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The Babylon 5 rewatch (number 7) continues - evidently War Without End Part 2 still makes me cry. Mainly the flashforward at the start (Delenn knowing what's coming when she sees Sheridan breaks my heart; Londo and G'kar just... break my heart SO MUCH, and also Vir), and also the very end with Sinclair. Also, these episodes always my latent Michael/Jeff shipper - "Don't you want to see him again?" "More than you'll ever know." Awww. Break my heart a bit more, Jeff. :( (and that really is a very strong way of putting it - as though there were something more to their relationship that Sheridan doesn't know about).

Also? Where the fuck did those Vorlons at the end (with Sinclair, on B4 in the last scene) come from? Seriously? Any B5 fans know if that was ever explained in an interview or something? Did they just, like, make a pit stop at the Vorlon homeworld on their way to Minbar? Or did the Vorlons show up when they arrived? (presumably the latter, but still...)

Oh, and speaking of things which JMS may have explained at some point - any B5 fans out there know if he ever actually gave definitive answers on what the '3 things' are in the prophecy about Londo? I was thinking about it while watching the flashforward. I've read lots of theories over the years, and can't remember if he ever said definitely what each thing was. Damn I wish I had those script books! I'd love to read his notes about many eps in s3. I have one volume (season 2 - it has Coming of Shadows on it) that I acquired at a sale, but that's it...

So yup - still love those show, on my 7th run through it in roughly 14 years. It still breaks my heart and gives me massive ~feelings~ on many levels.

And on another note: I really shouldn't be allowed to sign up for [profile] marvel_bang. Seriously, am not allowed. My due South big bang is due on Oct 7, and the complementary art for the Marvel one is due Oct 21. That gives me 2 weeks to draw something. But I want to do this one... my inner White Collar fan is really intrigued about the idea, and my inner Oz fan is all, "prison angst, wee!". -_-

Title: untitled
Genre: h/c, prisonfic
Fandom/Universe: avengers (2012)/white collar
Characters/Pairings: Clint/Coulson
Warnings: rape/non-con, violence, torture, non-con marking, references to taking sexual advantage of a child, and crucifixion

At 17, Clint is sentenced as an adult when he takes the fall for a crime Barney and the Swordsman committed. Alone in prison, he's subjected to the whims of anyone and everyone who wants a piece of him. Four years later, Neal Caffrey shows up, and decides to take Clint under his wing, try and help him out. Although this at times goes badly, Neal and Clint become friends, and when Neal is on the outside, he makes sure to keep in touch with Clint for the two years he has until his first shot at parole.

Once paroled, Clint has a hard time reintegrating into society. He finally appeals to Neal for help, and through Peter, Clint is introduced to Coulson, who immediately wants him on the SHIELD team. Coulson has to help Clint heal from his time in prison, both physically and emotionally, to get the operator he needs. When Clint is sufficiently trained, Coulson introduces him to his team--the Avengers. Clint learns how to juggle the friendships of the others while engaging in the world's most clueless seduction of Coulson, and slowly but surely, everything comes together.

I am tempted... and I know I will regret it... but I still want to. ^^
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