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Still working my way back reading and tagging old LJ posts. And finally came across a post made at 1:35am on May 20, 2004. The night that the last episode of Angel aired, or rather technically the morning after. Evidently I was still awake several hours later, trying to come to terms with it and writing a long long post.

I re-read the post, and though my 18-yr-old self makes me wince a bit, a lot of it still rings true to me. I talk about the way the show ended and how I thought it was the perfect ending for the show's themes (even as a lot of people hated it), I talked about the differences between Buffy and Angel (the respective themes of both shows, and how their endings reflected those differences), I angsted a fair amount. ^^ It made me a bit choked up to read it, in part because I'd forgotten some of those details. It's going to be hard to watch that episode again. No episode of anything has ever been as emotional for me as that was. (Except possibly Sleeping in Light in B5. I was sobbing so hard first time I watched that.)

Anyway, if anyone's curious what I thought about the show a few hours after it ended, then check it out - http://ria-oaks.livejournal.com/209287.html Massive spoilers goes without saying. Just remember that this was 8 years ago and I was a lot younger. ;)

Also my cousin finally guessed/figured out my AtS canon pairing tonight. I messed with her for awhile ("guess some random pairings! I'll just say no to all of them anyway" "Wes/Lilah?" "No" (smirking inwardly), "[a bunch of other random pairings]" "Nope" "I bet it's Angel/Lilah!" "Nope". Finally I said that if she really wanted to know she could go into the Angel pictures folder on my computer and she'd figure it out from there (there are a few pics of them, and they're clearly not photoshopped). Which she did, and so now that secret's out and I can stop hiding it. Oh well, she's only a couple of episodes away from it, anyway, and I've been needing to squee out loud.

(another result of reading old LJ posts is I found an old fic rec I posted of a Wes/Lilah fic by [personal profile] jennyo, who was pretty much the main BNF writer for that pairing. It's here if anyone's interested, and is still damned sexy and awesome.)


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