Jan. 29th, 2012

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Just watched the Chuck series finale (bit late, yeah... ^^)

Aww, I'm going to miss this show. :( It's been one of my constants for the past 5 seasons. I never got super passionate about it but I also always enjoyed it pretty much consistently, always looked forward to it every Monday (and then Friday...), and always waited nervously for it to get renewed or cancelled. In fact, the only two posts I have tagged 'Chuck' are just posts from May 2009 and May 2010 saying 'yay Chuck's renewed!'.

But yeah, for all that it was never as for me emotional as, say, Supernatural, I've always loved the characters and they got under my skin after 5 seasons. Cutting now for thoughts, feelings, and spoilers... )

It's strange to think I've never really posted about this show before. But if my tags are correct, I really haven't... yet I've watched it and looked forward to it consistently every week since it started. I'm going to miss it, quite a lot. There's not much left on TV that I'm all that invested in right now, other than Fringe and White Collar. Supernatural I am getting emotionally burnt out on and am a couple of eps behind now because I just... can't deal anymore. I will try to catch up, though. Need some distance I think. Am also behind on Glee, but that's always just been a fun show anyway, not one I'm that emotionally invested in. I miss Community, too. Sigh. Hope it comes back.

Anyway, thanks for a fun five years, Chuck Bartowski - I will miss thee... it's been good times. :) Ultimately I think I'm just happy that they decided to end it on their own terms in season 5, so there was no more renewal drama and no worries about cliffhangers or the show suddenly being pulled.

And now of course the real question is - what's next for Adam Baldwin? :) It's funny to think that, even though in a lot of ways he is still Jayne first to me, I know him way better as John Casey now. 14 eps + a movie versus 5 seasons. Go figure. Yet when I hear his name, I still think of Firefly first... anyway I'm looking forward to meeting him at Emerald City Comic Con. Haven't met him yet, so will probably splurge on a photo and an autograph. What the hell, eh?

(oh, and I totally want to go back now and watch the first episode of Chuck again. I haven't seen it since it first aired and barely remember it. Ickle!baby!adorable!nerdy!Chuck! Matt Bomer before he was Neal Caffrey! Good times.)

One last spoilery thought )


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