Oct. 27th, 2012

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Halloween weekend is almost over... party last night, Thriller today, and all that's left is tomorrow "teach my Aussie friends how to carve pumpkins". Which I am looking forward to. :) I want to do an Avengers themed one for myself, but nothing too hard. I'm not all that good...though I successfully carved Serenity a couple of years ago, and Rorschach the year before that. And the Dharma logo from Lost once, without an actual stencil and using a regular kitchen knife. I'm still not sure how I did that!

Anyway, the party was awesome. It was 'superhero' themed at La Fontana Cafe, and it was a lot of fun. Some great costumes, and Elmo showed up! Apparently the guy bought the costume for Halloween and is now doing children's birthday parties. Awww... There were a couple of little kids at the party for awhile (one was Spiderman!) and the look on their faces with Elmo came in was way too precious.

Stayed up late (for me) dancing until around 1:30, and generally just had fun. We had a good showing of Avengers there - me as Coulson, plus another Coulson, Tony & Pepper (two friends of mine who are married), and Bruce Banner (with green contacts and some green makeup!). And the She-Hulk. And the aforementioned mini!Spiderman. Plus a good DC showing of Clark Kent, Batman, and two Poison Ivys. Yup, it was a geek party! (we also had Leia, Rorschach, [personal profile] jedinic made an awesome Buffy, and various others...)

My Coulson costume was a hit, I would say! I had intended to be 'live Coulson' for the party and only be 'dead Coulson' for Thrill the World, but I brought my dead Coulson costume part (aka a styrofoam 'spear tip' covered in fake blood and attached to a blood spot shaped piece of red felt) and everyone got really excited. I'd planned to sew it to my dress shirt for Thriller today, so I improvised with some bobby pins and a safety pin I borrowed. And then people started yelling the "COOOOULSON!!!! YOU WILL BE AVENGED". Oh Cobie Smulders, thank you so much for that blooper reel bit. :)

AND, the most important fannish bit of the costume... I had mini crochet Hawkeye in my jacket pocket. Because Phil needs his Shieldhusband! And the uber dorky 'oh god how did I get so into this pairing that I have no interst in a few months ago??' part of the costume that I'm actually a bit embarrassed by, is the part where I moved my ring to my left ring finger to pretend that I'm Phil married to Clint. Because, um. I'm a dork. And it made me secretely happy to see it there all evening and imagine that I was Phil married to Clint. Because they've totally been married for years and it's SHIELD's worst kept not-really-a-secret.

...fuck you fandom when did this happen to me.

(no one noticed that I was suddenly 'married' lol. A lot of them know that I'm a slasher, but Phil/Clint's a bit tough to explain to people not in the fandom because it's very much a 'created by fandom and two minutes of a not-even-actual-screentime scene' pairing. As opposed to, say, Tony/Steve where they have tons of interaction and ridiculously homoerotic subtexty scenes in the comics.

(I also had mini!Captain America in my pocket later in the evening. Because it seemed fitting. Plus I had Captain America trading cards)

Oh, and I got killed multiple times. By Link from Zelda (got some photos of that one, since 'he' (she) had a plastic sword and was wearing green so it fit, and she was happy to do some photo ops), Rick from Walking Dead (multiple times... he's the cafe owner, and what can I say, he likes randomly killing people! last year he was Dexter and he killed me too), Batman a few times (why did that Batman have a gun, anyway?? that was odd. He also had Wolverine-like claws. I couldn't really figure it out). And also Loki himself, aka my crochet Loki. Held by 'Link' and holding the same plastic sword... and yes, I have pictures. A few under the cut. I will have more once people send me their photos!

Some photos )

Waiting for people to post/send me more pics because I didn't take many with my own camera. [personal profile] jedinic, when you get your pictures on your computer can you email them to me or maybe bring them on a flashdrive tomorrow? And let me know if I can post pics of you as Buffy on LJ... I can do so under a friends lock if you prefer.

Another post for Thrill the World...


Oct. 27th, 2012 11:10 pm
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Next up, Thrill the World! Or rather, the unofficial version. Vancouver didn't get an official event organized this year, but another group put together an unofficial version. This year it was 'flash mob' style, aka 'everyone meets at Waterfront Station and walks to an undisclosed secret location (turned out to be Vancouver Public Library downtown) and then dances'. Unfortunately it was raining, which made the entire thing a bit less pleasant... last year it was nice and clear, albeit cold. It was warmer this year I think, but because of the rain we were all cold (and wet) by the end of it.

So yeah, 5 of us from our group ended up doing the dance - down from 14 last year, which is too bad. There were supposed to be some more, but they couldn't come. We met at Waterfront Station surrounded by zombies (300+ people RSVP'd on Facebook, but I don't think more than 100 showed up... damned rain), took photos (thank you to [personal profile] jedinic and [profile] merlin_bodhi for holding stuff and taking photos!), and applied makeup. They announced where we would do the dance, so we all shambled off (a bunch of zombies with umbrellas and rain jackets... not entirely terror inspiring). Ran into a wedding party right near the library which was hysterical - I know some zombies ended up in those wedding photos...

Got to the library (aka the outside concourse that is not undercover at all) and were told to 'die'. On the wet ground in the rain. Fun times! Had given my rainjacket to [personal profile] jedinic by this point so I could be in character... Lay there for like 5 minutes as everyone arrived and died, then finally the fog (our first cue) started. (And then the fire alarm went off in the library, LOL). Music started, thank god, so we started dancing. 30 seconds or less in, the music stopped. Grr argh. A few minutes of milling about being cold and wet, then they told us to die again. Back to the wet ground. Music started again. 10 seconds later, music cut out again. SERIOUSLY GUYS WHAT. Also the fire truck pulled up. XD XD

Cue another 5 minutes of milling around being even colder and wetter. We tried to get some spontaneous Gagnam Style dancing going, just because. Got a few people doing it. XD Everyone eventually said fuck it and started just doing Thriller without the music for about 40-60 seconds, then we gave up. Music came back on, we died AGAIN, and this time we got through the dance. Then I ran over to [personal profile] jedinic and huddled under her umbrella.

So... yeah. It was fun in some ways, really. Glad that we did it, and it was entertaining if I ignored the discomfort. Hopefully none of us will get a cold from it... poor 'Pepper' (not dressed as Pepper today, but for anonymity's sake let's stick with that name) was very cold and wet and also still pretty hungover. Two of us formed a huddle with her while we waited for the music to start for a 3rd time and I put my suit jacket over us. Helped a bit.

And then I went home and had a hot shower, put on dry clothes, heated up leftover chili, and say on my couch eating dinner and then crocheting while watching Arrested Development. It was good. :) (I watched about 1.5 seasons of it a few years ago and never actually finished it, so I started over and am marathoning through it. Am at the start of s2, coming up to episodes that I didn't watch before, yay! I forgot how brilliant and funny it is. So clever and well done. And I still love GOB and somewhat inexplicably ship him and Michael a bit. I had a brief phase when I first watched it of trying to find fic... though it's hard to mimic the style of the show in fic because it's so quirky and weird. Anyway, with season 4 finally actually happening for real in spring, I figure this is a good time to catch up and finally finish it!

Aaand that's it. One pic of me under the cut. Need to get the ones that the others took.

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