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I am procrastinating from working on my [community profile] yuletart drawing by searching for Avengers wallpapers online (to replace the Due South one I've had for almost a year, because let's face it, I have finally moved on). And okay, so this is a really eerie coincidence: I was looking and and downloading some gorgeous wallpapers made my [profile] marvelgirl_art about 30 minutes ago. And I thought to myself, "wow, I wish she had made a Clint/Coulson wallpaper, that would be awesome!". So I friended her so I could see any later wallpapers she might post. 30 minutes later I check my friends list and see this - http://marvelgirl-art.livejournal.com/44751.html#t518095

Seriously, it's like she read my mind. :) And now I have a new wallpaper... and it is shiny. And also her two gorgeous Steve/Tony ones that you can find at her LJ - one of those was originally going to be my new wallpaper but I'm on a Clint/Coulson kick right now so I'm using this instead.

Ok I am going to go work on Yuletart FOR REAL now. And then I should get up and out somehow. My back has been protesting when I sit for too long. It's been aching the past couple of weeks and in a different way from the normal back pain I sometimes get. If I press into a certain place right on my spine it really hurts, and that pain is kinda radiating out to the rest of my back. Stretching doesn't seem to help much. I'm getting a bit concerned that it's actually something I should get looked at as opposed to regular muscle strain, since it hurts right at my spine. Could be an inflamed nerve or some problem with a spinal disc or something?? No idea...


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