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Booked my flight back east tonight! Non-refundable... *bites fingernails* Here I go, then! I just need to get the hotels sorted out. I emailed my boss a quote with a couple of hotel options in each city, and hopefully the hotels will offer something good. Like, a comp room... I really don't want to spend much. Anyway, I fly to Quebec on Aug 11, there for 2 nights, then train to Montreal for 2 nights, then train (or fly on Porter Air - it's cheap and fast, and flies into downtown Toronto) to Toronto for 5 nights (couple of days to do site inspections, and 3 days for RCW!).

Other than that, I have not been overly productive tonight. Really tired, mostly. Also, I might have maybe started a targeted re-watch of Babylon 5... And by 'targeted rewatch', I mean I started with Signs and Portents, plan to watch Babylon Squared and Chrysalis (maaybe a few others), and then right on to season 2. Get straight to the good stuff. I was going to start with the first ep just out of principal, but really, I've seen Midnight on the Firing Line enough times and it's not all that great of an ep. Was also going to watch Parliament of Dreams just because I love it, but I've seen it plenty. So, straight to Signs and Portents. A good place to start a rewatch. :) 'What do you want?' Oh Morden, so creepy. Also not even credited in the opening guest credits, in spite of having a major speaking role in the episode! Odd. There are still many things I love about that episode - the Morden scenes, Londo and G'Kar both telling him 'what they want' (oh premonitions...), Kosh and Morden meeting, the first glimpse of a Shadow ship, and a bucketload of foreshadowing. Reminds me why I love that show.

Anyway, it's been around 4 years since my last rewatch, so I'd say I'm due! Though I still need to finish watching Dollhouse... Season 2 isn't grabbing me as much, though it's lovely to see Alexis Denisof. I'm on ep7 I think and it's definitely picking up, though.

(I have a sick desire to rewatch 'The Gathering' to see just how bad a pilot movie it was... but I need moral support. ^^ Anyone game? I've only seen it maybe twice, and not for YEARS. I've forgotten most things about it. Thankfully. Well, it did have Lyta - that's a plus.)

*yawn* So exhausted. I got home last night around 11:45pm after a fun night with the gang, and then decided to put up my shiny new Avengers poster before going to bed. So I didn't get to bed until after 12, which is too late for me these days. The poster looks awesome, anyway. I had a nice long thin stretch of wall over my closet that was perfect for it!


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