gift. :)

http://archiveofourown.org/collections/dSSS_2010/works/140137 (NSFW, Explicit)

You need an AO3 account to view it - if you don't have one, you can check out the non-explicit version here - http://archiveofourown.org/collections/dSSS_2010/works/143451

Shiny! Thank you mystery artist! Though I think I know who you are. ;)

The gift I gave is also up there, of course, though obvs I'm anon right now. But several of you have already seen it in progress so it shouldn't be too hard to find it... and those familiar with my work can likely figure it out. :)

Merry Christmas Eve!!
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More art! Yah, as though I had nothing better to do on Christmas Eve... it's pretty busy around here, but I managed to sneak away somewhere private and make this. Inspired by [profile] lucefuge_5's desire for a RayK companion piece to my Fraser one the other day... I'd love love to do something with this picture of CKR, because it's just begging to be manipped, but I suspect the only way to get what I really want is to actually draw it. So, in this meantime, we have this...

RayK manip, NSFW, rated somewhere beginning 14A and R... suggestive, and near nudity, but not quite there. ;)

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)


Dec. 20th, 2010 11:54 am
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Art post! Haven't had one of these in... a long time. Most of the drawings I've been working on the last few monthes have been secret. ^^; But I have two manips here, the first of which I've been meaning to post for monthes and the second of which I did last night. Enjoy. :)

1. Fraser/RayK manip, rated PG-13 (nudity, but nothing graphic and it's just from the waist up). Manip base from here.

2. Fraser manip, rated R (not quite graphic, but close...). This is definitely a dirty Fraser, lol. Being all sexy and teasing Ray... I was going to give him jeans, but then decided this was dirtier for Fraser. ;) This is also my first colour manip, yay! I painted over it fairly heavily, and I think it turned out well. Manip base from here.
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As promised earlier, I'm working on posting any recent drawings that I haven't posted here. I'm starting with a fakenews/pundits (with a dash of politics) post, then I'll do another post for the rest. Some of this has been posted to various communities or challenges and at least one has never seen the light of day. :) Enjoy!

Links to drawings under cut )

And that's it for now. More coming soon. I might post a few separately so they don't get lost in the mix...
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*bites fingernails* Okay, the header contest at RBR is finally underway and there were only 3 entries, lol. And one was a joke entry with a close-up picture of the first dog/Bobama (which has still managed to get 29 votes so far, lol). The other one is pretty awesome, and I can't really complain if it wins... I keep wishing I could've done a better job on mine. *sigh* Lacking in design skills. Anyway, it's 94-76 for the other one so far and the voting closing tomorrow night, so we'll see!!

Here's the header I made, anyway:

Under cut )
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*collapses* Finally sent in my submission for the RBR header contest. Christ, I've been obsessing over it for nearly two weeks now... so fucking glad to see it gone. I swear, I finished the drawings within like 2 days (and the sketches only took an evening), the rest of the time was spent moving them around and creating the title and changing the background colours obsessively. It's pretty simple looking in the end, because I'm shit at graphic design... I'm just hoping that the drawings (which I must say I'm very fond of) make up for the rest. ^^ And the letters are kinda nifty, I guess - did them as bubble letters. But not sure how much I really like them in the end... meeeh. DON'T CARE. Cannot look at it any longer. ^^

Anyway, I'll post it once the top 3 submissions have been posted to the comm, just in case (crosses fingers) mine's on the list. Omg that'd be so cool. :) Know what would be even cooler? IF I WIN. *ahem* This started as a lark, but my competitive side took over... I just wish I were better at design/compuer graphics so I could do something better with the drawings. Oh well. It's DONE, anyway.
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And another one... Chibi!Keith this time. :) Once again drawn pretty quickly...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Larger under cut )

Stephen and probably Jon are on there way, at least in theory. Doodled Stephen at work today on a scrap of paper and thought it turned out pretty well. :)
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*yawn* I'm exhausted... yet for some reason started randomly doodle in OpenCanvas. Better go to bed now but gonna post it quickly cuz it turned out pretty cute I think. ^^


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Another doodle... this time of Keith.

Keitih - coloured )

Keith - b&w )
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Doodled this in about 25 minutes while listening to my Anderson fanmix and getting myself into an emo!Anderson mood. XD Sketchy but I like it.

Anderson doodle - coloured )
Anderson doodle - b&w )


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